After Death...

After Death Death Who has not considered their own mortality and wondered at what awaits once our frail human shell expires What occurs after the heart stops beating after the last breath is drawn after life a

  • Title: After Death...
  • Author: Eric J. Guignard Steve Rasnic Tem Bentley Little Simon Clark Lisa Morton Joe McKinney William Meikle Ray Cluley
  • ISBN: 9780988556928
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death Who has not considered their own mortality and wondered at what awaits, once our frail human shell expires What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates Does our spirit remain on Earth while the mortal body rots Do remnants of our soul transcend to a celestial Heaven or sink to Hell s torment Are wDeath Who has not considered their own mortality and wondered at what awaits, once our frail human shell expires What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates Does our spirit remain on Earth while the mortal body rots Do remnants of our soul transcend to a celestial Heaven or sink to Hell s torment Are we offered choices in an individualized afterlife Can we die again in the hereafter Is life merely a cosmic joke, or is it an experiment for something greater Included within this critically acclaimed anthology are answers to these queries alongside tales and suppositions relating from traditional ghosts to the afterlife of e coli Explore the afterworld of an Australian cowboy Discover what the white light really means to the recently departed Consider the impact of modern, or future, technology on the dead Follow the karmic path of reincarnation Travel from the 999th level of Fengdu s Hell to the gates of Robot Heaven.Enclosed are thirty four all new dark and speculative fiction stories, individually illustrated by Audra Phillips, and exploring the possibilities after death TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction by Eric J GuignardSomeone to Remember by Andrew S WilliamsBoy, 7 by Alvaro RodriguezSea of Trees by Edward M ErdelacThe Last Moments Before Bed by Steve Rasnic TemThe Resurrection Policy by Lisa MortonHigh Places by John M FloydCircling the Stones at Fulcrum s Low by Kelda CrichI Will Remain by David SteffenTree of Life by Aaron J FrenchThe Reckless Alternative by Sanford Allen Josh RountreeThe Thousandth Hell by Brad C HodsonMall Rats by James S DorrAfterword by Ray CluleyLike a Bat out of Hell by Jonathan ShipleyThe Overlander by Jacob EdwardsForever by John PalisanoMy Father Knew Douglas MacArthur by Bentley LittleRobot Heaven by Jamie LackeyBeyond the Veil by Robert B Marcus, Jr.Prisoner of Peace by David TallermanA Feast of Meat and Mead by Christine MorganBe Quiet At The Back by William MeikleCages by Peter GiglioHammerhead by Simon ClarkMarvel at the Face of Forever by Kelly DunnThe Unfinished Lunch by Trevor DenyerI Was The Walrus by Steve CameronThe Devil s Backbone by Larry HodgesThe Death of E Coli by Benjamin Kane EthridgeFinal Testament of a Weapons Engineer by Emily C SkaftunAcclimation Package by Joe McKinneyHellevator by Josh StrnadIn and Out the Window by Allan IzenWith Max Barry in the Nearer Precincts by John LanganADVANCE REVIEW BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLY What happens when we die The answers come in the form of 34 stories that explore diverse notions Though the majority of the pieces come from the darker side of the genre, a solid minority are playful, clever, or full of wonder This strong and well themed anthology is sure to make readers contemplative even while it creates nightmares Publishers Weekly

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    • Michael Flores says:

      Finished reading After Death his week and it was a good’un! Really impressed with such a variety of stories offering what could happen after we die. Writing was excellent and the stories either scary or inspiring. Too many great stories to note but here are some of my favories: ‘My Father Knew Douglas MacArthur’ by Bentley Little. A man decides he doesn't like the way the weird factory-like afterworld is being run and decides to take matters into his own hands. ‘Beyond the Veil’ by Rob [...]

    • Vivian Metzger says:

      Wow, this book is a profound collection of stories covering so many chilling and smart possibilities of what could happen after death. There's lots of ghost and devil stories, but there's also things I never thought up, like the afterworld for bacteria, what happens to animals after death, coming back after death from technology, stories of different gods from other cultures and bizarre interpretations of otherworldly rooms and worlds. I really liked The Reckless Alternative which was Joe Strumm [...]

    • A.E. says:

      Each story in the "After Death" has something unique and different to offer, even the stories that are similarly themed or that take place within the same framework. As with the Bram Stoker Award-nominated "Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations", editor Eric J. Guignard has produced another highly readable, compelling anthology of dark fiction that is of such a high calibre that I am sure it will also be nominated for a Stoker Award. If you see it at any convention tables or booths during the fall se [...]

    • Jonathan Stewart says:

      Kudos to this anthology which tackles such a broad and introspective topic without coming out seeming preachy or shabby. This book has some amazing, amazing stories included, ones which cause you to ponder the mysteries of the universe in many different ways. It is a fiction collection, but these stories cover a broad range of theologies and popular culture, such as exploring Greek afterlife, Chinese afterlife, Viking afterlife, animal afterlife, afterlife for suicides, robots, bacteria, and ang [...]

    • Andrea says:

      I was very impressed with the quality of writing. I wondered if it would be, with it being short stories from multiple authors, but each story was very well written. My favorites were "Like a Bat Out of Hell" and "Mall Rats." I enjoyed the different, thought provoking perspectives of what could possibly happen after death. Each story is an original peep hole into the "other world" - each story's version being unique. For example, "Like a Bat Out of Hell" is about what happens to mythical charact [...]

    • Sebastian Abbott says:

      I never realized there were so many different views on death. As a Catholic, I grew up with knowledge I would go to Heaven or Hell. Maybe make a pit stop in Purgatory.After reading this I know what the Greeks, Jews, and Indians (to name a FEW) think happens after death.Of course some of the analogies were straight out of the authors head, and some of them were very thought provoking. I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, but that is the great thing about having such a awesome variety. [...]

    • Melissa Hammond says:

      These anthologies all put together do something that apart they could never pull off. Although I guess that is the point right?After some of them, like John Palisano's "Forever", I had to put my kindle down for a little while before moving on.Very thought provoking and I'm sure I will read it again.

    • Marge Simon says:

      In the introductory words of editor Eric Guignard, "I would argue there is no greater mystery than that which occurs after we die. What exactly is the destination of our journey?" He also asks: "Can curses transcend the life-death boundary? Are there different hereafters to accommodate multiple religions? Do we all share a common singularity?" You will find 34 different answers to those questions, each one simply fascinating.It's rare when I read an anthology of such consistently good stories th [...]

    • Carl Alves says:

      After Death starts off with a cool premise, what happens after a person dies. Sometimes the stories occur immediately after death, sometimes it’s during a much longer time line. There is a mix of big name horror authors and lesser known ones, and overall a really good flow to the anthology. One of the things that I really enjoyed about the anthology was the short introductions that precede each of the stories. They were little nuggets of insight that added to the stories and were a nice touch. [...]

    • Judi says:

      This is definitely more darker of a book than I normally read, but I still loved it very much. I read the editor’s last book, Dark tales of lost civilizations, and became a fan of the Twilight Zone-like stories he selected. When I heard he released this book I got a copy. I was surprised at the variety of stories. I knew it would include horror, but there are some funny tales and a couple that are genuinely heart-warming. Some of the authors are the same from Dark tales of lost civilizations, [...]

    • Ann Smith says:

      Wow. This book of Anthologies is intense! Who hasn’t wondered what happens to us after death? Does our soul go on? Are we reborn? Is it just endless emptiness?It seemed I was always reading this at night. In the dark. I guess I like to torture myself, because some of the anthologies are just plain creepy. Like “Boy 7″ by Alvaro Rodriguez doesn’t sit well right before bed.Most of the anthologies were good, some I found myself skimming through. Of course, what I found insightful or scary y [...]

    • Kenneth Cain says:

      After reading the anthology Guignard edited last year, I simply could not pass on this one. And the theme for this one appealed to me, so much so that I wish I would have sent something in. The stories are fantastic, a wide range of interpretations of death or what lies beyond or otherwise. Fantastic stories that leave you wondering, which is why the theme alone is so wonderful. The opening two stories pack a punch. "Someone to Remember" offers a beautiful detailing of love everlasting and "Boy [...]

    • Nick says:

      After Death is an interesting anthology about death and what comes after. The editor compiled 30+ short stories, each with a unique take on the concept. While a few were not to my personal taste, they were all well-written and interesting.The only serious flaw in the book was its production values. Unfortunately, the printer did a miserable job reproducing the illustrations. Since there was one illustration per story, that means there were 30+ badly-printed illustrations, along with weirdly pixi [...]

    • Dark Matter says:

      Evie Kendal reviewed this book; for more reviews by Evie, seeEvie Kendal on Dark Matter Zine. To see all reviews on Dark Matter Zine, go toDark Matter Zine's reviews.After Death is an anthology of short stories investigating life after death. The anthology is introduced and edited by Eric J Guignard and includes 34 different tales.Guignard also provides introductions for each of the individual stories. A short biography of each author is included at the end of their contribution.Audra Phillips i [...]

    • William says:

      Artists interpretation of what happens when we die. Many different opinions here. Stories are quick to read and make one ponder his own mortality.

    • Stefu Smith says:

      I loved this collection of stories. I give it four stars because some of the stories were hard for me to get into. But others, like "Sea of Trees" were so excellent that I couldn't help being drawn into the wonder of it. Each story provides a slightly different view of what may happen after we die. Most fall in the dark fiction side of things, but others touch on science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction.

    • Resa says:

      This is the second anthology I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing edited by Eric Guignard, the first being Dark Tales and Lost Civilizations. While Guignard cannot take credit for the individual stories themselves as they’ve all been written by authors’ talented in their own right, the man knows how to put together an excellent anthology. Unlike his first anthology After Death includes stories that detail the multiple possibilities of what happens to the spirit after the body is dead (or in [...]

    • Anita Patel says:

      Saw this won a Bram Stoker award while reviewing the editor on another anthology he did. Congratulations! Good author and good editor.

    • Edward Erdelac says:

    • Benjamin Ethridge says:

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