Desiring Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro Haunted by her past Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother s palazzo in Venice But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage minded men she s come to the wro

  • Title: Desiring Lady Caro
  • Author: Ella Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Haunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother s palazzo in Venice But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage minded men, she s come to the wrong place And she ll resort to extreme measures to spurn the advances of a dangerously determined Venetian marquis Though most of his friends have married off, Gervais, EHaunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for the solace of her godmother s palazzo in Venice But if Caro was hoping to escape the charms of marriage minded men, she s come to the wrong place And she ll resort to extreme measures to spurn the advances of a dangerously determined Venetian marquisThough most of his friends have married off, Gervais, Earl of Huntley, remains bent on eluding the parson s mousetrap But his convictions begin to falter when he arrives in Venice and meets his match in the alluring Lady Caro What began as a hastily concocted lie to save her from the marquis may become a chance for them both to relinquish their fear and embrace what they can no longer deny

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    • Mary - Buried Under Romance says:

      Originally posted on Buried Under Romancesit to read a recipe. :)Gervais, Earl of Huntley, plans to marry only when he is coerced into producing an heir for his future marquisate, which is to say, not in a long while. The recent marriages of his friends (fellow heroes of Ella Quinn's previous books) had him wanting to escape England for a while. So, why not tour the Continent and visit his Aunt Horatia in Italy as well?Upon arriving at Horatia's residence, he sets eyes on Horatia’s goddaughter [...]

    • Shauni says:

      Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyIt's a Marriage Game and no one is ever quite ready for it. Ella Quinn proves that if you are willing to open your heart, when the right person comes along, life can be wonderful.Desiring Lady Caro is book four in Ms Quinn's Marriage Game Series and it's as far from The Temptation of Lady Serena (Book 3, see my review HERE) as you can imagine. There is no idiotface this time there is a sweet wonderful man who is strength personifi [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      Lord Huntley left England for a much needed trip across the continent. He slowly makes his way across Europe with his final destination his aunt’s house in Venice. Not anticipating a young lady in the home, though he is pleasantly surprised to meet Lady Caroline. When he discovers that she is a connection of his Aunt’s his interest in her does not change. Lady Caroline Martindale has been living in Venice these past five years in order to escape a traumatic episode in her native England. Lad [...]

    • Hannah says:

      Desiring Lady Caro the newest book in the Marriage Games series by Ella Quinn and it can be read as a stand alone or as part of the series. I loved this book I loved Gervais, The Earl of Huntley. Lady Caroline is a sweet and loveable woman who don't seem to see her own beauty. This book takes you on a journey through Europe from Inn to Inn escaping the clutches of an evil Italian marchese, who will stop at nothing to have Caro as his. I enjoyed reading this book it's always fun to read about a h [...]

    • eyes.2c says:

      d the games continue!This time it's Lady Caroline Martindale and the rake Huntley who fall into true love.Gervaise, Earl of Huntley, heir to the Marquis of Huntingdon, is a man of infinite patience and strength once having decided that it is Caroline whom he wants as his Countess.This Marriage Game begins with a marriage of convenience that slowly grows to something more, defying Caro's tragic past. The ravishment and rape of young women by scoundrels is a danger that one doesn't think about. I [...]

    • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks says:

      4 1/2 Stars. Gervais, Earl of Huntley clearly wants to stay as far away as he can from the marriage trap that has begun to plague all of his friends, insofar as so plan a trip of the continent as evasion. While on his quest he stops to visit with his dear Aunt Horatia in Venice and comes face to face with the intriguing Lady Caroline Martindale, who has been in Venice for five years now after an terrible incident in England prompts her to flee for her well-being.Caro has been in Venice for five [...]

    • My Book Addiction and More MBA says:

      DESIRING LADY CARO by Ella Quinn is a deliciously wicked Regency Historical Romance set in 1816 London, Venice and other parts of France. #4 in "The Marriage Mart" series, but can be read as a stand alone. See, THE SEDUCTION OF LADY PHOEBE, THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA MARCH, and THE TEMPTATION OF LADY SERENA.Fast paced from beginning to end. A spicy Regency romance. Meet, Lady Caroline Martindale (Caro), haunted by her past and Gervais, Earl of Huntley. With danger on very turn, secrets, passion,adv [...]

    • Writer says:

      .I can't imagine why I have given up reading historical romance, I grew up reading it and have loved them all. It's clean, no explicit raw sex scenes yet more alluring to the readers. I used to daydream as a little girl, being held prisoner in one of the turrets in a castle, waiting for my handsome prince come rescue me and ride into the sunset. ;)Forced to leave England because of a devastating dark past enforced on her, Lady Caro fled to Venice ten years ago and stayed with her Godmother, Lady [...]

    • Amy Alvis says:

      Originally reviewed for: Historical Romance Lover blogThis is book 4 in the Marriage Game series.Gervais, the Earl of Huntley, is not ready to fall into the parson's mousetrap that all of his friends seem to be falling into. He flees England for a tour of Europe. He ends his tour in Venice to have a stay with his Aunt, Lady Horatia.Lady Caroline Martindale has fled England and has spent the last several years living with her godmother. When Huntley arrives at Lady Horatia's home, Caroline is not [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Gervais, Earl of Huntley, heir to the Marquis of Huntington, He is 33 and fleeing the marriage minded ladies of the ton. He is charming and is not used to having to pursue women, but finds himself drawn to Lady Caro. Gervais has always been a champion for the underdog.Lady Caroline Martindale, oldest daughter of the Marquis of Bradhurst, has had a trauma that forced her to flee to the continent to stay with her godmother, Gervais’s aunt, Lady Horatia. She wants nothing to do with men and is co [...]

    • Nicole Laverdure says:

      Perfect historical romance as I love them! I love historical romances and Ella Quinn didn’t disappoint me with her fourth book DESIRING LADY CARO of the Marriage Game series. Ms. Quinn is one of my favorite authors for stories set in the Regency era. She skillfully blended her charming characters Caroline and Gervais into a beautiful romance and an intriguing plot. I loved that the story took place in France to places that I have visited, like Nancy, Dijon. Gervais, Earl of Huntley, leaves Eng [...]

    • Debbie McCreary says:

      Gervais, Earl of Huntley, has left England to travel Europe and ends up in Venice to visit his Aunt Horatia, who is Godmamma to Lady Caro Martindale. From the moment Gervais saw Caro at the top of the stairs, he wanted her. Lady Caro left England 5 years ago under circumstances and has hidden hurts and secrets. During his visit with his aunt, he soon discovers the Marchese di Venier is determined to have Caro for his own, at all cost. Because of di Venier’s persistence of Lady Caro, Gervais, L [...]

    • Melanie says:

      Here comes the fourth Ella Quinn novel in her Marriage Game series and out of all four, and thanks to Ms. Quinn’s wonderful characterization of both hero and heroine, this was my favorite.Poor Huntley! He watches as his friends one by one succumb to the ‘parsons noose’ and the only way he could escape this inevitable fate is to run as fast and as far as he possible can, in this case Venice and a visit to his Aunt, Lady Horatia.Fate, however, has something and someone in store for him, and [...]

    • Belinda says:

      Haunted by her past, Lady Caroline Martindale fled England for Venice to her Godmothers home. She is tired of all the men who want to marry her especially a Venetian Marquis. She just wants to be left alone and live her own life. When Gervais, Earl of Huntley arrives in Venice to spend time with his relative, he meets the lovely Caroline and is enthralled. She gives him the cold shoulder and clipped answers when ever he tries to put on the charm. Caro thinks the Earl is just trying to mess with [...]

    • Heather andrews says:

      Huntley that boy is totally smitten, "he leaned his head back again and regarded her for a few moments. Her turquoise eyes sparkled with joy, and it occurred to him that there was very little he'd withhold from her, and she didn't even need to beg. "Very well, but you must remember, this was your decision not mine." He really is caring, "finally, she was his. He kissed her lips and cheeks.Wet? Why was she crying? "Caro, what's wrong?" Huntley doesn't like to be disturbed when he's with his lady, [...]

    • Shannon The Romance Addict! says:

      H:Earl of Huntley, Gervaish: Lady Caroline MartindaleI have read this author before and i am never disappointed reading her books. This one again lived up to my expedition of this author and was a pretty good book.So lets get to it. You got Lady Caroline who basically is forced to leave England for Venice for something that happened . She trying to stay out of the lime light and keep out of trouble and gossip. but when you a pretty single woman it not easy task. Especially Antonio is trying to h [...]

    • Margaret Sholders says:

      I love to read Ella's books. You start reading and then whoosh you fall into her whirlpool and you are dragged into her story! She comes up with the best story lines and you just can't stop reading. I felt for Caro and her reasons for moving to live with her godmother Horatia in Venice. Then she gets Horatia' s nephew to distract and protect her from a lunatic suitor who wants to make her marry him. Huntley, or Gervais as he prefers Caro to call him, is falling for Caro but doesn't want to. Soon [...]

    • Sylvia says:

      This is the fourth book of the Marriage Game Series. I really like this series. Gervais, Earl of Huntley really stole my heart. All of Gervais's friends were getting married and he went on the Grand Tour to escape from the marriage noose. He encounters Lady Caro at his Aunt's residence and his protective instincts kicks in. I love how gentle and calm Gervais is with Lady Caro. He really brought life back into Lady Caro. It was good to get two love stories in the book. It was a truly enjoyable bo [...]

    • Elaine says:

      I so loved it! Wonderful story. I felt like I was with Gervais & Caro travelling across Europe.It was a real treat to read.Book 5 coming up next.

    • Zena says:

      This is Caro and Huntley's love story. It is written with many twists and turns and kept me turning the pages eager to find out what would happen next. Of course there is a villain after Caro as well as a host of extremely loyal servants. We also meet up with Huntley's Aunt Horatia who is also Caro's Godmamma.There is also a little love story involving Aunt Horatia which adds to the interest factor.All in all, a beautifully written book and one that is well worth reading.

    • Holley says:

      It was a nice story with well developed characters. I could have done without the Venetian marchese continuing to chase after the first time he was thwarted. And I think Horatia and John deserved their own story, but overall it was a good read

    • Myrt says:

      A Sweet RomanceIf I was Lady Caro I would not be so thrilled at being desired since no one seems to concerned with whether she wants their desires. After an ugly incident in London, the exquisitely beautiful Caro has hidden herself away in Venice, Italy for several years, living quietly with her godmother/close friend, Lady Horatia. The recently arrived rake, the Earl of Huntley, ends up protecting Caro, repeatedly, from the unwanted but determined attentions of Antonio, the lecherous and violen [...]

    • Patty McKenna Van Hulle says:

      We live in 2014, and we know road trip are no fun. This story has a carriage road trip from Hades, just to out fox an evil psychotic villain. A carriage ride from Venice to Paris. That is at least 4 or 5 different countries IN A CARRIAGE! I would not be a happy camper, would you?Gervis, the Earl of Huntley, flees to the continent to outrun the marriage curse that is making all his friends get married. He will do some traveling, gambling, meet sensual women and then visit his Aunt Horatia in Veni [...]

    • Tania Godwin-evans says:

      Book Four in the series yet this book is stand alone. This reader did not feel as though she had missed anything by not reading the preceding novels.The heroine suffers a tragic event prior to this novel and escapes societal norms by going to stay with her godmother. Initially the heroine seems a fairy weak character but once her backstory is explained and through her relationship with the hero she becomes emboldened. As with most historic novels, the heroine hates the conventions of the day but [...]

    • BookMaven says:

      Skip the First Half of the BookLady Caroline Martindale, daughter of the Marquis of Broadhurst, was certain she would never marry. Those dreams died along time ago. Gervais, Earl of Huntley, heir to the Marquis of Huntingdon, vowed not to marry for a long time to come. He would shudder every time the thought crossed his mind. But a Venetian Duke's son was threatening Caro, and he believed it was his duty to protect her and get her to safety. Thus, they started on a journey across three countries [...]

    • Carla Hostetter says:

      Though well-written, the plot and heroine just don't measure up. Lady Caro, raped in England, has fled to Venice to live with her godmother in fear of all men and harboring the belief she will never marry or have children. The hero, Gervais, stunned by her beauty, becomes her protector from the evil Venetian Marquis who wants to possess her. When it seems as if the Marquis might abduct her, Gervais flees with her in a carriage across Italy, over the Alps, into Germany and then back to France. Th [...]

    • Maggie Hesseling says:

      A good romance novel is one that balances the dark side of the story with the light and fuffy so effortlessley that you're not aware you're reading it, but rather that you're swept away by it. Desiring Lady Caro almost does this. It manages to to mingle these aspects well, but at a certain point I was a little bored. First of all, the story regarding Caro's godmother and her beau could have been a complete novel (or novella) on it's own. It didn't need to be cramped into this novel. Second, the [...]

    • Nelle says:

      I really didn't care for Huntley in the last Marriage Game book, but he really comes out nicely here. I thought Caro was a little cold at first until the hints of the attack came out and we start to realize she has a major reason why she's terrified of men. Huntley is admirable in his caring and protection of Caro in the fleeing of the villain. I love how we see insight to Marcheses character when we see how much he cares for his son. John is the perfect man for Horatia! Absolutely LOVED the sc [...]

    • Jaci says:

      This is the first book I have read by Ella Quinn. This is a good Regency Romance. It started a little slow and the dialogue was confusing in the first couple of chapters. The story took a little while to come together, but once it did, I enjoyed it. I loved the hero, he was strong, sensitive and very caring. The heroine was a little too weepy for me, but after what she experienced and taking into account the Regency period that she lived in, this is understandable. I will not give away the plot, [...]

    • Arianna says:

      I received this ebook from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was the first book in the series that I read. It's very nice and can be considered also as a stand alone novel. Lady Caro is a bit too much whiny for my tastes but Hutley is sooo good. We also had two more marriages in this book. Horatia, the widowed aunt, was an exceptional character. Being Italian, I also need to point out the outstanding use of my language in between English. It was flawless and harmonic.Vote: 3.5 star [...]

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