Prank Wars

Prank Wars All war No love Madeleine s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let Byron beat her in some huge prank war They ve had their deserters their POWS their casualties but no one can risk los

  • Title: Prank Wars
  • Author: Stephanie Fowers
  • ISBN: 9780615587097
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • All war No love Madeleine s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let Byron beat her in some huge prank war They ve had their deserters, their POWS, their casualties, but no one can risk losing the battle of the sexes Except now something strange is happening at the colleged it s not just the students Buried deep beneath the pranks is real danger, and tAll war No love Madeleine s been hurt too many times in the dating scene to let Byron beat her in some huge prank war They ve had their deserters, their POWS, their casualties, but no one can risk losing the battle of the sexes Except now something strange is happening at the colleged it s not just the students Buried deep beneath the pranks is real danger, and the only other person who suspects is Byron Should Mad join sides with him or does that mean forfeiting her heart to the enemy

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    • Kathy * Bookworm Nation says:

      3.5This started out as a fun chick-lit, but as the story progresses a mystery soon evolves. Madeleine unwittingly stumbles upon something much more sinister than a few harmless pranks. I liked the first half of the story, where Madeleine has been dumped by her ex-fiancé Cameron and helps her roommates get back at “players” who have also used them wrong. Her sites focus on Byron (not sure why) and the two begin pulling pranks on one another. Some of the pranks were pretty clever, and I thoug [...]

    • Klaudyna Z. says:

      Ok, this book was just a freaking mess. I had no idea what was going on half the time, there was no back story, there were way too many characters and it just wasn't clearly written. I was very confused by the setting. Were they at a college? Were they at a religious college? What the hell did they mean by ward? No freaking idea. There really was no back story about any of the characters so I felt like I knew nothing about any of them, except maybe Byron towards the end, who was probably my favo [...]

    • Deborah says:

      I think this is the first time I started a book with out reading a thing about it. A dear friend loaned this one to me and I have to say after I finished I went back and read her review and I couldn't agree more. I loved the first half the book. It was so fun and I found myself laughing and really enjoying the "pranks" between the boys and girls. Then all of sudden the book took this insane turn and all of a sudden became way too serious and I think the build up of the two main characters relati [...]

    • Tamera Westhoff says:

      So far I am absolutely Loving it! There were at least three parts where I laughed out loud and once I read it out loud and my nine-year-old son started cracking up too! “What do you and bunnies have in common?” I typed. “Nothing, you’re not cute. You’re not fluffy and no one wants you around at Easter—not you or your peeps.Fowers, Stephanie (2012-02-04). Prank Wars (Kindle Locations 1737-1738). Triad Media and Entertainment. Kindle Edition. Seriously hilarious! The pranks were funny, [...]

    • Katie W says:

      I felt like this was really two books in one. Madeleine is dumped hard by her fiancé and comes up with a battle plan to basically get revenge on all men. I felt the first half of the book was almost to the point of downright mean. To men she hardly knows. She and her roommates pull pranks back and forth with guys in their BYU LDS ward and seriously, some of them go too far. I understand that she's bitter and angry, butere are social limits.The second half of the book turned up a mysterious situ [...]

    • Valerie Waters says:

      Ugh. Grrrr. Ugh!!!! Ok I LOVED most of this book. The beginning was awesome!!! But then I read some friends reviews and was a little nervous about the second half. So since I was warned I think I liked the rest better then they did. However. I HATE that their relationship was just a side note at the end. I loved their relationship. I thought it was awesome the pranks they pulled.

    • Brynn black says:

      I loved every second of this book. I sincerly hope there will be a sequel with just as much adventure and romance. I'd love some more of Mad Dog and Lord Byron

    • Mackenzie says:

      Hatekelove. That's pretty much how I felt while reading Prank Wars. I started out kind of hating it, and ended up loving it. In the beginning, I was super annoyed by Mad Dog (Madeleine Doggett) and her purposefully ignorant, man-hating ways. Sure she'd been hurt but her hatred was way out of control and completely unappealing. I just couldn't get into the story when I didn't like the main character at all. I briefly considered giving up on the book but toughed it out and was rewarded for my pers [...]

    • Shannon Cooley says:

      I got this one for free and thought I'd give it a try, even though I'm not a huge fan of LDS fiction. I am, however, now a fan of Stephanie Fowers.I had one big problem with part of the book, but I'll discuss that in a moment. First let me say this: She nailed her characters and their environment. Reading it, I felt like I was in college again. No, my roommates and I never did these types of crazy pranks, but the attitudes, the emotions, the struggles, the craziness of an LDS university--those t [...]

    • Jessie says:

      3 1/2 starsIt was strange reading a book set where I went to college. I felt like I was there again. So, now I have Stephanie Fowers to blame for those dreams where I forgot to study for a test, or attend class for a whole semester!As for the story itself, the prank war was funny, especially how serious Madeline took it. I loved Tory and her enthusiasm. She was a great sidekick. The imminent danger side of the plot was a bit far fetched to me, but still led to a fun book. The thing I really want [...]

    • Danyelle Ferguson says:

      Prank Wars is awesomely sassy, brilliantly sneaky, and spine tingly!Mad Dog is one of the best female main characters ever! She and Byron totally embody the best of best in college prank competitions . . . that will either lead to a total I Hate You relationship or a Jump Off a Cliff and Straight into Love relationship. The pranks, banter, and twisted relationships in this book keeps you turning page after page after page until you hit The End. Your butt will be sore from sitting so long and you [...]

    • Holly says:

      Prank wars,A very good book! It was different then her other two books, but that just made it better. Even though it was different then all her other books, it still had Stephanie's humor that I look forward to in all her books. The book had me guessing until the very end. I would recommend it to all my friends. Another great buy from Stephanie Fowers. Buy it you won't regret it!

    • Nikki Woodward says:

      Seemed to really drag on. I was bored and glad to finally be done with this book.

    • Kat!e Larson says:

      This book is cheesy and ridiculous and I loved every moment of it. It reads so much like Rules of Engagement and Meet Your Match (which I also love) but there's a constant undercurrent of suspense to it. It was such a twist on Fowers' usual genre and a lot of fun to read.

    • Kim García Mayorga says:


    • Faith says:

      This book wasn't even great so why was I up all night reading it

    • Muri says:

      La primera mitad del libro estaba en un constante estado de confusión: No se sabía bien en dónde estaban los personajes, pasaban de una escena a otra en la que estaban haciendo una broma y de repente estaban en, por ejemplo, una guardería. ¿Queeeeeé? El libro realmente no es bueno, tiene realmente un montón de errores.Otro fallo, es que la autora daba por supuesto que nosotros podríamos saber claramente las cosas si ella sólo decía unos pocos datos sobre algo, que nosotros - los lector [...]

    • Ashlie says:

      I believe this is the first LDS fiction book that I've ever read, and if they're all this entertaining, it may be a bandwagon I jump onto! I finally finished Prank Wars after a few weeks of reading right before bed and on my lunch hour. I took longer than I wanted to, I really didn't want to put it down at all, but work, mothering and wifeing were calling. :)Not that it's over, it was so much fun! It was funny in all the right places, and even funny in some of the more serious places. Some of th [...]

    • Ryleigh Berkenpas says:

      this book was okay. I enjoyed parts of it but spent a lot of the book confused about a few minor details that, while they didn't ruin the plot, were a little annoying and kept me from enjoying the book to its full capacity. The book starts not long after Madeline was dumped by her womanizing fiance. As a result, she hates men and whenever any of her university roommates have boy problems, they come to her and she gives them advice on how to get even. Madeline and her roommates are engaged in a p [...]

    • The Sweet Bookshelf says:

      A prank war sounds fun doesn't it? I couldn't help but he brought back to my old college dorm days while reading this. Good times! Ah, to be single with virtually no responsibilities. Those were the days. There are some really good ideas in here if you are the prankster. I wish I'd had this book years ago!I really liked the whole "prank war" theme that started it all. There was a romantic tension that was keeping my interest and I was really looking forward to how it was going to end. I did like [...]

    • Tina Klinesmith says:

      Prank Wars reminded me of a roller coaster ride. At times it was incredibly fun and entertaining, at others you saw glimpses of incredible things (in the author’s writing) and then there were moments when you were so confused you had no idea which way you were going to turn next. But as your car slides back into the gates and the ride comes to a close, you realize that you’d like to do it again.As much as I enjoyed this book, I often found that I had troubles keeping up with the writer. It m [...]

    • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) says:

      Reviewed By Whit@Shooting Stars ReviewsPrank Wars is not at all what I was expecting. It begins with Madeline having a rivalry with Byron, a guy she thinks is a major player. After she got her hurt broken she is determined that most guys are the same. So she sets out to prove Byron is like all the rest. And Byron is dead set on showing her he can take the challenge. But he's also going to challenge her as to why she's really doing this. With lots of crazy pranks, and lots of people involved thin [...]

    • Karen says:

      I picked up this book because I previously read and loved Rules of Engagement by Stephanie Fowers. As I first started to read Prank Wars, the main character, Madeleine, seemed pretty cynical to me and the plot seemed like it would be very similar to Rules of Engagement. However, I quickly found that there was more to Madeleine than first met the eye and I came to like her. Also, as the book went on I found I was wonderfully wrong about the plot. While it does have similarities to Rules of Engage [...]

    • Sherry Gammon says:

      Stephanie Fowers hits another home run. I confess, I am not surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed Fowers first two books, Meet your Match and Rules of Engagement.In Prank Wars, the heroine, Madeleine, is strong and hilarious, as is Byron, her male counter-part. I liked that a real man was not intimated by a strong woman. The way these two played off each other made for great amusement, and I found myself missing Bryan when he wasn't in a scene.And the pranks! FUN! I picked up a lot of great ideas;} Th [...]

    • Elise says:

      This book started out awesome. It was funny and lighthearted. I could honestly believe the prank war depicted in the book to have happened in real life. And then started the kooky secret spy crap. Unfortunately, I think the author was trying to do too much. Love story drama mixed with secret spy mixed with prank wars just didn't work. I would have enjoyed this way more if it had focused on the love story and prank war. Heck, even just the prank war because the love story felt forced. The reason, [...]

    • Randi says:

      I rated this book 3 stars for a few reasons, the biggest downfall of the book is the confusion. In the beginning I didn't mind too much, after all these were just little questions. But as the story goes on, much of it doesn't make a lick of sense. There are many sections in the book where I felt the author could have addressed these issues to make everything flow together better. Then there's the spy stuff. Again the problems with the confusion and flow of the story prevented me from appreciatin [...]

    • May says:

      I totally loved this book from the beginning to the end! Madeleine is so cool and funny! The main heroine, Madeleine, who is a college student, has recently had her heart completely broken, and so to get even, she becomes the "mastermind" of the so-called "prank wars" against the boys that have broken too many hearts. However, as the prank wars intensify, she starts to fall for Byron (Who is the boys' commander. Oh, oh), but not only that, she also stumbles upon a mysterious apartment next door [...]

    • Andrea says:

      3.5 stars.I didn't know anything about this book before I started it. When I realized it was about BYU students and girl vs. guy apartment prank wars I was a little skeptical, but it was actually quite entertaining. I started it late one evening, and didn't want to stop reading (although sleep did eventually win). I liked how it was more than silly prank wars-that it had a serious side to it. And, on the non-serious side, I had to smile every time I read Provocity (think Megamind and Metrocity). [...]

    • Kathren says:

      This book was somewhat different from most books I have read in the past. I will say though that it kept me on my toes from beginning to end. The "war" between Lord Byron and Mad Dog in the beginning is funny and full of unexpected surprises. I rooted for a HEA for both of them from the very start.After things started to get interesting, with the introduction of Eric and Dune Guy, I found I wasn't able to put this book down. Fowers did a fantastic job of keeping me entertained and hooked right u [...]

    • Tammie says:

      I seem to have the opposite opinion of a lot of these reviews. It was a little rough for me to get through the first half. I guess I was expecting a little more sophistication as far as the "pranks" we're concerned and it was hard to follow. The main character seemed to lose every battle (which i found aggravating because i thought the sides of the prank war would be more evenly matched). Madeleine as the heroine seemed to be torn down left and right. It was maddening! However, the book paid off [...]

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