Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall From the author of the acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST an action packed YA novel set in a frighteningly plausible near future about what happens when the States are no longer United Danny Wright never th

  • Title: Divided We Fall
  • Author: Trent Reedy
  • ISBN: 9780545543675
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST an action packed YA novel set in a frighteningly plausible near future, about what happens when the States are no longer United.Danny Wright never thought he d be the man to bring down the United States of America In fact, he enlisted in the National Guard because he wanted to serve his country the way his father did WhFrom the author of the acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST an action packed YA novel set in a frighteningly plausible near future, about what happens when the States are no longer United.Danny Wright never thought he d be the man to bring down the United States of America In fact, he enlisted in the National Guard because he wanted to serve his country the way his father did When the Guard is called up on the Idaho governor s orders to police a protest in Boise, it seems like a routine crowd control mission but then Danny s gun misfires, spooking the other soldiers and the already fractious crowd, and by the time the smoke clears, twelve people are dead.The president wants the soldiers arrested The governor swears to protect them And as tensions build on both sides, the conflict slowly escalates toward the unthinkable a second American civil war.With political questions that are popular in American culture yet rare in YA fiction, and a provocative plot that could far too easily become real, DIVIDED WE FALL is Trent Reedy s very timely YA debut.

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    • Ash Wednesday says:

      2.5 STARSI am Private First Class Daniel Christopher Wright.I am seventeen years old.And I fired the shot that ended the United States of America.Who can say no to that come hither tagline?! Who can say no to that tagline AND that kickass cover?! Plus reading and reviewing books in denial, pretending to be something else other than stylized bodice rippers have started to become tedious and repetitive that I have started to actively look for offbeat options.Atleast I get to complain about somethi [...]

    • Mike (the Paladin) says:

      This is in many ways an excellent bookough I suppose the 5 star rating may have given you an idea I might think something like that.This book is very character driven while also having an intense, fast moving yet very plausible plot. Now I know there are going to be people who want to go on about how the book's style is wanting and I'll admit this isn't a work that shoots for "literary depth" at least in some ways. It's also guilty of using some minor stereotyping. It's pictures of some of the p [...]

    • Cheryl Klein says:

      Hoo boy. Editorial bias alert, but I think this could kick up quite a splash in the YA world next spring for its awesome cover, its enormously timely themes about the breakdown in political communication and conflict between state and federal governments (and in particular its approach to the latter), its portrait of our all-encompassing media and digital worlds . . . and with all that, its really great characters and action, as Danny Wright first instigates a rebellion he never intended, and th [...]

    • Tracy says:

      WOW!!! Since I can't give the review that this book deserves right now (on cell) I would just like to say AMAZING!KUDOS to the makers of this audiobook. I have to say this is the single most awesome audiobook that I have listened to and I have listened to at least 300 of them! I was so entertained by the reading of this novel that I believe if the story was atrocious I would have enjoyed it anyway. For those of you who love audios this one is a must!OK so on to the story. Danny is a 17 year old [...]

    • Catherine Linka says:

      Wright, the protagonist of this action-packed speculative novel, is a decent guy trying to fulfill his duty as a National Guardsman when his gun goes off accidentally into a crowd of protesters. The governor of Idaho is already at odds with the President of the US over a national ID card, and this incident is the spark that accelerates the civil war. Rarely does YA fiction tackle real political questions such as states rights versus federal laws. Trent does an amazing job of presenting both side [...]

    • Lauren Stoolfire says:

      Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy is a brilliant and also incredibly timely pre-dystopian novel. I listened to the audiobook available for free last week through YA Sync.In the not too distant future, Danny Wright joins the National Guard to serve his country in the way his father did. Then, the Idaho governor sends the Guard to a seemingly routine crowd control mission at a protest in Boise. However, Danny's gun misfires, spooking the highly divided crowd and soldiers, and by the time the smoke cl [...]

    • Liam says:

      As with the other book of Reedy's I recently finished, I enjoyed this more than I expected to. It's a near-future action and adventure about the fall of the USA. It has problems (hence no fifth star) but it is also compelling and suspenseful (hence the four that already are present). I enjoyed the characters, and while the conflict between friends could have been pronounced more, I rarely if ever felt that things were too easy. The plot was superb, and very realistic. With all the forces acting [...]

    • Trisha says:

      "If they're [America] so committed to peace , but have failed so miserably the last 50 years, the last century, what makes you think they're going to figure a way out of this mess without fighting?"WOW! This one is a complete surprise. This is NOT my typical genre nor something I would typically like. So imagine my surprise when I found myself hitting "play" again and again to the audio book, finding reasons to listen to it. This is a reality completely unimaginable to me. A president pushing th [...]

    • Alyse Liebovich says:

      This ordinarily wouldn't have been a title that interested me except for the fact that its plot hits a little too close to what I imagine the U.S. is going to turn into if we continue regressing in this abhorrent political climate. Because of this, I am excited now to recommend this book to teens as a daunting "what if" scenario. I liked it enough to consider listening to the sequel and third books, which is saying a lot these days, though I probably won't jump into them right away. The audio ve [...]

    • Kim says:

      Look at that cover! I look at the cover and I see war and destruction in a modern setting. Yay, these are things I like! Unfortunately, nothing even remotely like what you see on the cover happens in the book. I thought that this was a sort of pre-dystopian, you know, watch the empire as it crumbles. I thought it'd be full of action, destruction, moral quandaries, heartbreak, trauma, etcl the things you want from a good war story. No, that is not this book.You know those SAT prep novels that are [...]

    • Oswego Public Library District says:

      In this must-read trilogy opener, seventeen-year-old Danny Wright is a typical all-American high school senior. He plays on his school’s football team, loves his girlfriend JoBell, and parties with his friends. Atypical is his devotion to his anxiety-plagued mother and the Idaho National Guard. When Danny’s unit is called up to quell a riot in downtown Boise over the legality of the mandated Federal ID Card Act, he inadvertently discharges his rifle, sparking a mass shooting. While the Gover [...]

    • Kris Dinnison says:

      Reedy's third novel heads in a completely different direction from his first two. Set in the not too distant future, Divided We Fall plunges us into the middle of a constitutional battle between the U. S. government and the Idaho state legislature. Danny, a high school senior enrolled in the Idaho National Guard, is called up to quell a riot in Boise. When things go wrong and people die, the Idaho governor and the U.S. president go to the brink of war over what should happen to the soldiers invo [...]

    • Marsha says:

      This book was amazing. I literally could not put it down. It poses so many interesting political and moral questions. I really enjoyed how the author dealt with the different types of conflict that the protagonist experiences. Danny spends just the right amount of time grappling with his circumstances and decisions that must be made. Anything less would have made him seem superficial and any more would have been too much for the reader. The plot is well developed and has enough resolution to be [...]

    • TheSaint says:

      This is very probably the boy-est book I've ever read. Listened to. (Thanks SYNC free audio book summer program!)Football? Check. Military? Check. Guns? Check. Girls? Check. Car chases? Check. Fist-fights? Check. A boy who loves his mother? Check and mate.That said, The characters were more three-dimensional than they could have been. The setting was realistic, whether the reader imagined it to be an alternate current reality or a near-future possibility. The plot was spritely and timely.And the [...]

    • Ms. Yingling says:

      I absolutely adored this author's Words in the Dust and Stealing Air, and they were definitely solidly middle grade. This new title, however, is definitely for high schoolers. The language was coarse but not too bad; what killed this for me was when JoBall texted Danny that she wasn't wearing panties to a party, only her bikini. That's a line crossed right there. However, it's a lot like The Darkest Path, and I know many middle schools will think this would be good. I would read it first to see [...]

    • Maggie says:

      Amazing! And the audio was outstanding. The addition of the news feeds was haunting. Unfortunately, they sounded real and the stances of the various media outlets sounded way too much like actual media today. This makes this fictional story scary to me. The country is divided and the polarization of the media, the influence media has on shaping opinion, is enough to put me on guard and ask, "What if"

    • Leni says:

      3.5 stars

    • Rob Baker says:

      "Divided We Fall" tells the very engaging and tense story of when the state of Idaho rebels against a national i.d. law, calling it unconstitutional, and of the potential new civil war that gradually develops as a result. We see the story through the eyes of 17-year-old Danny, who joins the National Guard out of patriotism (his father died fighting overseas) and also to get some money to help him develop the family business. Danny accidentally becomes a major figurehead in the growing conflict a [...]

    • Christopher Xia says:

      17 year old Daniel Wright serves the Idaho National Guard. His life becomes completely messed up after firing a bullet that put the United States of America at war with itself. He once swore an oath to obey all orders coming from the president and the governor. But what is he suppose to do when they both order him the fight each other? Divided We Fall has showed me how brutal an experience in an army can be and has successfully convinced me to never join the army. Even though the timeline of the [...]

    • Christian says:

      book review: Divided we FallBy: Christian Farricker I read the book “Divided we Fall” by Trent Reedy. Divided we Fall is about a private first class Danny Wright is the Idaho national guard. This book circles around how Danny Wright destroyed the United States. Danny enlisted in the National Guard the day he turned seventeen so he could serve his state and his country like his father had. When the Governor of Idaho called up the Guard to go to Boise, it seemed like a simple crowd control mis [...]

    • Alex Cosentino says:

      I stayed up all night reading this book.

    • Tyler says:

      I think that Divided We Fall is a great book. I like the fact that it takes you into the mind and action of a solider. It showed the different problems that a solider would have during time served and it played a big part in politics, what is right and what is wrong.

    • Wendy says:

      "Divided We Fall" combines suspense and intrigue in a fast-paced riveting novel that begins in Freedom Lake Idaho. The story introduces the reader to seventeen year old Private First Class Daniel Christopher Wright who joins the Idaho National Guard never expecting to face action until after he's finished high school. Called to Boise with his unit to help suppress a riot, he fires an accidental shot that not only has bullets flying and blood being spilt, but unleashes events that ignites the ten [...]

    • Jacob Nicol says:

      I read Divided We Fall by American author, Trent Reedy. The popular young adult fiction novel was published in 2014. I strongly believe this story should be read by those who are interested in an action and adventure story, as well as a love story in the midst of all the issues. The plot is based upon a fight between Idaho and the rest of the United States. The main character Daniel Wright joins the Idaho National Guard and is called in to help with a riot. When a young girl is shot and killed D [...]

    • Garrett Pope says:

      Personal Response: I thought that this book was one of the better books I have read because it was full of action and adventure. There was lots of kissing, but for some odd reason, it made the book a little bit more interesting. A part I liked about the book is that it made me feel like I was in Danny's shoes the whole time.Plot:Divided We Fallby Trent Reedy is about Daniel Wright, a high schooler and Idaho National Guard member, who fires a shot that changes the United States of America. Life w [...]

    • Chris says:

      I am Private First Class Daniel Christopher Wright, I am seventeen years old, and I fired the shot that ended the United States of America.This book has a great cover and an amazing hook. I knew I wanted to read it as soon as I started looking at it as one of our new books. The rest of the hook:When I enlisted in the Idaho Army National Guard, I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the state of Idaho against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I swore that I would [...]

    • J.S. says:

      I keep going back and forth between 2 stars and 3 on this one. On the one hand it's an interesting idea of how the country could get to the point where it becomes divided. On the other, it tries so hard to pander to the lowest teen audience with loads of 'authentic' profanity and teen sex that I couldn't wait for it to be done.When the president institutes a new law for a 'smart' social security card that has all the holder's medical information and also allows that person to be tracked, the sta [...]

    • Mikhail Koulikov says:

      Inspired, or at least influenced by, Starship Troopers, Harold Coyle's military fiction, and of course, Red Dawn, this is a much stronger work than any of its influences. The characters feel, act and behave like real people do - they're easy to relate to and easy to empathize with. They are appealing precisely because they are as flawed as real people can be - spontaneous, jealous, insecure. Their personal backgrounds - lower-middle-class, rural, distrustful of authority, willing to resort to vi [...]

    • Hudsonp says:

      Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy is set in a time not too far from our own. Daniel Wright, the main character, is a 17 year old highschool student, fantastic football player and is enlisted in the Idaho Army National Guard. He is currently a PFC, or Private First Class and he swore to obey the orders of the President of the United States. When his platoon is called down to secure an area in Boise from protesters, he accidentally misfires his weapon leading to a mass confusion and multiple casualti [...]

    • Sophie says:

      Wow. Wowwowwowoowwowowowow. Ok. *tries to form coherent thought*.I haven't read any reviews of this book, so I don't know popular opinion, but THIS. WAS. FANTASTIC. This book is the first one I've emotionally connected with in a long time. I had to frequently shout, pace, rant, cheer, cry, and laugh while reading this book. The plot, whole a little I can't say unrealistic but maybe foreign, was compelling to the point that I had to remind myself that none of it was real. The real strong point of [...]

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