And Justice for All!: The Untold History of Dallas

And Justice for All The Untold History of Dallas None

  • Title: And Justice for All!: The Untold History of Dallas
  • Author: Kevin J. Shay Roy H. Williams
  • ISBN: 9780965050579
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Kevin says:

      Dallas remains among the least-studied of American cities, especially by historians. And most accounts read as if they were commissioned by civic boosters. The result has been the myth of Dallas as the city that works for everyone. In "And Justice For All," Roy H. Williams and Kevin J. Shay pick up where other historians left off. They argue that whites have made local government work for themselves while systematically excluding African-Americans and other minorities. The result, they write, ha [...]

    • JW says:

      When I returned to Dallas in 2004, this book shed some needed light on subjects not talked on either side of the racial divide in Dallas. Very good.

    • Bg says:

      "A good start at providing a history of Dallas for everyone." - Craig Flournoy, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, The Dallas Morning News, SMU journalism professor"Roy and Kevin rip the covers off the beauty queen we call Dallas and expose her ugly scars of racism, bigotry, cronyism, and greed. Those who profess to embrace truth cannot remain sedate and silent after reading the often petrifying story of power. This is must reading for all students and their parents." - Martin Burrell, vice presid [...]

    • Kevin Shay says:

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