Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom

Among the Janeites A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom With warmth and humor lifelong Janeite Deborah Yaffe opens the door on the quirky thriving subculture of Jane Austen fandom

  • Title: Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom
  • Author: Deborah Yaffe
  • ISBN: 9780547757797
  • Page: 341
  • Format: ebook
  • With warmth and humor, lifelong Janeite Deborah Yaffe opens the door on the quirky, thriving subculture of Jane Austen fandom.

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    • Laurel says:

      There are Trekkies and Potterheads and Twifans, but nothing in the pop culture universe can compare to the passion, dedication and eccentricity of a Janeite. I know this because I am one.For the benefit of the un-indoctrinated, a Janeite is a fan of English author Jane Austen (1775-1817) who wrote six novels before her untimely death at age 41. Many have read Pride and Prejudice for a school assignment and then moved on. Others, like myself and former journalist Deborah Yaffe, were so enchanted [...]

    • Dov Zeller says:

      A couple years ago, when I was in an MFA program at Umass, I was taking a walk with A, a fellow transmasculine person in the program, and talking about my love of Jane Austen. A said she'd never read Austen, grumbling that she'd always seen Austen as a "women's writer" or even worse, a writer for "girls." I was dumbstruck. It had never occurred to me that reading Jane Austen was in any way un-guy-ish or a threat to one's intellectual masculinity. Of course, everyone expresses their gender differ [...]

    • Garythe Bookworm says:

      Jane lies in Winchester, blessed be her shade!Praise the Lord for making her, and her for all she made.And while the stones of Winchester--or Milson Street--remain,Glory, Love, and Honour unto England's Jane!Rudyard Kipling I've been an admirer of Jane Austen since my sophomore year in college when I read Pride and Prejudice. Over the years, I've read and re-read all the novels, usually turning to them in times of stress when I crave structure and predictability. I've watched the movie and TV ad [...]

    • Rachel says:

      Having been a Jane Austen fan for a very long time, I was thrilled to receive a copy of this work of nonfiction about the fandom surrounding the beloved author. Among the Janeites is a work of journalism, and as such Yaffe has written an entertaining and fun book. She uses a handful of stories about various Austen-lovers, including herself, to show the depth and variance of the love surrounding the author immediately associated with England's Regency era. She doesn't become pedantic by explainin [...]

    • Cynthia says:

      Janeites: Somewhere between fun and travesty“Among the Janeites” is in the fun category of reading and oddly enough it also seems to be in the controversial category as well. Is the love for Jane Austen a literary endeavor or a social one? Or both? That’s seems to spark debate. Yaffe first read Austen as a girl and went to her first Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) function when she was 17 in the 1980’s. Since then JASNA has changed mostly due to the popularity of movies and [...]

    • Megan says:

      I loved this book. I would re-read it and I recommend it for anyone with an interest in Jane Austen and what Jane Austen has become in our current popular culture.I am a lifelong reader of Austen, belong to JASNA and am currently the co-coordinator of my local regional JASNA chapter. I have attended an AGM and I will be attending the next one in September. I have read the novels several times, I have a couple of different print versions of each, I have them all in audiobook form, and I have copi [...]

    • Paul Waibel says:

      I must confess at the outset that I have never read one of Jane Austin’s novels. Neither have I seen one of the movies based on any of her novels. Perhaps I am missing something, but with only limited time, I choose to stay with those genres I know I like.However, long ago I discovered the importance of knowing something about Jane Austin and her novels. I enjoy conversations with intelligent women, and I know that there is no better way to a lady’s mind than through Jane Austin. That lovely [...]

    • Margaret Sullivan says:

      I'm a Janeite, and this book made me happy, because it is at the same time the most thorough and most respectful review of the modern fandom I've seen. We needed an insider to do it right, and Deborah Yaffe did a terrific job. I couldn't put it down.I've posted a longer review on AustenBlog. TL;DR: Read this book, even if you're not a Janeite.

    • Rachel says:

      I must begin with full-disclosure: while not a professed Janeite, I have read the entire Jane Austen canon, in order, seen most of the movie adaptations (I even own the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice, the awkwardly titled "Bride and Prejudice"), and like many a woman set the bar of marriage as the first boyfriend who can successfully sit through the five hour Colin Firth version of P&P without raising a complaint or a making a snide remark. I remain unmarried ;)Perhaps the most com [...]

    • Bry says:

      "Are you a janite, or are you normal?"Some people like Star Trek, others Star Wars. Me? I like Jane Austen. I am a Janeite. This book is about Yaffe's exploration of the current fandom of Jane Austen because let's face it - if you slap Jane or Darcy's name or picture on something it has an immediate marketing power that other things lack. Sometimes this is awesome (frankly I love my Jane Austen action figure) and sometimes it's not (Jane porn where Lady Catherine brings Mr Collins to an orgasmic [...]

    • Sharon says:

      I initially assumed that "Among the Janeites" would be something of an ethnography: an examination of the demographics of Jane Austen fandom, with some entertaining stories thrown in.Author Deborah Yaffe's description is much more accurate; it's a journalistic investigation. Yaffe interviews a cross-section of big-name fans, from former Cisco Systems president Sandy Lerner (who bought Jane Austen's former home, Chawton House) to Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer, a speech therapist who posits the not-at [...]

    • Rebecca Huston says:

      This was a delight to read, with plenty of gentle humour, some moments of sheer laughter, and a serious look at the world and varieties of people who love Jane Austen and her work. There's costuming, the movies, fan fiction, a roller derby queen, the woman who bought Chawton House, tours a la Jane Austen, and plenty more. I had a great time with this one and can happily recommend it. Yes, I fully intend to reread this one in the future. Five stars overall. For the longer review, please go here:e [...]

    • Misty says:

      My August Rewind (up late, but better late than pregnant Err, never. Better late than never. THE BOOKS:The Fairest of Them All | Carolyn Turgeon [review]Mansfield Park | Jane Austen (obvs)Among the Janeites | Deborah Yaffe [review]The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. | Adelle Waldman [review]Austentatious | Alyssa Goodnight [review]

    • John says:

      I really wanted to like this book, but partway through I've decided to give up on it. Three stars as it's quite well written; I'd recommend it to those who are interested in Jane Austen, but as someone with only a passing interest and looking for more general reading this one just didn't work.

    • Christina says:

      I would actually give this a 3.5.

    • Carole P. Roman says:

      Deborah Jaffe writes with an easy, breezy, chatty style that can disarm anyone afraid from reading the classics. Her book was entertaining as well as a delightful journey into the world of people who are dedicated to all things Jane Austin. My Mom was the biggest Jane Austin fan I had ever known. Pride and Prejudice was her go to comfort book and I know she read it so many times, it fell apart. While I never read Austin's books, I read all the current Regencies that appeared through the nineties [...]

    • Connie D says:

      4.5 stars. Yes, I absolutely love Jane Austen and have read all her books multiple times.but I do not belong to any of the groups described in this book. Deborah Yaffe writes an extremely readable book about official Jane groups, Jane bloggers, Jane Austen rewriters, Austen tour groups, Austen fashion designers, and Yaffe's experiences with all of them. If you like Austen, this will be particularly interesting, but if you don't, this will help you understand the Austen phenomena too.

    • Emily says:

      Suddenly I find myself wanting to order a tailor-made Regency gown, re-read every Jane Austen novel and spend a week on the fan sites and blogs about her. I want to go to JASNA! (Please imagine me crying this out in this manner) youtube/watch?v=i8O8Cm More accurately (just didn't have the same ring to it) I want to go to the Jane Austen Society of North America's next Annual General Meeting, which is more of a blast than it sounds, if Deborah Yaffe's description is in any way accurate.Oh boy oh [...]

    • QNPoohBear says:

      In this slim volume, Deborah Yaffe muses on what Jane Austen means to the many Janeites, herself included. The book begins with Deborah Yaffe's own personal journey to writing this book, from her childhood spent sneaking classic novels onto the playground at recess and a visit to Chawton as a teen to the tarot card that told her to write this book. She also discusses her first foray into period costuming in preparation for the JASNA AGM in 2011. The final chapter in the first section tells of Sa [...]

    • Anmiryam says:

      An enjoyable and easy-to-read romp through the various manifestations of Jane Austen fandom. Maybe closer to 3.5 stars?I have always struggled with my attraction to the communities that build around cultural experiences and my sense that investing so much into a single show or author is absurd and faintly ridiculous. Or, maybe I'm just a chicken? In any case, I've tried to attend various fan-based cons over the years, but on the rare occasion I've made it to one (was that a Star Trek Convention [...]

    • Jaylia3 says:

      For those who delight in all things Jane Austen, or those who are fascinated by obsessive subcultures, this book is a treasure chest of fun. Gather a group of Janeites and you'll find yourself in a varied assembly. From obsessive Colin Firth fans to staid scholars, from solitary readers to passionate online discussion group participants, from those who hold conservative values to those who love bawdy P&P sequels, Janeite-ism is a large tent kind of phenomenon and Deborah Yaffe explores it al [...]

    • Karen says:

      I have never joined JASNA. I only toured Bath on a trip four years ago and have never gone to England on a Jane Austen related tour. I have never worn a Regency costume, much less danced at a ball or assembly. I'm not active on the Republic of Pemberley message board and I only check Austen Blog and Austenprose on occasion instead of every day. I haven't written Jane Austen fan-fic, well, OK, I haven't published any Jane Austen fan-fic. Yet.Despite those things, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. T [...]

    • Melissa says:

      A nice overview of the current depth and breadth of the fan-dom that is comprised of "Jane-ites".Like Yaffe, I probably fall somewhere in the middle of the Jane-ites: not over-scholarly, but not overtly enthusiastic either (though, when I make it back to the UK someday, Chawton et al. is on the list of places to visit along with Gads Hill and Haworth).And I'm still thinking she thinks that one dude is a loon (dudes, I think he's a loon - Jane Fairfax got knocked up by Emma's brother-in-law befor [...]

    • Heidi says:

      It's nice to know others can appreciate and understand the obsession with this amazing writer!

    • Jenny says:

      I enjoy Jane Austen, but no where close to being a Janeite; so this book was fascinating to read about her impact literature and pop culture and the people who adore her and her books. When I was finished, I definitely realized I need to read more Jane Austen :)

    • Judy Lesley says:

      People who consider themselves Janeites - devoted fans of the writings of Jane Austen - come in all different types, just like any other group of fans of any person, group, or product. I would definitely classify myself as a "quiet" Janeite. One who enjoys moving out into the world of Jane Austen fanfiction sometimes, but who doesn't own a Jane Austen Action Figure or bobble-head doll because I never knew such things existed. Now that I know they exist because I read about them in this bookI sti [...]

    • SarahC says:

      My most enjoyable read of the summer was this new release by Deborah Yaffe. Among the Janeites is a well-structured, respectful look at Jane Austen's presence in the modern world and how her work affects her diverse group of fans -- the Janeites (us, if you'll pardon my taking such a personal note in this review).Yaffe 's writing certainly describes the fun of life as an Austen fan, but this book in not fluff or just an addition to your Austen shelf. In this unique contribution to Austen study, [...]

    • Julie Bestry says:

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with this journalistic deep dive into Jane Austen fandom. And if that sounds to the reader like I'm damning with faint praise, well, the reader would be right.Yaffe's book has correct grammar and syntax. The structure is sound. The characters (and these real people are, in some respects, characters) have some fairly interesting life stories. I tolerated the book well enough to finish it off in a week and a half, but when I wasn't reading it, I never gave it a se [...]

    • Maggie Cats says:

      A delightful and insightful journey through the Jane Austen fandom. Some of the superfans are brilliant while others are morekooky, but you'll smile through the whole book. And at the end, you'll want to pick up your favorite Austen novel and reread it. On your way to the Jane Austen Society of North American annual convention, of course. One of my favorite passages: "Yet if my journey among the Janeites had taught me anything, surely it is that Austen's work is not just a Rorschach test, a coll [...]

    • Susan says:

      Disclaimer: I was interviewed for this book and received a preview copy from the author.This was a very fine and journalistically professional description of the varied worldof Janeites. Jaffe provides wonderful viewsof the most well-known of Jane Austen's international admirers; of the historyof JASNA, the North American society andits events; and of the lively Jane Austen fan presence on the Internet. Most of all, the author writes respectfully and warmly about those from all backgrounds, prof [...]

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