French Pastry Murder

French Pastry Murder Tinker s Cove is abuzz with excitement when Norah the queen of daytime TV comes to town and selects Lucy and her pals to be featured in her Women Who Make a Difference episode In recognition for the

  • Title: French Pastry Murder
  • Author: Leslie Meier
  • ISBN: 9780758277046
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tinker s Cove is abuzz with excitement when Norah, the queen of daytime TV, comes to town and selects Lucy and her pals to be featured in her Women Who Make a Difference episode In recognition for their charitable work, the ladies and their husbands are awarded a dream vacation in Paris, complete with classes at Le Cooking School with renowned pastry chef Larry Bruneau.Tinker s Cove is abuzz with excitement when Norah, the queen of daytime TV, comes to town and selects Lucy and her pals to be featured in her Women Who Make a Difference episode In recognition for their charitable work, the ladies and their husbands are awarded a dream vacation in Paris, complete with classes at Le Cooking School with renowned pastry chef Larry Bruneau But their bon voyage is cut short when Lucy discovers the chef in a pool of blood on the second day of class If she s going to enjoy her vacation, she ll have to unpack her sleuthing skills and clear her name But will she be able to track down a killer elusive than the perfect macaron

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    • Sarah Adamson says:

      This is a good mystery starring Lucy Stone, her husband, daughter and her friends transported to Paris for a different adventure. The mystery itself is fun although with some interesting twists. The story itself is racist, anti-every part of the world apart from America. This book is a clear example of an American feeling superior and showing off that superiority and bigotry. I was incredibly disappointed. I hoped that she was just trying to express some beliefs via some characters but she conti [...]

    • Sue Scheve Zerjal says:

      This book had a rather weak plot. On top of that,it was painfully obvious that Leslie Meier hates France. She made the same few points again and again. On top of that, she wrote rather stereotypical characters that seemed to be defined by her prejudices. This was not a good read

    • Kim j says:

      I have been keeping up with the series even though I am not a big fan. Why you ask? Because I like to have something different to read in between really great books. I was being kind with the 2star rating because no investigating was done and it was notbelievable. Sorry but it just seemed to down the French, which is OK I guess but why? Plus I would have thought if they were in Paris they would see the Eifel tower and all these other major places but flea markets? It was ridiculous and all of Lu [...]

    • Luffy says:

      So this is how it's like to read a book by an author so unconnected with the rules of fiction writing that she begins to remind us of the Agatha Christie of The Postern Of Fate fame. That's quite ironic as Leslie Meier here tipped her hat to the Great Dame and before has lifted an entire plot for her convenience. My jaw dropped when reading the hodgepodge that was part of the ending of this book. It was, bar, none, the worst finale to a book that I've ever read. Ever. Easily. But it was fun as w [...]

    • Kelly Miller says:

      I see some reviewers think Lucy should just stay home. I don't think that is the case. I gave it a 4 as I thought some of the ending was just thrown in at the reader out of the blue, but it was still a good book for Leslie Meier.

    • Judy says:

      I've read all the books in this series and this one was a disappointment.Should have never left Tinker Cover, Maine. Visiting Paris with friends just didn't cute it for a Lucy Stone story.

    • Julie Barrett says:

      French Pastry Murder by Leslie MeierWanted to read this book in hopes it'd have tips on how I can make my husband his favorite apple turnovers-healthy style.Have read many of the author's other works and have enjoyed the books.Have been to Paris once and can't wait to see the characters view. Book starts out where Lucy Stone and her husband along with other couples have won a trip to Paris for 2 weeks and participate in a cooking class because of their charity work with the hat and mitten fund.H [...]

    • Renee says:

      Maybe I need to stay away from cozy mysteries for a while.This is the latest (or almost latest) book in Meier's Lucy Stone series. Unlike most of the other books in the series, though, very little of the action takes place in Tinker's Cove; it's set in Paris! It still includes Lucy finding herself in the middle of murder, though, and doing some sleuthing despite being in a foreign country. What's not to like, right?Perhaps I was experiencing the reader's version of what I'd be feeling if I were [...]

    • Lynn says:

      Two and a Half Stars.Love the idea of Lucy being in Paris . Perfect setting but too hard to buy that these small town folks who have never been to Europe, win a trip of a lifetime and then have absolutely no trouble at all finding their way around or communicating, even in high school French. They win an all-expenses paid vacation to Paris and they eat most of their meals in their apartment? There are 4 couples and only 3 bedrooms and one couple has to sleep in the general pathway the entire tim [...]

    • Suzanne says:

      I'm a huge fan of Leslie Meier's Lucy Stone mysteries, but this one was not a favorite. I thought I would enjoy the setting, as I love Paris and it is one of my favorite cities. The writing, though on this was not smooth, especially the dialogue. If Bill and Lucy had travelled alone the Paris, that would have been fine, but adding the three couples made the book a little clunky, and there just were not enough ways to keep everyone involved in the main plot.

    • Amy says:

      I love Lucy Stone and this book was excellent. I just missed her adventures in Tinker's Cove and her family wasn't all in this book which was no fun because I love her family. Still a definite must read, I just hope her next book she is back home!!!

    • Chris Curtis says:

      When I read a cozy mystery I want to relax and enjoy great characters and a nice location with a mystery thrown in to make things interesting. If the characters travel I want to read about the great place they are visiting that I am not able to visit other than through the book. This book had none of that.Lucy and her friends get a free trip to Paris which should be exciting. But all they do is complain. Paris is nothing but grey boring buildings, rude people, navigating the city is difficult, t [...]

    • Eva says:

      Lucy Stone and the gang head for Paris in this installment of the Lucy Stone mysteries. Recognized on the Norah Show for their charity work through the Hat and Mitten Club they organize for the needy children of Tinker's Cove, Lucy and her friends are rewarded with a trip to Paris, complete with cooking classes. Unfortunately, Paris isn't at all what they had hoped for, especially when Lucy finds Chef Larry has been attacked. Through one stressful interview with the Paris authorities after anoth [...]

    • Mayda says:

      Americans are so accustomed to the freedom and rights that we have in the USA that sometimes we fail to realize that those rights are ours only as long as we remain on US soil. When traveling to other countries, these rights do not travel with us. This fact is made abundantly clear to Lucy Stone and her traveling companions when they are linked to an attempted murder in France. They are shocked to discover that they really have no rights and even the US consulate cannot help them. Their passport [...]

    • Susan says:

      Lucy Stone, her three best friends and all four husbands win a trip to Paris, which Lucy has always wanted to visit. Now her daughter is working there, so they can visit when not enjoying a cooking class set up especially for them. But when Lucy finds the chef/teacher dead, the police confiscate all eight passports and the group worries about getting home on time. Okay, this is the probable part of the plot. Not only does the story get seriously strange, but Lucy--who has solved crimes in her li [...]

    • Joannjohnson says:

      Not one of my favorite books from Leslie Meier. I give her credit for wanting to try something new and different but it just didn't seem credible that these characters would continue on with touring the beautiful city of Paris with so much dark stuff invading their lives. It was just a little too coincidental how the main characters arriving from lovely Tinkers Cove would tie in so neatly with affairs going on in with Stone's daughter's life too. Looking forward to the next Lucy Stone novel howe [...]

    • Arlene says:

      I love Paris, I love Lucy Stone but the two together just did not click for me. I have read every book in this cozy series and I have to admit I like it better when Lucy is solving mysteries in Tinkers Cove, Maine.

    • Laurie says:

      not my favorite of hers

    • Caitlin Copp says:

      Lucy, her husband and some of their friends win a surprise trip to Paris to take cooking classes with the well known pastry chef, Chef Larry. Lucy is even more excited as her daughter's work has relocated her to Paris, meaning she can visit her. Things are going well until Lucy discovers Chef Larry in a pool of blood right after one of their lessons. In France the law is quite different than the US and they finger Lucy and her friends to be one of their top suspects. Lucy must learn to navigate [...]

    • Nancy Narma says:

      “Au Revoir to Pastries and Perpetrators”Part-time reporter and feature writer for Tinker Cove’s “The Pennysaver” newspaper, Lucy Stone has always dreamed of going to Paris. She is a bit envious when oldest daughter, Elizabeth is re-assigned by the Cavendish Hotel Chain, having to change her address from Palm Beach to Paris and Elizabeth hates it! Little did Lucy know that all of her envy would soon disappear. Norah Hemmings, host of her own Emmy-winning daytime TV show is doing a speci [...]

    • Christi says:

      For me, this book started out slowly for, and I didn't like it as much as the previous books in the series. Lucy and her friends in the breakfast group win a trip to Paris, which is where Lucy's daughter, Elizabeth, has been transferred. I really would rather Lucy stay in Tinker's CoveI have been to Paris and did not have a good visit. I didn't like Paris and I really didn't like Lucy's friend, Sue, having a bigger part. I don't really like her character but usually she has a very little role in [...]

    • Eileen says:

      Good mystery taken place in Paris. Many different suspects and finally discovered who did it.Quick read. The only trouble I had was with the French words involved in the story. Otherwise I do like this author and plan to read more of her books, although this one was not a favorite compared to the others from her home town.

    • Andrea says:

      I wanted to love this book as I have loved many of the Lucy Stone in the past but it just wasn't as good as some of the other stories. I think what really bothered me the most as a reader was the attitudes and generalizations with regard to the French and other nationalities. Cozy mysteries are meant to be a fun and this didn't feel as fun as I know Leslie Meier's books can be.

    • Lorraine says:

      This cozy seemed like a downer from the beginning. I kept reading & it did not get any better. I have been to Paris 3 times, and I was not very comfortable there. So I am not sure that it is the book or my feelings that make this cozy so blah, but there it is. Even the character of Lucy could not make this book palatable. Sorry about the pun.

    • Kara says:

      Not as good as some of the others in the series but still a nice quick read. The heavy handed emphasis on the political issues in Paris was a bit much. I don't think it would make anyone want to travel to Paris.

    • Carole Anderson says:

      I've read several of these Lucy Stone books and I have to say this was not a favorite. I found it confusing at times and I missed Tinker's Cover. It seemed to make the story less interesting because it was in France and I got irritated with the continual slamming of the country.

    • Karen says:

      I am giving it 2.75 stars. I enjoyed parts of it but lacked some of the charm that usually makes these cozy mysterious fun to read. The main characters & friends were not as like able in this story

    • Abbie says:

      DNFI normally love these books but this one was awful. I couldn't handle everyone's negativity. Makes me sad because I was excited to read it.

    • Katie says:

      The Paris settings and background saved the book for me. I enjoy the Lucy Stone cozies but was a bit disappointed with this one. I really felt the whole storyline was completely unbelievable.

    • Michelle says:

      A good fun cozy mystery.

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