Frankenstein A Life Beyond(Book 1 of 3) The Resurrection Trinity

Frankenstein A Life Beyond Book of The Resurrection Trinity Ten years after the loss of his entire family to madness and death Ernest Frankenstein finds himself compelled to return to the city of his birth Geneva in order to discover if his elder brother V

  • Title: Frankenstein A Life Beyond(Book 1 of 3) The Resurrection Trinity
  • Author: Pete Planisek
  • ISBN: 9780985098209
  • Page: 212
  • Format: ebook
  • Ten years after the loss of his entire family to madness and death, Ernest Frankenstein finds himself compelled to return to the city of his birth, Geneva, in order to discover if his elder brother, Victor, might still be alive Only Victor can provide the answers to questions, which have long plagued Ernest The quest for answers will force Ernest to confront demons, bothTen years after the loss of his entire family to madness and death, Ernest Frankenstein finds himself compelled to return to the city of his birth, Geneva, in order to discover if his elder brother, Victor, might still be alive Only Victor can provide the answers to questions, which have long plagued Ernest The quest for answers will force Ernest to confront demons, both internal and external, from his past, which refuse to be at peace and which ultimately will endanger both he and his new family Hunted across Europe their only hope may lie with a French spy, Ernest s childhood friend, and a mysterious gypsy girl whose people believe that Ernest will lead humanity to its salvation or final destruction.Frankenstein A Life Beyond by Pete Planisek is a direct sequel to Mary Shelley s iconic story, Frankenstein, which examined Victor Frankenstein s quest to both create and kill an unnamed creature that ultimately destroys all but one member of the Frankenstein family, Victor s brother, Ernest Frankenstein A Life Beyond explores many of the issues left open by the original, while establishing new characters and mysteries.

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    • Amy Leigh says:

      This is a continuation of Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein novel. The author had a lot of guts to take on this project but it's easy to see he was the right man for the job! He obviously has great passion for Mary Shelley's novel because it's hard to tell they were written by two different people. If you've ever wondered what happened to Victor Frankenstein and his creation this is the book series to read. It has the Victorian gothic ominous feel throughout the novel with new and resurfacing [...]

    • Caleb Batey says:

      I have to be a bit brutal in my honesty. This was a hard read, not because of the story, which was interesting, but because of writing mechanics. The copy that I received for review contained through the text numerous typos, misspellings, comma splices, and some sentence structure issues. The semicolon was overused, and used as a comma too often. One particular hangup for me was the continual spelling of the word "Arctic" as "Artic," unless that variant was intentional, which was not apparent.Th [...]

    • Dianne says:

      It isn’t easy to take a classic piece like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and write a ‘continuation’ of the story that rings true and completely plausible. Author Pete Planisek has done exactly that with his novel Frankenstein: A Life Beyond ! The mystery of what really happened to Viktor Frankenstein was never actually answered in the original work, the reader was encouraged to assume what happened. Fast forward several years to the life of Edwin Frankenstein, the soul surviving brother of [...]

    • Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland says:

      I received a free ecopy from the author in exchange for my honbest review. Thank you!Such a good book! I don't often read continued stories by a different author, especially with classics, but this one is an exception to many things. One I read it. Two I'm glad I read it. Why? Three, it's so good! Dark and spooky this is a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good horror story!

    • Rachel says:

      Set up as a trilogy sequel to the original 'Frankenstein', this first book takes as it's centre the character of Ernest, the over looked other brother of Victor Frankenstein.He and the son of Henry Clervall continue the story, returning to Geneva and flashing back to the origin tale.It suffers a little with clunky exposition and is a tad over Americanised but I enjoyed it and would check out parts 2 and 3.Thanks netgalley for letting me read this in return for an honest review.

    • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:

      Review of FRANKENSTEIN: A LIFE BEYOND by Pete PlanisekIn the vein of classics of Gothic suspense, including the original novel FRANKENSTEIN: OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, this first volume in THE RESURRECTION TRINITY is atmospheric with all the brooding suspense, gloomy settings, and subtle, implacable horror of Mary Shelley's novel. Not only is the horror present due to Victor Frankenstein's insufficiently considered scientific creation. The author's delineation of c [...]

    • Cate says:

      This is not a rewriting of the Mary Shelley classic; it hasn't been twisted around, given a new plot or new characters. This book continues from the point Mary Shelley ended in Frankenstein, and does so in a seamless manner.I'm probably like most lovers of the classics, when something like this is released, never certain of what is going to appear between the covers. This book will really open your eyes and make you think. It is a compelling and very intelligently written book and it explores so [...]

    • Ionia says:

      I'm never certain what I'm going to get when I begin reading a book that is tied to a classic piece of literature. In this case, I thought this was an intelligently written and compelling book that explored some new avenues I hadn't thought of before and in many ways improved upon the ideas the original work left off with.If you have ever wondered what happened to the remaining family of Viktor Frankenstein after his (theoretical) demise in the Arctic, this book explores that nicely. The dialogu [...]

    • Brandy Nacole says:

      We've all seen original classic stories twisted with a new plot, new writing style, new characters, and so much more. But what about a novel that continues a classic story that everyone enjoyed without changing anything? Frankenstein: A Life Beyond does just that.Planisek does a wonderful job of picking up where Mary Shelley finished. I found the story very intriguing, considering I've never thought of what might have happened after the ending Shelly left us with. But now, I want more. In this f [...]

    • Ruchira Bhowmik says:

      This is one of the most impressive sequel to a classic literature. Mary Shelley's literary classic "Frankenstein" drives us to a completely different world. If ever we are curious of what happened after the demise of Victor Frankenstein, no book can be compared to this. It is written in this modern world and thus has a flair of contemporary action. The story is tragic but in the same way romantic too. Author Pete Planisek has kept a complete connection with the original story. The characters are [...]

    • Susan says:

      A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reading the first draft of this complex sequel to one of my favorite books, Frankenstein. I have always liked Pete's premise of the sole surviving member of the Frankenstein clan (or is he??) being haunted by his family's tragic demise. The new characters are carefully interwoven into a ten years later storyline, and since this is Book #1 of 3, I am looking forward to some background on super spy Abrielle and more comic relief from Jack Clerval and his [...]

    • Theresa says:

      I have Mary Shelly's original Frankenstein on my shelves. And with the Monsters in the Neighborhood, and Club Monstrosity under my belt I will try to look at this book with a new perspective This is an odd story, told from the point of view of Ernest Frankenstein, and Ailis Frankenstein his wife. Written as diary entries to their unborn child. Talking about an adventure to Frankenstein home land and ancestral home in an attempt to find his brother, and the mystery of the legend that brought nota [...]

    • Nour Sharif says:

      I refuse to think that the reason I didn't enjoy this book is because I haven't actually read the original Frankenstein. I stopped reading it because this book was just a stone on my chest. The writing style is weak and very sinister. I really don't need to indulge myself in that. 7% and I still don't know what the fuck everyone is talking about (excuse my language), and seriously, this book was just written badly. After a while, I realized that I didn't reallyCAREabout what the book talks about [...]

    • Darin Strachan says:

      This book continues where Mary Shelley's classic tale leaves off. One member of the Frankenstein family still lives. Ernest, Victor's brother, who escaped his family's dark past, receives messages that lead him to believe his brother may still be alive and is summoned to play a role in the monster's ultimate quest.In this book, the first of three Planisek has written to expand the Frankenstein tale, the author expanses the scope, characters, and themes of the original story. He stays true to She [...]

    • Jeffrey says:

      This is an impressive debut novel that builds a whole new story from the background characters in Mary Shelley's literary classic. The characters are well written with fresh motivations that seamlessly weave into the history of the original text. The story is tragic and romantic, but also adds a contemporary flair of action and adventure. With this book, Planisek is setting the tone for a trilogy that reverently echoes the source material and yet takes the Frankenstein mythos far beyond its clas [...]

    • L.A. Miller says:

      What I liked best about this book is that it did take a true classic and continue on with the story as if this had always been the intention. I know a lot of readers get caught up in all the typo errors but as a fellow author it is difficult to create a flawless piece. After having my first book edited by ten different people I still have readers commenting on certain things. To me I can live with the errors as long as the story takes me away. Well done Mr Planisek.

    • Terri says:

      This book took a true classic and continues the story with Victor's surviving brother Ernest. I felt this book was a very fluid continuation of the story. Often times with a sequel to a well loved classic you never know what you will get. I was happy this one was so well written and suspenseful . I am looking forward to the next book in this series

    • LaGina says:

      To be able to pull off a continuation story of a classic took some nerve. But I am glad that Mr. Planisek did! I loved this book. I have been coming across alot of these continuation stories and they are just great. I would like to have this in hard cover for my personal library.

    • Jaime Buncie says:

      Very well written, good flow, picks up where Mary Shelley left off. I liked it a lot. Thanks :)

    • Linda Romer says:

      Frankenstein A Life Beyond (book 1 of 3) The Resurrection Trinity This book is complicated but enjoyable, so many facets to explore. A very in depth look into the Frankenstein family and I feel book 1 is just beginning to scratch the surface. So much information to absorb. I felt transported back through time, almost a foreboding feeling while reading this book.I thoroughly enjoyed this story with all the fascinating characters and will continue with the series. How can I not, I need answers. I [...]

    • Jill says:

      I loved the premise of the book. At the end of Frankenstein, the only one in the Frankenstein family left is Victor's brother Ernest, so having this book be about him and his interactions with the creature was brilliant. I was impressed with the start of the book because it felt like Mary Shelley had continued the story. The story is good, the creature interactions are interesting and it was a quick read.Pros: The idea is great, I always wanted a sequel to Frankenstein, one of my all time favori [...]

    • Elizabeth Grieve says:

      I'm afraid I could not get into this book, despite being intrigued by the idea of a continuation of the Frankenstein story. It seemed quite suitably atmospheric, but I was soon distracted by the many errors, a major one being 'Artic' used instead of 'Arctic', and also very odd choices of phrase which should have been found during the editing process. These can be distracting - for example, 'He amended brushing his large, white mustache.' ?? I also found the dialogue odd, and the flashbacks quite [...]

    • Marc Mccaw says:

      This book is a sequel to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein book told primarily through Victor's brother's Earnest's perspective and actions. I'm interested to see how this story goes as the story is only 1 part of a 3 book series, and leaves without resolving several key features. I'm looking forward to reading this rest later.

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