Murder is a Family Business

Murder is a Family Business Just because a man cheats on his wife and makes Danny DeVito look tall dark and handsome is that any reason to kill him The reluctant and quirky PI Lee Alvarez doesn t think so But the year old

  • Title: Murder is a Family Business
  • Author: Heather Haven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just because a man cheats on his wife and makes Danny DeVito look tall, dark and handsome, is that any reason to kill him The reluctant and quirky PI, Lee Alvarez doesn t think so But the 34 year old Latina, WASP and 100% detective has her work cut out for her when the man is murdered on her watch Of all the nerve Set in the present, Murder is a Family Business is theJust because a man cheats on his wife and makes Danny DeVito look tall, dark and handsome, is that any reason to kill him The reluctant and quirky PI, Lee Alvarez doesn t think so But the 34 year old Latina, WASP and 100% detective has her work cut out for her when the man is murdered on her watch Of all the nerve Set in the present, Murder is a Family Business is the first in a series of humorous mysteries revolving around Lee Alvarez, and rest of the Alvarez Family, detectives all Seemingly light and frothy on the surface, the novel nevertheless explores familial love, the good, the bad and the annoying.Completing the family is Lee s Never Had A Bad Hair Day aristocratic mother, Lila computer genius brother, Richard beloved uncle Tio and her energetic orange and white cat, Tugger When this group is not solving murders, they run Discretionary Inquiries, a successful Silicon Valley agency that normally deals with the theft of computer software The love, humor and camaraderie shared within this family are what set this series apart from others.

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    • Brenda says:

      Liana Alvarez, private investigator for the family owned and run company Discretionary Inquiries, was wet, cold and miserable. She was in the storm without shelter while she was staking out the warehouse – her mother and head of DI, Lila, had specifically requested Lee do this stake out even though the company normally handled software issues. The person she was to keep an eye out for was the husband of Lila’s long-time friend and she wanted it kept quiet. But when Lee discovered the body of [...]

    • P. Zoro says:

      The Alvarez family is involved in Discretionary Investigations, but definitely not of the nature Mrs. Wyler has hired them for. She suspects her husband is having an affair and sets them on his trail. They are only doing this because she is a family friend. But what begins as an investigation of a gallivanting husband turns into a life threatening adventure for Liana where murder, human trafficking, greed and obsessions are revealed as we try to find out who committed the ultimate crime of killi [...]

    • Lin Holmes says:

      Whenever a kitty graces the cover of a book, I am drawn like metal shavings to a magnet. Would, I found myself wondering, the story peak with the cover?No, actually it is a high octane ride for Lee Alvarez. Sent by her upper-crusty Mom and CEO of their family's Detective agency tolpspy on a cheating hubby the middle of virtually nowhereSorry I know there are those among us who don't think an abandoned warehouse is nowhere, but not mee is so not happy.Her happy'o'meter sinks even lower when insti [...]

    • Tara Chevrestt says:

      There's a lot to like about this story. You got a 34 year old strong Latina woman, Lee Alvarez with a closet full of designer clothes, a classic car, and a kitten named Tugger (cause he tugs on your heartstrings.) Plus, this chick is a P.I. and part owner of an elite investigative company that specializes in computer and technology and theft and stuff. That stuff rarely includes stake outs on cheating husbands, but because of a special request from a friend of the family, Lee finds herself on on [...]

    • The Project says:

      I don’t know that I would really call Murder is a Family Business a romance. It’s really more of a detective story, but that certainly didn’t stop it from being fabulous. I’m actually pretty excited to read the next couple of books in the series (book two is due in May and book three is in the process of being written). This was a nice change from all of the romance I’ve been reading lately. I fell in love with this book within the first few pages. Family plays a huge part in the plot, [...]

    • Scot says:

      A light quick read targeting female readers who want to indulge fantasies of being rich enough to keep $10,000 in your trunk just in case you need it as well as rescuing stray kittens and also like to read a lot of details about shopping or fashion selections. I read it for the Bay area setting. Characters' conversations aren't always realistic and characters tend to be shallow stereotypes--doting uncle, no-nonsense businesswoman mom, computer nerd brother. The heroine is supposed to be a quirky [...]

    • J. Ewbank says:

      This book by Haven is a pleasant read. The heroine is someone you would really like to know because her life is so interesting. Plot and characters come together nicely in this book. Enjoy.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    • Madeleine McLaughlin says:

      Caught in the middle of a murder, what's a girl to do? Especially if your mother expects you to dress classy, even in a rainstorm. Great characters, great writing. And the little kitten is precious. Uncle is a great guy, too. As befits a writer who made a living in entertainment for a while, this is full of laughs and drama. All I can say is, when is the movie coming out.

    • Jen Lynn says:

      This book wasn't horrible it just wasn't good either. There was too much about clothing, being rich, etc for my taste. That could have been toned down a lot and still could have made its point. The story line itself was too far fetched and didn't make much sense. I wasn't a fan of the characters. I guess the only thing that I liked was that it kept my interest long enough to finish it, and it was an easy read. I'll skip the rest of the series.

    • Cat C says:

      Enjoyable cozy mystery with an interesting twist on the genre--the heroine is a professional investigator, but usually investigates white-collar crime rather than violent.

    • Marie says:

      In Murder is a Family Business, Liana "Lee" Alvarez is a 34-year-old half-Latina and half-WASP private investigator. When the man she was following turns up dead, she sets out to find his killer while trying to convince the police that she had nothing to do with the crime. She's not alone in her tasks. There's also her mother, Lila, who's the CEO of Discretionary Inquiries Inc. and as feisty as they come and her slightly geeky and eccentric brother, Richard, who's employed by the company as the [...]

    • Heavensent1 says:

      Murder Is A Family Business is book one in the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery series.Liana Alvarez (Lee to her friends) isn't your typical female, for one, she's a P.I. who investigates computer technology theft and yea, sometimes other stuff, like the case her mother put her on to find out about a cheating husband. Feeling like the job is beneath her, she takes in on anyhow as a favour to her mother's friend, whose husband is suspected of cheating. However, before she can say boo, Mr. Porter Wyl [...]

    • Rochelle says:

      Liana (Lee) Alvarez is a tough, yet sensitive PI who works for her family's business-a high tech PI firm in the heart of Silicon Valley. When Lee stumbles onto a murder in a warehouse at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, she calls upon her family—a blueblood mother, a computer-genius brother, and a good-hearted uncle—to solve the case.A Note from Acey Deucy to Rum Tum TuggerDude: There are easier ways to get adopted than by practically drowning. Take me for instance. My mom was smart enough [...]

    • Marva says:

      This is a nice introduction to a family of private detectives. True, they're supposed to be in the business of investigating corporate theft and other ethically challenged business practices.However, Lee has been set the task of tailing on her mother's (the agency boss) friend's husband because the wife is suspicious that he's having an affair. Lee finds herself sitting on a dock in San Francisco in a driving rainstorm, getting soaked to the skin, and she can't even see her quarry in a dilapidat [...]

    • Sara Durham says:

      Lee Alvarez is a private investigator for Discretionary Inquiries, her family’s business, renowned for ferreting out corporate software criminals. So how in the world did she get stuck tailing a would be adulterer along the San Francisco Bay docks, in a pouring down rainstorm? Well things go from bad to worse for Lee when she finds the man she’s been following deader than dead near an abandoned warehouse. Her tidy world is tossed upside down, and because she is curious by nature, Lee just ca [...]

    • Charles Ray says:

      Porter Wyler wasn’t a handsome man, but his wife, Yvette suspected he was cheating. So, she hired her best friend, Lila Alvarez, CEO of Discretionary Enquiries, Inc to follow him and get the dirt on him. The condition, though, was that it be kept in the family, so Lila sends her daughter, Liana ‘Lee’ Alvarez to tail the suspected cheat. Things turn really sour when Wyler is killed, and Lee, because she finds the body, is caught up in the investigation, and is even considered a person of in [...]

    • Bookmom says:

      Lee Alvarez works for her family’s company, Discretionary Inquiries, a company that deals mostly with software piracy. Lee and her brother, Richard, love pulling together the clues that are easily missed by others. But when her mother, the CEO of the company, tells Lee to follow the husband of a friend believing the guy is cheating on his wife, Lee can’t understand why she was assigned to something so outside the realm of what she does. It doesn’t help when she finds the guy’s dead body. [...]

    • Cheryl Malandrinos says:

      Lee Alvarez is sent out to keep tabs on a cheating husband. When the husband turns up dead on her watch, Lee needs to know what happened. With the help of her computer genius brother, Lee follows the clues, hoping to find the track to a killer.In Murder is a Family Business, the first book in Haven's Alvarez Family Murder Mystery series, the author creates a superb story filled with engaging characters and one cute little kittie. This one seems to set the stage for the books that will come. The [...]

    • Renee Butler says:

      I had to abandon this book. Complete nonsense. The author overdescribes all the wrong things, including race. The protagonist was whiny and her actions made no sense for the way she was introduced. This is a semi-spoiler, but not significant.Ok The protagonist is a PI. Her mother owns the agency where she works Already strange because the author tells soooooo much family background about the protagonist but doesn't say a word about why or how her mother is managing it and how it came to focus on [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      The fact that the title is capitalized wrong does not get this book off to a good start. Other than that it is somewhat better edited than the other book in the series that I read and doesn't have the fatal flaw. But I just didn't like it all that much. It doesn't have that mystery feel to it despite having the dead body. The main character acts like an idiot on more than one occasion and I really didn't like her very much. For all her claims not to care about the fancy clothes, she seems far to [...]

    • Paula Ratcliffe says:

      This book was great, it captivated me and really had me wondering who the bad guy was. During this story we meet Lee, Richard (her brother), Lila (her mother) and Tio her uncle. While following her latest client she finds him dead, all signs point to something fishy being up. Lee feels compelled to figure out who shot him? This story takes you all over the place, dealing with immigration, affairs, and of course murder. I really enjoyed this story and the connection between Lee and her brother Ri [...]

    • Kathy Bryson says:

      The Alvarez family investigates cyber crime but as a favor to her mother, Lee tails a cheating husband. When he turns up murdered, Lee feels guilty and keeps probing until she uncovers I'll leave you to find out. That part is innovative; Lee I didn't find so compelling. She's a 30-year-old divorce who spends her time thinking about clothes and apologizing to her mother for speaking out of turn. Her mother isn't an unsympathetic character, convincingly portraying a competent businesswoman, so the [...]

    • Doug says:

      Heather has created a somewhat different take on the usual private investigator storyline, by involving the whole family in the business. All of the characters are quite believable, and you can picture each of them, maybe even relating to one or more in your own family. Plus, having toured the SanFran area I can even picture some of the locations, so full marks for descriptive writing. In this storyline, however, Heather needed to create a "happy ending", so the family can carry on the business [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Really cute mystery. Lea, part Latina (her dad) and part San Francisco old society (her mom) works for her family's PI firm that mostly deals with computer/corporate theft. Then, her fashion plate mother assigns her to tail a possibly adulterous husband. Lea grumbles, but he's the husband of one of Lea's mother's oldest friends so she carries out the assignment.The husband turns up murdered while she was surveilling him. She ends up soaked, finds the body, rescues a kitten, and is carried to the [...]

    • Mjuneb says:

      Intriguing Story Form and a Great BookIt is always easy the mistakes of heroes in books, but they don't have the benefit of knowing the plot of the story. Just as we hear, African-American actors proclaim they are always the first killed in horror movies, as readers we have experience to make us catch clues thrown our way. The authors try to lead us without wasting time to their desired solution. Even though I hate the quick way the plot unfolds, I see the need for it and appreciate the twist of [...]

    • Debbie says:

      This is a light easy read. This is about a family who are in the business of investigating. Lee is suppose to be on an easy casellowing the husband of an old friend of her mom's. They are suppose to follow him to see if he is cheating on his wife. While sitting and watching a warehouse she had followed the man a storm rolls in. Lee gets tired of the rain, wind and cold so she leaves her spot and starts to leave but is curious as to where the guy is so she turns around and goes looking for him. W [...]

    • Melissa says:

      When I first saw the cover with the cute orange kitten, I did not know what to expect. As I started reading the book, I was drawn into the plot and I had to keep reading. The author combined mystery, suspense and family into a great detective novel. There were twists and turns throughout the book that made the plot interesting and fresh. The members of the family complemented the storyline and I really liked Lee and her little kitten Tugger. I look forward to following the Alvarez family in the [...]

    • Jeff Hawley says:

      As you can see from my rating, I did not like this book very much. It was written by a woman author with a penchant for clothing and family relationships. Neither the clothing nor the relationships had much to do with the story. There were many pages that I skim read. It made the book go fast enough so that I could get through it. I could skim read page after page and not lose any of the storyline. I will not be reading any of the other books in the series. I was able to figure out the perpetrat [...]

    • Sparkymom says:

      FunnyThis was my first book by this author. I really wasn't sure if I would like it at first, but it grew on me the more I read. While it didn't quite make me laugh out loud, I did find myself smiling quite a bit. I liked the Spanish mixed in with the English and the bit of Mexican flair. I would have liked a bit more romance. A love interest was introduced, but there really wasn't any romance to speak of. I will probably try the next book with hopes that it has a bit more chemistry.

    • Lester Allen says:

      When your bad day turns into a worse week is what Liana has going for her.Liana has the best job until her boss (who is also her mother) gives her a job that sucks. Following a husband for her mom's best friend. What is worst is the pouring rain she has to stand in while spying on said husband. The only thing worse is finding him dead. This bad night is going to get even worse. Love the family and friends who get involved in this case and hopefully more stories to come.

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