Juste Besoin de Temps

Juste Besoin de Temps Cachant toujours son pass tortur et son corps traumatis Kaden James a du mal garder un emploi La chance tourne enfin en sa faveur lorsqu il trouve du travail comme cuisinier dans un ranch du Montana

  • Title: Juste Besoin de Temps
  • Author: J.R. Loveless Bénédicte Girault
  • ISBN: 9781613728376
  • Page: 113
  • Format: ebook
  • Cachant toujours son pass tortur et son corps traumatis, Kaden James a du mal garder un emploi La chance tourne enfin en sa faveur lorsqu il trouve du travail comme cuisinier dans un ranch du Montana, o il rencontre l effroyablement beau Logan Michaels Logan est diff rent de tous les autres hommes que Kaden a rencontr s et, en peu de temps, il se retrouve amoureux du graCachant toujours son pass tortur et son corps traumatis, Kaden James a du mal garder un emploi La chance tourne enfin en sa faveur lorsqu il trouve du travail comme cuisinier dans un ranch du Montana, o il rencontre l effroyablement beau Logan Michaels Logan est diff rent de tous les autres hommes que Kaden a rencontr s et, en peu de temps, il se retrouve amoureux du grand cow boy.Mais les cauchemars de Kaden ne le l chent pas si facilement et il ne s agit pas simplement d loigner des ombres Il tra ne derri re lui une longue vie d abus, des souvenirs horribles et une d pendance la douleur qu il lui faudra vaincre La douceur de Logan pourra t elle aider Kaden gu rir de l int rieur

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    • Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

      DNF This is just too sweet, even for me. I don't know what exactly is my problem, I was expecting an emotional story, but for some reason, I felt like the story was forcing me to be emotional with the constant crying and shocks of the main guy. Yeah I know he has a terrible background and I'm obviously a heartless b*tch, but he was just too sensitive to every single damn thing that happened in this book, so it kinda started to get on my nerves :D Yep, heartless all right And everything else in t [...]

    • ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) says:

      Ode To Pure MelodramaThe story starts with Kaden,a young man who's scarred inside and out.He's had some trauma and is scared of big men,so he gets fired from jobs again and again.(I don't know how he lives in NYC where even crap apartments cost like $1000 a month and a kidney)Someone takes pity on Kaden and sends him to Montanawhere he's hired to be the ranch cook.He meets his new boss LoganWho's big but has tasty looks.(the soap opera names should have clued me in to all of the melodrama that w [...]

    • Justacat says:

      The angsty premise - badly abused young man coming to the country, finding a family, learning he deserves to be loved, etc. etc. - is alluring, no doubt, as is the setting, but unfortunately, that's not enough to make up for the woefully poor execution. There's the lack of emotional realism; in particular, the fact that Kaden comes to the ranch so terribly traumatized that he can't even have a single lustful thought or feeling without having a panic attack - and having been this way for years an [...]

    • Emma Sea says:

      Re-read, April 2014What a load of unreadable crap! I gave this 4 stars in 2011. What was I thinking??Original review Oct 19, 2011This book is written terribly, but at the end of a really bad day it was like a big dish of over-sweet ice cream with canned whipped cream and syrup: waaaay too sweet but just what I needed. Not one aspect of the story is believeable, the sex is an amalgam of every m/m cliche, the hero is a Mary-Sue, plus it gets all Christian at the end (huge turn-off for me). BUT, it [...]

    • Betryal says:

      Whereas I should be starting on the next book to read unfortunately my mind kept playing back to this one and even though I was only going to rate it I felt the urge, the need to write up my thoughts on this story in question. I’ll guess it’s considered therapeutic to get it out in the open when a story niggles or torments you and speak about it while forgoing my own recovery. This is it for me.It’s with great debate that I had rated this story a 4* and it was sitting at a 4.5 until a cert [...]

    • BWT (Belen) says:

      The narration by Jeff Gelder was very good, as I have come to expect and enjoy from him. Unfortunately, the story in no way, shape or form worked for me. This story requires the complete and total suspension of disbelief for every single part, which is impossible. You can have one or two things require suspension of disbelief in a story, and still have it work, but EVERY element? NO. JustClick on the spoiler tag to see a breakdown of exactly what went wrong for me in this story. Be advised - the [...]

    • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      2.5 This was rather corny and got all super spiritual toward the end; there was a lot of pain and crying and healing. The dialogue was crazy cheesy, like bad-poetry in motion. Kaden had a shit life, so I'm not sure why the author chose to throw more crap at him toward the end of the story. (view spoiler)[Note to author: Spinal cord injuries cannot be healed with physical therapy. And the book was sad enough without throwing in a little girl dying of brain cancer and an unhinged asshole trying to [...]

    • Lightreads says:

      M/M. The sort of romance that starts – and I mean the very first sentence – with a rape. Because that way we can get to all the saccharine declarations of love by hot cowboy and repeated instances of trauma being healed by the application of cock. This book is abysmally awful on nearly every front, and dangerously so on matters of sexual trauma, queer identities, and disability. But I am weary, so let's talk about the ways this book is hilarious awful, as opposed to really unfunny awful.The [...]

    • Kristalia says:

      Final rating: 4/5 stars "How did you stop a heart from breaking? How can you change someone's past?" Warning:Prepare a tissue box or something similar, unless your heart is made of stone.Wow, this book was justloveable. I seriously loveeeeed this one, and i couldn't stop reading it! It's heartbreaking, funny and sweet romance. Don't get me wrong, i cried like hell in some scenes. And writing is beautiful, told from different povs, and in third person.____________________________________________S [...]

    • Mary says:

      I just finished and I had to write and say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story builds so slowly and is so well crafted that you feel as though you are healing right along with Kaden. It doesn't rush and I loved that. And Loganlove him, as well as his sister Shea. I hope there will be more, I can't wait. I would love to go back over and over to visit. Or maybe Mitchell's story could be next. This book should not be missed.

    • Kassa says:

      I picked this one up when I was in the mood for a pretty angsty, dramatic story. Unfortunately while Touch Me Gently tries hard to invoke emotion and a strong reaction due to the subject matter, I never connected to the story or the characters. I kept feeling as though the actions and emotions were artificial and manipulated by the author and story versus being authentic and real to the situations. The subject matter is a good choice for an intense romantic story but it never quite delivered on [...]

    • Beck says:

      I've read this book twice now mainly to make sure that it was as awful as I remembered and it was. The following will contain spoilers so bewareWTF-ery1. Kaden was a chick with a dick plus he was constantly referred to as "little one" or "the boy" or "the teen" was really annoying and not a little bit icky.2. Violet eyes!!!! Nuf said!!!!3. Kaden is at a Montana ranch not the most gay-friendly environmenthe finds a m/m romance and doesn't question it despite the supposedly 'straight' man livi [...]

    • ♥ ♥Lynn ♥ ♥ says:

      "I… uh… want to tell you about my past. Tonight. Um… I… just promise me that you won't hate me,” he pleaded.As I read these words I lowered my head and cried. I have said these same words before. I was so touched by this book. This book shows the strength of an 19 year old boy abused and broken climb and claw his way back to trust again. I can not put into words how I feel about this book. If you have ever had to repeat those words then know you how hard and afraid it is to let someone [...]

    • Shelby says:

      I’m giving this an extra star for the possibility of the story. The actual story idea is decent, young damaged boy goes to Montana ranch, which helps him heal. The execution though is beyond AWFUL! I didn’t enjoy this story at all. Unrealistic characterization and ridiculous plot devices take this story out of the realm of the plausible and just make it painful.Kaden James can’t keep a job. Tortured and abused for years his scared body and fear of larger men make life really difficult for [...]

    • Don Bradshaw says:

      This was an amazing and beautiful story about a nineteen year old man struggling to live after a childhood of mental and sexual abuse that started at age eight. Kaden is barely getting by in New York City. He can't hold down a job because of his mental state and his fear of big men which stems back to his step-father raping and torturing him. Being a slightly built young man doesn't help him either. It almost seems that the author went overboard with the abuse yet this really does happen. Kaden [...]

    • Monique ~ Sinfully says:

      This was an audio book, sweet and easy listen to break the tedium of household chores.

    • Rikki says:

      I’m all for the tortured hero and all and, God, nobody can be disappointed in that respect. Poor Kaden has suffered a lot during his childhood and it didn’t even stop once he got to Logan’s ranch. This was a bit much, really. Can’t you give the poor man a break? I found the fact that there was another one of those perverts right there on the ranch somewhat disturbing. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire.There were a few more things that bothered me about the characters or the [...]

    • Sarah_loves_books says:

      I DNFed at 50%. So sad :(I really liked it up till 40%, but then something happened that I started to think about too much.You see, Kaden was somebody who really should have been in a hospital, not fighting his way in the world. I really like books where a man saves another, who is lost, like Jim and Montana are lost in Sean Michael's Hammer world. But Kaden, he was more than lost, he was completely damaged by abuse. If he was out of hospital, then he really needed someone who was an angel, who [...]

    • Brenda Maldonado says:

      I really enjoyed this book for two reasons: One, I am a self-proclaimed angst whore and this book is a complete angst fest. Two, I love young (but legal!), small, feminine characters and Kaden fits the bill nicely.The story is a bit over the top, both in the way Kaden is put through the wringer time and time again, and in the way the relationship between Kaden and Logan develops without a hitch. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much because I am one of those readers that can easily suspend disbel [...]

    • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!) says:

      This story was harder for me to rate than most other books. It wasn't a bad book, there are just things that you think 'Seriously's just that easy, huh?'. I just decided to read and not think to much into some things and just enjoyed the relationship grow with trust and love between the MCs and to get to see how much Kaden changes from the 1st few pages is a joy to see. He pulled at my heartstrings and I just wanted him to finally get his HEA.

    • Vishous says:

      if it's too sweet for Blacky, then i would probably kill myself

    • Absynthe says:

      This had such potential. It started well, good premise, interesting characters, but deteriorated as it went on. It got completely unrealistic and way too melodramatic.In the beginning the characters were all compelling and believable, but about 2/3 of the way through the book it all went down hill. I don't know any straight men who's reaction to finding themselves attracted to a guy for the first time in their lives would be to shrug and just go with it without freaking out in the least, tiniest [...]

    • JR says:

      This is the story of an abuse teenager that lands on a ranch in Montana. Kaden James can't keep a job for long due to his abuse issues. He takes a job in Montana at the urging of his counselor. This becomes Kaden's lifeline. He meets a giant gentle cowboy in the owner Logan Micheals. His life changes forever. This is a very gentle loving romance. The best part of this story though is how the author understands the dynamics of abuse, not just sexual but any type. It makes the reader want to hold [...]

    • Arzu says:

      I just finished reading and really loved this book. It is slow-paced and holds your heart from the beginning. Kaden is so traumatised from his child abuse, suffering PTSD, and with each page of the book he is slowly healing. Logan and Shea help him by offering unconditional love, caring for him and giving him a family.I hope there will be a sequel 'cause I really would love to read more about this couple.

    • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★ says:

      I love my cowboy books~3-3.5 Stars~This was a sweet a very sweet book, but for some reason in the mist of reading it I found that this book depressed me, but, that could be because it was about a damaged soul.but, what liked most, and what I'll always remember is that he get's warm arms gentley wrapped around him, and he touched him gently. And IMO to feel that between the pages makes this more than worth the read❤️

    • Nic says:

      This is a story about overcoming the debilitating impacts of abuse. I enjoyed the gentle pace of the story and the slow development of the relationship between Logan and Kaden as they slowly learned to trust one another and open their hearts. Admittedly Kaden did appear to make huge steps forward without professional help but this could be forgiven in the context of the story. I am giving it 4 stars as I was really in the mood for a story about hope and healing so it hit the mark!

    • Mercedes says:

      too much forced drama and corny dialogue in this book.

    • Elisa Rolle says:

      For sure the purpose of this story is to touch deeply and strongly the emotions of the reader; Kaden is a traumatized young man, at only 19 years old he has already a past of years of abuses and also violence, and so, even if only one time the author will explicitly say that, we are dealing with a case of pedophilia. All of this will make clear to the reader that this is not an easy story and so some of the feelings you can have for the characters have to be weighted with that. Kaden is young, l [...]

    • Trisha Harrington says:

      When I first read this book I was not expecting to be brought on an emotional journey I ended up on. I fell in love with the two MC's and Shay as well as the story and build up to the love story that was told here. I'm the first to admit this will not be everyone's cup of tea. There was a lot of "unrealistic" parts, but I don't read everything to learn, sometimes I just want to feel.Kayden is an abused teenager, (view spoiler)[he was molested and tortured by his step-father, who he later killed [...]

    • a_fret_argent says:

      Concept- great.Execution- poor.This book would be much better if a draconian editor had taken it in hand and made it bleed red ink. The writing feels amateur, and a stern editor could have really helped clean it up. It is well proof-read; there were not gross typos and the like, but the shifting points of view were confusing and often repetitive. Even just cutting a lot of the redundant language would have made this a better read.I was also annoyed that not a single thing in the ENTIRE BOOK was [...]

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