Elemental An action packed fantasy adventure for fans of Ship Breaker It is the future and most of the population of the United States has been destroyed by the plague Survivors have formed colonies on the bar

  • Title: Elemental
  • Author: Antony John
  • ISBN: 9780142425169
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • An action packed fantasy adventure for fans of Ship Breaker It is the future, and most of the population of the United States has been destroyed by the plague Survivors have formed colonies on the barrier islands off the east coast of the country In one small colony, almost all the members have powers to control wind, water, earth, and fire all but sixteen year old ThomAn action packed fantasy adventure for fans of Ship Breaker It is the future, and most of the population of the United States has been destroyed by the plague Survivors have formed colonies on the barrier islands off the east coast of the country In one small colony, almost all the members have powers to control wind, water, earth, and fire all but sixteen year old Thomas When the Guardians of the village are kidnapped by enemies seeking to take over their colony, it is up to Thomas and a small group of teens to save them and preserve the mysteries of the island.

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    • Evie says:

      Elemental had me glued to its pages from the get-go. It's a thrilling adventure that sparkles with emotionally powerful moments, stunning visuals and eye-popping plot twists. This story really has it all: a phenomenal post-apocalyptic setting, long buried secrets, ruthless villains (that you'll just love to hate!) and characters you'll be cheering for. The best part? The unique, fresh plot line that is just as mysterious and exciting as it is thought-provoking and moving. Trust me, you won't be [...]

    • Lectus says:

      Via onlectus/2013/03/I looove Avatar: the last air bender and that is why I picked this book.By the way, is this a series? Because I'd love for more books to come. As you know from the summary, in this colony everybody can summon an element but Thomas. Obviously, he feels like shit because of that. On top of that, the other people would never touch him as if he doesn't deserve human contact for not having an element.One night a storm comes and the elders and the kids (age 16 and below) have to s [...]

    • Neil (or bleed) says:

      As much as I want to love this book, I just can't. It wasn't bad and I reckon others will enjoy this one but for me, I wasn't hooked by the story. I only care less about it, seriously. And the only things that I am interested were the truth about Thomas's (the main character) powers (Does he really has no elemental power or he has?) and the truth about all the lies their families fed to them which I, of course, will not state here.The first few chapters was slow for me. It arrived to chapter 16 [...]

    • Aliesa says:

      4.5 starsI liked, nooo scratch that. I loved Elemental. I don't know why but now I am sure I'm a science fiction addict.ELEMENTAL. I liked scifis but I never thought I would love this book the way I loved other scifi books I've read. Though the first few pages seemed a little boring, I find it all really promising. You know when you encounter a character who's disappointed with basically everything about his life. That he knew he lacked something almost everyone had. It'll made you look forward [...]

    • Harlee says:

      DNF at page 97. I hung on for as long as I could, but I can't go any further. I'm realizing I'm not a huge fan of stories that don't give us as much information as we need to know. What is this plague? Why are there so few of them? How long has this colony been established? And WHY do they have elements? Admittedly, I don't think even these kids know any of this stuff. I attempted to flip through and see what happens but I'm not really even interested enough to do that. So many books, so little [...]

    • Danny says:

      Okay, anyway Elemental is about a small society of people who all have 'elements' (hence the title). Thomas however doesn't have an element or does he? *dun dun duuunnn* Let me just say I'm not a fan of people having 'special powers' that are so predictable like earth, water, fire and wind. The only real reason why I got the book at all was because of the pirates.Yay! Pirates =)Anyway, once I got around to starting Elemental it took a while to get hooked. I read the first chapter like 20 times b [...]

    • Shelly says:

      I haven’t really heard a lot about this book so when I started and finished reading it, I wasn't disappointed or overly pleased. I feel quite neutral about this book which is really strange for me. Let’s start with things I didn't like (bad news first). I didn't like the romance. At all. It was really weird to say the least. At the very beginning of the book the main character (Thomas) likes one girl who is clearly repulsed by his lack of elemental control. Then when Thomas learns that anoth [...]

    • Sheryl says:

      I was thrilled to win an advance copy of Elemental by Antony John. I got into the story and stayed up too late reading and finished it in a day and a half. The story begins with a small colony of plague survivors and centers around a teen who feels he does not fit in as he seems to lack the "elemental powers" valued in his community. I like the character development and unfolding of the story as this teen begins to know himself and understand how he has been misinterpreting what happens around h [...]

    • Whitley Birks says:

      There's not much to say about this book. It was just so utterly dull. For a book that had that amount of action, I feel like nothing happened. What we know at the end of the book isn't much more than what we know at the beginning. So many questions are brought up, and only a couple of them are answered. People keep secrets just for the sake of keeping secrets, and out of spite that other people are keeping secrets, which doesn't really make for an enjoyable read. I'm not wondering "why aren't th [...]

    • Maria says:

      Usually, prior to buying a book, I always check the reviews and ratings in . However, that was not the case when I purchased this one. I saw it one time in a bookstore, read the synopsis at the back of the book, and that got me hooked. I like anything that says “magic” and this one reeks with 4 magical elements. What else can I do? But I didn’t read it right away because I choose to read Steelheart first. read full review here

    • Aleeeeeza says:

      oh, cripes, another dystopian! the premise does sound cool, but i hope this one isn't just another one jumping onto the bandwagon.

    • Sam 2/3 says:

      It was a very suspenseful book and had very many details. Their elements and how they could use them were different than I had seen in other books similar to it. It is probably my second favorite book.

    • Angela says:

      4th book for BTAT2017

    • Laine The Librarian says:

      What would you do if you had the power of the wind? The power of the water? Can feel when a storm is brewing in10 miles in the sea!! Can move rocks and find vegetables in the Earth with ease? YeaI would love it too!! All that powerl that respect.But what if you were one of the unlucky ones that didn't get the power? Not an element, nor a regular? What would you do then?Set in the future where the almost whole population of the United States is wiped out due to the plague but a few survivors with [...]

    • Val Richards says:

      The book as a whole flowed well and ended in such a way that I am looking forward to the next installment. The characters are relatable and interesting. For the YA readers, there is adventure, sadness, humor, friendship, and a little romance.It is another dystopia story line with a creative approach. There are many secrets, some which were revealed in this story and other's I'm sure will be revealed in the future. I recommend this book to any young adult and to adults that like to read YA books. [...]

    • Jimmy Grimaldi says:

      This book embodies my favorite type of story, where the world is so different from what the reader is used to and the characters are placed in a situation where they have no idea what is going on. The storyline was engaging with a large majority of it being action. While the plot and characters were solid, I felt that they could have been more developed since so much happened during the course of the story.

    • Dannell says:

      The idea could have been good but the author tried so hard to make the story suspenseful that he did not give enough information to make the story believable or complete. It was annoying trying to figure things out and make the story make sense.

    • Max Lau• Maxxesbooktopia says:

      More like a 3.5 ☀It is a slow pace book but it is full of action. The first 170 pages are a little bit slow, but after you get pass those pages, the story gets interesting Very Interesting.Looking forward to read the other book. Firebrand.

    • Jacob Carlson says:

      great book its about ronack island

    • Nathan Blow says:

      Very good book, very easy too read and full of twists and secrets

    • Laura Kreitzer says:

      This is going in the DNF pile. After 50 pages, there should be an inciting incident, and there is none. I kept having to re-read because my mind was wandering quite a bit. So, no go for me.

    • Amelia, the pragmatic idealist says:

      Yikes - apparently there's a love triangle here. Aaaand this has officially been pushed to the back-burner.

    • Brooke Banks says:

      Source: Won,Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing. Rating: Wobbly 3 Stars Recommendable? ConditionallyI was all over the place with this one. There was a mix of the successful, acceptable, so-so, and lousy. Elemental felt like I would’ve, should’ve like it better, but couldn't. My hopes remain so close, yet so far.When deciding a rating, it wobbled between 2 1/2 stars and 3. I went with the higher rating for benefit of the doubt and because I'm still hoping the next book, Firebrand wi [...]

    • Hermes Aponte says:

      Fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with tension: AMAZING!

    • C.S. says:

      CEE'S D10 REVIEWSElemental – signed ARC received in a giveaway. This in no way alters my view; I have plenty of medication for that. Quotes mentioned, if any, are from an uncorrected text.0. Plot1. Characterization2. Memorable Quotes3. Favorites and Least Favorites4. Comparisons5. Themes6. Book-In-A-Gif7. Originality8. Prose 9. Overall Entertainment ValueCee rolled7! 6! 8! 3! GO PLANET!OverviewA devastating plague swarmed Thomas's world before he was born, and all he knows is the tiny coastal [...]

    • Annabelle Marie Veronica says:

      ***FINAL RATING: 2.90 STARS***CATCHALLI really, like really really, liked this book. It was definitely something different than my usual reads. It's dystopian, but there's a fantastical element that I really liked. Though elemental magic is a fairly common aspect of today's YA literature, I really like Antony's take on it and that for me made this book so much better. It was an absolutely joy to read and I will definitely be returning to it. It was full of action with a touch of romance, and whi [...]

    • Ravenous Biblioworm says:

      Rating: 3.5/5As seen at: ravenousbiblioworm.wordpressConcept: intriguing. Characters: okay. Pacing: good. Story details: there were things that I had issues with in regards to this. It wasn’t bad persay but it did leave me with a “hmmmm…” thought and musings. Even now as I write this, a day later, I find myself not entirely impressed nor did I think the book was forgettable. So it just comes down to being somewhat “meh” for me though I thought the idea behind the book was interesting [...]

    • Sandi says:

      Elemental was a suspenseful read and kept me up late trying to finish.WritingAs in common practice in YA novels, this one is written in first POV. In most cases I find it unnecessary, but thought it was well suited for Elemental. There is mystery surrounding the appearance of pirates and the secrets the Guardians of the island seem to habitually distract the kids from. Seeing the story from only Thomas’ point of view helps to demonstrate that, especially when it comes to his lack of having an [...]

    • Mauri says:

      I was so happy to find a young adult book with a male main character. It's hard to find them in the sea of dystopian heroines these days. Thomas has grown up on the island of Hatteras where he lives with his father and brothers in a small colony. Thomas is the only one without an elemental, a power that allows the people to connect with the elements around them. They were moved to the island when a plague took over the mainland and killed most of the population. They rarely see other people. Whe [...]

    • Katie says:

      The magic of this future world is a little vague, but certainly enjoyable. The author does a good job providing plenty of action, likable characters, and many mysteries to make you want to keep reading the series. There is a bit of a love triangle going on among the teens. I found it a little annoying, but it was pretty innocuous and easy to ignore.For middle and high school fantasy/sci fi fans.

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