Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life

Introduction to Buddhism An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life years after the passing of buddah his message continues to resonate This compelling introduction explains the essential priciples of the Buddhist way of life and what it means to be a Buddhist

  • Title: Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life
  • Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
  • ISBN: 9780948006715
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2,500 years after the passing of buddah, his message continues to resonate This compelling introduction explains the essential priciples of the Buddhist way of life and what it means to be a Buddhist Meditation is explained clearly and simply as a tool for developing qualities such as inner peace, love and patience

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    • Monica Casanova says:

      This book is a wonderful book to begin your journey in exploring Buddhism. The author has written a multitude of books on this aspect of spirituality. The most important detail about this book is that it does not push any beliefs onto the reader. It does not make claims that this is the only way and that you MUST follow this way. It's a very open and informative way to look at Buddhism. This book begins with a brief history on Buddha and his story. Much emphasis is placed on the fact that Buddha [...]

    • Mohita says:

      Sometime few months ago, i was intensely passionate about Buddhism, the reason: The wheel of karma, and meditation, I believed in both these arts.My father is an avid fan of yoga and meditation, having done almost few forms of yoga and meditation such as Art of Living, a 10 day course of complete silence and solitary meditating , i went on to do the same thing and realized that all of those are a form of Buddhism, though I am not a Buddhist, I prefer following Buddhism, because of the peace it b [...]

    • Tim says:

      This was an important book for me, because I eventually became a student and member of this tradition, the New Kadampa Tradition of Buddhism. The author of this is the founder of this organization, adn he is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who moved to England, split from the main Gelugpa tradition, and began his own. On first encountering this dharma, I was struck by its analysis of the endless struggle of ordinary human life, and this conformed with my views. It went deeper than other religious teachi [...]

    • Jane says:

      I enjoyed this book very much, it gave me a much better insight into who buddah was as well as their thoughts about what it means to be a buddhist. In this explanation of the Buddhists way I was able to understand past and future lives, along with receiving a clear idea about karma and clarity on meditation which by the way is why I bought the book in the first place. During this read I learned about the path to enlightenment, thankfuly this also made sense to me. This wonderful intoduction to B [...]

    • Gemma says:

      Interesting read. I enjoy learning about other cultures and religions but near the end of this book it became quite hard going for someone who isn't Buddhist or religious. Glad I read it though. My past idea of Buddhism is much different to the reality from reading this.

    • Kevin Tuttle says:

      Good overview of "religious" Buddhism, Lamrim, and the New Kadampa tradtiion.

    • Kunden Kelsang says:

      I love this book. It is written very clearly and simply with examples and stories. It has a gentle tone and is very inspiring. It gives us the confidence to be the best person that we can be.

    • Sarah Isabella says:

      A simple easy to read rendition, insightful as an introduction can be

    • Bob Shadel says:

      lots of good living practices. Almost nothing as powerful as meditation.But rebirth?? Don't think soAlso can't get away without thinking that this practice was started in horrific conditions of poverty and is this a way to escape the world these people were in??

    • Tony Thomas says:

      a nice clear and concise introduction to Buddhism

    • Sara says:

      I can't really call it a good book but it did explain what it should have so

    • excalibur1974 says:

      Excellent introduction to Buddhism for the complete beginner.

    • Ana says:

      Started attending sessions at a Buddhist Center on 1.16.11 and after nit finding the book we are following (Modern Buddhism: The Path of Compassion & Wisdom by same author) I decided to pick this one up and give myself a crash course before my next session. So far, (pg 85) I have mixed feelings although I am trying to absorb the good and what I understand clearly and can relate to. As for the things that I don't agree with or understand, I am making a note of them without further judgement. [...]

    • Jacqueline says:

      A basic primer on Buddhism. An approachable, easy read I've come to look forward to the few peaceful moments I spend with this before bed. The gentle and service-based nature of Buddhism (I'm not sure whether to call it a philosophy or religion) is what attracted me in the first place and the fundamental concepts as presented in this book seem straightforward. I was searching for a place to start to familiarize myself and wavered between other options before choosing this. I'll be looking for mo [...]

    • Sarah Monro says:

      This is an excellent introduction to Buddhism for anyone who is curious about the religion.It takes you through the key ideas and philosophies quite quickly and I admit I got lost about 3/4 of the way through. In the end I skim read the remaining chapter and appendices. The glossary is especially helpful and probably best read in small chunks so key ideas can be taken on-board and digested. This is a book I will probably re-read several times.

    • Peter says:

      Having already read a basic book describing the structure and principles of Buddhism (Teach Yourself Buddhism), I was much more prepared for Introduction to Buddhism. In this work, Gyatso delves into the actual philosophy and lifestyle of Buddhism in a simple explanatory manner that is most accessible. It's an excellent introduction that may as it did me, cause you to reevaluate and chep change your path.

    • Katie says:

      - Filled with lovely quotes - Provides prayersI really enjoyed learning about Buddhism. This was my first read about it and I felt that this is a brilliant book to start with.The writing style is very easy to understand with little jargon.This introductary book has wanted me to further my studies in Buddhism. I will more than likely look into more of Kelsang's books.

    • Andrea says:

      This book presents Buddhism as a religion where you pray to Buddhas (yes, multiple) and risk being reincarnated as a hungry spirit if you so much as slap and kill a mosquito in anger. Kind of creepy. It is a rather misleading introduction to Buddhism in my humble opinion.

    • Anthony says:

      I really enjoyed this book and want to read more from Gyatso or at least more about Buddhism. It's always been interesting to me. I lean toward a lot of the beliefs within Buddhism. I'm excited to continue developing my spiritual self.

    • Sarah says:

      A great intro text. Told in simple, fable-like story form, so it's easy to follow. Some of the new vocabulary might be difficult to remember throughout the book, but overall, a great format for an intro text. The audio CD is read well and includes a few Very simple guided meditations at the end.

    • Nm Boi says:

      just started reading this.Hopefully can get it read by the 11th when school starts again. Just interested in the concepts of this religion. Peace can never be a bad thing to have in your heart and mind.

    • Tiffany says:

      This is a very well written book on Buddhism. I work slowly at reading this so that I may fully understand this particular writer. My husband loves this writer and follows the path of this particular individual in his meditation practice.

    • Rowan Saker says:

      Good book though not much of an 'introduction'. Seems too in depth on some points and vague one others for someone who is at the beginning of finding out about Buddhism. Would recommend another book instead for beginners.

    • Jason Navallo says:

      Great book that really "breaks-down" the religion nicely for anyone to understand!

    • Aelis says:

      This is an excellent book, particularly for anyone who is interested in learning about Buddhism but isn't quite sure where to start. :)

    • Haley says:

      The NKT is a cult.

    • Vivian says:

      this is a great easy way to begin to learn about buddhaism , I learned so much about the self and mind

    • Sarah says:

      Nice introductory book to the new kadampa tradition but it only teases the palate.

    • Becky says:

      I feel like this book gave me a strange impression of Buddhism. I read other buddhist books that I liked a LOT better.

    • Krista says:

      accessible reading style.

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