Please Don’t Take My Baby

Please Don t Take My Baby I m going to love my baby and give her lots of attention Jade said I ll show my mum she s wrong Jade is pregnant homeless and alone when she s brought to live with Cathy Jade is desperate to ke

  • Title: Please Don’t Take My Baby
  • Author: Cathy Glass
  • ISBN: 9780007514915
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • I m going to love my baby and give her lots of attention, Jade said I ll show my mum she s wrong Jade, 17, is pregnant, homeless and alone when she s brought to live with Cathy Jade is desperate to keep her baby, but little than a child herself, she struggles with the responsibilities her daughter brings.Cathy is worried as soon as Jade arrives she s never look I m going to love my baby and give her lots of attention, Jade said I ll show my mum she s wrong Jade, 17, is pregnant, homeless and alone when she s brought to live with Cathy Jade is desperate to keep her baby, but little than a child herself, she struggles with the responsibilities her daughter brings.Cathy is worried as soon as Jade arrives she s never looked after a pregnant teenager before, but none of the mother and baby carers free, and seventeen years old, seven months pregnant and homeless Jade is in a desperate situation.But Jade doesn t want to listen or advice and although her daughter is born safely it isn t long before Jade s in trouble with the police.Cathy knows that Jade loves her daughter with all her heart, but will she be able to get through to Jade in time to make her realise just how much she might lose

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    • ReadAlong With Sue says:

      I just realised I hadn't written a review on this one I read some time back.Like all of Cathy Glass books you find yourself well in the middle of it all no matter what child arrives at her home.I always feel Cathy goes many steps beyond her 'job' except being a foster parent is not a job. It's a vocation in life I feel.You can once again hear Cathys expertise coming to the forefront as she deals with a pregnant girl. She's not had this before, but she takes it in her stride and feels her way aro [...]

    • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out says:

      It was only after I requested this title that I learned Cathy Glass is the author of a dozen or more similar 'true life stories' all inspired by her experiences as a foster mother.Please Don't Take My Baby is the story of seventeen year old Jade. Pregnant and homeless after one too many arguments with her mother, she enters Cathy's care on a short time placement. Though an experienced foster carer, Cathy is out of her depth dealing with a rebellious teenager and when Jade's daughter is born the [...]

    • Monica Willyard says:

      This is the heartwarming story of a dedicated foster mother who took in a troubled, rebellious pregnant teenager. The placement was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks until the agency could find someone to take in the girl and her baby. However, A foster family could not be found, and the baby was born while her mother was still in foster care. This is a story of triumph and failure, rebellion and forgiveness. It is well worth reading.

    • Ruby Tuesday says:

      I've read most of Cathy Glass's books this one differs in the sense that it's not about a young child but a 17 year old pregnant by her 16 year old boyfriend. The girl, Jade goes into care after an argument with her mother. The young girl is very troubled and smokes and drinks whilst pregnant much to Cathy's horror. Cathy is asked to have both Jade and her baby girl continue to stay with her after the birth. Jade struggles with the responsibilities of motherhood and finds herself in a position w [...]

    • Redfox5 says:

      Well I've found my new Torey Hayden. I loved this book. I originally thought that Cathy Glass wrote fiction. I was pleased to see that she actually writes books based on her own true life experiences. I couldn't put this down! This is the story of Jade, a pregnant 17 year old with no where to go. Cathy reluctantly agrees to foster her, she doesn't normally take in teenagers. Jade is very difficult. She breaks the rules, she smokes and drinks. I wouldn't be able to deal with a situation like this [...]

    • K.L. Taylor says:

      I wasn't quite so sure about this book at first given that the situation was slightly different to many of the others in Cathy's books but I guess it's hardly surprising that I cried, enjoyed the book thoroughly and once again felt a wave of inspiration as I finished the last page.

    • ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠ says:

      Review to follow

    • Kalie says:

      Very good and heat breaking but over all a very good book

    • Amy H says:

      I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest book totally broke my heart. It was a true story, and i felt bad for both Cathy and this teenage girl Jade. This actually happens all the time, but they don't get lucky enough to get put into the foster systems, or anything till it is too lateis book takes on the emotional journey of a woman named Cathy. She is a foster parent for little kids, and loves what she does. She has 2 kids of her own, and also having to deal with a [...]

    • Emy says:

      I received this early! Yay!Jade, 17, is pregnant, homeless and alone when she’s brought to live with Cathy. Jade is desperate to keep her baby, but little more than a child herself, she struggles with the responsibilities her daughter brings.Cathy Glass doesn't normally foster teenagers, let alone pregnant ones, but she finds herself unable to refuse bringing Jade into her home. Raising a teenager is quite different from anything Cathy has dealt with so far, and you can really see this from wh [...]

    • Autumn says:

      I received this book from the site Edelweiss above the tree line.For those that know me, all know that a book like this is out of my normal realm of reading. But when I read the blurb of this book I literally had to read it. It take me a while to finally realize that the place setting was in England. At first I thought some of the words were miss typed or the grammar was funny. It wasn't until midway I picked up the place. I am glad the ending was a happy ending because I would have felt so sad [...]

    • Beth Strand says:

      “Please Don’t Take My Baby” is Thought Provoking Take a pregnant teen, a reluctant foster carer who usually only takes young children, and add in the difficulties of alcohol abuse and you can prepare yourself for a pretty grim outcome. Cathy Glass, however, in her telling of her experience with a 17 year-old, unwed mother manages to capture your heart. Told from her perspective as a foster care giver in England, Cathy manages to keep you guessing as to the outcome of this story until the f [...]

    • Den says:

      Another of Glasses books to cross off my to-read list. I really do not know how she does it. It takes a special kind of somebody to be a foster carer and she has all the boxes ticked. Although this latest foster'child' stretched her to her limits. This time she has to look after a teenage mum-to-be and later help her learn to care for her baby too. Jade has numerous chances to sort her life out but can't see that having fun and being with 'me mates' has to come second place when a baby arrives / [...]

    • Angel Grimes says:

      I picked this book up second hand at a charity stall, the plot sounded like the usual schadenfreude that I enjoy, but after the first page it became blatently obvious as to why this drivel was donated to charity. This isn't schadenfreude this is my own misery! Now I'm not talking plot here because let's face it "pregnant teen placed in foster care" pretty much sums that up. It is what it says on the label, no, what I'm talking about is the author.The sheer way the book is written makes it a mise [...]

    • Christine bonner says:

      This book should be given to teenage boys and girls in school to read and than there may think about having a baby.This is a story of a 17 year called Jade and her baby Courtney, Jade is homeless and has been in trouble with the police Cathy is asked to look after her till there found a mother and bay unit,Cathy takes Jade in and finds that is very different to looking after young children,Jade goes out with her mates smokes and gets drunk while she is still pregant and comes back to Cathy drunk [...]

    • Enya-Marie says:

      "Overall, ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ is okay.It’s okay to take on a boring flight or to turn to at 4am. It isn’t okay to take to a book club and remark on how it profoundly changed your life (it won’t, by the way). It’ll do but it’s by no means brilliant and I can almost guarantee that anyone who has read it won’t be too boastful of it unless they are part of the cult. Though following the formula typical of this genre, it isn’t hugely successful and I’ve found some of Gla [...]

    • ReadAlong With Sue says:

      I took the weekend of from reading reviews so that I could catch up with a book I was also longing to read that I had purchased a while ago. I've read every single book that Cathy Glass has written. I was lucky to be able to talk to her via Internet last year and ask her a few questions.Lovely, feeling, patience and honest person. Although when fostering [and still to this day] she has to remain confidential to her data what I admire about this lady is that she is honest and always put the best [...]

    • Amelia says:

      For considering the emotive subject matter, I felt Please Don't Take My Baby fell rather flat. That's not to say that it was a bad read, but it was surprisingly almost entirely without emotion. I'm not sure quite what it was - maybe that I never really got to know or felt connected with any of the people involved or that "Cathy" was very restrained in expressing her own emotions (understandably, for the sake of the other people involved and also perhaps for the sake of her continuing career as a [...]

    • Kristen says:

      Cathy Glass had never let me down yet. I love her and all her children that she foster over the year. This story was a little different then the rest as Jade was an seventeen old girl who was put in care after her mother kicked her out of the house due to the fact she was pregnant. She was also doing a number of thing the put her and the baby at risk. The story take you not only the time with Cathy's but the up and down of doing what normal things young teenagers do for fun and excited, the rela [...]

    • Anne Marie says:

      Again really impressed by another Cathy Glass book. I read this book in 24 hours. I was really surprised by the that Jade got to keep Courtney. I half expected her to not be able to keep the baby in the end. With her even trying to keep Courtney was really good but it sucked that she was getting persuaded so easy by other people. The one thing I truly enjoy about reading any Cathy Glass book is that it's actually her story along with the child's story. I've always been big on true stories but wh [...]

    • Alexandra says:

      While this is not my favourite Cathy Glass novel, I always enjoy her books. Despite all she's seen; how many broken children have come into her life, she is still very positive about everyone (negligent or incapable parents included).This is a very realistic teen pregnancy in a culture of "teen mom" and "16 and pregnant" plus a few other shows and celebrities. The plainness some people have commented on in other reviews shocks me a little - reality Tv is 90% fabricated the girls are actors, it w [...]

    • Phoenix says:

      Ever since I discovered Cathy Glass, I've tried to read as many of her books as I could and I've enjoyed every one till now. 'Please Don't Take My Baby' was torture. Weirdly, it's an interesting and emotional story, but the writing is incredibly flat and lacks any emotion. I think even the author must have felt it because she goes to great lengths to describe her feelings on every page, I've probably damaged my eyes with the number of times they rolled back into my head at the sheer tedium of it [...]

    • Heidi says:

      This is another typical Cathy Glass book--fans will enjoy it. Cathy Glass fosters children in the UK. Usually she takes school-age children, older than toddlers but younger than teenagers. This time, however, she was asked to take in a pregnant teen just for a few nights until more suitable accommodation could be found. Of course, those few nights turned into many more nights. The teen, Jade, had her baby but was far too immature to be a mother. And her story unfolds as such stories do.

    • Bubblesthefairy says:

      Yet again i have given in and read another Cathy Glass book i always say i dont enjoy them and that they are a waste of time but still i go back and read another. This book was ok i guess very informative like Cathy Glass always is with her books. This is one of the things that annoys me about her books. We dont always need to know every detail like when she has a cup of tea etc Wasn't the worst one ive read though.

    • Becca Alderman says:

      I loved this book, yes it's a little different to her normal ones but the whole story was thought provoking. being a mum myself I really felt for jade but the ending was good, finding out how the family was doing and how they where getting in was fantastic! would definitely recommend this book to other to read, and think it would also be a good book to have teenagers read. that way it might make them think twice before doing anything

    • Nicola Ankers says:

      I have read most of cathy glasses books and this is another book that is yet another eye opener to me no realising what young girls can go threw in life this book i didnt put down either i read it from start to finish and had enjoyed reliving the whole experiance of what this young girl and the family had gone threw in life. I found it emotional at the end when finding out how the family had come acrross everythkng that had happened x

    • Angela says:

      As I said before, this book seriously could have done with some editing. I can't believe all the fluff that was allowed through to the end printing. There were a few typos and unnecessary descriptions that made it aggravating to read at points. Anyway, that being said, this book was okay. I liked it since it had a nice ending and it was a quick book to read. I didn't like it as much as the others by Cathy Glass, simply because of the needless descriptions and editing failures.

    • Marie says:

      Same as all others by this author. True story of foster carer. I find it hard to believe that this carer continues to be so naive /trusting , but maybe that's how you keep doing this job. It'd be nice if her editor would help edit a bit more so the story doesn't get so bogged down with excessive detail.

    • Hira Mir says:

      Please don't take my baby, is an amazing read. Cathy Glass has a style of writing that is captivating, the book is fast paced and doesn't drag like some non fiction books tend to do. The struggle that Jade and Cathy both have experienced through this journey, is written in a style easy to get lost in.

    • Danielle says:

      I love Cathy Glass books, her writting style is just beautiful. This book totaly inspired me and couldn't put it down as I was really interested in the story and wanted to know more. I'm looking forward to discover more of Cathy Glass books. Just a tip get your tissues ready, you will be crying throughout it!

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