Love in Disguise

Love in Disguise Delightfully Engaging Blend of Romance Suspense History and Humor When costume maker Ellie Moore suddenly finds herself out of a job in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter she uses her knowledge

  • Title: Love in Disguise
  • Author: Carol Cox
  • ISBN: 9781611734898
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Delightfully Engaging Blend of Romance, Suspense, History, and Humor When costume maker Ellie Moore suddenly finds herself out of a job in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter, she uses her knowledge of theatrical disguise to secure a position as an undercover operative with the Pinkerton Detective Agency Her assignment find the culprit behind the theft of silver shippedDelightfully Engaging Blend of Romance, Suspense, History, and Humor When costume maker Ellie Moore suddenly finds herself out of a job in the middle of a bleak Chicago winter, she uses her knowledge of theatrical disguise to secure a position as an undercover operative with the Pinkerton Detective Agency Her assignment find the culprit behind the theft of silver shipped from the mines near Pickford, Arizona Disguised as Lavinia Stewart, a middle aged widow, Ellie begins her investigation Soon she finds she must also pose as the dazzling young Jessie Monroe, whose vivacious personality encourages people to talk Mine owner Steven Pierce is about to lose his business after the theft of several bullion shipments until hope arrives in the unlikely form of Lavinia Stewart, who offers to invest in Steven s mine In his wildest dreams, Steven never expected to be rescued by an inquisitive gray haired widowor to fall head over heels for Lavinia s captivating niece, Jessie But then the thieves come after both Lavinia and Jessie Ellie isn t safe no matter which character she plays Will she be forced to reveal her true identity before the criminals are caught What will Steven do when he discovers the woman he loves doesn t exist

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    • Alejandro says:

      A fair reading but it wasn’t all that I expected.GOD IS EVERYWHEREI wasn’t sure what to expect about this novel on the angle of being “historical Christian romance”, due the “Christian” part of the genre. I am a religious person, but I don’t think that we should bother the Almighty for anything or even mentioned him if you really don’t need him at that moment. But, I didn’t mind all the kinda forced-in comments and references to Bible, church, God, etcSince while I certainly I [...]

    • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) says:

      About this book:“Can she solve the crime before they uncover her true identity? Jobless and down to her last dime, Ellie Moore hears about a position with the Pinkerton Detective Agency and believes it's the perfect chance to put her acting skills and costumes to use. Reluctantly, the agency agrees to give her one assignment, one chance to prove herself. Disguised as Lavinia Stewart, a middle-aged widow, Ellie travels to Arizona to begin her investigation. When the need arises, she also transf [...]

    • Rachel Brand says:

      GENRE: HISTORICAL ROMANCEPUBLISHER: BETHANY HOUSEPUBLICATION DATE: JUNE 01, 2012 RATING: 4.5 OUT OF 5 – EXCELLENTPROS: Plot is entirely original and unlike anything already present in the genre; perfect blend of romance and mysteryCONS: Spiritual sections felt disjointed and didn’t add much to the storyWhen Ellie Moore finds herself alone and jobless in Chicago after spending her whole life working for the theatre, she has no idea where to look for work. All she has is a trunk full of costum [...]

    • Faye says:

      Every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be!Ellie Moore is an aspiring actress on the verge of poverty, so when she overhears two Pinkerton agents talking about their need for a woman to do a job in Arizona, Ellie knows that this might be the chance of a lifetime. Stephen Pierce is the owner of a potential rich silver mine, in Arizona. He would be well on his way to success if only robbers wouldn't take every shipmentCan Ellie catch the theives without blowing her cover? Snagging my full atten [...]

    • Nicole says:

      This was such a cute story. I really enjoyed that I got halfway through the book and wasn't asking myself "What else can they possibly do? Everything's happened already!" There was still plenty of story and mystery yet to be unraveled!On her first assignment as a Pinkerton Detective, and desperate to keep her job, Ellie Moore finds herself in a small mining town surrounded by plenty of mystery and eventually danger. Her efforts to uncover a theft ring while disguised as an old woman (and also th [...]

    • Hannah says:

      Here I go again with a review I forgot to give! It's a good thing the book made enough of an impression that I can still remember what happenedSo, our heroine is fired by the actress she works for as ladies' maid and makeup artist. She is job-hunting and desperate when she learns of the Pinkertons. She goes to great effort to convince them they must hire her, novice or not, and gets a job with a seasoned agent. Only problem is, the seasoned agent gets married and doesn't show for the job. So Ell [...]

    • Teya Peck says:

      Amazing! So good, fun, clever, and my favorite girl power. I loved the way he saw her, and loved her in that way. I like how it did have a love story yet stuck to the plot and just kept on. So glad I was challenged to read it. Not a challenge at all.

    • Mayda says:

      In this exciting tale, Ellie Moore aspires to be an actress, but makes her living as the wardrobe mistress to a self-serving theatrical performer. Then suddenly, she finds herself unemployed when the actress leaves for Europe. Alone in the world and desperate for any job, she used her knowledge of the theater and disguises to work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Assigned to investigate the theft of silver ingots from several mines, Ellie, as an undercover agent, is soon targeted for trouble. [...]

    • Haley S says:

      Amazing! I loved how and where it was set. How it was a mixture of romance and her job. I fell in love with Steven immediately! Especially when he (view spoiler)[loved Ellie even when he found out that she pretended to be someone else (hide spoiler)]

    • Abigail says:

      I LOVED this book! This book made me realize how much I really do love a good Christians romance mystery! This book had amazing characters and a great plot! I instantly feel in love with Steven and my love for him in this book kept on growing the more I got to know him. The main lead character Ellie/Jessie/Lavina (you would understand if you read the book) was a great strong female lead. It took me longer then I thought it would for me to finish this book because lately I haven't been in the rea [...]

    • Hanny says:

      Good book. Sweet, funny and I enjoyed the whole investigation. A couple things that didn't row my boat was that I thought Steven lacked depth. Yeah sure, the guy is a honest man with brown eyes anything else? No.And there were just other things throughout the book that I found all to convenient. So all in all it was defiantly enjoyable, however not all to memorable.

    • Natalie says:

      A charming historical mystery with a bit of romance. I really enjoyed this one!Ellie was a great character - she's smart and sweet and very easy to relate to. I enjoyed the sections about her managing to disguise herself as two completely different women. The mystery was pretty good too - not the best one I've ever read but interesting enough to keep me guessing.

    • Kara says:

      Love in Disguise by Carol CoxReview by Kara GrantMinor SpoilersMy ReviewI give this book a rating of 3.5While reading this book I thought of the movies Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman and One for the Money with Katherine Heigl. Carol Cox manages to mix the wild west and the theater with small town characters and one young woman determined to find her independence. Ellie has just lost her job thwarting her plans to become a big theatrical star in England and now must find her way without any family o [...]

    • Dawn says:

      Ellie Moore finds herself down to her last pennies and out of a job. In desperation, she seeks a job with the Pinkerton Agency. The only reason they hire her is because of her acting ability. When things quickly go wrong on her first assignment, Ellie's only course of action is to rely on her acting skills and play the roles of both elderly widow and her beautiful, vivacious niece. Steven Pierce is one of the mine owners who have asked the Pinkertons to come and investigate into the silver robbe [...]

    • Cindy Huff says:

      Ellie Moore is desperate to find a new job—any job—after the actress she has worked for heads to Europe without her. Left with her few possessions and a basket full of costumes she finagles her way into a job as a Pinkerton Agent. Using her acting skill, she creates not one but two characters to roam the streets of Pickford Arizona to gather clues on who is robbing the silver mines. Stephen Pierce and the other miners are desperate to find out who is leaking information to the thieves highja [...]

    • Karen says:

      Spunky, Feisty, Determined. Three good adjectives to describe main character, Ellie Moore. Insecure, Stubborn, Desperate. Also three good adjectives to describe Ellie.Author, Carol Cox, did an excellent job in creating the character, Ellie Moore. Ellie is someone who desperately wants to be acknowledged for being good at something. She has always been in the background, but desperately wants to stand out. Some people are comfortable being in the background and never being noticed. Ellie is comfo [...]

    • Cornelia says:

      “Gentlemen, that young woman and I are one and the same.” The heroine of Love in Disguise, Ellie Moore, tells two Pinkerton detectives in interview for a job in which she can use her acting and makeup skills . She get’s the position and is soon on a stage to a wild west town in Arizona. There she disguises herself as two people, an elderly aunt and her beautiful, vivacious niece for the purpose of investigating robberies of local silver mines. As she puts her life on the line to solve the [...]

    • Casey says:

      Pinkerton detective agency? Undercover agents? Romance? History? Dastardly deeds? Hmm, yes please!From just a little bit of the book’s plot, I was eager to get my hands on this novel. It has those qualities to the story structure and characters that set it apart, especially in today’s historical fiction genre. I wasn’t disappointed. There is much to love about this book. Ellie is a rookie Pinkerton detective, playing not one, but two operatives. The quirky and funny things that happen to h [...]

    • Gwendolyn Gage says:

      A very entertaining and delightful read, even if it the romance doesn't start cooking until the latter half of the story. Ellie's guilt over her necessary deception, and her tendency to dig herself deeper into a hole gave her a refreshing human element, and made her fun to watch. I really enjoyed her love/talent for acting. The hero was okay, but I didn't connect with him as well as Ellie. I didn't understand his attraction to "Jessie" since he didn't spend much time with her "on screen", and it [...]

    • Melanie says:

      4.5 starsLove in Disguise is one of those books where I'm not sure if I should give it 4 or 5 stars - so I decided to give it 4.5 stars. At times I loved the story (especially towards the end) and the whole book was entertaining/enjoyable.I loved the characters! Ellie was probably my favorite because of how she juggled being "Jessie" and "Lavinia" - and all of her struggles made her very personable.The mystery of who was behind the thefts was interesting and I was kinda surprised about who one o [...]

    • Jodie Wolfe says:

      Love in Disguise by Carol Cox depicts a fascinating time period in history - the era of the Pinkerton detectives. I liked the twist in the story in that the heroine was the lead detective through a chance of circumstances. When Ellie Moore found herself jobless, she never contemplated a career in sleuthing until, an overheard conversation and a trunk of costumes and wigs inspire her to start on the track as a detective.Steven Pierce is on the brink of ruin unless he can find out who has been ste [...]

    • Carrie Daws says:

      Growing up I loved two things: Cinderella and detectives. Good triumphs over evil, the law steps in and puts the bad guys away, and Prince Charming gets his girl. Great stuff! So imagine my delight when I found a Christian romance where the girl gets to go undercover!Love in Disguise by Carol Cox is a wonderful story set in 1880s Arizona. Ms. Cox obviously did quite a bit of research into the mining community as well as the time period. And she skillfully transports the reader back 130 years wit [...]

    • Beth Withers says:

      Ellie may have hoped for a life on the stage, but circumstances dictate otherwise, and she finds herself without a job. She lands a position as a Pinkerton operative with an assignment in 1880s Airzona, identifying silver thieves. She uses her acting skills to disguise herself as two different people to seek out the clues she needs to find in order to keep her job. I won't give away the ending, but I will say that it's quite a surprise. This novel may be considered Christian fiction, but it's no [...]

    • Sheenamy says:

      Es war zweifelsohne spannend und nett zu lesen, aber manche Sachen fand ich einfach etwas komisch. Steven zum Beispiel, der sich über ihre Verhalten empört und plötzlich mit einem "Ich dachte, dass da etwas zwischen uns ist" um die Ecke kommt, obwohl er zu dem Zeitpunkt gefühlt dreimal mit ihr geredet hatte und ja nicht weiß, dass sie ihre Tante ist. Oder Ellie, die wirklich keine gute Detektivin ist; irgendwie rennt sie nur ziellos in der Stadt umher, himmelt Steven an, findet sich unschei [...]

    • Toni says:

      Another super book. I enjoyed it and found the plot both different and spellbinding. Ellie played three characters and made you fall in love with all three. I couldn't wait to find out how the author could possibly bring it all together. She did to my great satisfaction. I will be glad to recommend this book to all my friends and family.

    • Amanda says:

      I was wrong! wow, good book. page turner to the end!

    • Chrissy says:

      3.5 stars. It was a cute, fun read. A little slow in parts, I thought. But a clean read with a happy ending.

    • Rachel Wilderman says:

      This was a pretty average Christian Romance. Nothing really special about it. Something I liked was Ellie's inner monologues. She was more intelligent than many females heroine I have read about recently.Something I disliked was how easily Ellie's disguise fooled everyone. It was about as unrealistic as Clark Kent taking of his glasses and being unrecognizable.Cute book, but I would not read it again.

    • Tammi says:

      This was my first time reading this author, and I'm unsure why as she writes my favorite genre of Western Christian Fiction. I really enjoyed the old west setting and cast of characters in this fun mystery/romance. Such a fun book!

    • Kathleen E. says:

      Saturday, August 4, 2012New Historical by Carol Cox: Love In Disguise, c2012Pickford, Arizona Territory, December, 1881. Silver mine owners meet secretly at night to determine what steps they will take to disclose who is giving out information from within causing thievery to deplete them of their profits and possibly their livelihood. No matter what transport they use, their shipments are intercepted. Uncertain of local trustworthiness, they decide to contact an investigation agency.Chicago, Ill [...]

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