Starers Imagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home Events turn bizarre w

  • Title: Starers
  • Author: Nathan Robinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Imagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world .The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home Events turn bizarre when hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the KImagine if you found yourself the attention of the entire world .The dysfunctional Keene family awaken one Saturday to find several strangers and neighbours staring at their home Events turn bizarre when hypnotised strangers arrive, all seemingly transfixed with those within the Keene household As the ominous crowd gathers and grows larger by the hour the Keene s find themselves under siege in their own home With hundreds, then thousands of bodies pressing against the walls of their home, a rising body count and grim premonitions plaguing their dreams, the family must work together to discover who or what is controlling the Starers.

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    • Emily May says:

      “All it took for evil to prevail was for good men to do nothing.”You see, here's the thing. I get a bunch of emails every week from authors asking me to review their books and, more often than not, those who contact me this way tend to be ones I've never heard of before. So I open up the pages for their books, check out the description and browse the reviews. And I would estimate that about 10% intrigue me enough to make me start reading beyond the basic description; just one in ten convinc [...]

    • Arah-Lynda says:

      I was provided a free copy of this story, from the author. In exchange I promised an honest review. (my first folks)And I so wanted to love this. I could say that perhaps I am just not the target audience for this story, but in truth I loved the concept.A man, Dylan and his brother return to Dylan’s home late, after a night of drinking. They do not notice an old man, standing at the bus stop, in the rain, motionless, until they get inside, when Dylan spots him from his window and wonders when [...]

    • Sarah Marie says:

      Starers by Nathan Robinson3.5 starsThe Keene family awakens one morning like any other day, but there’s a strange man standing at the bus stop that was there last night. Things get weirder when neighbors and townspeople start surrounding the house in a hypnotized trance. The crowd grows bigger and bigger and the Keene family finds themselves under siege. Will the family be able to find the cause of the Starers or make it out alive? I probably would’ve never even been slightly interested in t [...]

    • Bob Milne says:

      The young couple with the dog. The once distraught driver. The old man at the bus stop. The gang of kids on the field.Even the bent and twisted young lad smeared across the tarmac outside his house, bubbles of blood blew from his nose as the breath left his punctured lungs, eyes fixed wide, yet remaining as calm as a stoned Buddha, despite his probable broken spine and multiple fractures.All of them were staring blankly at the house.And so begins the creepy, darkly humorous, Starers by Nathan Ro [...]

    • Dixie says:

      Starers was a short book, which was nice. I was looking for a quick read and this was perfect. And just because it was short doesn't mean it wasn't intense! This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Dylan Keene first notices an old man at the bus stop outside of his house really late on a Friday night and thinks to himself "I wonder what time the last bus is?" But he ends up brushing it off and goes back to playing video games. The next morning starts off like any normal Saturday [...]

    • Bandit says:

      This was an excellent horror either a long novella or a short novel from a new author. He seems to really be able to get at the heart of what's scary by creating an apocalyptic tale that's small and contained to one family's perspective, making the end of the world a very personalized thing. The family here was a very realistic creation as much as the Starers and The Stranger were a very original freaky and inspired one. Terrific original concept. Nice balance of drama and action, for those who [...]

    • Adam Light says:

      This book was free on and I took a chance based on the description and the freaky cover art.I'm happy I got this book. It is a simple premise, but the characters are so well drawn and the story so bizarre that it sucks you right in and doesn't let go.This is the kind of book that comes along now and then (not often enough!) that sort of floors you; makes you realize that there are some quirky original authors that pop up and sideswipe your expectations. This is why I love to read. I heartily re [...]

    • rachel • typed truths says:

      3.5 starsLet me start by saying that I am normally not a fan of horror. I don't get a kick from scaring myself. I really don't see the point of it. If I am scared of something I steer clear of it. I don't go on rollercoasters, climb mountains, walk on glass balconies, go in elevators (if I can help it) or anything else like that because heights scaring the living daylights out of me. Why would I want to purposely sit down on a Friday evening and pop in a movie / pick up a book and purposely scar [...]

    • Tessa says:

      4.5 stars actually, but not really 5.A copy of this book was offered to me by the author in exchange for an honest review I'll start with what I didn't like and what made me give this only 4 stars: too short. I understand that the story was meant to be seen only from the family's point of view, but the idea was really original and I'm sure the author knows more about "this evil" than we are presented with in this short novel. So please, tell us more. I want a second part.The development of the s [...]

    • Donna says:

      A brilliant read! I enjoyed this guy's writing style a lot, it sucks you in right away. Here you have a pretty scary and quite different storyline, with some funny moments from its characters and some truly great writing with some comedy added too. I loved the 'staring' concept, absolutely brilliant and chilling too! Can you imagine waking up to more and more people just simply staring at you when you look outside? Gives me the creeps!This one is truly worth a read if you like your horror with a [...]

    • Savannah says:

      Despite the low read count, the weird plot and Emily’s review makes me want to keep this on my list. I’ll get to you, weird little book, eventually, hopefully.

    • ZombieGrrL says:

      It’s taken me a while to review Starers as I’ve been processing the imagery & story through my mind. I’m still a little unhinged.This one’s going to be hard to review without spoilers, so this may be a little disjointed. But that’s a symptom of Starers…… here we go.First of all I LOVED IT! This is just the type of book I like to read. Straight into the story, action to action, no long internal dialogues, or weird sequences that you want to skip (I do that a lot with books), jus [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      First of all, kudos to the author for writing about such a unique and psychologically terrifying concept. Unmoving hordes of people staring into a person's house for hours on end. Creeped me out visually - the author has a way with descriptions that makes it very easy to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the novel. Additionally, character development is done extremely well without taking any focus off the scare factor. I felt connected to the family and emotionally invested in theirodd predi [...]

    • Amir at NotSoLiterary says:

      This review is also available at: heiressreviews/I love zombies. I devour anything zombie related. From movies to books to video games even iPhone cases, if it says zombies, I'm in. This book was in my wishlist way before the author sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review so I was ecstatic that he would even consider me as I normally rate a book instead of reviewing it.Starers tell the story of the Keenes, an ordinary family with similar issues as everyone else, and the fateful morning w [...]

    • Erika says:

      Imagine you suddenly discover your neighbor naked in your backyard, just standing there staring intently to your house with blank eyes. What are you supposed to do? Call the police, an ambulance, take her in? and then you discover an old man by the bus stop in front of the house doing the same. Now imagine hundreds of people join them.This is the interesting premise of Starers, and the idea was very well executed in the beginning. And I say in the beginning, because I didn't like the second half [...]

    • Norma says:

      English/Spanish review.I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the cover, colorful and strange at the same time, but as soon as a read the blurb I was captivated.What would you do if all of a sudden you were being watched by a person, constantly, and as time goes by, people start gathering around your house, and do the same, just stare at you? Without eating, drinking, moving… just stare at you. This horror story narrates the events at the house of the Keene family. The act [...]

    • Kateryna Lekhman says:

      Let me begin by saying that I gave this book a 3.5 stars and in my understanding that means something along the lines of: I found this book OK, it was a quick and light read, but unfortunately I did not enjoy the ending and probably will not be re-reading this one. In short, here is my synopsis and reasons for such a mark:So this book is about your typical family with a typical father -Dylan- who is constantly working, a daughter -Lucy- who is being a b*tch about everything and a mother -Kirsty- [...]

    • Noshin Choudhury says:

      Okay, so this book is very different from my preferred genre but, wow was it worth it to indulge and try and different style. I'm horror/thriller movie fan, not so much a horror style book fan, but you know when a book and the writing is so good that the entire book plays out in your mind's eye. This was that kind of book. There were some iconic scenes that you could picture from a camera angle, the storm in the background, the electric hum and the family huddled together. It was vivid moments l [...]

    • Courts says:

      I received a free copy from the author.The Starers, in essence, is a quite a creepy read. I'm sure that most people have had that feeling when you just know that you're being stared at, right? Sometimes you catch who it is and sometimes you have no bloody clue but you just know that you're being watched. Welcome to The Starers. What I liked •The plot was fast paced and filled with action. I suspect that if it wasn’t for the plot, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this novel as much, but I’ll get t [...]

    • S. Nash says:

      I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinion in this review is unbiased and reflects my honest judgment of the book.I’ve been reading horror stories since I was dexterous enough to hold both a flashlight and a book under the covers. I’m hard to scare. Starers creeped me right the %$!@# out.The plot is deceptively simple. Dylan Keene and his brother Len are a couple of average, working-class guys. They hit the pub at the end of the week, get drunk with friends, [...]

    • Nicolas says:

      "We've woken up in the twilight zone" says one of the character at the beginning of Starers. Facing a bizarre universe in which everybody have turned into mindless zombies obsessed with a random British family, the reader might be tempted to agree. Yes Robinson's idea is Twilight zone smart. it's simple and bizarre in the same time and that's exactly how the best episodes of the Twilight zone worked.A good magician should, however, never revealed his tricks and the old saying should be extended [...]

    • Karl Drinkwater says:

      A growing group of people stopping outside your house and just - staring. I like the concept. In fact, whether film or game, anything with a high concept hook always stands out and appeals to me. This is apocalyptic fiction, with some splatter: all the genre elements you'd expect are there, including an interesting twist on zombie fiction.The story takes place in a condensed timeframe and setting, creating a claustrohobia that grows with the heat and the smell. It was an entertaining story that [...]

    • Lisa says:

      This one is from my personal library, recommended by someone on my Bookapalooza thread, and let me tell you: Starers by Nathan Robinson is one seriously creepy book! A little horror, a little family drama, maybe a little religion – and a lot of creepy suspense. This was a great one-sitting read.Dylan Keene is heading home from a night at the pub, his deadbeat brother in tow. Standing at the bus stop across the street from the house is an old man. Dylan doesn’t give him much thought – but h [...]

    • Elyse says:

      I was provided a copy of this delightfully creepy little novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.Well, I honestly enjoyed it!The Keene family is a blue collar working class British family. They have their share of problems. 12 year old Lucy getting in trouble at school. Stay at home mom Kristy has some issues with depression. Father Dylan drinks a little too much and struggles with the resentment he feels towards his dreary life. Brother Lennon is a moochy layabout. But they all [...]

    • Nicole says:

      The Keene’s are just your typical family. Dylan Keene works long hours and likes to relax with his friends at the local pub. Kirsty Keene married young and had her daughter at a young age and now battles with her inner demons. Lucy is a young 12 year old, trying to figure out who she is and how to get boys to like her. Uncle Lennon is always around to make everyone laugh with his wicked sense of humor. However when the Keenes wake up to find their neighbors staring at their house, things start [...]

    • Tony says:

      The title of this book is not one that particularly works for me, especially taken in isolation. I do love the cover though. It really works. More importantly it makes the title work. I don’t think I would have opened this book without that cover. A group of people just standing there and staring doesn’t sound very scary. A bit creepy, but not particularly scary. A load of creepy eyes covering the front of a book though is another matter. This is where this story is well done. The pacing is [...]

    • Kenneth Goldman says:

      Ever have the feeling you were being watched? The Keene family experiences that unnerving sensation a thousand times over in Nat Robinson’s STARERS, a claustrophobic horror tale that begins with an old man across the street simply staring at Dylan and Kirsty Keene’s home all night long. The plot thickens quickly with a naked neighbor joining in along with dozens of other passersby, events escalating with a series of inexplicable events occurring not far from the Keene home. What in hell is g [...]

    • Alba says:

      I´m still thinking what to say about this book. When I started reading it, I thought that Dylan was an idiot. He got problems with his family, but instead of fixing it, he was at the bar with his friends, duscussing about band names. But the light come. Your teacher, your neighbor, you too, everyone are like that. Just want to pass a good time when you have a happy moment.But when he´s at home the action begins and don´t stop until the end. In fact, after the end, the action still goes. What [...]

    • V says:

      I FREAKIN' LOVED IT!!!! The Characters;Dylan Keene - The dad of Lucy, the husband of Kirsty and the brother of Leonard. Dylan seems to be the only one that isn't a bit off their rocker.Kristy Keene - The runner up in the race for wife. She's a bit neurotic and can't seem to put her big girl panties on in difficult or taxing situations.Lucy Keene - The 12 year old daughter of Dylan and Kristy who is going on 21 years old. She has a mouth that could make a sailor blush and the attitude that would [...]

    • Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone says:

      Nathan Robinson’s debut novel Starers begins with an interesting premise. The Keene family is your classic dysfunctional crew that many of us can relate to in our families. They wake up one morning to discover a few of their neighbors staring in their windows. Creepy yes, but it gets worse. As the day progresses, more and more zombie-like creeps arrive and the family is literally trapped in their own home by the growing horde.While the premise is interesting, the novel itself doesn’t live up [...]

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