Death Is Overrated

Death Is Overrated Professor Thomas Payne didn t intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation to Wales and in truth he wasn t the victim But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passpo

  • Title: Death Is Overrated
  • Author: Jeffrey Perren
  • ISBN: 9781491275443
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • Professor Thomas Payne didn t intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation to Wales, and in truth he wasn t the victim But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passport off the body and conclude the deceased is Dr Payne, no doubt.Things go from bogus to baffling when a mysterious phone call at the crime scene leads to the arrest of the Professor Thomas Payne didn t intend to wind up dead on his caving vacation to Wales, and in truth he wasn t the victim But proving his identity to the police becomes tricky after they pull his passport off the body and conclude the deceased is Dr Payne, no doubt.Things go from bogus to baffling when a mysterious phone call at the crime scene leads to the arrest of the young scientist His fate seems sealed when the victim s fingerprints match the professor s work visa and his employment records disappear altogether.A tart tongued American with no identity looks like a pretty good patsy to the detectives eager to close the case Being accused of killing himself presents the brooding inventor with an interesting puzzle, but taking time to solve it from jail will threaten his deadline to file a patent worth millions.Intervention by the smitten police captain s sculptress daughter frees Thomas to search for clues to prove his innocence before his invention goes up for grabs So, it s off around the UK with Terri, one jump ahead of the authorities and his estranged sociopathic father, a lapsed Quaker who may be the real killer One slip and claustrophobia will be the least of his problems.Thomas journey soon becomes as much about healing his troubled past as recovering his present self Along the way, he ll battle betrayals by his envious staff, romance the rebellious artist, and suffer harrowing misadventures at historic sites in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.Travel even to find yourself was never so perilous.

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    • Olga Miret says:

      ‘Death Is Overrated’ by Jeffrey PerrenPhysicists, Caves, Murders and Mynah BirdsMost of us have watched a large number of crime/mystery/thriller stories. Fewer of us (but quite a number) have also read many books on this genre, from Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie to the new craze for Scandinavian authors. We all like to think we can spot who the killer is and work out motives and reasons. I don’t know if like me, when you read (or watch) one of these stories, you come out wondering if [...]

    • Viviane Crystal says:

      Professor Thomas Payne looks down at a body that other people are claiming is him – a very dead man with brutal marks that indicate foul play! The more Payne insists the body is not him, the more he seems to be getting himself into deeper trouble. He is taken to the local jail and the inquiring police officer believes he is the murderer, albeit the fact that missing evidence is all that questions Payne’s guilt.A meeting with the Police Captain’s daughter, Terri, seems like oil and water th [...]

    • Teresa says:

      If you like mysteries you should give DEATH IS OVERRATED a try. It is set in the UK and includes everything a good mystery should have. When you think you understand who the killer is or why the person was killed, something happens and you're lost again. The reader is kept guessing until the end, just like an Agatha Christie mystery. The author has managed to create well developed, likable characters and scenes which are not boring, but realistic. It allows the reader to imagine the characters c [...]

    • Sheri says:

      Death Is Overrated (Jeffrey Perren)Professor Thomas Payne (American) is off on vacation to Wales and finds himself in a strange predicament. The police believe he is dead, they even find his passport, work visa and identification. With the help of the police captain's daughter Terri, she helps spring him from jail, risking her life to try to help him solve this crime. As they dig deeper he begins to wonder if his Quaker father may be behind this switch and deceive murder.A page turning murder my [...]

    • LiteraryChanteuse says:

      Thomas Payne is the kind of sleuth that is born out of necessity and lucky for his keen intellect he has the makings of a successful one. Cleverness and a sharp wit get him into and out of several situations on a regular basis throughout the story keeping the pace brisk. Showing sides of a tormented past bring him down to earth and make him that much more appealing. Terri, the attractive but feisty daughter of the chief detective gets caught up in the web of this twisty mystery while trying to c [...]

    • Babus Ahmed says:

      A marvellous and witty mystery written with humour and very engaging. When a body is found by a bunch of cave explorers the local constabulary have a puzzle on their hands as their prime suspect claims to be an American citizen by the name of Dr Thomas Payne but the passport found on the body bears the same identification. So who is the actual murder victim and why was he killed? Fate and his father have strange things planned for Thomas but can he defy both and save the love of his life? This r [...]

    • Jenna says:

      A mistaken identity!The protagonist Thomas Payne the Physicist was misunderstood by the police for being dead. Apparently, his passport was found on the dead body who happened to fell down from the cliff. Planted by someone who's objective was to cause havoc in Thomas Payne's life.In order for Payne to get out of the police radar, he has to solve the puzzling mystery. And why his passport was concealed in the victims person.A fast-paced action-adventure/mystery. A good plot, it will refreshes yo [...]

    • Shirley says:

      Refreshing mystery! This novel was more about the "accused murder", his past, his life and his future, than it was about solving the mystery of "who done it". I would especially recommend it to readers who don't think they like "murder mysteries" because the plot doesn't follow a typical mystery template!

    • Janice says:

      Jeffrey Perren has weaved a breathtaking, suspense filled tale equal to that of literary classics, whose authors could write engaging tales and didn't have to rely on tiresome expletives and nauseating grunge. Perren's novel should be the new benchmark. If you are a discriminating person of dignity and integrity and enjoy a well-crafted tale, don't let this one escape you.

    • Y. Correa says:

      Hmmm. The best way to describe Death is Overrated, what could that be? (insert thinking face here)I'm going to have to say that it's reminiscent of vintage murder mysteries. It's the game of Clue, meets Sherlock Holmes, meets Agatha Christie. However, not nearly as good—sorry to say.Following is a bit of the premise:Professor Thomas Payne, an archeologist-slash-scientist goes caving in Wales, when all of the sudden he finds himself dead. Now, when I say that “he finds himself dead” I reall [...]

    • Queen Spades says:

      Note: I was given this in exchange for an honest review for TRB.The first chapter really had me interested and was a great motivator for me to proceed. However, there were moments where it was sluggish and caused my enthusiasm towards the mystery to waver. One was the focus on more romance than mystery. This is a deterrent if you are like me, where the mystery aspect of the story was more important to me than the romance. There were certain occurrences in the story that served more to keep up th [...]

    • Cathy says:

      There is a dramatic opening scene where the main character, Professor Thomas Paine, is falsely identified as a corpse and has great difficulty proving his identity to the police. The situation is made more complex as Thomas is a visiting American Professor and the police force are in Wales.An emerging romance between the Chief Inspector's daughter, Terri, and Thomas is thwarted at every turn by a conspiracy of competing interests including other academics and Thomas' own father.Moving rapidly be [...]

    • N. Kuhn says:

      I feel like a good mystery should keep you guessing til the very last page. This one, it seemed we got answers early, but have no clue why. Did I miss motives? There's a lot of time spent on Thomas and Terri. Though it was sweet to have that element of romance, I wanted to good mystery. This is a good mystery, but it didn't excite me. I wasn't on the edge of my seat waiting for the hook. The book starts out with a bang, then fizzles a little, then picks back up, then fizzles. It's not just a ste [...]

    • Lili says:

      An action packed thriller with a plot to keep you guessing. The author established the scenario in Wales and tries hard to portray this in his characters and the language used, not always successfully. However what he does do is give the reader thrills, spills, intrigue and romance, overall an enjoyable read.

    • Julie Powell says:

      I was sent this book for review and found it a good read. I thought the writing had great style, and together with the intriguing beginning, it drew me in.There was mystery, romance and action, and although a little slow in parts, overall it was worth reading.

    • Jeffrey Perren says:

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