Thief of Thieves, Vol. 2, "Help Me"

Thief of Thieves Vol Help Me Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond There is nothing he can t steal nothing he can t have except for the life he left behind But when his big heist doesn t go as planned

  • Title: Thief of Thieves, Vol. 2, "Help Me"
  • Author: Robert Kirkman James Asmus Shawn Martinbrough
  • ISBN: 9781607066767
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond There is nothing he can t steal, nothing he can t have except for the life he left behind But when his big heist doesn t go as planned, the aftermath shows that every action has an equal and equally violent reaction Collects Thief of Thieves 8 13.

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    • Crystal Starr Light says:

      Bullet Review:Augustus Paulson is a complete waste of oxygen. He's always getting into trouble, always needing his daddy to save him, and yet always fighting with Daddy - not to say that Daddy Conrad doesn't deserve it, as Daddy Conrad seems to be an arrogant d!ck, but dayum. I can only take so much family dwama!BUT this was, IMO, a more exciting, more interesting caper than last time. Even if there still are way more male characters than female ones - and the female characters keep needing to b [...]

    • Sesana says:

      Volume two has a different writer than volume one (remember that Kirkman is really more like a showrunner than a writer here) which is probably why this volume isn't quite as successful. It just feels like it's missing something. The previous volume worked well on nearly every level, and this one Well, it's merely ok, on nearly every level. I know this series can do better, and I think it would have if it had kept the original writer (Nick Spencer) for this volume as well.

    • Leo says:

      After giving the first volume a reread yesterday, this one it's a bit weaker, like I expected. "Help Me" centers on Conrad's son who is clearly not the thief his father is nor the compelling character he is either. This volume gives us a more detailed account of the relationship between Conrad and August and is easy to understand why he is so angry at his father. I can somewhat relate to August, my father is no international thief but he has been a disappointment for all my life. Anyway, August [...]

    • Joseph says:

      The second volume of Thief of Thieves was just as exciting as the first. In this one, our intrepid protagonist has to save the ass of his not-so-successful son, and a few secrets are spilled to the reader along the way. This needs to be a movie, pronto.

    • Sebastien says:

      Something is missing from the first volume but able to put my finger on it. the art was ok but it felt a bit rushed sometimes.but I still want to know what happen to the characters , this is to me the strong point of the characters the layers.

    • Chenise says:

      Actual rating: 3.5This volume is definitely weaker than the first, but it started picking up towards the end. Augustus is still an asshole and should either get his shit together or stop turning to his dad for help or to blame.Very interested to see where the story is going.

    • Rolando Marono says:

      The good:-More protanosim of Redomond's son.-The newer revelations of the bigger story and background of some characters make a good addition to the story so far.-Lola is frightening.-The scheme.The bad:-There are some plot holes in the scheme, everything happens fortituously.

    • Drown Hollum says:

      Writers change for the second story arc, unfortunately robbing the series of the humor and fluidity found in the first volume of Thief of Thieves, but what remains is a competently scripted and interesting story about a father, his son, and the oft explored Mexican drug cartels. While "Help Me" treads some very familiar territory in the crime genre, it does so with style. The characters are interesting, the art is consistent and tonally strong, and the core plot is a well informed twist on the h [...]

    • Cale says:

      Volume 2 doesn't stand up quite as strong as Volume 1 does; the focus has shifted to Redmond and his son Augustus, and Augustus is not a sympathetic character (and isn't really supposed to be). He digs the hole that manages to swallow both of them (and myriad others) into another caper. This time, things don't work out so well (although seeing it fall apart is a great scene that works really well), and the book doesn't really resolve anything - you can see that it has moved to a full series comp [...]

    • Zedsdead says:

      Augustus is free but now has to deal with the pissed off gangsters whose job he bungled. They take his girlfriend and give him a ridiculously short amount of time to come up with an absurdly large amount of money. Redmond has to get involved, angsty teen rebelliousness ensues, a couple of generic twists happen, and scene.Eh, it was okay, there was a bit of a drop-off from the quality of v1 but I'm not putting this title on my DNR list just yet. The Sean Phillips-esque art rocks, the dialogue is [...]

    • Meran says:

      What some people will do to help out their kids when they screw up big time…Last time, our thief, Conrad Paulson, AKA "Redmond", cleared his boy with the police by stealing the evidence (drugs) from the police evidence room. But the people the drugs were stolen from still want THEIR pound of flesh, or the 200 grand… His son joins him on a job - some kids just never become as capable, nor as smart as their parents, do they?As an artist, I kinda like how there are picture/painting frames every [...]

    • Kelly Lynn Thomas says:

      Stuff gets real in this volume. There's more action than in the first one, which isn't a bad thing. It also ends on a pretty intense cliff hanger. Now that Redmond and his son are involved in the drug cartels, I expect things to get really crazy, and I'm interested to see what will happen and how Redmond will react. This volume and the first did a great job of setting up how Redmond likes to operate -- and how he doesn't -- and now it looks like he's going to have to break some of his own person [...]

    • Jeff Raymond says:

      I was cold on a lot of the first volume, but the final portion made it worth my time. This one didn't do so much for me on a whole, as it had a questionable plot that resolved kind of strangely, and not quite enough oomph behind it to keep it as a driving force. I don't know what could have been done to improve this, but it felt as if a lot of the stakes were heightened in a way that didn't meet the intended intensity level.Not a failure, but far from a success.

    • Shannon Appelcline says:

      A good continuation of the series. It's nice to see the focus move from Redmond to his son Augustus, and we get a really great contrast between the two int his volume. The caper that's at the center of this book isn't nearly as clever as the previous one, but its good to see Redmond using his abilities in different ways. I particularly loved the last two issues, because they picked up the action and offered a terrific confluence.

    • Brendan Nicholls says:

      not really sure if I'll continue this series as the characters don't really explode off the page. This chapter was super boring and uneventful and the writing was average at best. I think my expectations should have been set lower, I have the next chapter but I'm a little reluctant to read it just yet

    • Paul Allard says:

      Good follow-up volume which draws you inThis volume draws you further into the story of the master thief trying to quit the business. This one involves his son and his girlfriend and attempts to keep everyone safe from other villains and the FBI. With plenty of action and violence, this is engaging and entertaining although the unannounced flashbacks still make it confusing at times.

    • Douglas Gorney says:

      You're gonna feel manipulated in the same way you do when you watch a movie and the hero you thought was dead removes his disguise at the end and saunters casually into the scene. The tricks Kirkman plays with time and unreliable narration can seem a little cheap if you think about them too much, but they're time-honored cinematic devices, and I applaud him for bringing them to the book.

    • Biscuitz says:

      This series is getting better, the final verdict won't be ready for some time but I'm liking it so far.If your looking for an idea of what your getting I can best illustrate as a recipe which would be two parts ocean eleven, one part Italian job, a dash of film noir, a touch of Out of Sight, a healthy slice of Get Carter and some lock stock.

    • Todd says:

      The story and pacing is Kirkman through and through. Unfortunately the dialogue lacks his touch. There are only a few moments of genuine humor here. 3.5 stars rounded up because I love a heist story.

    • Jacob says:

      This volume was surprisingly good despite Robert Kirkman taking on a lesser role as the singular writer. For this volume he's credited for "Story" rather than "writer" so I suppose Kirkman provides an outlined plot and writer James Asmus creates a script based on Kirkman's notes.

    • Edward Lebowski says:

      Si stanno formando le fondamenta per uno spettacolo da sfogliare pagina dopo pagina. Dona davvero l'impressione di leggere una serie TV di alto livello, dalla trama gustosa e potente, a tratti già rivista, ma che SICURAMENTE ci sorprenderà.

    • Alex Sarll says:

      After my over-hasty initial dismissal of Walking Dead and Invincible, I feel obliged to give any new Kirkman project at least two volumes - but no, this still seems to be an utterly generic heist/personal issues story. Oh well.

    • Seth says:

      I really like this series too. Image has been cranking out some really really good titles of late, and I'm definitely encouraged to keep reading this, along with Saga, Fatale, and the walking dead. Good stuff!

    • Ryan says:

      Kind of a logical progression from the last volume. Kirkman's developing Redmond as a character mostly in terms of seeing how other people define him, which gives us an interesting perspective. The crime itself is less interesting, but the character stuff makes up for it.

    • Bobby Honeyman says:

      Thief of thieves started off interesting, but unlike Kirkman's other work I do not care about any of the characters, which makes it a chore to keep reading. Maybe this is a comic to revisit in a year after a few more volumes come out and not a comic to crave and wait for each month.

    • Andrew Uys says:

      Another great graphic novel, I'm equally impressed that the series didn't miss a beat with the writer switch-up. This "noir-as-(rhymes with duck;) meets The Thomas Crown Affair thinking-man criminal" series is one of the best reads on the comic rack today.

    • Shannon says:

      Despite quitting in Vol. 1, Redmond is pulled back into the world of crime when his son gets caught up with the cartel. This book gives some backstory but progresses Redmond's "retirement" too.

    • Ian says:

      Still interesting, but the non-linear plot, combined with my ineptitude for comprehending heists, made it difficult to follow.

    • Amanda [Novel Addiction] says:

      I really love this series. I mean, it's thieves, so I was already predisposed to liking it but I think it is a legitimately entertaining series.

    • Daniel says:

      Again ok.I think I'll stop at this volume though not invested enough.

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