To Catch A Croc

To Catch A Croc Protect those you love annihilate everyone else For as long as he could remember Denton Stills has followed his friend Carey around When Carey gets a mate Denton starts to consider maybe it is time f

  • Title: To Catch A Croc
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781771114677
  • Page: 434
  • Format: ebook
  • Protect those you love, annihilate everyone else.For as long as he could remember Denton Stills has followed his friend Carey around When Carey gets a mate Denton starts to consider maybe it is time for him to find his forever man However the only one sniffing around is an obnoxious puma who seems to think Denton is as good as his When saltwater crocodile shifters try tProtect those you love, annihilate everyone else.For as long as he could remember Denton Stills has followed his friend Carey around When Carey gets a mate Denton starts to consider maybe it is time for him to find his forever man However the only one sniffing around is an obnoxious puma who seems to think Denton is as good as his When saltwater crocodile shifters try to move into Denton s territory he takes a page from Carey s father protect those you love, annihilate everyone else Will Denton be able to hold back a shifter invasion with his friends or will he have to ask for help from the one man who makes him thinks happily ever after might be possible

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    • JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

      Much like book 1, this was cute and fun with the different shifter species. There are still many points of cheesiness, for lack of a better term, and things that just didn't seem to mesh. For example, Denton has never been with anyone else before, yet he knows exactly how he likes his sex? One minute he was this sweet funny characther, and the next, he was a dirty talking sex fiend. It was a little confusing, to say the least. There is a bit of a strange threat with the salt water crocs trying t [...]

    • Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

      Again, I read out of order, but I have to say, it can be read alone.The blurb doesn't really match the story in my opinion, Denton doesn't seem to find Isaac annoying or anything like that, as a matter of fact he doesn't even have to think about asking him for help as the blurb suggests, he's the first one he goes to when he needed help.Denton and his band of friends who are as close as brothers all live together and we also get the next shifters book set-up nicely in this one.It's a quick read, [...]

    • ~SexyBookWorm~ says:

      Highly disappointing second installment in what I thought was going to be a great series by a great author. To say nothing exciting happened in the book is putting it mildly. I kept hoping something great would Happen!! There is LITERALLY no point in reading this book at all. There wasn't exactly a problem with the characters, in fact I really liked Isaac and Denton. but their relationship was one big marshmallow. At one point at the end of the book Denton ALMOST gets mad right away but then. n' [...]

    • Fadia Pierre says:

      As a reader I really feel short changed by the ending to this story. So many questions left unanswered. Mainly, where did the salties come from? who was their leader, was he the same bask/float from down under? What happened to the battle? We just get the " the bad guys went boom". Then all is well, Im still scratching my head.

    • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* says:

      I liked this one better than the previous book in the series, To Have a Human. Mostly because of the different type of shifters - a crocodile and a puma.I liked that Denton, the crocodile, was both self-confident but uncertain. He would be so cocky at times but then be almost uncertain to ask a question. I found it really cute. Isaac, the puma, is pretty much just cocky and possessive from the beginning. While both characters don't have much depth, they do make a good couple together and Denton [...]

    • ~♥ Elle ♥~ says:

      After eagerly awaiting for it to be released, I'm quite disappointed with the book.Reasons:- The salties conflict was more like a perceived threat. After chapter 1, they were just mentioned in passing and there were only second hand encounters. (view spoiler)[ There wasn't even a big fight in the end! I thought there would be a battle or something based on the blurb(hide spoiler)]- WTF and highly inappropriate behaviour by Denton. (view spoiler)[His banded brother's mate, Marty, is in mortal per [...]

    • Lasha says:

      3.5 starsIt sort of just ended?????

    • Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

      I really like this series. I love how funny it is and how big alpha guy isn't always the strongest. This one was slightly more traditional and not quite as funny but I still thought it was great. I love the characters and how the humans are the scariest bad asses there are. It's sweet and funny and they're all adorable.Isaac was really great but he kind of went on and on about how he was going to spend the rest of his life making sure everything was wonderful for Denton. I got the point after th [...]

    • blub says:

      I feel the blurb for this was a bit misleading. From the way the blurb sounds it seems like Denton finds Isaac(the "obnoxious puma") to be a nuisance and so I expected there to be quite a bit of wooing. Sadly, there wasn't.There was a bit of bouncing around in this book (i.e. goes from one scenario to another in a blink of an eyed transitioning I guess you could say). I also felt it would have been better at the end if the author hadn't summarized what happened to the saltwater crocs and had wri [...]

    • Phaney says:

      Ah, I can’t get over how sweet this is. Worse, I now want very badly to read the other two books in the series. This one really went deeply into the next one already. Damn it!Reading this restored my sense of balance and good mood. It’s amazing, really.But yeah, this was a very sweet book and I completely love the focus on plot. The attractions are strong, but even there it’s less about sex and more about devotion and mush. Love that so much. A hint at possibly versatility just about seale [...]

    • Becky Condit says:

      I do like Amber Kell’s shifter stories and really liked Denton, a crocodile shifter has so much potential, I just feel it was all wasted in this book, however even with the plot holes and rushed ending I found this to be an enjoyable book, a nice easy read and a pleasant way to spend a few hours. If you like Amber Kell’s writing and can ignore the blub, just go with the flow of the story, then this book is exactly what you’d expect, if however you want the story promised by the blurb then [...]

    • Lauren says:

      3.5 stars - This was a quick, easy read. I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book, but I still liked it and totally LOVED Denton. I'm really looking forward to Eaton's story in the third installment, because I've loved him from the start.

    • Carmela says:

      Very poorly written. Story lines were abruptly dropped, while others were quickly wrapped up on the last page. There's no relationship build up for the two main characters. The quality of Amber Kell's works is usually much higher than this, and I'm extremely disappointed.

    • Neko says:

      I Actually really, really liked this book but, UGHHH!!! I wished it had gone on just a little longer to the growing issue. It cut off so so abruptly but because It's a series, I'm just hoping it really is addressed in the nextSo I look forward to the third!!

    • Susan65 says:

      Nothing too complicatedjust your average crocodile and puma shifter"you're my mate, I love you, mine-mine-mine".Fun, light and easy read.

    • Arlyn says:

      This was a lightning quick shifter romance that featured the decidedly unconventional mating pair of a puma and a crocodile. OK, so maybe it's a bit unusual, but it certainly worked for Isaac and Denton as well as their feline and reptilian counterparts.The two shifters had been admiring each other for sometime before the start of the book, so their pairing occurred pretty early on. Against all odds and everything else we know about the animal kingdom, it turned out that the puma and the crocodi [...]

    • Toofan says:

      1.5 starsThere wasn't really a story. There wasn't even a real conflict and at the end of the book the readers are only informed that the supposed conflict has been resolved! So what was the reason behind writing this book? It doesn't even fall under the PWP category !After all the author is expected to deliver something, if the story is not a free download!!!!!Did I mention lack of proof reading and as a result tones of editing problems??

    • Daesy says:

      **Grammar**This book starts with Denton swimming at night in the lake. He is ready to go back to his house when he gets attacked by 2 shifters, 2 salty crocodiles, the same species that years before had killed his parents, before Carey's father had took him and raised him as a son. The 2 men say to him that he and his friends need to leave the city, bcs now that they are here they dont want any other shifter in their territory.Carey and Broden are having their honeymoon and Denton doesnt want to [...]

    • Hc Lynn says:

      2.5 to 3 stars Since I lost track of book one and keeping up with this series it's like playing catch-up. I'm houenstly not sure where I stand While on one hand I did find it cute and enjoyed the differing sides of Denton when the situation calls for the business with Marty (and him being an alpha) makes me wonder how I'll reconsile seeing him as less than alpha status when the time comes. But back to the current boys Issac has known and been preparing for Denton as his mate for a while WHY?? No [...]

    • Sheri says:

      I loved the first book, To Have a Human, I was excited to read the next book in the series. This continues parts of the storyline from the first but could easily be read as a stand-alone.I’m not going to lie, I devour pretty much everything that Amber Kell writes. I could probably happily read her shopping lists. This is such a fun world that makes me love shifter romances all over again. This story follows a freshwater crocodile named Denton Stills, who’s living in the cold waters of Seattl [...]

    • Ro Dubose says:

      Freshwater crocodile shifter Denton Stills has taken on the role of the main protector of his friends while their human friend Carey is on his honeymoon. But troubles crop up when Denton is attacked by his natural enemies, the bigger saltwater crocodiles who are set on taking over Seattle as their new territory. Fortunately for Denton, his future mate, friends and Carey’s father are more than wiling to come to Denton’s rescue.To Catch a Croc is the second book in the Banded Brothers series. [...]

    • Shelley says:

      This book was a light, easy read and I did enjoy it.First things first: The blurb doesn't exactly fit the book. The Saltwater Crocs are more of a background plot than anything else and barring a couple of tense moments they don't really play heavily into the plot.I really liked Denton. I did feel his character got a little "soft" in this story from his characterization in the first book however. That aside, he was still a character I adored and I also found his mate Isaac enjoyable as well. Ther [...]

    • Elspeth says:

      This story wasn’t as well plotted as the first, it started off interesting, but then petered off in the end with just the reader being told what happened in the epilog.It was still fun, and I enjoy the characters, but it makes me kind of sad, because I really liked Isaac and Denton, I wanted more for them. I am worried how much I am going to like Eaton's story, I am not sure how I feel about Marty.

    • Mae Hanley says:

      While I'm sure there are reasons for having one brother's story at a time, when the stories are only a little longer than 60 pages, it feels like an attempt to lure more money out of my pocket. I like the stories, but there just isn't enough interaction between the two main characters because of all the set up for the next two in the series. Please consider either making the shorts longer, or only set up one future story in order to focus on the story being told.

    • Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

      I liked the first one alot but this one seemed very disjointed and fragmented. It felt kind of like parts of a story put together. I liked both MC's and I really liked the whole Croc thing which is different in the world of shifters. The ending epilogue was completely anti-climatic and very disappointing and actually dropped a whole star for me. I hope the next one is better as this one gets just an "OK" from me.

    • Omega696 says:

      It was cute and funny but one thing I didn't get: when exactly the relationship between Denton and his puma shifter mate progressed from "I may want you in my life" to "I'll stay with you forever!". There wasn't much developement and really nothing much happened in this book. It's more a chapter of the longer story than a standalone volume. Anyway, the guys were cute as ever so I will forgive the shortcomings.

    • Michael says:

      3.25 Stars. As with To Have a Human (which I rated higher) I enjoyed the quick easy read. What I felt lacking was a satisfactory resolution to the conflict with the "Salties". It should have been a few pages instead of a few sentences.

    • Carol Kerry-green says:

      Book two, I enjoyed Denton's story, but like the first book thought it could do to have been longer to really get to know Denton & Isaac, however, I do like the idea of a crocodile shifter, not come across that one before :)

    • Shelley says:

      3.25 starsEnjoyable story, but too short and a little bit too rushed! I thought there was going to more about the 'salties' what happened? The 'salties' plot could have been expanded to include more about motive, resolution/continuation etc.

    • Jess says:

      I have to admit this might be my fave of the series. I just love Denton and the whole croc shifter thing, this book gave me the warm and fuzzies as I read it.Recommended series for when you are in the mood for light hearted fun

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