Ling & Ting Share a Birthday

Ling Ting Share a Birthday Ling Ting are twins They share a birthday They bake cakes and they make birthday wishes They tell stories and wrap gifts They also share a birthday secret Have fun with Ling and Ting They stick toget

  • Title: Ling & Ting Share a Birthday
  • Author: Grace Lin
  • ISBN: 9780316184052
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ling Ting are twins They share a birthday They bake cakes, and they make birthday wishes They tell stories and wrap gifts They also share a birthday secret Have fun with Ling and Ting They stick together and look alike But they are not exactly the same.

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    • Jessemy says:

      Lin's prose needs editing for flow. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. Funny, artistic, whimsical.

    • Pink says:

      My son loves Ling and Ting so much and was absolutely thrilled when I added this to our book collection last week. I think we read this every day twice a day during the first week of owning it.

    • Cynthia says:

      A reread! This will be one of my read-alouds for our school's 20th Birthday Week!

    • Katie Fitzgerald says:

      This new book about identical twins Ling and Ting is a companion to 2010’s Geisel Award winning Ling and Ting Not Exactly the Same. The first book saw the girls having haircuts, cooking dumplings, and practicing with chopsticks, but this second one focuses on all the usual activities associated with having a birthday. On their shared birthday, Ling and Ting open presents, buy gifts for one another, bake cakes, make wishes, and read a story about a set of twins similar to themselves who have a [...]

    • Sasha says:

      Love these books!

    • Ashley Salisbury says:

      Very cute. Fun for beginning readers.

    • Ebookwormy1 says:

      We were delighted to discover the first installment of the Ling and Ting series (Not the Same) was absolutely not a fluke! They are back for more entwined adventures in this second installment of Grace Lin's whimsical series. The bright illustrations are interesting fun, and the simple narrative strikes the right notes for new readers or younger listeners. You don't have to have read the first to enjoy this one, but once you read these stories, you will want more! Highly recommended.More for new [...]

    • Kellee says:

      Full review at: unleashingreaders/?p=2489Review and Teacher’s Tools For Navigation: I am not an expert on early chapter books, but I am trying to read more than I did in the past. What I have noticed is that most early readers have short compelling stories or chapters with interesting characters and often teach a lesson or would make the reader thing. Ling & Ting is no different and is an excellent addition to the early readers I’ve read. Ling & Ting are twins, but are very different [...]

    • Alexandra Escamilla says:

      Ling & Ting Share a Birthday is about two twin girls that share almost everything. They share shoes, they share clothes, they share toys and even a birthday. But even though they share everything, they are not exactly the same. This cute book goes through the birthday of the two sisters and all that they do and do not share. I thought this was a really cute book. The illustrations were so good and not stereotypical at all. I think little girls in a classroom would love this book. Overall, I [...]

    • Barbara says:

      Early readers will enjoy following these twin sisters who are alike and yet different. The book contains six short stories, all of which concern their birthday. They share different colored birthday shoes, shop for presents, bake birthday cakes, make wishes as they blow out candles, open the presents each bought for the other, and read a birthday story similar to their own but different enough to make them glad with their own identities. While brief, each story contains an interesting message th [...]

    • Briere Lohnes says:

      A book containing multiple short stories, this 2013 concept book was very cute. Meant for early readers, it was simple and fun to read. Generally this small series of Ling and Ting is about twins and a few of their adventures. However, this book is about their shared birthday. Additionally, it covers topics like sharing, arguments, acceptance, and overall sibling conflicts and resolutions. Thus I feel it could be relatable for a lot of readers. Although, it would also be very enjoyable for many [...]

    • Becky B says:

      Ling & Ting are twins. As they prepare for and celebrate their birthday they have a number of little adventures.In the style of Little Bear or Frog & Toad, Ling & Ting is an easy reader for lower grades that has multiple chapters with short little stories. Ling & Ting are good role models for beginning readers, they share, work out problems together, and help comfort each other. A nice simple chapter book for beginning readers, and I really appreciate the Asian flavor. It is hard [...]

    • Alex Housman says:

      Ling & Ting are twins and share mostly everything. They look the same but are different. This book is unique because it is a small picture book but there are stories within the story about Ling & Ting on their birthday! The story goes from birthday presents, shopping, cake decorating, wishes, gifts, and more. I liked this read because it shows students that you can be similar but no two people are the exact same, not even identical twins. We are all unique and that is good!

    • The Styling Librarian says:

      Ling & Ting Share a Birthday by Grace Lin – Grace Lin did it again. She created a fantastic picture book that I know many of my stduents will borrow because they can read it, identify with the characters, and adore the short stories- 6 of them in this book. Precious early reader/early chapter book. I can only hope for more!

    • Laura Salas says:

      This is such a fun and funny beginning reader. Being twins give the setup lots of opportunities for repetition, which works so well for beginning readers. But there's plenty of humor and real life in here. My favorite part is when Ting and Ling both buy each other the birthday gift they'd rather have for themselves. Then they "share." Ha! Five awesome stories. Highly recommended.

    • Samantha says:

      Ling and Ting are twins and celebrating their birthday. The short chapters in this easy reader title are all about making their cake, shopping for and unwrapping birthday presents and making birthday wishes. Gouache illustrations. I highly recommend this series of beginning readers to grades 1-3 as transitional reading moving towards juvenile fiction.

    • Brandi says:

      Ling and Ting are twins, but that doesn't mean they are the same. They like and are good at different things, so when their birthday comes around, they share not just their birthday but also their gifts, both internal and material. A young reader, early chapter book.

    • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

      I have a Ling & Ting book on my library shelves, but today is the first day I actually sat down and read one. I like Ling & Ting. Gentle. Kind. Surprising. Now I can heartily recommend Ling & Ting to children at my school.

    • Christine says:

      Even thought Ling and Ting are alike, they are also very different. Young readers will enjoy hearing how these two sisters prepare for their birthday celebrations in the same, and yet different, ways!

    • Suzanne says:

      Like the first Ling and Ting book, this book is charming, funny, and realistic. I particularly appreciated how the twins went out of their way to be kind to one another, if sometimes in an authentically quirky way.

    • Becky says:

      I wanted to love this. I love Grace Lin's books for older elementary, but I could not get into this sappy sweet reader. The language seemed too stilted, even for a beginning reader

    • Christy says:

      Ling & Ting are twins. They share a birthday. They bake cakes, and they make birthday wishes. They tell stories and wrap gifts. They also share a birthday secret!Have fun with Ling and Ting! They stick together and look alike. But they are not exactly the same.

    • Edward Sullivan says:

      As charming as the first book featuring these adorable twins.

    • Maren says:

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Lin is going to be making this into a series and has more stories of Ling and Ting.

    • Reagan says:

      It's about the twins having a birthday. The shoe part is kinda cute, but the rest doesn't really make sense.

    • Donalyn says:

      Fans of Ling and Ting will enjoy the girls' birthday adventures.

    • Martha says:

      The second title in the Ling & Ting series boasts gorgeous simple guache illustrations perfectly matching this easy to read beautifully worded chapter book.

    • Joanne Roberts says:

      Perfect for 6-9 year olds to read by themselves. Multi-story collection. Stories are linked through words and picture clues. Clever and fresh.

    • Franki Sibberson says:

      I love this series --Grace Lin's writing and illustrations are perfect for these early chapter books. The characters are wonderful and the books make me laugh-lots of great humor!

    • Marissa Elera says:

      I really enjoy the Ling and Ting books. They are humorous and put the plot in the hands of the children, not adults.

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