HEARTS BONES In January John Frayne returns to New Forge in the state of York to reclaim his father s confiscated lands and the affection of an abandoned son There he is drawn to a beautiful damaged woman

  • Title: HEARTS & BONES
  • Author: MargaretLawrence
  • ISBN: 9780380973514
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • In January 1809, John Frayne returns to New Forge in the state of York, to reclaim his father s confiscated lands and the affection of an abandoned son There, he is drawn to a beautiful, damaged woman in ragged clothing whom he first sees sliding a wrapped body through a hole in the frozen surface of the Bay or Spirits A mute madwoman named Jennet Trevor, she is soon dIn January 1809, John Frayne returns to New Forge in the state of York, to reclaim his father s confiscated lands and the affection of an abandoned son There, he is drawn to a beautiful, damaged woman in ragged clothing whom he first sees sliding a wrapped body through a hole in the frozen surface of the Bay or Spirits A mute madwoman named Jennet Trevor, she is soon declared indigent and put up for auction And it is Frayne who bids for her future He can never own this perplexing, wild creature, but with respect, love, and kindness, perhaps the damned and secretive Frayne can help her to fly above the coarse and killing world that is closing in on them both.

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    • Michele Bolay says:

      This series is fantastic, and the first book is arguably the best. A truly chilling (and ultimately heartbreaking) mystery, the masterful and evocative use of an unstable historical period, vivid and well-defined characters, and a strong, smart, compassionate, intriguing heroine. Lawrence is a powerful and immensely skilled writer. Fans of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and the Wilderness series by Sara Donati should love this, as well as fans of gritty and emotionally rich historical no [...]

    • Ana T. says:

      Ever since I read, and really enjoyed Sara Donati's into The Wilderness that I have been looking for books with a similar setting. Hearts and Bones is also set in America and around the same time and I couldn't resist picking it up.Unlike Donati's this book is a murder mystery. The heroine is Hannah Trevor, a midwife living with her aunt and her deaf, and illegitimate, daughter in Rufford, Maine. When she finds a young woman raped and murdered who left a letter accusing three men, one of which i [...]

    • Allyson Faith says:

      I've had this book on my shelves for many years and finally pulled it down to read on a plane trip. It was quite good, and I would recommend it for mystery readers who also enjoy historical contexts. The protagonist is a midwife in Maine in 1786, right after the American Revolution. The book is very good at showing the dissatisfaction of common people at how our nation was managing--or not managing--after we won the war. It's not a time period that we learn much about, and although I enjoy readi [...]

    • LJ says:

      HEARTS AND BONES (Hist. Mys-Hannah Trevor-Maine-1700s)- ExLawrence, Margaret - 1st of seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction: Hannah Trevor, a midwife in a small Maine town, discovers the body of a young wife and mother, along with a note naming Hannah's secret past lover and the father of her illegitimate daughter as the woman's murderers. Very well written. An excellent portrayal of life in Maine of 1770s and how little power women had over their own lives. Hannah is a great character. I'll read more of [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      I've been trying to write an adequate review for a book I love terribly, and I can't. All I can say is that, looking at Hearts & Bones as just a mystery would be an error. Yes, it is that but it is also an amazingly well-written book and Lawrence is a remarkable talent.

    • LaRae says:

      This is a book I read many years ago, which stayed with me, and I finally revisited it. Lawrence's prose is beautiful, and the story is heartbreaking and moving. It is brutal at times, at an unsettled time in American history (post revolution), which is something I tend to avoid, hence 4 stars instead of 5.Women are legal non-entities, requiring permission for everything including owning a business. Women like Hannah Trevor, however, use their unique skill to gain some independence -- they are t [...]

    • Alice Seidel says:

      I haven't read a book quite like this one since the novels of Taylor Caldwell. Margaret Lawrence brings to life the cold, icy days of colonial America like no one I know. She thoroughly fills in her characters, introducing aspects of their lives, both past and present, in very unique ways. You will think you are there trying to keep warm while trying to piece together all of the loose ends to a most mystifying murder. Then two murders. I won't tell, read the book.

    • Jen says:

      Great story, from an excellent author Lorraine Margaret Keilstrup under her pseudonym Margaret Lawrence. Lead character is a very headstrong young lady, Hannah, very much in the vein of Diana Gabaldon's "Claire" (without the time travel). The story moved at a good pace, with a few twists and turns. The author gave lots of clues, I enjoyed trying to figure out the who-dunnit.

    • Kylie Briggs says:

      Meh. Dialogue felt forced. Not sure it deserved the time it took to read.

    • John says:

      The GoodReads blurb isn't for this book but (I assume) for a sequel. And the first reader review I looked at gets an important detail of the plot wrong in the first sentence. Oh dear. Unfortunately I don't have the time this morning to spell things out in any detail myself, so . . .February 1786 in a small Maine settlement. The grip of winter is fierce. Middle-aged midwife and quilter Hannah Trevor, alongside bluff constable William Quaid, discover the body of Anthea "Nan" Emory; the woman has b [...]

    • Awallens says:

      The physical and emotional scars of the Revolutionary War are an important part of this tremendous new first mystery -- the most exciting debut since LaurieR. King and The Beekeeper's Apprentice. Like King's Mary Russell, the heroine of Lawrence's book is an unconventional woman, unwilling to be forced intoan historical mold. Hannah Trevor is a gifted, educated midwife who carries wisdom and sorrow with her in equal measures: one husband and three childrendead, another daughter born out of wedlo [...]

    • Paul says:

      PLOT OR PREMISE:Hannah Trevor is a midwife in 1786 colonial America. She has 3 dead children, a dead husband, and a live daughter whose unacknowledged / unclaimed father is a neighbour. Hannah is present when the authorities discover the raped and mutilated body of another village resident, who has left behind a letter accusing some of the village elite of the crime, including Hannah's former loverWHAT I LIKED:The plotting is well-done, if somewhat slow to get to the discovery of the body. So we [...]

    • Rosina Lippi says:

      This is a novel set in post-revolutionary Maine (then still Massachusetts). It focuses on the life of a midwife, Hannah Trevor. I loved this book for the way Lawrence wove together different kinds of narratives, and for the two main characters. It's very clear that Hannah's story is a retelling based on A Midwife's Tale which is a non-fiction presentation of a midwife's diary, carefully examined and analyzed.

    • Lois says:

      This mystery features an unconventional woman in 18th century rural Maine. Hannah Trevor is a gifted, educated midwife who carries wisdom and sorrow with her in equal measures: one husband and three children dead, another daughter born out of wedlock and deaf. When a young woman is raped and murdered, leaving behind a note that implicates her daughter's father, Hannah is the only person in the small Maine town of Rufford with enough insight and experience to uncover the truth. The physical and e [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I borrowed this from Dabney, who recommended it very highly. It was enjoyable. The mystery was well-plotted and the story line was interesting. I liked the setting and how Lawrence didn't let the magic of the Revolution overcome the reality of life at that time, especially for the common soldier. The heroine was interesting.But I felt like it dragged in places. I struggle with reading description and I felt like there was a lot of it. By the end, I just really wanted the killer to be revealed an [...]

    • Helen says:

      At the center of "Heart and Bones," a book about a mystery set in Revolutionary America, is the murder of a young wife and mother. It is a fascinating glimpse of the times, it's superstitions and prejudices, the broad social and cultural milieu, the position of women in general and of Hannah Trevor, a midwife and healer in a small Maine town, in particular. Each chapter is headed by a quilt pattern, if you are interested in how and what to cook in a woodburning fireplace, it's all here. Best, th [...]

    • Julie Hulten says:

      The scenes of midwifery seem to parallel the life of Martha Ballard as she herself describes them in her diary (see Laura Thatcher Ulrich, *The Midwife's Tale*) that said, I learned a lot about Shay's Rebellion and the "privileged class" nature of the American Revolution couched in an excellent story!

    • Andrea says:

      This book has it all - mystery and suspense, a little romance, a strong heroine, and a great time period (post American Revolution)! Even though it's fiction, Lawrence does a great job contextualizing what life was like for ordinary people who fought and survived the American Revolutionging the horrors and problems of that time period vividly to life.

    • Linda says:

      A murder mystery investigated by a talented 18th century midwife. Fairly accurate, historically, but the author portrays patchwork quilting as a community pastime, making it a central theme, and patchwork did not come into use until after 1810. Irritating.

    • Mimi says:

      A decidedly not cozy mystery, but the setting is amazing. I've been kicking around the portrayal of the post-Revolutionary War society, and how broken it was. Very interesting.Strong main character and an interesting mystery. With a content caveat, I'd recommend.

    • L.B. says:

      This is one of my favorite series, shortlived though it was. I wish she'd write more in this series!!! The books take place in upstate Maine after the American Revolution. Can't say enough good things about this series.

    • Jonna says:

      I loved this book, the first in the trilogy by Margaret Lawrence. It has great characterization and a wonderful story. The author's writing really puts you in the situations. When the protagonist is walking through a snowstorm, you feel you are right by her side. Well written and very interesting.

    • Lisa says:

      This book was ok but didn't hold my interest so I didn't finish it.

    • Julie says:

      Really intriguing mystery that leaves me hungry for more things set in this post-Revolutionary War period.

    • Jean says:

      A good book featuring a strong female protagonist. Hannah is a midwife living during the Revolutionary War who tries to solve a murder of a young woman. Nice writing and story.

    • Melissa says:

      Being from New England this book resonated with me, as I am always so curious about 18th century America.

    • Maggie Shanley says:

      Interesting but depressing story of America post-revolution. Was a mystery involving murder and post traumatic stress.

    • Laura says:

      Historical mystery with a superb sensibility for the period.

    • Carina Langstraat says:

      good combination of mystery and historical fiction

    • Dee says:

      I read this for a mystery reading group at Borders. It was okay.

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