Se abre la veda

Se abre la veda UNA NUEVA ESPERANZAUn cumplea os m s Y ning n hombre a la vista A sus treinta y cuatro a os con una existencia pl cida y sin necesidad de dinero muchos pensar an que Daisy Ann Minor no tiene motivos

  • Title: Se abre la veda
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9788495752307
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • UNA NUEVA ESPERANZAUn cumplea os m s Y ning n hombre a la vista A sus treinta y cuatro a os, con una existencia pl cida y sin necesidad de dinero, muchos pensar an que Daisy Ann Minor no tiene motivos para quejarse de su suerte Pero existe cierta angustia que la atractiva bibliotecaria del pueblito de Hillsboro no consigue sacarse de la cabeza necesita una pareja.UNA NUEVA ESPERANZAUn cumplea os m s Y ning n hombre a la vista A sus treinta y cuatro a os, con una existencia pl cida y sin necesidad de dinero, muchos pensar an que Daisy Ann Minor no tiene motivos para quejarse de su suerte Pero existe cierta angustia que la atractiva bibliotecaria del pueblito de Hillsboro no consigue sacarse de la cabeza necesita una pareja Ha llegado el momento de romper con la rutina de su solter a y para ello tendr que dar un vuelco radical a su vida Aunque, c mo podr transformarse la eficiente directora de una biblioteca en una mujer seductora e irresistible Y LA AMENAZA DE UN GRAN PELIGROJack Russo a n se preguntaba c mo hab a llegado a convertirse en Jefe de Polic a de un peque o pueblo de Alabama Y es que su trayectoria como miembro de las fuerzas especiales de Chicago y Nueva York parec a augurar otro destino, distinto al de terminar velando por la seguridad de los habitantes del tranquilo villorio de Hillsboro Pero si bien resultaba curioso, hab a sido su decisi n Tampoco su elecci n hac a prever nada desagradable, en especial con residentes tan intrigantes como la bibliotecaria Daisy Ann Minor En conjunto, la promesa de una nueva vida No obstante no exenta de ciertos peligros.

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    • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆ says:

      4 STARSLoved it!I love how Linda Howard's books always follow the same formula (see below) but still end up different and unique.My rating is based on the following success equation:S = (.5P + .2C) + (.9M x .7F) + H + .3D + (Q x 1.5C x 8L),whereS is the success of a novel,P is the build and depth of a plotline,C is the richness of the characterization,M is the the amount of badassness/hotness of a male character (hero),F is the amount of intelligence, independence and strength of the female char [...]

    • ♥Sharon♥ says:

      I haven’t read many Linda Howard books but for the ones that I have I did enjoy then. She is certainly a talented author. Open Season was such a fun book to read. I was hooked right from the get go and just let the story unfold ignoring some of the predictability.The two main characters were fantastic together. Daisy Minor was a 34 year old Librarian who was about to find her inner tiger that would finally snag a guy of husband material. She was done with being plain Jane and all about becomin [...]

    • *TANYA* says:

      Cute story, granted not very original but it still had a little of everything. I very much enjoyed the banter between the 2 main characters.

    • Lisa Kay says:

      Daisy needs some protection.★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Oh, I had to be bad and get this one! I know I only gave the hardcover of this one four stars, but it has some of my favorite themes along with one of my favorite authors, so I splurged and got the audiobook. I’m so glad I did, as Deborah Hazlett does a great job narrating. She handles this fast-paced Romantic Suspense with ease and perfect diction, while her pace, volume, and tone do not fluctuate. The male voices [...]

    • Alex ♈ says:

      A good mix of suspense, romance and humor.Very likable heroine. Decent hero.Overall very enjoyable! 🤓

    • Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

      Tis' the (Open) Season.There isn't much more to say than what this picture will cover because the word "condom" was used a couple dozen times in this book.There were seventy-two condoms purchased in the production of this story.Maybe she needed to warn Chief Russo to keep a close eye on aisle five at Clud's Pharmacy, because judging by the variety offered here, there were some hinky things going on in Hillsoboro.No, hinky was not a typo. I swore it was kinky the first time I read it, which would [...]

    • Sandra says:

      Small-town librarian Daisy Minor wakes up on her thirty-fourth birthday and realizes she is tired of her life--tired of being boring, tired of her drab clothes and her mousy brown hair, tired of not having a boyfriend. She decides it's time for a change. So she gives herself a makeover--she starts using make-up, she buys new clothes, she colors her hair blonde. She looks for a home of her own (she is still living at home with her mother and her aunt). She wants to get married and start a family [...]

    • ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

      Loved it! Couldn't put it down. When Linda Howard nails it, she certainly does a spectacular job. I think this might have been even better as an audiobook, as the narrator had a great voice for both male and female characters, she captured the humor, and made me believe I was really listening to these characters. Daisy and Jack were a great romance H/h pair, the suspense was really good but never over-the-top, the humor was a great surprise (their conversations around a 'party pack' of condoms w [...]

    • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️ says:

      4.5 Party Pack Stars!Daisy Minor wakes up on her 34th birthday and has an epiphany. Daisy decides she wants to meet a man! Not just any man, she wants to find a husband and have children before it's to late.Daisy is a small town librarian who leads a pretty boring life. She lives with her widowed mother and Aunt in the house she grew up in, hasn't had a date in a very long time, dresses drab, wears no make-up, and is basically mouseyd she's a very proper southern lady who's a bit naive.With some [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      Updated for audio: 4.5 stars (half-point lost due to major quibble with the ending, as noted below). Good audio. Solid narration by Deborah Hazlett. I have read this book and now I've listened to it. Unabridged. No matter how many times I "read" it, I always laugh. Daisy and Jack are such a kick! Plus, an audiobook makes cabinet polishing go faster.This is one of Howard's best (even though the make-over fashion scenes went on too long). Jack Russo, a former SWAT cop from NYC, is the new chief of [...]

    • Ingela says:

      Written January 4, 20154 Stars - Well written, well thought out, well told and superbly well narrated - a great one!It was once again time for a Linda Howard story. This one was once recommended by Kathleen (4.5 stars). - Hopefully a great (with a lot of high ratings) m/f CR to be experienced in a 9 hrs audiobook edition.Glad and smiling as usual - Ms H gives me what I like Yet another excellent quality romance with a good thrilling suspense plot and two very lovely, or actually amusing funny, m [...]

    • MelissaB says:

      This was a very fun book to read! I enjoy the interaction between Daisy and Jack. I was rooting for Daisy to get the life she wanted and for Jack to win her over. Daisy was very funny, I loved the condomn scene and her rational for buying them (so people would know she was on the look out for a man). I loved the small southern town atmosphere and the characterizations the author used. Great story and enjoyable romance!

    • Saly says:

      This book so lived up to its hype, the heroine was a stereotypical librarian, with her nose in books, living with her aunt and mother when she got up on her 34th birthday and realized her life was passing her by, she was mousy, her hair, her clothes everything sucked and that if she didn't do anything she would never have the family she wanted, so she slowly starts working on it and her aunt and mom help. I loved how she was about money and her prissy tone especially with the Yankee police chief [...]

    • Lučka says:

      ~~~ 4 stars~~~When in doubt read Linda Howard! That's my new motto. I loved it.This book was funnier and cuter than the previous ones I've read by this author. I loved both MCs, they had awesome chemistry and their dialogue was funny. No OW/OM drama.Daisy is a 34 year old virgin. Halo!?! (she's not a nun or has a particular reason)A bit far fetched if you ask me but, she was intelligent, independent, naive and a sweetheart. I loved her a lot. Jack, Jack, Jack! Le-sigh. Hot AF Chief Russo!I adore [...]

    • Shawna says:

      5 stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseI loved this! It's a funny, sexy, and entertaining read about quirky, prudish librarian Daisy, whose makeover and clubbing misadventures get her into trouble when she becomes an unknowing witness to a criminal operation, and HOT, protective alpha cop hero Jack Russo who comes to her rescue (in and out of the bedroom!). It's lots of fun and the romance is steamy!

    • Ann Lou says:

      On her 34th birthday Daisy had an ephipany.  She had to make some major changes in her life (makeover) to avoid being a spinster.  She's  prim and proper.  A poster child for a responsible citizen.  She wants to men to notice her.  Get married and have babies.  And so the transformation begins.Jack Russo is the chief of police.  He is fairly new Hillsboro and thought Daisy is cute even before the makeover.  When Daisy's safety is threatened, he's very protective of her.I love the evolve [...]

    • Jamie says:

      Another fav LH book come and gone again I loved this one as much this time as I have the other several times I've read it. First time was in paperback years ago. As I've been saying all week on my LH re-read tour. one does rom suspense like her. This one didn't have the creepy villain factor like most of her others do, and the suspense was kept to a minimal he H/h still had the awesome chemistry going on as they smoked out the bad guys.

    • Eastofoz says:

      This book is excellent nearly from start to finish! Howard writes with so many different tones and does so exceptionally well. The book starts out with hope, then gets creepy, frightening, horrific, light, fun, hilarious, serious and just wonderful! Some parts make you shudder at how horrible and disgusting things are and some are so funny you have tears in your eyes. For fans of Sandra Hill this is certainly a book to consider in terms of belly aching hilarity!The love story between Daisy and J [...]

    • Lady Heather says:

      I really liked this story.Jack and Daisy are amazing together.The writing, characters, and story are great. All I can say is. I'm glad Daisy won't have to buy a "Party Pack" ever again:))

    • Jo says:

      "Oh, this is bad," she said distractedly. The man was positively narcotic, and she had never suspected.On her thirty-fourth birthday Daisy Minor, small-town librarian, realised that she has one nothing meaningful with her life and she decided it was time to change that because she wanted a husband and kids and it was time to make men notice her. Only the man whose attention she keeps on getting is the one man who isn’t her type, the bossy and sexy Jack Russo, who is also the Chief of Police an [...]

    • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

      Loved it! One of my favorites by Linda Howard. Definitely a keeper to reread over and over again. Daisy Minor is 34 years old and its time for a change. The librarian is ready to break out of her shell and live. Enter the small town chief of police, Jack Russo. 'Nuff said.

    • ElaineY says:

      REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK, AUGUST 2013: DNFNarrator: Deborah HazlettThis was a DNF in audio:(The narrator was okay (my first audiobook with her narrating) but, to my utter surprise, I found the story way too 'chicklitty', something that I didn't feel despite when I read the paperback - twice (see my review below) and giving it 4 stars both times.What made it a DNF? The part covering Daisy's makeover. It's a pet dislike, together with wedding preparations and weddings. I found it a yawn and it went on [...]

    • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

      Shadow's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThis delightful book is one of Linda Howard's best-an impressive accolade considering her incredible ability to tell a story.Daisy Minor wakes up on the morning of her 34th birthday and decides its time for a makeover. She wants a husband and family and decides that her mousy librarian look has to change. So does living with her mother and aunt-she needs her own place. With those goals in mind, she goes to the town's gay man with idea he can [...]

    • Ally72 says:

      I really loved this book and it was so different from the other Linda Howard book I read several months ago. "MacKenzie's Mountain" was very good, but this was fun! Daisy was such an adorable character and Jack was the perfect boyfriend for her (even when she did not know it). Now, I cannot wait to read Linda Howard's other books! The hard part will be finding my next book to top this one. Thank-you, MelissaB for talking about this book a couple of weeks ago because I probably would not have rea [...]

    • Leona says:

      Loved it! This was fast paced, emotionally charging, yet extremely fun to read. The characters were delightful and I found myself actually laughing out loud. I so rarely get the chance to do that with a book, so when it happens, I am tickled pink!Daisy is sweet, smart, sexy and oh so fun. Chief Jack Russo, epitomizes the word "hunk"d the party pak scene was a hoot.This was entertainment!

    • bella ϟ✨ says:

      2.5 / 5 starsSadly this book just wasn't as good as I was hoping, I read another of Linda Howard's books last year and loved it. All these books tend to be a little dated now, having been written in the 90's and early 2000's, but this one read more so. This book had a lot of similarities to Mr. Perfect, the heroine being stalked by a dangerous 'person', and the police officer/sheriff falling in love with the heroine while protecting them. This book just had a little too much going on, and I neve [...]

    • Sophie ♥ says:

      Fun Stuff! When I picked up this book, I certainly wasn't expecting the story I ended up getting - but I really enjoyed this! Granted it's not as pent up with angst and danger as Shades Of Twilight and After the Night were but this story holds its own. This is probably the most light-hearted Linda Howard book I've read. The suspense was certainly there but it wasn't the kind that tore my nerves to pieces. I kind of liked how she toned down the elements of danger and mystery. The excitement of ro [...]

    • Litzy says:

      le he puesto 4⭐ porque el final con los malos no me ha gustado mucho, ha sido muy precipitado. Por la relación de los personajes me ha encantado. Me ha hecho reír y no me ha dejado parar de leer. Hacia tiempo que un libro no me enganchaba tanto.

    • Karla says:

      Very funny book!

    • Rachel Regina says:

      Overall rating: 4.5 "Miss Daisy" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Jack (hero): The hero was married once and the only mention of others was - "He hadn't had a steady relationship since his divorce; he'd had sex, but been careful not to let a routine develop with any of the women." That's it. I wouldn't say he was a manwhore, just casually dated [...]

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