Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us For use in schools and libraries only A mysterious benefactor hand picks a group of teen geniuses to follow a set of clues leading to the secrets of everlasting life secrets which they must steal and

  • Title: Thieves Like Us
  • Author: Stephen Cole
  • ISBN: 9780747579540
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • For use in schools and libraries only A mysterious benefactor hand picks a group of teen geniuses to follow a set of clues leading to the secrets of everlasting life, secrets which they must steal and for which they risk being killed.

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    • Lester says:

      I bought this book at a bargain (GBP 1.74 to be precise) from a newsagents at Birmingham Airport, because after 15 hours of delay and at about 12 a.m. I had run out of my own books to read. It looked like the most digestable of the special offers. Imagine my surprise when it actually turned out to be good! Rather than helping me sleep on the plane, the damn thing kept me up. It is a rather unlikely story of 5 gifted teenagers who are brought together by a gazillionaire to perform thefts where ot [...]

    • Issam says:

      Started out strong enough (I flew through the first 150 pages), but then I lost a lot of interest after the halfway point. What I thought was going to be a mission impossible/heist type novel, ended up becoming a weird hybrid of Indiana Jones & The Mummy, with immortality elixirs, living corpses, and gateways to hell (that, or the novel simply speculates that they were all high from 'shroom spores). Aside from the weak plot, there were several things that this book couldn't deliver. Good cha [...]

    • Mia says:

      I really enjoyed this action-adventure book. Although there were a few slower bits there was enough action to keep me hooked. I definitely want to carry on with this series to find out what happens next!There was a smaller romantic story line that was partnered with the main action story line, but it was in the background for the majority of the book. I loved that the girls in this book weren't weak or pushed into the sidelines; they had just as many action scenes as the boys did (which is rare [...]

    • Michele Velthuizen says:

      Interest level: 7th +Reading level: medium, shortGenre: adventure, crime, teen criminals, suspenseRead-alikes: H.I.V.E Spy High, Stormbreaker, CherubFor those of you who enjoyed reading H.I.V.E. and the Spy High series, you will probably like this adventure series by Stephen Cole as well.In "Thieves Like Us", Jonah, a genius at solving puzzles and deciphering secret codes, gets into trouble with the law but is rescued by Nathaniel Coldhardt - a master criminal who recruits teenagers with special [...]

    • Melissa Nestor says:

      I wasn't really sure what to think of this book when I first purchased it. I got it at a severely discounted price at my local bookstore. I still couldn't tell what the contents would be like after looking at the cover and reading what it was about on the inside panel. I wasn't sure if it was a teen book or an adult book by the colorful cover and the large print on the interior. I had never heard of the author and usually I do not purchase books if that is the case. For some reason, this book lo [...]

    • Jhyun says:

      It was pretty good, but some parts of the story kind of dragged for me, and then some some parts I feel like, some details were skipped which made the story a little bit more bland. I loved the plot and the idea of the story. Definitely, an all nighter book.

    • Louise says:

      This was a really good book! :D

    • Neide says:

      I confess that when i picked this book of a discount rack at my local supermarket, i was not expecting much of it. But oh boy, I was wrong. This book is about adventure, courage, action and friendship with a little bit of romance. It is a fairly easy book to read and to keep up with. All the way through the book I felt the excitement of the groups' adventures. I can honestly say i enjoyed reading this book, and i look forward to read the rest of the series.

    • Sara says:

      Cleverly written, with interesting characters and a decent mystery built into the plot. The protagonists are flawed but still decisive and smart, which makes the book good. I was worried for a while that the name Coldhardt would be a complete give-away of the villain, but I was pleasantly surprised. The author also left enough mystery about backstories to make me want to read on, but did it without making the book feel too unfinished. Well done.

    • Robin says:

      Definitely different. Sort of an oceans eleven crossed with Charlie’s angels with British teens taken in and trained by a wealthy mysterious benefactor. Lots of double crossing or maybe not and heists and mysterious motivations. A decent action/ heist YA but nothing terrible memorable.

    • Sarah M says:

      A real page-turnerI thoroughly enjoyed this live action page-turner by Stephen Cole. I really enjoy multiple characters and personalities. Definitely recommend to anyone in search of an action packed quick read for bed, travelling, or chilling on the couch with a cup of tea. ☺

    • sh(e)reader says:

      Some YA are SO "young" adult something I probably would have enjoyed more had I read it as a teen. Maybe I just wasn't really in the mood for this type of kid adventure. I know I struggled with Percy Jackson and Michael Vey for similar reasons. It is one I wonder if my boys would like, although they might struggle with the UK spellings/words (although we've been watching "The IT Crowd" and had a discussion about some of the differences between American and British phrases such as snog/kiss, win [...]

    • Siobhan says:

      I will start by saying that, yes, while this book is for teenagers/young adults, I honestly could see people of any age enjoying it. The plotline is a touch convoluted at times, but that's also part of the beauty of it - the mystery keeps you going back until at the end every little piece of the puzzle comes together. The pacing is excellent for the vast majority of the book, with only a small wavering wiggle in the pacing round about the mid-200s or so, give or take a few pages, but that's real [...]

    • Frenchie says:

      I had been worried that this book would glamorise crime because while I want my children to be entertained, I like they also retain some moral values. But strangely enough, Thieves like Us does not glamorise theft.Nathaniel Coldhart is a charismatic and enigmatic man. He is also a mastermind thief with a touch of Robin Hood. Only people who deserve to be robbed -in his opinion - are robbed of their wealth. To help him in his grand plans, Coldhart enrols the help of young people he has 'saved' fr [...]

    • Ashley says:

      Teenager Jonah Wish is a brilliant computer hacker that finds himself being broken out of a juvenile detention center by an eclectic and elite group of teenage criminals who each possess a unique talent which helps the team successfully steal invaluable items. Patch can pick any lock, Motti is a brilliant security expert, Con has mesmerizing charm, and Tye is a human lie detector. Led my their mysterious and wealthy benefactor Coldhardt, Jonah and his team will travel to exotic locations, face d [...]

    • Alexander says:

      Jonah Wish, a seventeen year old boy, can crack any code, but that has led him to a juvenile detention center. A group of young teenagers break Jonah out to convince Jonah to join their group and help with a special assignment for their boss. Their boss, Nathaniel Coldhardt has given them a mission, from his client, to discover the secret of immortality. As Jonah and his group work to find it, they learn that Nathaniel accepted the same mission from another client that also wants immortality. In [...]

    • Madison says:

      Jonah’s life is rotten; he’s locked up in a young offenders institute with no family or friends. Until a group of kids break him out. Why? Not even Jonah knows that, but he’s about to find out. Snatched up and shoved into a world of riches and luxuries may seem like a dream come true, but what’s the catch? Coldhardt and his four “Children” have life pretty sweet. They work only for the richest, and their only goal is to make as much profit as possible. But there’s a new case to wor [...]

    • Hope says:

      This was a fast-paced, entertaining read, but it asked the readers to suspend belief just a bit too much, without any kind of grounding in reality. It came across as nothing more than a daydream. The characters were fun, but confusing; none of them seemed to have enough detail or personality to truly feel like someone you could know. The adult characters were even worse, given very broad personalities with unclear motives that were meant to explain away completely unbelievable behavior. And then [...]

    • Shannon says:

      Perfect book for teenage boys - lots of action and suspense. The books begins with teenager, Jonah, being sprung from the youth authority (juvie hall in England) and sprinted away by a group of teenagers that he does not know. They take him into their life of luxury and crime and introduce him to their leader - a man named Coldhardt (great name, eh?). There he is offered the job of hacking and using the computer to gain knowledge - which is his passion - as part of this den 'o thieves. Initially [...]

    • Heather-Jane says:

      Jonah Wish, a brilliant computer hacker, is the newest addition to an elite group of teen outlaws all hired by the same mysterious benefactor, Nathaniel Coldhardt. Each of them offers a unique talent: Patch is a one-eyed locksmith; Motti can dismantle any electrical system; Con's charm is truly mesmerizing; and Tye can detect a lie with more precision than a polygraph. Under Coldhart's watchful eye, this motley crew races from a high-tech underground conference centre to exotic locations where t [...]

    • MizziQ says:

      I guess it was okay. Mostly I just liked the premise. It came off to be more of a book about the kid- Jonah, and him and his skills. Plus getting along with the other talented teens. But it got very mytholigical. It had cliques littered throught, which was irratating to say the least. I DID like it, but it definitely won't be memorable. I love stories like this. Hackers, thieves, etc but this went all over the map. It went from juvie, to a secret society, to mummies, to curses, to happily ever a [...]

    • Logan Dowell says:

      This book is an amazing novel. Thieves Like Us is about five teenage thieves conducted by a billionaire named Nathaniel Coldhart. They all have their special talents: Con is mesmerizing, Patch is a locksmith, Tye is a human lye detector, Motti is a security expert, and Jonah Wish the new kid is a hacker. They were all orphans until Coldhart picked them up from their terrible lives and gave them everything they could want and a father figure to live up to. They do many missions and steal many ite [...]

    • Corrin says:

      I liked this book, it was a good change from the historical fiction and fantasy books I had been reading at the time. The main character can be a little frustrating at times though, but seriously all teenage boys are. I really wanted Con and Monti to end up together and I want there to be another book in the series. What I liked was that you never really knew who was on your side and where the loyalties really lied. I want there to be another one but I think that because it concluded well I woul [...]

    • Jan says:

      To be fair, I have to admit that I didn't finish reading this book. The premise is rather interesting. A man who is searching for hidden treasures gathers a gang of teens, each of whom is skilled in something -- locks, cars, computer hacking, lie detection -- and then keeps them in luxury until he is ready to send them on a mission to acquire another precious object. I just got tired of the story, and found I didn't care whether any of these characters ever succeeded or not. On further reflectio [...]

    • Carmel says:

      I'm so glad I actually ordered this book and read it. I had it on my 'To Read ' list for quite a while!I enjoyed the characters. I'm glad Jonah wasn't just bought over by material things and the 'We're a family' to join the team. He had morals about what they do. I found the team interactions to be funny between the others.The only thing I found a little disappointing which may seem weird because I liked the book so much was the plot itself. I found the myth of immortality a little far fetched e [...]

    • Gabby says:

      this book is full with action. Jonah is a great computer hacker that got sent to young affenders. At the start he is broken out of young affenders by a group TEENAGERS!!! they are the "childern" of Coldhardt. An master criminal thats recruiting teenager with special talents. kids with no real family and nothing to lose, he trains them as ruthless efficient professionals and employs them to under take the daring crimes he's planed. And he takes care of them as if they were his own children. He ca [...]

    • Sandy says:

      Umm I like the premise a whole lot better than he actually pulls it off. This kid, who just happens to be a computer genius, gets himself in some trouble and put in jail. These other kids break him out and try to talk him into joining their team, led by their benefactor. Well, Jonah goes along with it for a little bit, then decides that the life of a thief isn't for him and tries to get out. Things go completely haywire then and there's all sorts of backstabbing going on from like, everybody. It [...]

    • Hannah says:

      Jonah Wish is a brilliant hacker and he is hired by a mysterious man named Coldhardt. He is adopted as one of his "children" and they are on a quest to find the secret to never dying. The other members of the team each have a specific talent that helps them along their way. Coldhardt has a secret to his history that no one knows about and is not reviled in the story. This story is full of mystery and danger around every turn.This story was very exciting and I would read it again and again. The s [...]

    • Ryan says:

      It is a great book about a hacker who gets broken out of jail go and help this clan of teenagers.And they go around th world stealing ancient artifacts.Its really an action filled.Because once you read it you realize hes theyre only seventeen or eighteen and they already know so much.I could really see myself reading this book again.i really liked the part when they brake him out of jail and how they trick the security gaurd and how they knocked out all the prisoners buy putting drugs in theyre [...]

    • Tommy Quirk says:

      I really enjoyed thieves like us because it was a very good action packed adventure. It is about a computer hacker named Jonah Wish who is in jail for stealing 500 thousand dollars. He is broken out by a team of kids with special talents. Tye is a great driver and fighter, Con who is charming, Motti who is a security system hacker, and Patch who is a expert lock pick. They are all part of this team that steals expensive items and sells them to private collectors. Their "Dad" is Nathaniel Coldhar [...]

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