A Matter of Heart

A Matter of Heart High school swimmer Abby Lipman is on track to qualify for the Olympic trials when she s diagnosed with a deadly heart condition Will she give up her dream or risk everything including her life

  • Title: A Matter of Heart
  • Author: Amy Fellner Dominy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High school swimmer Abby Lipman is on track to qualify for the Olympic trials when she s diagnosed with a deadly heart condition Will she give up her dream or risk everything including her life

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    • Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! says:

      "This isn't how its supposed to be. How can the heart of a fighter be damaged?"This is such a meaningful novel. I enjoyed every moment I'm in Abby's head. I was with her when she was dreaming huge for her future, and I was also there when those dreams broke into pieces. But most importantly, I saw her pick it up again one by one and dream again. Maybe different this time, but still dreaming nonetheless. And that's whats important. We first got introduced to a competitive Abby. She was living wit [...]

    • Daniella (Reading With Daniella) says:

      I'm so torn about this one. It was a very heartfelt and emotional read that pulled at my heartstrings, but I didn't love it. From the first few chapters I was immediately immersed in the story and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this didn't last the entire story. Towards the end of the book, I found that things were happening too quickly and weren't being resolved very well.The storyline of A Matter of Heart was interesting and very unique. I've never read anything similar to it before, an [...]

    • Krystianna says:

      A Matter of Heart is a whirlwind of a story. Abby Lipman has spent her entire life focusing on swimming. Every day she wakes up really early to get to the pool and then she swims again later at night. She's the fastest swimmer on her school's swim team, and this year, she knows that she could qualify for the Olympic trials. Her times keep getting better and better, until she gets diagnosed with a heart condition. Now she can't swim competitively or work herself as much as she used to, because sh [...]

    • Kaitlyn Abshire says:

      Thanks to the author and The Fantastic Flying Book Club for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.Abby Lipman has swam practically her whole life. When a fainting episode lands her in a doctor’s office, her Olympic dreams are on the line. She is diagnosed with a heart condition that she will live with for the rest of her life. Determined to not let her disorder get in the way of her dreams, Abby decides she will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams of winning Olympic [...]

    • nick says:

      A Matter of Heart tells an interesting story of a young swimmer with Olympic aspirations who discovers that she has fatal heart conditions. This is the kind of book that could have the ability to punch readers in the heart with all kinds of emotions, but instead what I got out of it is a whole lot of frustration mainly because of the main character. Finding out that you have a deadly condition that destroys your career is never an easy thing. I mean I can't even imagine how devastating it can be [...]

    • Christina Mandelski says:

      My high school age daughter runs on her school's cross country team. She's a great athlete who puts 110% into each practice and meet. But there's another girl on the team who, when she starts running, is something to behold. Not that she doesn't train hard and work hard, but she's just got that extra something; her body knows how to move itself with perfect efficiency. Her times are incredible and she always, always wins. We've all known or heard of people like this.And this, in a nutshell, is A [...]

    • Kristen says:

      I went into this one with high hopes, and it had a lot of promise: swimmer discovers she has a heart condition, drama ensues. Unfortunately, it was justokay. The story unfolded really slowly--there was little emotion or conflict until the last few chapters other than the narrator fighting with herself and making silly decisions. There's also a lot of Abby describing what her two boy love interests look like. Ugh. Okaywe get it. They're swimmers and they have nice chests. on.Everything wraps up a [...]

    • Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) says:

      I wanted to read this one because I am drawn to the heavy contemporaries, especially those dealing with teen illness. It has kinda been my thing since loving Lurlene McDaniel in middle school--well I still do really. Plus the aspect of her swimming competitively and the Olympic goals. I liked that I got a full sense of Abby's life before she got her diagnosis. I got to see how much she loved swimming and how it has been in her blood since she was young. I got to see how much time and effort she [...]

    • ExLibris_Kate says:

      Trying to figure out who you are is a common theme in many YA novels, but to say that those questions stop when you become an adult would be incorrect. I think that’s why many of the themes touched upon in A Matter of Hear will resonate with both teens and adults. Abby’s swimming career is everything to her, and, in her mind, it’s everything to her father, as well. I think that her relationship with her parents is very interesting because we see one parent who seems to be living a dream th [...]

    • Jeff Raymond says:

      Closer to a 1.5. I've not despised a book quite the way I despised this one in a while.Abby is possibly an Olympic-caliber swimmer, the top swimmer at her school and held to a high standard by her father. She starts having fainting spells and shortness of breath in the pool, and quickly learns she has a rare genetic heart condition that is putting her entire swimming life in jeopardy.The big question in the book is whether she'll try to keep swimming or not. Take a wild guess as to where things [...]

    • Trisha says:

      "How can the heart of a fighter be damaged?"A wonderful story that not only brings awareness to a condition many don't know about, it also brings up love and heart and what it means to compete and love it.Abby was hard to love at first. She's so determined and headstrong and stubborn - but so true of a 16 year old. I loved her friend Jen and her swimming team. I even loved her little ones that she taught. Abby has heart.Alec was a wonderful distraction to the story, that kept things light at tim [...]

    • Jillian Lopez says:

      AMAZING. This book was seriously BEAUTIFUL. From the writing to the story and the overall idea and plot, A Matter of Heart will surely grip you from the inside and twist you all around. This is the story of a young athlete who dreams to compete in State by swimming but when a dangerous heart condition takes over, she is hindered by its obstacles and the dangers it could lead to.LOVED THIS BOOK. This should really take the book spotlight next! It deserves a round of applause!! <3

    • Daphne Atkeson says:

      Strong, emotionally moving story from an author I love. Amy Dominy is a remarkable author with a vivid voice, creating characters that jump off the page, full of humor and heart. Her books are always must-buys. Highly recommend.

    • Abigail Fed says:

      I selected this book because it was about a swimmer. My favorite thing to do is swim and I thought this book would be a great fit. It definately was the right choice. While reading this book, I got the feeling that I was in the book and the characters were my friends. The author did a great job of making the book feel real even though it was fiction. I would definitely recommend this book.This book is about a swimmer named Abby Lipman who is about to go to the Olyimpic trials when she discovers [...]

    • Nicole Hewitt says:

      3.5/5 StarsThis review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionA Matter of Heart is about one girl’s struggle to accept the loss of a dream – the loss of everything that she believes makes her who she is. The thing that makes her special. It’s a story that we can all relate to, in some respects, even if we’re not particularly sporty people (as I said above, I’m certainly not!). All of us have things that we use to define ourselves – our talents, our jobs, ou [...]

    • Liralen says:

      Abby's in high school but has Olympic-sized dreams—or, more specifically, she dreams of making it to the Olympics. With swimming times just shy of qualifying for the Olympic trials, those dreams are within the realm of possibilityuntil a diagnosis of a heart condition smashes her hopes.Now, Abby's in an especially interesting position because her father had hopes of the Olympics, too, until an injury ended his career—all of which begs the question, whose dreams are they anyway? Abby's, or he [...]

    • Tressa (Wishful Endings) says:

      A Matter of Heart was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Abby is on track to become a Olympic swimmer. She's a hard worker, loves the sport, is competitive, pushes herself, and has the heart to give it her all. But then everything changes and she doesn't know how to be without swimming. It takes time before she finds herself again.I loved the support group that Abby has. Her parents, even though her father felt like he was really pushing her to still swim - a lot of that was her own misconceptio [...]

    • Tara says:

      Sappy cute story - loved the ending!

    • Kelly Hager says:

      I am a huge, huge fan o f Amy Fellner Dominy's and I have been since I read OyMG a few years ago. This is her third book and I think it's easily her best yet.I think everyone has something that they consider "their thing," something that they're incredibly passionate about and something that makes their life worth living. For Abby, it's swimming. And it's not just a hobby for her; she's really good. In fact, there's a decent chance that she'll be able to make the Olympics.And then she learns tha [...]

    • Shannelle says:

      Find more reviews and lettering on my blog The Art of Escapism.I think there aren't enough YA books with sports in them, so I was really interested when I heard about A Matter of Heart. It was a good book in so many ways, but I really can't say if the biggest failure was the book's or mine.A Matter of Heart is so well-written. As the chapters went by, I started to really appreciate the meaning behind the title. It doesn't only concern Abby's literal heart, but the figurative one as well.Abby's d [...]

    • Ms. Yingling says:

      Things are going well for Abby. She is an excellent swimmer, and might possibly make the Olympic team, a life long goal for her, as well as her father. She has a really hot boyfriend, Connor. When she gets dizzy after a swim practice, her coach demands she see a doctor, even though Abby thinks it's nothing. The doctor, a friend of her mother's, tells her bad news-- she has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, or HCM. The good news is that it's not fatal if treated, and it's treatable. The bad news is th [...]

    • Karen says:

      Sixteen-year-old swimmer, Abby Lipman is living the dream life--she's on the brink of qualifying for the Olympics, she's dating the fastest boy swimmer on the team, and aside from her dad's misplaced uber-focus on her swimming, life is good. Bit by bit, the center of her identity comes undone. What will happen to Abby if she can no longer compete? Will her boyfriend stick around to pick up the pieces? Hint: It's all about the heart.Disclaimer: I lucked out at TLA2015 to hear the author speak abo [...]

    • Jillian Heise says:

      I really enjoy reading Amy Fellner Dominy's books, and this one was no different. In A Matter of Heart Dominy heads from middle school into high school with her characters, and does so successfully. As a former swimmer, I connected even more with some of the elements of this book, and I think any competitive athlete will relate to many aspects. But ultimately, it's a story of one girl and a dream, and what happens when she discovers a condition that means her body prevents her from being able to [...]

    • Amy's Book Reviews says:

      Abby is one swim meet away from making the Olympic Trials. Swimming is everything, that and her perfect boyfriend. When a newly diagnosed heart condition ends her competitive career, Abby will risk everything to make her dreams come true.A MATTER OF HEART is a compulsively readable tale of a girl and her dreams, her values and resilience. Abby is a great character, because of her imperfections, she's at times selfish, dishonest, shallow and unkind, yet I never stopped rooting for her to be okay [...]

    • Samantha says:

      It went a little slowly, and wasn't as emotionally charged as it could have been, but I still really appreciate this book. It covered a subject that isn't very typical (heart conditions in young athletes), and that really made it worthwhile. I also did enjoy the characters, even if they didn't reach their peak potential. Still I give it four stars for it's research and efforts, and I hope to read more from Amy Fellner Dominy!

    • Claire says:

      I really loved this book! I read it twice I loved it so much. Yes, I suppose it is like many other realistic fiction books, but I think this one accurately captured how Abby (the main character) was feeling. Abby was announced with HCM, a condition that effects her heart, and as a competitive swimmer looking to get to the Olympics, the news is hard for her to hear. Overall, I loved this book, and would definitely read it again.

    • Bella says:

      I enjoyed the idea of the book, however I found it too hard to like the main character to properly enjoy it. She was facing life-altering news, yet wouldn't accept it and made so many poor choices. I was honestly shaking my head a few times as I read. I was also slightly disappointed in the ending, as it left a few unanswered questions about a couple other characters. Overall though, it's an easy read with an interesting premise.

    • Jennifer says:

      This is the first book I've read by Amy Fellner Dominy. But it won't be my last. I truly enjoyed reading this story and admire Amy's writing style.I found this book easy to read and I flew through it. I definitely want my teenage daughters to read this book. I feel they will enjoy it and find good messages in the story. Overall - highly recommend, for both teens and adults who like reading YA books.

    • Terry Johnson says:

      Loved this story! What a heart wrenching problem for an athlete to face. I loved how realistic the characters reactions were. I loved all the swimming details - the fact this was a great sports book about a girl athlete. Great banter between the characters, and the girl friendship was wonderful. And I especially loved all the kissing scenes. Those scenes sizzled! Five hearts!

    • Amy says:

      The adult reader in me rated this a "Meh" for character development but my student readers will fall for a girl who can no longer chase after her dreams due to a heart condition.Rated 7th grade + -- one alcohol scene and references to having sex, with at least one grounded character who abstains from both.

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