Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest A year has passed since the Sutter Buttes incident Jack Dawson and Naomi Perrault having failed to find the elusive bag of lethal New Horizons seed are fired and their secret agency shut down In Lo

  • Title: Bitter Harvest
  • Author: Michael R. Hicks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • A year has passed since the Sutter Buttes incident Jack Dawson and Naomi Perrault, having failed to find the elusive bag of lethal New Horizons seed, are fired, and their secret agency shut down In Los Angeles, Naomi is recruited by a self made billionaire in the pharmaceuticals industry Her colleagues have made such progress, they must have New Horizons seed In India,A year has passed since the Sutter Buttes incident Jack Dawson and Naomi Perrault, having failed to find the elusive bag of lethal New Horizons seed, are fired, and their secret agency shut down In Los Angeles, Naomi is recruited by a self made billionaire in the pharmaceuticals industry Her colleagues have made such progress, they must have New Horizons seed In India, Jack finds a terrifying secret in a remote village In Russia, Army Captain Sergei Mikhailov investigates a shadowy facility where everyone has mysteriously disappeared None of them understand the horror about to be unleashed across the globe, one they may not be able to stop

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    • RedemptionDenied says:

      As good as the first book in the trilogy.

    • Kathleen says:

      Michael has done it again. Once more I was up reading way too late into the night. Tight, well written, gripping, fast paced plot that sucks you into the book and grabs you by the throat as you read "just one" more chapter. I must admit I seriously question if I ever want to eat corn ever again

    • Becky says:

      Holy cow what a Great story! It has a good back story to remind of us of what happened in Season of the Harvest, get us caught up, and then it takes us a wild ride! Michael is such a fantastic storyteller that I felt as if I were right there with our heroes throughout the whole story and I tell you, I didn't want to be. The bad guys (harvesters) are so terrifying and yet so believable, and I was so caught up in the story that I could almost believe it was real. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong [...]

    • Fiona says:

      Had to read this as soon as i had finished book one! This second book moves at a faster pace with non stop action, just when you think the characters have a situation licked Mr Hicks turns it on full blast with edge of the seat action and suspense. Another superb read and I want to read book three NOW !!

    • Terri Powers says:

      Move over Reacher, there's a new Jack in town and his name's Dawson.I was excited to pick up this book because I had read Season of Harvest, by Michael R. Hicks @KreelanWarrior the first in the Harvest trilogy, and it was great. The details of the characters brought the thriller to life and left me wanting more.Bitter Harvest picks up a year after Season of Harvest ended with Jack Dawson, former FBI agent, and Naomi Perrault, Ph.D M.D leader in her field of genetic research, being pulled out of [...]

    • Nicolette says:

      OKAY. Spoilers for Season of the Harvest are most likely in here, so if you haven't read it, don't read my review first.This was another awesome offering. Unlike many series that just kind of fall apart after the first amazing book (I'm looking at you, Hunger Games) there is a whole lot of awesome coming back. Unlike the first book, where you have this group of Harvesters trying to propagate their species, you have book two where the remnants of EDS are all "ha, motherfuckers, we got all your co [...]

    • Marianne Søiland says:

      Jeg rett og slett digget bok nr. 1 i denne serien. Jeg var noe usikker på om en thriller rundt emnet genmodifisert mat skulle være noe. Der ble jeg veldig positivt overrasket! Bok nr. 1 i serien står egentlig på egne bein. Jeg var ikke klar over at Hicks planla en trilogi på tidspunktet bok 1 kom ut. "Bitter Harvest" kom derfor som en skikkelig positiv overraskelse da han kontaktet meg for å høre om jeg var klar for nok en editeringsoppgave."Bitter Harvest" er minst like god som "Season o [...]

    • Jerry Walch says:

      Just when you think the story couldn't get any better, Hicks takes the story line, the plotting, and the action to new heights. Hicks' writing reminds me a lot of the old movie theater serials that we lovingly referred to as "cliff hangers" because each episode ended with the hero or heroine in a life threatening situation and we had to wait for the next episode to find out what happened. Hicks employs the same technique in Bitter Harvest when switching between scenes, he ends each scene with hi [...]

    • Tom Huskerson says:

      This second book followed nicely after the first and gave the reader more of the monster eats the world. Make that shape shifting monsters. I like the way the science takes a prominent role in the story. Genetics and the use of modified crops make the story especially interesting. The book keeps the reader engaged by keepong the action going but I was especially caught up in the geopolitical reactions to the events in the story. Well done science fiction. The only drawback I found was that the c [...]

    • Jane Blanchard says:

      Bitter Harvest is the second book in the Harvest Trilogy by Michael R. Hicks. The story starts one year after the ending of book one. When the world thought it was safe, outbreaks of the Harvesters occur, almost simultaneously, in cities around the world.Jack Dawson, Naomi Perrault, and others from the first book, Season of the Harvest, try to understand what is happening and end up fighting the second generation of Harvesters, which are more deadly than then first—and are multiplying.The stor [...]

    • Marc Byers says:

      Boy this book is full of action, and way more graphic than the first book. The hidden suspence of the mimic harvesters in book 1 is pretty much gone and now it's time for all out war. This is a multi-continent battle of infestations and new more dangerous forms to deal with. All the old characters are back and ready to fight. If you enjoyed the action of the first book, you should love this one as it's way more intense. The ending is pretty much a setup for Book 3, so just know you will need to [...]

    • Skip Crust says:

      Normally book 2 is a letdown if book 1 is great. This one is a pleasant exception. It takes a fun and enthralling story and makes it global. The panic and chaos on a world-wide level pushes the narrative to new places, without sacrificing character development. The end is satisfying without pissing readers off. That is to say that the 'cliffhanger' meant to get you into book 3 is about plot resolution, not some stupid gimmic like the end of a television series. Well done Mr. Hicks! You've got me [...]

    • Mike Nemeth says:

      Michael Hicks combines a couple major fears here: the collapse of civilization and the contamination of humanity's food supply. He does so with a vengeance. This second book in his Harvest trilogy is far more disturbing than his first. The nasty stuff programmed into that genetically modified corn comes to roost all across the globe and starts spreading, posing the ultimate challenge for our heroes and world leaders. Basically clueless governments have no clue or hope. It kind of pissed me off, [...]

    • Tom Harrington says:

      Book 2 is even more exciting than the first!Mr. Hicks, you, sir, certainly know how to tell a great story! I was expecting to be a bit let down by this, the second book of the trilogy, as I usually am by so many second books. I was very pleasantly surprised. The story and main characters continue to develop, and that is important to me. And the pacing was just perfect. Also, again very important, no grammatical or spelling errors, and maybe only one or two typos. My thanks to the editor(s). 4.5 [...]

    • Lee says:

      Great book. I got the first book of the series for free as an ebook and after finishing I was compelled to get the second book. A very nice read for those who love a high octane story. I majored in biology so this was even more entertaining for me. These characters are very well developed and you ultimately fall in love with all of them. Going to by the third one now and am very excited to continue the saga!

    • Gloria says:

      Edge of my seatEdge of my seate book kept me readingI do not normally read at work because I become so engulfed in the book I am reading but I did take this book to work and had to set an alarm to make sure I stopped reading and went back to work. I am glad I found this trilogy and can not wait to read book 3.

    • Mike Outten says:

      I really like this book. part of a trilogy. Little far fetched but, hey, that is why people call this genre sci fi! Stayed up late. just read one more chapter common theme throughout this book. Great writing, great character development, very good plot. Recommend you pick up this trilogy and read it!

    • Mahari says:

      Awesome series thus farI was quite skeptical about this series when I initially purchased the series, and kept it on my reader for months before I invested the time to read it. Now I'm mad at myself for not starting it earlier because it's been an incredible read thus far. Ran through the first and second books in two and half days, I couldn't put them down.

    • Trish Bash says:

      From reading the summary of this book I did not feel like the story was going to continue in such an action packed way. I was thoroughly surprised and entertained. I almost didn't purchase it but the author's storytelling skill had me buying the book anyway. I am so glad I did and will purchase the next book as soon as possible!

    • Jed says:

      Fabulous how the story continues to develop. I love that we don't know who are the good guys and who are the bad ones. Just when you think you've got a handle on a character, something happens to twist the story. I'm raring to read the final book.

    • Ruth Haskins says:

      I was surprised, this was a good series to read. Usually, the story is poorly written when someone self-publishes. This had a clear plot and moved at a fast enough pace to keep you interested. I had to read the entire series!

    • Jesse says:

      As cinematic as the first one. Constantly moves; filled with wall-to-wall action. Solid characters help you to care about the story. Delivers in every way the author intended it to deliver. Well done.

    • Bigal-sa says:

      Too many inconsistencies. Two off the top of my head: why is paper ignored as a nutrient source by the harvesters when there is more available carbon than in many plastics; why doesn't the pilot shed larva when all other harvesters do so every hour?

    • Caroline says:

      could not put this down until I had finished it. I was enthralled and terrified at the same time I can't wait til the last book is available on kindle I have to read it to find out how it ends for good or bad

    • Lynne says:

      Phew I think my heart was pumping adrenaline most of the way through this book! A fantastic follow on from bitter harvest I highly recommend both books and I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy.

    • keith m diver says:

      Page TurnerThe twists and turns just just keep on coming. The second book is more thrilling than the 1st. Can't wait to read the final book of the series. I started reading Hicks "In Her Name" series. Michael Hicks never fails to deliver.

    • Ian Martyn says:

      Michael R Hicks as quickly become a favourite author and this series is as good as the others. The book picks up the pace from the beginning. A different view of the alien invasion scenario. Now ploughing on with book three

    • Connie Garvie says:

      I couldn't stop reading this series. I would download the next book from the moment I finished the preceding book. Michael Hicks is a superb author of Science Fiction. I look forward to reading more from him.

    • Shannon Citro says:

      Not as good as the first one, which wasn't great to begin with.

    • Kletha says:

      Can't wait for third book

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