Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World

Renewed Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World Women increasingly find themselves pulled in many directions striving to balance the needs of others with the need to nurture themselves This pull is often exhausting and sometimes can lead to rese

  • Title: Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World
  • Author: Lucille Zimmerman
  • ISBN: 9781426748608
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Women increasingly find themselves pulled in many directions, striving to balance the needs of others with the need to nurture themselves This pull is often exhausting and, sometimes, can lead to resentment or burn out So how do we manage our work and family and faith and ministry lives if we aren t able to take care of ourselves as we also take care of others Renewed Women increasingly find themselves pulled in many directions, striving to balance the needs of others with the need to nurture themselves This pull is often exhausting and, sometimes, can lead to resentment or burn out So how do we manage our work and family and faith and ministry lives if we aren t able to take care of ourselves as we also take care of others Renewed helps women understand the need to put themselves on the list Through practical ideas and relatable anecdotes, readers can better understand their strengths and their passions and address some of the underlying struggles or hurts that make them want to keep busy or minister to others to the detriment of themselves Renewed can help nurture those areas of women s lives to use them better for work, family, and service It gives readers permission to examine where they spend their energy and time, and learn to set limits and listen to that inner voice.ContentsIntroduction Why Renewal through Self Care 1 Renewed through Emotional Self Care2 Renewed through Figuring Out Who You Are3 Renewed through Healthy Boundaries4 Renewed through Spiritual Self Care5 Renewed through Solitude6 Renewed through Sharing Your Secrets7 Renewed through Appreciating Beauty8 Renewed through Play9 Renewed through Exercise10 Renewed through Forgiveness11 Renewed through Creating a Place for Grief12 Renewed through Counseling13 Renewed through Connection14 Renewed through Generosity and Gratitude

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    • Lucille Zimmerman says:

      Some people have a problem with an author rating her own book. I do too, but I wanted to list it on the books I've read and I didn't want to give it one star. I have read so many versions of this book. Each time I find myself liking it more. My publisher and editors did a great job of making clinical material easy for the lay reader. Though the book is geared towards women, it's a book that men would benefit from as well. I deal with difficult topics (sexual abuse, trauma, etc) and light topics [...]

    • Becky Johnson says:

      This is a book contains wisdom I wish I had at twenty, and reminders I still need at mid-life, to regularly refill my own well. Lucille shows that in order to have something to give to those we love, we have to replenish our physical, spiritual and emotional energy. With wonderful personal stories and a therapist's keen insight, Renewed, is a like a cup of cold water to women who are parched for permission to take care of themselves. It's the sort of book you want to give to a friend you love, o [...]

    • Jan Dunlap says:

      Lucille Zimmerman offers clear and practical guidance to every woman who feels worn out by the demands she herself, as well as others, have placed upon her – in America today, that’s probably every woman alive! Do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK, because you will find comfort and wisdom to reshape your personal expectations in ways that will renew your energy, enthusiasm for life, and even your relationship with yourself.As the mother of three adult daughters, I am proud of the nurturing [...]

    • Mary Kruft says:

      I wish I would have read this when I was 22. And every year after on my birthday. If I could I would buy this book for every woman I know. I found myself affirmed, inwardly nodding head, and wanting to hug the honest, eloquent author. Those who aren't intetested in the references to the sporadic biblical passages can skip them , but I found them refreshing, "real world" & not at all preachy. Just a fabulous book 75 % highlighted that I'll be turning back to often.

    • Alise Weber says:

      I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book! I finished it a few weeks ago and I continue to talk about it to my friends and family. This week is my spring break and I've been doing a lot of "self care." I never realized how important that was. I always felt, as a Christian, I was supposed to do things for everyone else. I think I'm finally learning to balance giving, self care, and just living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for writing your book!

    • Amy says:

      Lucille Zimmerman is spot-on in her expertise in her gentle, but straight-forward book. This is one I'll pick up time and time again when I'm feeling overwhelmed, for the great tips and information which truly put life back into proper perspective.

    • Tonya Vander says:

      This is an amazing book! It is on my bookshelf where I can easily grab it. It has so much practical advice for women. I wrote a full review here: mother-wit/2013/0!

    • Donna Pyle says:

      In an overwhelmed, addicted-to-speed culture, Lucille's wise words and professional counsel invites us to pause, prioritize, and take time to pamper ourselves. Her practical, beautiful words provide a fresh breath in the smog of to-do lists. I will return to this book again and again.

    • Leslie says:

      Some time ago I received a copy of Lucille Zimmerman's recent release Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World. I was apparently very overwhelmed as it took quite a while for be to have the time to actually sit down and read this book. Once I was able to read it, I was very glad I did and I'm certain you will be too.Lucille Zimmerman is a licensed counselor as well as a professor and sought after speaker. The wealth of her experiences comes through in her book Renewed. Her writi [...]

    • Joanne says:

      I received Renewed by Lucille Zimmerman as a First Reads giveaway winner. Renewed is about "finding your inner happy in an overwhelmed world." I liked many things about this book. I liked how the author included realistic tips at the end of each chapter. I like the references to research studies to support the concepts. I also liked the way the author included examples, historical references and a psychological foundation for the book. While I was already familiar with many of the concepts and [...]

    • Jewel says:

      If you feel guilty or self-indulgent when you take time for yourself, this book is for you. This book shows the reader what self-care is; the importance of putting yourself on the “to-do” list and it's easy to do, however it doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Zimmerman gives reassuring and motivating suggestions on how to make room for the necessary change, in order to come to a place of renewal, with the intention of experiencing real joy, the freedom to play, and share connection with [...]

    • Karen E. Garcia says:

      I was fortunate enough to win a free copy of this book from First Reads. Honestly I love this book. Lucille Zimmerman encourages caring for yourself and points out why it is crucial to not put yourself last on your list. In the end of each chapter is a bulletin list of how you could go on about incorporating it into your life. For instance in the chapter of Forgiveness one way is to "Realize that forgiveness takes time and that it comes in layers."(Page 130). As a person with faith it was amazi [...]

    • Megan says:

      I don't read much non-fiction books, so when I pick one up, finish it, and recommend it, you know it's good. Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World by Lucille Zimmerman has the distinction of being the only book that I've ever bought multiple (lots!) copies of and handed out to women in my life. This book is a wake-up call to women to remind them to carve out space for themselves. Renewed encourages you to care for yourself. It's a how-to on how to live happily amid the stress [...]

    • Colleen Dunlap says:

      I read this book on the recommendation of my mom, and absolutely loved it. As a college student with an anxiety disorder, I am part of a specific niche that is not often written for. This book reached me in all of my worry, stress, and messiness and already I am starting to feel a little less stressed each day. The thing that struck me the most in this book was when she said that it is okay to sometimes be a mess and need to step away from the rest of the world. So often people are told that we [...]

    • Sharon Chance says:

      Lucille Zimmerman brings her wealth of experience and wisdom to this book which stresses the need for women to take care of themselves. We women do so much for everyone - family, friends, work, school, church - that we sometimes forget to take care of the most important person in the mix - ourselves! Zimmerman writes in easy-to-understand language the process of self-care and gives great advice through personal stories and stories of others. I highly recommend this book for those in need of a br [...]

    • Joan says:

      This is an excellent book for self care. We Christians sometimes concentrate on helping others so much we neglect ourselves. Zimmerman gives us permission to care for ourselves. It is not being selfish. She shows how caring for ourselves allows us to give of our best to others. She has given very good and practical ideas for self care in a number of areas. I highly recommend this book to anyone feeling overwhelmed with life. See my full review bit/1bq0SDU.

    • Cindy says:

      I received this book from a giveaway and I really enjoyed reading it. It is well written and easy to read. The author has done a good job of organizing the material so that it is informative and enjoyable. She has many good ideas and I felt uplifted and optimistic while I read the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for happiness in this overwhelming world.

    • Arlene F. Britt says:

      The most important book I have read!I am a "why" kinda girl. One who is not satisfied with sweeping things under a carpet or bandaging a cut. This book has confirmed that wanting to know the why of a thing is paramount to receiving one's healing! Loved every bit of this book!!! I downloaded it and then purchased a hard copy to give away!! Thank you, thank you Lucille Zimmerman.

    • Kay Day says:

      I loved this book. So many women feel guilty for taking time for themselves. Lucille not only gives permission, but encourages us to take time each day to nurture our own body, mind, and spirit. As a counselor, she presents many examples from her own life and shares with us some of the things she teaches her clients. This book is easy to read, encouraging, and full of hope.

    • Michelle says:

      My mistake, I should have looked closer at the back of the book and turned away at the first quoted bible passage. As an agnostic leaning atheist I do not find the Christian faith to be helpful in the least, rather the opposite.

    • Claire Meadows says:

      A wonderful book, which wears it's heart of faith lightly while imparting practical advice for a fulfilled life.

    • Brittany Valdez says:

      Loved the positive ideas and creativity this book carried. Very inspirational!

    • Taylor Armstrong says:

      Great book that every woman should read!

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