Devoted Book Two: Caylin's Story

Devoted Book Two Caylin s Story In the finale of Caylin s Story Caylin learns about her descendent and why she will be so important to the future of the world Together Caylin and Aiden will face the challenges placed in their path

  • Title: Devoted Book Two: Caylin's Story
  • Author: S.J. West
  • ISBN: 9781493546060
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the finale of Caylin s Story, Caylin learns about her descendent and why she will be so important to the future of the world Together, Caylin and Aiden will face the challenges placed in their path by Lucifer and his men and show why faith, loyalty and love can defeat even the princes of Hell.

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    • Tami says:

      I read the Watchers Trilogy and the Chronicles and they were all amazing so I decided to read Caylin's story. It was ok, but I was hoping that there would be an actual ending after so many books. It had a weird ending because the story is going to be continued through more books called Aiden's story. I think those books will also be good, but I will eventually want a definite ending to the stories.

    • Sarah says:

      i just can't get enough of these books, although all I wanted was to see how Malcom reacted to being told what he has to do and figure out whatever is happening with Mae and her new puppy ;-). But I'm glad they're finally happy for now I guess. I'll just have to wait for the next series. Whomevers POV they may be in.

    • Tessa says:

      I tried. I read the first, but her other books are so much better than this series. Cailyn is just too perfect to enjoy the book.

    • Debra says:

      Fantastic!! DON'T Miss Reading this book!!!So far I have not been disappointed in one book Ms. West has written. Eager to get started on the next. What a talented writer! To be able to carry others to a different realm make a person have to pinch themselves to make sure aren't in the story then feel the disappointment they arent! An amazing and talented writer. You most certainly not want to miss any of her books!!!

    • Kristine says:

      GREAT READ and it flows in with all the other books and keeps you informed also about the others in the other books I love how all these books connects with each other.everyone should try these booksI give this 5 stars!

    • Mary says:

      Nice conclusion to Caylin's story.

    • Lea Vanderlei says:

      GREAT GREAT GREAT READ!!!!!Another great book in an epically great series. I wholeheartedly recommend that you read this series. It starts with "Cursed".

    • Selena Poling says:

      Bittersweet Sad to see Caylins story end but I know there will be more to come from the Watchers and their family.

    • Secretly Adorkable Readers says:

      I read thru the Watchers Trilogy, the Chronicles, then Caylins books since the 10th and was not disappointed.if you like Paranormal Romance full of Super Powers, Hot Angels and corrupted demons then this author is for you. SJ West has done a fantastic job on the Caylin series 13 rated so not too bad for the young at heart girls.enough swooning and making out sessions ;)Lots of action and supernatural activity that made the story thrilling as always so wasnt disappointed. I cannot wait for more b [...]

    • Lesley says:

      4.0. To me, this duology was still not as good as the first two trilogies, but at least Devoted was much better than Timeless. Where that book fell short, this one had equal amounts passion and action (the fighting kind) my favorite combination. Plot: Caylin and Lilly visit Heaven and find out Caylin’s purpose in the battle against Lucifer and his men. She also finds out what her future holds for her and Aiden, and we get a hint of what’s to come for Malcolm. Characters:Caylin was much more [...]

    • De Jr. says:

      Devoted Book 2 Caylin's StoryBy S.J. West28 July 2015Starting the second book in this 2 book series was bitter sweet. If going in secession, I realized that this would be the last book that holds the characters I've grown to love and adore for 8 books now. The continuation of this amazing story unfortunately will take place hundreds if not a thousand years in the future. So, except for a few core Angelic characters because of their immortality, the rest are no longer amongst the living. This lea [...]

    • Amanda says:

      A great wrap up to Caylin and Aiden's story!! One of the only things I have to complain about is the ending it definitely wasn't as solid as it could have been and felt kind of rushed, with everything big happening in the last 20 pages, or so. For the enormity of what had to happen- basically attempting to defeat all 7 Princes of Hell- there wasn't really much action.One of the things that I found myself intrigued with in this book is Tristan and how he's proved that you really can teach an old [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      This book continues the story of Caylin and Aiden. I really like the development of their relationship and the chemistry is off the pages!!! We learn more in this book exactly how important Caylin ( and her descendants are) are to Lucifer and of the princes of Hell's future. Caylin, although the child of Lily and Brand, has her own mind and is her own person. She is forward, assertive and knows what she wants. Again, Malcolm has a wonderful presence and his humour and fierce protectiveness of Li [...]

    • Misti Epps says:

      Another blockbuster by West. I wish I were a movie producer or had connections with one because this series would blow all the rest out of the water. Devoted was an amazing book and like I usually do with West's books, I found myself laughing out loud and crying throughout the book. I was so sad when I was finished reading it because I didn't want it to end but I couldn't put it down! I have come to the conclusion that I am absolutely addicted to S.J. West's stories, regardless of the genre. I w [...]

    • maria wilson says:

      BetrayelThis book picks up right where the last ended with a trip to heaven. During their trip Caylin is given a gift which will help in her fight against the princes. In order to set the stage for Caylin's future descendant to save the world she must vhoose 7 watchers to help protect her descendants until the right one is born. My heart breaks for the pain Malcolm is and will be going through for years to come. I've fallen completely in love with Malcolm and wish for him the get his HEA.

    • Stephanie Plummer says:

      I love Caylins storyI am in heaven, back with the Watchers and Lilly's family. I have fallen in love with Caylin and Aiden. In the two books about Caylin, she is the one chosen to fight the ongoing battle between the Watchers and Lucifer and the prince's. She is definitely up for the job.God has chosen his heroines well what an awesome group he has chosen. Of course we are talking about God here, he doesn't make mistakes. I hope everyone takes the time to read these books, believe me you will no [...]

    • Diana says:

      Caylin now has the responsibility to choose 7 watchers to stay on earth to protect her future descendants until the one meant to finally end the war with lucifer is born. They learn it will probably be hundreds of years before this happens but it needs to be done save the world. I love the way SJ but in the relationship between sisters in this book. For a 17 year old Caylin has a huge responsibility put on her but with family and those devoted to her she can accomplish what has been put in front [...]

    • Joni says:

      wonderful series, I just couldn't put it down, I think it was the only thing that got me through 2 back surgeries, now on to Aiden's Story. I think I am going have to read the whole series to give it my complete thoughts on this series. Sorry. I am expecting to be a ending that will complete the series, and I am afraid I might be disappointed. not that I have been disappointed at all with any of the series, just saying.

    • Sabrina Hijazi says:

      I absoloutley loved this book! However I think it would have been nice if the story just continued instead of making a new book Aiden's Story. Besides that it was such a great read, I am really keen to find out what happens next to Caylin and Aiden in Aidens Story!!!! I literally couldn't stop reading, it took me around 2 days to finish this duology. It is by far the best angel/demon series . I wish I read it sooner. It is a MUST READ and I highly recommend this book for YA readers.

    • Samantha Bridges says:

      Loved this book! Aiden and Caylin are so cute together! I love how Caylin is so head strong and let's Aiden know she can take care of herself if anything went wrong. Aiden is such a gentlemen! Loved reading there story! I felt that the story was a little rushed at the end but it was still a very great book! Can't wait to read more!

    • Heather De Los Reyes says:

      The end of Caylins storyI love the battles that SJ West thinks up for her characters. She makes everything seem so vivid like your actually in the scene and not just reading the story. Caylin and Aadin are such so cute couple that shows how much love can endure. I wasn't expecting the fight to end the way it did but I did love the ending.

    • Elaine Wingert says:

      I have to say the imagination and concept Ms West has come up with is phenomenal. I've read all the series related to this book and I couldn't put it down. Intrigue, romance, mystery, action packed fighting, drama, out of this world, hold on tight suspense. I highly recommend to all.

    • Stephen Stanback says:

      Good seriesStill a good series as the story goes. I guess I'm just getting tired of the "love at first sight" aspect of these stories, and "life long soul mates". Otherwise, not bad.

    • Marie Yule says:

      My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.I enjoyed this continuation of Caylin's story, seemed to have more action and picked up the pace from book one. I LOVED the that Will (Original Will) had a part in the story, it was a nice touch to the story.Looking forward to reading Aiden's story next.

    • Jana LaPelle says:

      4 1/2 StarsFor fans of The Watcher Trilogy and The Watcher Chronicles this is a must read. Caylin and Aiden's story was begging to be told. You won't be disappointed in this beautifully told sweet romance.

    • christy baldwin says:

      Love it!loved seeing the characters from previous books and how each book picks up after the last. I can't wait to read Aidan story and see where the story takes us next. I'm sure Tristan is Mae's soul mate as well!

    • My Bookbag by Karen says:

      Totally enjoyed the 2nd installment of Caylan's story and the refreshing subject matter from the Watchers world of S.J. West. I would definitely recommend content is appropriate for readers no younger than 14.

    • Sakei says:

      Obsessed! Love S.J. West and everything she writes Loved hearing Caylin and Aiden's story Can't wait for more!!!!

    • Anna says:

      Great can't wait for next book

    • Janai says:

      I love this whole dang series!

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