Legend Go down a river of no return toward a fateful meeting with an animal that predates mankind s existence by ninety million years after a treasure that has captured man s desires for centuries This is w

  • Title: Legend
  • Author: David Lynn Golemon
  • ISBN: 9780312352639
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Go down a river of no return, toward a fateful meeting with an animal that predates mankind s existence by ninety million years after a treasure that has captured man s desires for centuries This is what Legends are made of The year 1533 Sent by Francisco Pizarro, Captain Hernando Padilla and his small Spanish expedition found the legend that men had only dared to whiGo down a river of no return, toward a fateful meeting with an animal that predates mankind s existence by ninety million years after a treasure that has captured man s desires for centuries This is what Legends are made of The year 1533 Sent by Francisco Pizarro, Captain Hernando Padilla and his small Spanish expedition found the legend that men had only dared to whisper In a lost valley deep in Brazil, he discovered what had driven men of greatness into sheer madness El Dorado, the largest gold deposit in the world, hidden away from the march of time, preserved as the pristine Eden of wondrous sights and forgotten people But what he found wasn t just gold Instead, Padilla and his crew awakened a devil hidden in the lost valley, a beast of the who rises from the mother of all waters to viciously kill any who threaten the secret of the long vanished Incas But one soldier survives the bloody savagery and, before dying, shares his story with a lone priest in Peru A secret the Vatican quickly buried away The Present Professor Helen Zachary is searching for a hidden legend, buried deep within the Basin a great beast who has survived there since the dawn of time, a being ready to plunge modern science into a world of darkness And into this darkness, Professor Zachary and her team vanish Now a letter from a colleague of Zachary s sends the Event Group, led by Major Jack Collins, chasing down the professor s lost expedition and into the legendary darkness of the Dedicated to discovering the truth behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history, the Event Group an agency within the U.S government that officially doesn t exist ensures that mistakes from the past are never repeated They are a dedicated collection of the nation s most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy and the military Using cutting edge technology exclusively designed for the Event Group by the U.S military, they travel from Brazil to the Little Bighorn, from Columbia to the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery As they do, the Event Group faces mounting opposition from several different adversaries bent on either discovering the whereabouts of El Dorado or trying to bury the legend forever Praise for Event Golemon puts his military experience to good use in this promising debut sure to satisfy fans of The X Files the plotting and hair s breadth escapes evoke some of the early work of Preston and Child, and the author s premise offers a rich lode of materials for inevitable sequels Publishers Weekly Imagine mixing in a blender a Tom Clancy novel with the movie Predator and the television series The X Files Readers who enjoy nonstop action and lots of flying bullets will enjoy Golemon s first book in a projected series Library Journal The Roswell Incident whether legend, fact, or some combination of both has inspired countless novels and movies over the years, but David Lynn Golemon s Event peels back the layers of Roswell with refreshing originality The action is spectacularly cinematic, the characters compelling, and the story is a flat out adrenaline rush that pits real world, cutting edge military technology against a literally out of this world threat Even better, the Event Group itself is one of the best fictional agencies to arise in the literature of government conspiracies New York Times bestselling authors Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens Fans of UFO fiction will find this a great read, and fans of military fiction won t be disappointed either SFSIGNAL

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    • Tim The Enchanter says:

      Not up to par with the debut - 3 Stars Random Ramblings After being filled with excitement after the stellar book that was #1 in the Event series, I was left a bit disappointed with the follow up effort. Unfortunately, the issue I had with story structure were worse in the second book and showed little growth in writing. It is my expectation that an author will improve on a debut novel. In reality, this is a story of two novels. The first 50% was a generous 2 stars while the final 50% was easily [...]

    • Freda Malone says:

      Sometimes I really wish the author would hire someone to draw his vision as he writes his tales of species more than a thousand years old. This series reminds me of the weirdness of Stephen King books and I don't read them because I just can't seem to visualize some of his works. My imagination is quite different. Or it could be that I just love picture books more? (chuckling). Well this novel was an adventure, deep into the Brazilian amazons with waterfalls, caves, lagoons, and volcanos. Thousa [...]

    • Hanzel says:

      Second book of this fantastic series, again from the start, it is all non stop action, the Event group, and a fitting name to this assemblage of the best and brightest soldiers, scientists and etc.As usual the tale, starts long, long time ago, to be exact during the Spanish expansion into the new worlde Spaniards have enslaved another Incan civilization and were led into another quest for hidden treasures(I am quite unsure if El Dorado was the first or this one the so called "Padilla Expedition" [...]

    • Dee Haddrill says:

      Original read 31 August 2011; listened to via Audible 11 February 2015; listened to via Audible 2 September 2017The Event Group are back to save the world! This time, its from people trying to find the treasure of El Dorado!I really can't rate these books highly enough! I absolutely love them! There is non-stop action, great storylines, indepth and well researched history, and fantastic very likeable characters. As a woman, I love the slight thread of romance running through the book between Jac [...]

    • Sara says:

      I really tired to enjoy this book. The first book in the series was really good and I was hoping for a repeat of greatness. Instead this book ignored the group of missing people who were experiencing something I would have enjoyed reading about and focused on a deluge of military equipment discriptions that went on for days. I'm going to give the next book in the series a chance just because the first was so good. I would call this read a forced march

    • Janet Riegel says:

      These books remind me of the show on SyFY called Warehouse 13. The Event group are a government supported group that is hidden under the desert near Nellis Air Force Base. THey deal with things that are threatening the World, like Aliens, Russians, Time travelers. The Legend deals with a legendary beast that is found in the . The legend dates back to 1533 discovered by Spanish explorers.

    • Fernando says:

      Quite enjoyable with amazing action sequences and interesting premises, but not yet James Rollins quality level. ***Spoilers*** Reading the final pages im still questioning how everyone survived after a 5 megaton nuclear warhead was detonated half a mile (more or less) away, this bugs me to no end, i would understand they "could" survive a 5kiloton tactical nuke being shielded by the piramid and mountain, but a 5 megaton? We are talking thermonuclear grade here, and this above all should have be [...]

    • Natasja says:

      Great book, I really enjoyed Jenks, just a shame that he had to endure so much pain, but in the end it was also really funny.

    • Amy says:

      It was good. It was Congo with dinosaurs and the military involved

    • Snorre L says:

      3.5 stars

    • Kara Jorges says:

      The highly trained, super-secret government organization, the Event Group, is back for another adventure when a team of college students goes missing in the . Led by former Event Group member Dr. Helen Zachary, the group had gone looking for a hidden valley that supposedly contained El Dorado, the lost gold mine of the Incas. Dr. Zachary was far more interested in the unique animal life supposedly living in the valley, but there are others who only want the gold, and still others yet who want an [...]

    • Sharon Jayne says:

      A roller coaster of a read. I read the first book Event and it was. This book was as well. I am hooked and will definitely read the follow up in the series.

    • Sean Newgent says:

      After Golemon's first Event Group thriller provided a couple of cheap thrills and enough entertaining genre-meshing to keep my interested, I figured the series would continue on the same path, hopefully with improved writing and editing. Sadly, Legend didn't hold my interest despite some interesting subject matter and it's such a slow, pointless novel that I had to quit halfway through. The subject of this book is El Dorado and the Event Group searching for it, as well as a group of students who [...]

    • Theresa says:

      The books in this series seem to take a long time to read due to how packed they are with historical & logistical info, background description, character interaction and exciting action scenes, but they are well-balanced and worth the time.And they have the coolest computers.Footnote: 1) Between this book and the previous it seems like almost the entire federal upper management needs to be replaced. But then it does in real life also. 2) Why was Carl promoted (skipping a grade) above Jack wh [...]

    • solaret says:

      There's nothing much to say about this book. It wasn't particularly good, nor was it particularly bad. Just mediocre.Legend suffers from having too many plotlines at once. There's at least three groups of people that we follow through the story, more if one of them splits up. For the sake of simplicity, let's call them the Good Guys, the Bad Guys, and the Damsels in Distress.So, the story starts when the Damsels in Distress (DiD) decide to gallivant off into the rain forest in search of gold/lon [...]

    • Andrés says:

      Having read a lot of negative reviews on the second Event book I was prepared to be thoroughly disappointed. At one point I considered not even reading it, but then I wouldn't be able to judge for myself, would I?It takes a while to get going, that's for sure. It has to first set the background by introducing two characters from the distant past and the legend of "El Dorado." Then it moves on to the present where the Event Group makes a discovery that is never brought up again for the rest of th [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I picked up this book because of its great cover art and intriguing tagline, promising it would appeal to X-File fans and readers of Preston and Child. Since I'm huge fans of both, I picked it up. Let's just say this thriller was less than thrilling. Instead of focusing on the unknown and possible strange and weird, it was all about the military and very flat and two-dimensional military characters in this book. Not a single character had a personality or stood out in any way. I had such difficu [...]

    • Ami says:

      An unsolved mystery abut the disappearance of a group of conquistadors from the amazon in 1534. A professor and a group of her students are following the mystery, when all of a sudden they go missing too. The event group steps in to find the missing professor's group, but there are others who also want to find out what Professor Zachery knows about the mystery and the treasures it supposedly holds. It's a race to see who can get there first, and time is running out for the missing professor and [...]

    • Justin Felgar says:

      David L. Golemon writes another fantastic chapter in the Event Group Saga. This time, the myth in question is the fabled El Dorado. The Event Group races against time and evil men to rescue a lost expedition. As they drive deeper into the heart of the jungle, they come to terms with the secrets of the Incas, for El Dorado contains a darker secret than gold, and the lagoon where it is found is home to terrible foes far greater than any man, lost since the beginning of time.This was an very good b [...]

    • Victoria says:

      Where the first book of the Event Group series tackled Roswell, this follow-up focuses on El Dorado - or at least Golemon’s take on the topic. Unfortunately, the book, despite the rediscovery of a lost city, did not live up to my expectations. Something is simply missing The overall execution fell a bit flat in large sections, slowing down the overall action quite a bit. More troubling, however, is the continued lack of character development. Unfortunately no headway at all was made in transla [...]

    • Josh says:

      David Lynn Golemon has been compared to another of my favorite authors, James Rollins. While I find Golemon's books highly enjoyable, escapist reads, I don't think he is yet at the level of Rollins. This is only his second book, so there is definitly time for growth and improvement. Much like Rollins, Golemon's books take a longstanding myth or legend, no pun intended, and mixes in government conspiracies, worthy and ruthless villians, cutting-edge science, exciting action sequences, and daring [...]

    • Kevin ⛅ says:

      No need to read closely nor with any great personal investment. The story happens, the characters do what you know they're going to do, and it ends up the way you predict. I suspect David Lynn Golemon is falling into a formula with his Event novels, Legend being the second of twelve (as of the writing of this review). I'm committing to at least three; as I mentioned in my review of Event, the third book has been on my bookshelf for years and I refuse to donate it away before reading it.Although, [...]

    • John Bonilla says:

      wow how do i start. First this book is a perfect five right of the bat the book hooked me it only took the first few pages of the prologue alone to get me to want to keep reading.At first i thought it be cheesy and lame cause well thee title isnt eye catching.The word legend is use so much its getting a bit old but i kept reading and with all the twist and info they give you as you read you just need to know more. As for what lesson we have just started in class is one humor and there is quit a [...]

    • Naomi says:

      Well, although i though Event was more exciting than this one, i did love it too. Jack Collins, my dear hero, whom i hope, has more presence in the next books, is send to a remote jungle in Brasil to find a missing expedition, not knowing some deadly creatures will get in his way, a not so lost tribe, bombs, the obnoxious french mercenary and a whole bunch of traitors that happen to have a comfortable seat in the high spheres of the government. Lots of obstacles for Jack, everyone trying to stop [...]

    • Edward H. Busse, III says:

      NO SPOLIERS!! I loved it - this is the second book I've read from Mr. Golemon - the first was Event. Both were excellent book and I'm looking forward to picking reading Ancients - the 3rd book in the Event Group series. As for Legend - the writing was crisp and the story extremely creative. I like the fact that the story and the writing melds natural science, military, geo-politics, personal power, patriotism, violence, horror, expansive scenery, weaponry, "monsters" and bad guys soooooo well. M [...]

    • Emjay says:

      I truly enjoy this author - I've read some of his books in the Event group series. As a reader I'm drawn to the characters and look forward to seeing how the story lines play out. As soon as I'm done with one in the series; I start the next one. I started in late August and have read Event, Legend, Ancients, Leviathan, Primeval and am half way through Legacy. The books start slow and deals with past events (hang in there), it then brings you to the present and deals with a top secret US governme [...]

    • Deborah says:

      This book was perhaps better than the author's first, Event. The ebook (Kindle) editing was certainly better though there were at least a dozen errors that jolted me from the story. That being said, I'm enjoying Goleman's continued character development within a fairly large cast for a series. He gives sufficient time to each character to keep you interested. This book was reminiscent of James Rollins' "ia" but with more military detail. It was money well-spent IMO. I'm looking forward to readin [...]

    • Jim says:

      What a frustrating book. There were way, way, I mean WAY too many storylines in this book. I really enjoyed the storyline involving the characters trapped in the El Dorado mine deep in the . But I just got very tired with the other Event Group storylines, one back at headquarters, and one out in the field--and by page 200 I was skimming these parts because I just really didn't care about these characters. I still wanted to see how the book ended but I would have liked for this story to have been [...]

    • William says:

      I really enjoyed Golemon's first book in this series but this second installment of the Event Group series falls far short of being as good as its predecessor. Here is why I think it fails: too many people introduced only to be killed off without having done anything of significance, too many backstabbing and double crossing agents (you never know who to cheer for) and a monster that seems to pick and choose when he/it wants to be savage and monstrous. It really wasn't until the last chapters th [...]

    • Libromagno.com says:

      Excelente novela militar, científica e históricaSegunda parte de la serie sobre el grupo Evento, donde el autor logra envolver al lector en una serie de elementos extraordinarios alrededor del Grupo Evento y El misterio de El Dorado.Historia bien narrada, a un ritmo correcto (desde el inicio lleno de misterios hasta el final muy bien resuelto).Quien sea amante de los incas y de la ciencia ficción disfrutará esta novela totalmente.Reseña completa en libromagno/2015/10/ley

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