The Magic Cottage

The Magic Cottage From the back cover We thought we d found our haven a cottage deep in the heart of the forest Quaint charming maybe a little run down but so peaceful The woodland animals and birds couldn t have be

  • Title: The Magic Cottage
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780450409370
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the back cover We thought we d found our haven, a cottage deep in the heart of the forest Quaint, charming, maybe a little run down but so peaceful The woodland animals and birds couldn t have been neighbourly That was the first part of the Magic Midge s painting and my music soared to new heights of creativity That was another part of the Magic Our sensiFrom the back cover We thought we d found our haven, a cottage deep in the heart of the forest Quaint, charming, maybe a little run down but so peaceful The woodland animals and birds couldn t have been neighbourly That was the first part of the Magic Midge s painting and my music soared to new heights of creativity That was another part of the Magic Our sensing, our feelings, our love for each other well, that became the supreme Magic But the cottage had an alternative side The Bad Magic What happened to us there was horrendous beyond belief The miracles, the healings, the crazy sect who wanted our home for themselves, the hideous creatures that crawled from the nether regions and the bats oh God, the bats Even now, those terrible things seem impossible to me Yet they happened

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    • mark monday says:

      this is not a bad book. i don't think this is a particularly good book either. easy to read and not particularly painful to get through i read it all through one long rainy night. Herbert is a real professional: the screws are tightened expertly, our two leads are sympathetic & realistic (although one of them is a wee bit off), the mysteries unfold at a good pace, creepy supernatural goings-on abound, some enjoyable twists & turns pop up, and of course a mysterious & possibly threate [...]

    • Char says:

      Published in 1986, this James Herbert novel is a lot of fun.Herbert had the talent to write very different types of stories. From flat out splatter like The Rats or The Fog, to comedic humor like the horror story Creed, I know that Herbert guarantees me a good time. The Magic Cottage was not a disappointment.A fun, slow burning story about a loving couple wanting to get away from things and instead ending up in the middle of things. Strange happenings at their new cottage in the country, happeni [...]

    • Leo . says:

      Also a very good book from the late James Herbert. A chocolate box cottage. A beautiful setting. The dream home. Magical forest and a cult. Loved this book by a great British Author.👍🐯

    • Bandit says:

      This book was an absolute delight, a thrilling and exciting story from its nicely understated beginning straight down to its boombastic final showdown and picture perfect ending. Classic Herbert, to take on a what could have been yet another young couple buys the house in the remote area(the subject is actually referenced in a book in an awesomely meta way), all is not as it seems and make it so clever, unique original and fun. Other classic Hebert elements are present as well including well dev [...]

    • Hannah says:

      I have never read anything by James Herbert, and was very intrigued with the premise of The Magic Cottage: A young couple are strangely drawn to a crumbling, oddly charming house in the country. On their tour of the cottage, the garden is overrun with weeds, walls are damp, moldy, and cracked, doors are warped, and the massive stone lintle over the stove is in immediate danger of falling. The former owner, an reclusive elderly lady who made herbal remedies for the community and communed with nat [...]

    • Addy says:

      This book was very different from The Fog. It was more subtle and was a slow read at first, but began to pick up after the halfway point. The way it was narrated, like someone telling you a story was neat. The descriptions of the quaint little cottage out in the woods with beautiful scenery was wonderful to escape to. As the story progressed, I got caught up in how fast it moved. It got quite sinister, dark, and evil. I loved it! I would definitely recommend to those who like subtle horror and a [...]

    • Vanessa Woolley says:

      My sister recommended James Herbert and decided that since she thought I'd not have the heart nor stomach for horror (as I'm a fan of fantasy and dislike seeing anything gruesome or bone chilling freaky), that starting me off with The Magic Cottage would be a good first choice. Unfortunately, I expected serious horror and was disappointed by the time I was halfway through the book and hardly anything had happened. So this is what I disliked about the book; 1. The writer spends most his time talk [...]

    • Lee says:

      First of all I am a MASSIVE James Herbert fan. At first this book was really slow moving and I started it over many times before finally reading it through. I have a original print form 1986 which still had spelling mistakes in. Anywho, as i said it was slow to start off but at it gets into it and the two main characters Mike and Midge begin having suspicions about the Magic (capital M for a reason) it really turns into your typical James Herbert page turner hard to put down book. I felt that it [...]

    • Kimberly says:

      I totally saw everything described in this book in great detail. Herbert captured the perfect description of a magic cottage deep in the woods. I expected more things to occur inside and around the cottage and towards the end, I was just left with a wanting.Totally creepy story, I was creeped out by the "SYNERGIST TEMPLE" in the woods. Freaky, crazyThis is why I love James Herbert. He can make me see it, feel it, smell it, and just completely pull you along into this magical journey that usually [...]

    • FrancoSantos says:

      ¡Por Dios, así se termina un libro!Herbert sí sabe cómo concluir una historia Fue espectacular. Cuando creés que ya no puede ser mejor, el autor te redobla la apuesta. El último cuarto del libro fue un huracán. De los mejores finales que leí.Es una lástima que sea tan pesado y repetitivo hasta la página 220, aproximadamente.

    • Deborah Foulkes says:

      We all have a favourite book that we can read again and again and this is one of mine. I have no idea why I love it so much, but Jame Herbert's story telling is an inspiration to me. The Cottage in the story is my dream home and I love opening the pages and climbing straight back into that world.

    • Claire Riley says:

      I love this book!

    • Keith Larkworthy says:

      One of my top 5 Herbert books

    • Luke says:

      I recently spent some time in hospital, and thought this work might make a good companion. From the blurb, it suggested a zippy, not thoroughly taxing read. Fair enough, I thought: I'll zip through it while waiting for day surgery and that will be that. Popcorn consumed. So somehow, it's ten days later and I've only just finished it. And why? Because I kept feeling like I had to flog myself onwards toward a finish line that wasn't really worth it when I got over it. Ugh. The novel, Herbert's 12t [...]

    • Jaimey says:

      Picked this up at a garage sale. An interesting story where a modern couple find a perfect fairytale cottage - however there is an unexplainable power within that can only be described as magical. Magic is a constant theme throughout the book and is explored well and ties in with the modern context. What is magic? The book begins with witchery and nature around the cottage, and as the cottage's neighbours are revealed, delves into references to religion, charlatans and magicians, some metaphysic [...]

    • Philip says:

      I've always found Herbert a bit hit and miss. Haunted was one of the first 'grown up' books I read and I thought his whole back catalogue would be equally impressive, but many years ago when I started to tackle it I found a few books that I dropped after page twenty. Still maybe I'm older and have different taste now, so after enjoying this one I might give some of his other titles another look.There's a slow build in this book and that's to its credit. The characters are interesting enough that [...]

    • LindaBranham Greenwell says:

      This is a story about Mike and Midge who move into their dream cottage, Gramarye - and soon begin to discover that things are not as they originally seemed. There is something off-beat and disturbing about Gramarye, Mike can feel it, Midge seems oblivious to it. Animals come into the house and eat out of their hands, they befriend a little red squirrel who comes in daily and chatters away at them. They name the squirrel, Rumbo. Wounds heal spontaneously. It all sounds pretty silly, but it is all [...]

    • Sharon Hattingh says:

      As alwaysHerbert ROCKS!!! This was my first ever Herbert. I read it nearly 20 years ago and decided to give it another go. Although I still remembered the story somewhat, this 2nd time around was so refreshingke revisiting a good friend. So sad to think that there will be no moree death of this remarkable author means that there is a lot less magic in the world. Thank goodness for his work; a beautiful legacy left behind for us to enjoy forever. Read the Magic Cottage, my friendd let the wonder [...]

    • Kingfan30 says:

      I was quite sucked in by this story, maybe living in an old cottage myself (although not in some woods) appealed to me. These old places really do seem to have a character of their own and I'd love to know the stories they could tell. This story built up quite nicely and I have to say at one point I caught something moving out the corner of my eye, and my heart started thudding. It was in actual fact my cat having a nose round the room. My only problem with this book was the ending. It all built [...]

    • Bobbie says:

      Loved this book, even though it scared the he'll out of me.

    • Sally halliday says:

      The bath scene is brilliant

    • David says:

      Hokey, hackneyed and cliched, but a huge amount of fun. The climactic scenes were priceless.

    • Jon Stasiak says:

      This is the book I wish I could have written.My all time favourite book. I've read it many times and still love it. It's dark, mysterious, enticing. Just a great book.A magical book.

    • Ignacio Senao f says:

      ¡Leñe! Que siempre me pasa lo mismo. De Herbert espero todo lo que me emociona: terror ochentero con buena ambientación propia de un autor inglés, casas encantadas con muchos ruidos y sangre chorreando por paredes, presencias y sombras que te miran por la rendija de la puerta de tu habitación mientras duermes con una tormenta que te despierta cada dos por tres… Busco y busco con ansia sus libros, y los compro aunque tenga que pegar sus hojas con cola blanca. ¡Y plof! Lo leo y es algo sim [...]

    • Wes says:

      This is very typical James Herbert a slow and gentle meander through the opening half , taking time to introduce the characters and the setting dropping a few subtle hints to paths the possibilities that might be explored. Next quarter its time to gather the threads and start weaving the pieces together then wham bam all the action in the last few chapters , leaving you breathless and dazed. I thought this started on the slow side , Mike and Midge are likeable enough characters both creative and [...]

    • Red Lace Reviews says:

      Top Read 2017 * * * * *Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city of London, young couple Mike and Midge are determined to find a home that offers them a brighter - and quieter - future. Much to their delight, that perfect home comes in the form of Gramarye; a breathtaking, isolated cottage that appears too good to be true. Eager to move right in and settle down, they soon experience the enchanting wonders Gramarye has to offer, along with the sinister ugliness that lurks just beneath its surfac [...]

    • Andrea Zuvich says:

      Terrible, hackneyed story with sometimes very poor writing. It wasn't scary, it wasn't particularly magical, and I'm genuinely shocked that some people thought Herbert's writing in this book was Tolkienesque (!) We abandoned it after the cringeworthy/disturbing line in which the main character states his wife looked "ten years old" and his thoughts were "criminal" i.e. paedophiliac- no thanks.

    • Serene Wong says:

      Purchased this ebook at Kobo before reading the contents. Earlier on, I remembered this book from a long ago memory that I have already read before, during my childhood days. However, I was too young at that time to fully comprehend and absorb the contents of this book.To sum it up: this book is great. I loved it. It talks about a couple Midge and Mike, who purchased a cottage at a secluded area. The cottage used to belong to an old lady named Flora. Flora has the ability to heal animals and oth [...]

    • Rebecca says:

      Perhaps it is because I am a fan of Stephen King, and James Herbert's writing style is similar, but I really enjoyed the style of this book. The way things are described, the atmosphere created and the general creepy tone is great. Unfortunately, which is what took it down to four stars, Herbert has a tendency, here, to be too obvious. He will use his character voice to explain to the reader what we should be thinking and feeling for ourselves. It's like writing a really tense paragraph full of [...]

    • F.R. says:

      The main problem I have with Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ is that in the opening scenes, before they even reach the hotel, Jack Nicholson already appears to be quite mad. How you can empathise with a character’s descent into madness when he starts off halfway there? For the first hundred pages or so of this book I had an odd sense of déjà vu. The lead female character is so dreamily open and accepting to all the strange events happening around her, that it seems to remove a lot of the tensi [...]

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