Why We Were In Vietnam

Why We Were In Vietnam Analysis of Vietnam conflict as act of idealism

  • Title: Why We Were In Vietnam
  • Author: Norman Podhoretz
  • ISBN: 9780671445782
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Analysis of Vietnam conflict as act of idealism

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    • April says:

      Exhaustive analysis of the political aspect of the war, with a heavy conservative bias. The author has a high level of expertise, and offers a serious scholarly education. Originally I was not familiar with most of the characters of the time and I felt bogged down by the intellectualism. Eventually I began to get a good grasp on what I was reading; it transformed into a gripping horror story. I laid down my head and cried after finishing this book. Many counterproductive liberal professors do no [...]

    • Joe Robertson says:

      This was a great book! It should be required reading for anyone studying the Viet Nam War. It is a travesty how history has been re-written by the liberals/progressives both inside and outside of America. I highly recommend this book.

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