New Avengers, Volume 3: Other Worlds

New Avengers Volume Other Worlds Hyperion et Captain Universe veulent duquer les enfants de la Terre Sauvage mais le Ma tre de l volution d autres projets pour ces jeunes surdou s Puis dans le pr lude d Infinity des signaux sont en

  • Title: New Avengers, Volume 3: Other Worlds
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Simone Bianchi Rags Morales Mike Deodato
  • ISBN: 9780785154846
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hyperion et Captain Universe veulent duquer les enfants de la Terre Sauvage mais le Ma tre de l volution d autres projets pour ces jeunes surdou s Puis, dans le pr lude d Infinity, des signaux sont envoy s destination d une esp ce extraterrestre tr s ancienne les B tisseurs D couvrez aussi ce qui est arriv Ex Nihilo, Abyss, Starbrand et Nightmask.

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    • Jeff says:

      The countdown to the destruction of the multiverse continues!And, yeah, it’s a buzzkill.The New Avengers are back.There are so many different Avengers, Jeff – Mighty, Great Lakes, Uncanny, Astonishing, Lego. Who are these guys?They’re supposedly the best and brightest (read: smartypants) heroes of the Marvel Universe. It would be as if your high school Latin club suddenly got super powers, but instead of clobbering stuff they sat around and brooded.Abusus non tollit usum.So Reed Richards n [...]

    • Anne says:

      I still don't understand what all is happening in this story, but for some reason, I like it.Not love it, but like it.The multiverse is getting gobbled up byme sort of powerful universe-eating monksI think.Every Illuminatiish group on every Earth is battling to fight it.And losing.It's a slaughter, then whatever Earth they belong to explodes, and that causes a chain reaction that wipes out that universe.Except for one group.(view spoiler)[ Oddly enough, they all sort of resemble warped versions [...]

    • Gavin says:

      Ok, so this is about 3.5 stars for me's kind of repetitive for the first half, because apparently the audience cannot grasp that the variables might change, but the outcome is the same, unless we see different Earth lineups of various Illuminati doing it. The art is OK, it works better in the Dr. Strange stuff than the reste Rags Morales stuff in the second half I prefer, it's got fewer loose lines and more realism to it.What I loved, is that the gang is getting info from Black Swan and pretty m [...]

    • Zack! Empire says:

      We are three volumes into this series and I feel like they are still hammering in the point they made in the very first issue: The world will be destroyed and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact this collection has not one, but TWO, issues that reiterate that very thing. Don't get me wrong, I liked seeing the different Illuminati line-ups of different earths, and wonder how they came to be a group, but did I really need to see it twice? The answer is no, I didn't. Here is how you could [...]

    • Travis Duke says:

      3.5 stars, Pretty solid writing from Hickman. I'll admit this incursion stuff can be boring and tedious especially when you know the outcome. But I have to hand it to Hickman on this volume, well done. We get to see dr. Strange barter his soul, we see the avengers built the bridge, and see Namor and T'challa share a drink. The great society was a really fun addition, plus it gives insight into the inevitability on the incursions. Hickman can be cumbersome at times but it's a nice volume. The art [...]

    • Jason says:

      I got really sick of this series and had to put it aside for a while. But coming back to it with more "fresh" eyes, I thought this storyline was pretty good. Hickman's Avengers might be better in smaller doses. In any case, I've felt that, in general, New Avengers is the better of his two Avengers titles. The stories are more self contained, while also still tied to Hickman's crazy ambitious larger narrative. I'm both intrigued by where he's going with this and tired of his crap at the same time [...]

    • Frédéric says:

      "Everything dies"That was the title of vol.1 so I believe we should have gotten it by now. But after yet another batch of multiverse blah-blah-blah-destruction-blah-blah-blah-whatchawegonnado-blah-blah-blah it's me who dies. Of boredom. The last 2 issues should lead to some closure but I thought them poorly conceived and they remained cryptic to me for the most part. I reckon I wasn't interested enough to try and make something out of it anymore. The same applies to Reed's techno-babble.Doc Stra [...]

    • Mike says:

      ​Squiggly art doesn't exactly entrance me, but I'm trying to give a "different" style artist a chance. But what the hell with all the random blobs? Is this supposed to be "stylish" and not just distracting?[image error][image error]I'm a fan of the alternate realities, struggling to resist the inevitable annihilation. It's a nice counterpoint to the 616's Illuminati who seem to triumph without a scratch (which feels more and more implausible), watching heroes and villains just as capable, end [...]

    • Nicolo Yu says:

      With this coilected volume, Hickman has started to deliver on the potential of his multiversal incursions, which would culminate in 2015's Secret Wars. Ir provided snapshots of alternate worlds and its dangers. As a reader from the very first issue, I was wondering how a Black Priest and Mapmaker differ, and how both inspired fear in the Black Swan.If one more thing could be taken from this arc, is that mutants from any corner in the universe are easily dispatched. (I'm probably wrong but that i [...]

    • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai) says:

      Ugh. I get it, I get it. Can we please move on? It's like this whole volume exists so the students that should have been moved to the remedial class ages ago can catch up with the rest of us. Five issues and I don't feel like we've moved forward even a smidgen.I do have to admit that the Doctor Strange stuff was cool but other than thath.

    • Andrew says:

      First thing's first: I hate Simone Bianchi's art style. Always have, always will. All his trademarks are evident in his three issues here: the art is distorted, muddy, inert, and borderline incoherent. Which is a shame, because this is some of Hickman's most thoughtful writing. The Illuminati build a Bridge so that they can observe and catalog all the previous universal incursions. Essentially, this involves watching alternate versions of themselves get slaughtered over and over again. Hickman d [...]

    • Joseph says:

      In this collection of the Illumnati Avengers, our intrepid secretive society finds a way to peer into the past of other worlds that have been destroyed in the current Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wait, what, this isn't COIE? Sorry, my bad. Anyway, on some of these other worlds, we see different versions of the usual Marvel characters, as well as some nice homages/parodies of DC's Justice League. Namor and T'Challa have some nice banter even though they hate each other, and Reed Richards looks as o [...]

    • Anchorpete says:

      My good friend said the other day that he was far more interested in the build up to Secret Wars than the actual event. After reading this trade, I think I am going to have to agree with him. New Avengers is a pretty grim book, which features characters that are not usually "Dark" types- Mr. Fantastic, Beast, Iron Man, Doctor Strange. The Illuminati are faced with a pretty nihilistic scenario. In this trade, they spend their time literally watching the Earth die over and over again on their newl [...]

    • Eric Mikols says:

      I'm done with this series.

    • Sonic says:

      Writing-wise this should be at least a four star rating, yet I feel I must offer my bratty/snobby protest at what I consider to be a BAD editorial decision/artist pairing. Everything was going fine, Hickman was continuing his vague sci-fi threats to all creation with half (ok, I exaggerate) the Marvel universe i.e. The Avengers as the only thing that could stop it, en suddenly they bring in this Rags Morales guy?Who is he? Is he some old-timer from the '50's that I am supposed to respect because [...]

    • Ryan says:

      The problem with Crisis-style stories like this is that you need to be invested in the other worlds before they go kablooey. In the actual Crisis, that worked, because they were Earths people cared about. Here, though? Alternate Earths are introduced as nothing more than cannon fodder. We're supposed to care because the heroes have the same names as people we care about, but I'd be much more interested in reading about, say, Betsy Braddock as Captain Britain, than having her walk on stage and th [...]

    • R. Morris says:

      Now we're getting somewhere! I cannot imagine having to read this title on a monthly issue-by-issue basis. There's just too much sci-fi epicness going on to wrap your head around in any other way than just one sitting. Looking forward to Volume 4, which is waiting on my shelf!Side note: This Jonathan Hickman Avengers series (the other being simply titled, The Avengers) is SO MUCH better than its companion series, and can be read alone very easily.

    • Aildiin says:

      The writing remains very good in this title ( as opposed to the Avengers), I am however having a lot of trouble getting used to the art. First we get Simone Bianchi and then Rag Morales and I can not get used to either of them ( and don't get me started on the coloring), which prevents me to give this title the 4 stars it deservesStory wise, after the infinity interlude, we are back with incursions except this time we are looking at what is happening on parallel earths.

    • Brent says:

      This is a lesser installment.Of the two artists in this volume, I prefer Rags Morales to Simone Bianchi, as they have very different styles But Bianchi's arc seems to matter more in this long run by writer Hickman. I can say this is al sort of intermediate, middle storytelling, without much resolution. the Morales arc even introduces ANOTHER JLA-type surrogate group in the multiverse, as if we don't have enough of those already.

    • Matt says:

      Collects New Avengers (2013) issues #13-17SPOILER-FREE REVIEW HERE: The stakes are getting even bigger as the Illuminati continues to struggle with how to stop the Incursions. In this collection the Illuminati become aware of a team of superheroes from an alternate Earth, and this team is made up of analogues for members of DC Comics' Justice League. Another good thing about this collection is that explanations are starting to come to light for mysteries that have been around since Volume 1. One [...]

    • Arturo says:

      Justice league/DC parody! While not really meant to be funny I was laughing! While I side with DC on all things, It really makes me want to give most DC books 2 stars because Hickman did a great job at imitating the DC writing style and poking fun at it, it stands out compared to and reading Hickman's writing for the last couple volumes. (Batman analogue character said something like " and we will not give up. Because giving up would be giving up to fear, and fear is something we must overcome, [...]

    • Caity says:

      I mostly liked the story of the book, although there were a few contradicting details. I'm fact, the story itself deserves a higher rating than I have it. However, it earned three stars because of the art at the beginning. Compared to others, it was pretty bad. Luckily, it got better, otherwise I would have just given up on the whole book. If you read this, do not expect the quality of the art that was in the previous two volumes.

    • Brian Poole says:

      At the Black Swan’s urging, the Illuminati built a portal that allowed them to view other universes and see incursions play out in different ways. They learned more about the Builders and Sidera Maris, as well as the Swan herself. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange went to the Sinner’s Market in an attempt to sell his soul in exchange for god-like power. Next, the Illuminati witnessed parallel Earth champions the Great Society, strong, moral heroes who found multiple ways to fend off incursions witho [...]

    • J'aime says:

      “The original design had a contained singularity powering an uncertainty engine. Attached to that was a variable imager to accurately interpret data mined from alternate realities.” Usually, technobabble is a good way to reminder readers that the speaker is a genius and add some extra punch to the story. However, when nearly all the dialog is technobabble, it becomes a chore to read because you realize nothing is happening. The Black Swan tells the Illuminati they need a “mirror,” a mach [...]

    • Stanley says:

      This book had a whole lot going on, starting with introducing us to another Earth figuring out what to do during an incursion and Dr. Strange selling his soul for God power. Then we get a Black Swan story followed by the main story, another Earth that has Justice League type superheroes who have been able to fight off other planets and keep incursions from happening so far.One of the interesting things about this book was how little the main characters were actually involved with the main plots [...]

    • Daniel Sepúlveda says:

      Esta serie de New Avengers de Marvel Now se ha dedicado a introducir sutilmente un contexto que llevará al futuro de Marvel Now. Se puede decir que esta serie se desprende de sus series hermanas de los Vengadores e intenta tomar un tono más serio.No pude evitar pensar que al final del Volúmen se puede apreciar una especie de "Liga de la Justicia" con un perosnaje oscuro coincidencialmente llamado Wayne, una mujer con los poderes de Flash, el lider del grupo es un ser todo poderoso con capa, u [...]

    • Michael Church says:

      For the most part, I did enjoy this. It's a very high concept title and it has a tendency to come across as kind of full of itself - or rather Hickman can come across that way. It was interesting to watch all of the parallels across the different worlds. Best of all, it feels like this is finally going somewhere that will have some payoff. Unfortunately, the characters are all a little flat. They've got a big group of nerds nerding out in slightly different ways. There's a lot of typical "I'm do [...]

    • Lynn Sheridan says:

      A traveler from another universe, Maria Swan, convinces the New Avengers to build a bridge that enables them to see into alternate universes. This way they can prepare for the coming incursions.I loved this volume. We see several other worlds’ heroes attempt to prevent the end of their Earth and the unimaginable odds they face each time.It reminded me of the Marvel Zombies series where the writer can do anything they want with the characters. They can kill anyone without repercussion and chang [...]

    • Peter Derk says:

      Why are there like 5 titles running under the New Avengers title? This shit is really confusing. I put a volume on hold at the library, and some other weird-ass book shows up. And I read it because I'm a comics nerd and that's what I do, but I'm not happy about it. Not happy about it at all. And can someone explain to me if Jonathan Hickman's web site is trolling me: pronea And while we're asking questions can someone tell me what the appropriate amount is to tip a bartender forA) A beer canB) A [...]

    • Jacob says:

      Public library copy. There were some nice moments between Black Panther & The Submariner, but none of it increased my liking of the book. It seemed very un-Marvel like to have pseudo Justice Society characters. Rags Morales and Mike Deodato art are always impressive, but I found Bianchi 's interior art distracting. The storytelling and layouts were fine but it was as if the artist decided every panel he drew was an art school trick whereby the pencil doesn't stop moving or gets lifted off th [...]

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