Blaze's Second Chance

Blaze s Second Chance Blaze Sinclair is the oldest son in the Sinclair household He s strong and sexy as hell and craves the plump receptionist working in his office building On the night of the Christmas party his life is

  • Title: Blaze's Second Chance
  • Author: Sam Crescent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blaze Sinclair is the oldest son in the Sinclair household He s strong and sexy as hell and craves the plump receptionist working in his office building On the night of the Christmas party his life is turned upside down, but he s determined to have the woman he wants.Cassie Walker has fallen in love with her boss She spends every day at work craving his attention One nBlaze Sinclair is the oldest son in the Sinclair household He s strong and sexy as hell and craves the plump receptionist working in his office building On the night of the Christmas party his life is turned upside down, but he s determined to have the woman he wants.Cassie Walker has fallen in love with her boss She spends every day at work craving his attention One night her life is changed forever Broken and used, Cassie must learn to move on and forget about the man who owns her heart.Five years pass With a divorce and a son under his belt, Blaze comes face to face with the only woman he s ever wanted.Can she forgive Blaze and give him a second chance, or will it be too late for her to realize the best things in life are worth fighting for

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    • Chantal ❤️ says:

      Here is another fine example of this complete f*ckery of this plot in this book by this author. Guy who is supposed to be in love with heroine, sleep with her but has a baby and marries another. Oh yeah all because Daddy said so!!! I guess no condoms are available to the rich!!! My ass!!!Omg if I have to hear about one more time this chick reasons for her not having self confidence, I will SCREAM!I think I have reach critical saturation levels for this bull! NO MORE PLEASE I GIVE UP!

    • Dinjolina says:

      I can summarize this book in one single SOUND. It does not even merit a word.(If you were wondering, that sound is – UGH!)Putting aside the appalling sentence constructions, I found myself baffled by the utter lack of motivation or answers to the question “Why?”.Why was the hero having sex with the skinny other woman while being in love/lust with the heroine?How ever did the hero impregnate the ow? Was he completely lacking in means of protection? What was up with that?Why did the hero mar [...]

    • Talltree says:

      Not for me:H slept with other women while in lust/love with h.h finally sleeps with H only to find out he is engaged and a soon-to-be-dad. Gag.

    • Rachel says:

      Blaze is a fucking idiot (like his dad and brother), Cassie is a stupid moron, and I can't believe I read this shite!That is all.

    • Kaycee ❤️ says:

      I've read this book years ago. But decided to read it again when I saw the notification popped up and DA4Pups liked Learning to Forgive. I have forgotten about that trilogy and decided to read them again hence my review. Blaze's Second Chance was full of hot, steamy and passionate sex, plenty of drama, heartache and romance. And even though it was just a short novella I totally enjoyed it. I am nuts for a second chance romances. But what made it different from other stories about second chances? [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      Despite the mixed ratings, I sort of expected a light and funny read with a good story plot. I mean, the idea is good : Blaze and Cassie secretely have had the hots for each other for a year but have not acted on it yet, given that Blaze is Cassie's boss. At a Christmas reception, they finally have sex, but it turns out to be quite a disappointment for Cassie for, a few days later, she learns that Blaze is not only engaged but a soon-to-be father. Three years later, they meet again. I thought, O [...]

    • Dr. Bronwyn Ph.D of Smutology says:

      3.5 star readI can see why there are people who didn't care for this book. The relationships weren't well rounded and the characters weren't entirely likeable.We have the 3 Sinclair men who are obviously emotionally immature. I can't think of any other way to take these guys. Whether its finding out your girlfriend is pregnant and marrying her, hurting the girl who's virginity you took or the worst scenario making your wife of 25 years feel like 2nd best and being shocked when she's had enough.w [...]

    • Genney Blass says:

      I gave three stars, because even though the leading characters were Blaze and Cassie, this book should have been Book 2, because Chris story should have been Book 1, however I have not read Book 2. But from the get go when Chris spoke to his brother and informed Blaze that he really mess things with Cassie and that he did the same this Jennifer, it should be story Number 1. Then the drama fore told in the Sinclair summer house OMG, what the hell! I felt there was no happy ending, because the onl [...]

    • Cheesecake says:

      The shtick with the Sinclair men is that they will fall in love and then be a completely inexcusable asshat to the woman they fall for. Then years later they will try to redeem themselves to said lady. So the premise of the story is only successful if the author can convince you that they are redeemed. I love a book with some good grovelling by the hero. This one totally fit the bill. It wasn't a great read, but it was entertaining and I did like the Sinclair in question by the end of the book. [...]

    • Judy Traband says:

      Simply awesome! I just can't describe how good this book was. I fell in love with the whole Sinclair family. The love Blaze has for Cassie is beautiful. I loved the day Cassie found out about Blaze' future plans and how she 'went out to lunch' and never met with Blaze in his office. I was so proud of her! One of my top books so far! Sam is an extraordinary writer!

    • ––––•(-•The Insomniac Book Hoarder•- says:

      Not bad. I just wished that Blaze had initially manned up and had some courage to stand by what he felt for Cassie. That would've saved them a lot of heart ache, but then where would the story be without some unwanted and predictable drama? lol, an okay read though, just to pass the time

    • Shari Kay says:

      Wow.lovely "Hero"/review/show

    • Angie says:

      This book was so good!! Blaze has a weird notion and has to learn to get over it to move on with his life. Cassie was great! I am a big fan of Sam Crescent's work and she didn't disappoint!

    • Julie Dalglish says:

      love it can't wait to read more about the Sinclairs

    • Victoria Craig says:

      Great ReadUsually I am all about the sexy guy in the story. This time I am impressed with the heroine. Cassie is a really nice woman who had her heart broken by Blaze. When Cassie came and literally fought for her man, I was like, YES !!! Take that evil ex !! A great second chance romance from the remarkable Sam Crescent . Ready for book 2.

    • Rhonda says:

      I read a review on the third book in this series and was very interested so I figured I would start with the first book and work my way up. I read all of the reviews on and was very leery of purchasing it, but went ahead and grabbed it since I love this author. I do agree somewhat with the reviews. I think the story does do a dramatic time jump. One chapter ends and the next begins 3 years later with no warning. I think the story would’ve flowed better if we had a brief view into what married [...]

    • Tia says:

      I apparently read this series backwards. I read book two first. I realized I missed some stuff and the author did too. In novel two, nothing is mentioned of the heroines miscarriage, also at the end of book two, they say she is pregnant with their first child, it would of been their second. That was a bit of a boo-boo. Anyways book one was pretty epic. I loved how brave the heroine was and I can't wait for book three.

    • Janet Juengling-Snell says:

      I know this book came with very mixed reviews, but I have to say, I totally enjoyed it. It was short, and very hot. It was refreshing to read a second chance story were there wasn’t ton of angst and second guess one’s self. Both Blaze and Cassie knew what they wanted and after dealing with the past hurts, they went for it!! Bravo.I also enjoyed the secondary characters, they kept my interest as much as Blaze and Cassie. I look forward to read the next Sinclair brother’s story!

    • Narita Wijaya says:

      after i read this first series i can say, i want to read more about another sinclair families i want to read about chris and emily, about david and molly i hope Sam Crescent will launch it soon.

    • Bogusia says:

      I love M/M and M/M/F books but sometimes we don't pick the books we read- they pick us ;)I thoroughly enjoyed Blaze's Second Chance. Can't wait to read the sequel.

    • Teresa says:

      Sinceramente qual é o problema dos homens desta familia que magoam as mulheres que amam de uma forma cruel e conscientes de que o estão a fazer?

    • Jane says:

      I loved this and can't wait to read the next. a very good love story.

    • PNR says:

      A decent short read. Betrayal and angst and a curvy heroine. Despite my disinterest in storylines with children, I liked this well enough.

    • Jhenn says:

      3.5 STARS

    • Dawn Pressel says:

      I'm a big fan of this author but this book totally missed the mark with me.

    • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ says:

      I think what I love about this author is that none of her females are these thin/model type women (which is so un realistic)

    • Raijilli Magaña says:

      It was boring and it had a lot of contradictions. I only finished the book because I just CAN'T leave a book unfinished.

    • Mana says:


    • Christine Strowbridge says:

      blech, ugh, ew, gag - awful.

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