Regine's Book: A Teen Girl's Last Words

Regine s Book A Teen Girl s Last Words Regine s blog about living with Leukemia gained a huge following and eventually became the basis for book She writes openly about emotional and physical aspects of her month struggle to recover a

  • Title: Regine's Book: A Teen Girl's Last Words
  • Author: Regine Stokke Henriette Larsen
  • ISBN: 9781936976201
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Regine s blog about living with Leukemia gained a huge following, and eventually became the basis for book She writes openly about emotional and physical aspects of her 15 month struggle to recover, and explains how her disease impacts her life In the course of her illness, Regine has photography exhibits, goes to concerts, enjoys her friends and family, and advocates foRegine s blog about living with Leukemia gained a huge following, and eventually became the basis for book She writes openly about emotional and physical aspects of her 15 month struggle to recover, and explains how her disease impacts her life In the course of her illness, Regine has photography exhibits, goes to concerts, enjoys her friends and family, and advocates for registering as a blood and bone marrow donor She was a typical teenager with an amazing will to live and the lessons she learned have relevance for all of us She died at home on December 3, 2009 with her family and cat by her side Originally published in Norway, the book was selected by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture for a translation grant and became a bestseller there PRAISE FOR REGINE S BOOK Regine s voice is matter of fact and honest A heartfelt and visually appealing window into Regine s last year Kirkus Reviews Stokke s openness and honesty that are the chief draw readers will feel as though they have truly come to know her Regine s Book is a rare, valuable window into life with a terminal illness Publishers Weekly Regine s writing is honest and raw, insightful and inspiring While her moods swing with the course of her treatment and relapses, her outlook remains steadfastly positive throughout all but the most difficult days Her obsession with rock music and attending concerts saturates the text as it does her short life, and her original poems and artistic photographs add extra dimension to what is sure to be an inspiring read Booklist

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    • NebraskaIcebergs says:

      After I received Regine's Book from Zest Books, I began to have doubts about my choice. How many true stories are well written? Moreover, are interesting memoirs by teens an exception rather than the rule? Last, wouldn't a book about a teen who died make for a depressing read? I don't actually have answers to any of these questions except for the last, but I can tell you that I loved Regine's Book. Yes, I needed tissues by the time I reached the end, but I'm also so happy to have read Regine's B [...]

    • Juliette says:

      I will just put it out there that yes I feel guilty for giving this book a 2. This book is a compilation of blogs, readers blog responses, diary entries, and pictures that all follow or tell the story and express the feelings and journey that Regine went through in the time between when she was diagnosed with cancer and when she died. The book gives great insight into how cancer and treatment affected Regine physically and emotionally. She loved photography so the book has pictures of her photog [...]

    • Jackie says:

      This was a powerful book. As a 24 year old with a non-terminal, disabling chronic illness who is currently bed-bound, I could relate to so many of her emotions on not being able to live life at a young age. It hit even closer because my grandma battled cancer for awhile prior to her death. It made me understand feelings she may have had Something I couldn't do by just asking my grandma back the. because she didn't want her imminent death acknowledged. I could only read bits at a time at first be [...]

    • Marni says:

      Several times I've asked myself how to review this book. How do I capture the essence of this book without muddling it? This is a book that will strike you to the core, thrash you about, bring smiles to your face and tears rolling down your cheeks. Regine's words, her photos, her fears, her highs, her lows, her love, her hope and her acceptance of the end. The words of a teen, one moment doing normal teen things and the next getting bone marrow biopsies and chemo and struggling through each day [...]

    • Chrissy says:

      All I want is to live, but I can'tSaddest. Book. EVER.SeriouslyE REASONI was sent an electronic galley copy of Regine's Book for the purpose of providing an honest review. At the time I accepted it, I had NO idea what an emotional roller-coaster I would be beginning just by starting the first page. I actually had no idea what the novel was even about -- but the cover intrigued me and I'm always attracted to an honest, heartfelt teen story (which is what I expected from the title itself)THE PLOTR [...]

    • Kim says:

      Name: Kimberly MadalAPA Citation: Stokke, R, (2012). Regine’s Book: a teen girl’s last words. San Francisco: Zest BooksGenre: BiographyFormat: BookSelection process: Saw the book on the new shelf at the library and then found a promising review in School Library Journal.Regine Stokke was a typical teenage girl growing up and living in Norway. She loved being with her friends, going to concerts, shopping and dreaming about her future. Regine was very independent, adventurous and creative. She [...]

    • Rosie Flite says:

      I am a huge reader, to the point where I recognize the majority of the books I see at book stores. While roaming I saw Regine's Book by Regine Stokke. I instantly felt a need to read this book, but it was a month before Christmas and I wasn't asking for much so my mom told me to ask for the book for Christmas. So, skip ahead a month. It's Christmas morning and I just unwrapped this book. I was filled with joy to finally have a copy of this book. I ended spending my Christmas living through Stokk [...]

    • Ashley Chen says:

      I received the book on the day that my post was supposed to be up. I read it within hours with tears dripping on to the page. I couldn't stop, reading or crying.ReviewThis book was emotional. I had a bad experience with cancer books (John Green's The Fault in Our Stars). I didn't cry with John's book but I found myself at the brink of tears a few pages in with this book. It wasn't just Regine's thoughts and writing, the book contained never seen before entries from the people around Regine. I wa [...]

    • Kayla says:

      Regine Stokke of Norway was 17 when she found out. It was a normal day for her, life was like any other normal teenager. Everything changed in an instant, all it took was a short phone call made by a doctor from a local hospital. They suspected Regine had leukemia. Right then her life was crushed, everything changed for the worse. Along the road of fighting her cancer she told her story though a blog, her dying wish was to have it made into a book so her story could be shared worldwide. And that [...]

    • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids says:

      Regine gives a horrible illness a brave and courageous face. Her story is one that is open, honest, moving, raw, emotional, and it's heartbreakingly real. Her story is inspiring. Regine opened herself up to the world, and in turn those who read her blog, and all of us who have since read her story since, have come away more inspired because of it. Normally I'm not someone who is rendered speechless, but with this book I am. I don't feel I can honestly review a book about someone's life, the way [...]

    • Erin Schneider says:

      This was an incredibly tough read for me - not only because it was authentic and raw, but also because of how close to home it hit. But I expected that, even before I started in on the first page.So, so, many of us have been touched by cancer - too many of us in fact. And reading a personal journey through the eyes of a seventeen-year-old, only solidified my belief that we must continue to search for a cure to end this devastating illness.In Regine's Book, she told it like it was. She never once [...]

    • Devyn says:

      I'd just like to point out that I absolutely HATE reading nonfiction but wow I actually had no problem at all reading this book. Regines story is one of bravery and sacrifice and discipline and just so much strength vested in one person. I want to live like she did. I want to forget about planning stuff for summer and for next year or for when I get old; how about I do something right now? Living is so hard sometimes. It makes me want to cry. And every now and then when it gets really tough I fi [...]

    • Rachael C says:

      This book is fantastic. Sure, it moves slowly at times, but its overall message, the words Regine writes, the words others write to her and about her, and the beautiful photographs she takes all come together to create something life-changing. This book really made me think about all of the things that I can and should do differently in my life, as well as giving me hope that teenagers and other humans can still be intelligent, caring, and just wonderful. I probably won't be reading this book ag [...]

    • Anna says:

      Regine StokkeKampf ums Leben – Eine berührende GeschichteDie damals 17-jährige Bloggerin Regine Stokke ist Verfasserin des Buches “Gegen die Angst”. Sie bekommt die schreckliche Diagnose Leukämie. In ihrem Blog schreibt sie über ihre Erlebnisse, Ängste und Sorgen, aber auch über Konzerte und Partys. Tausende Menschen verfolgen ihn und sprechen ihr Mut und Wünsche zu. Die junge Norwegerin schrieb jedoch nicht nur in ihrem Blog, sie verfasste Gedichte, hörte Bands wie Metallica und f [...]

    • Katie says:

      Jesus H. Christ. You know that the blog and journal entries, photos, poems, etc. of a teen girl with leukemia is going to be sad, but I don't think anything can prepare you for reading Regine's Book. Strangely enough, I didn't cry until the very end, but it was like EPIC sobbing when it came. I have to say that I will never be free of Regine, her words, her pictures, or her story. And that is not a bad thing. Regine was so honest, so raw, so human, and the things she went through and shared with [...]

    • Abby says:

      THIS REVIEW IS NOT FINISHED I JUST NEEDED TO SAVE IT SO I DIDN'T LOSE ITRegine was 17 years old she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia. This book is about her last words and is a blog to show people what leukemia was. The disclaimer said might be heavy for some people. I didn't think the content was heavy with the material she was talking about I thought it was emotionally heavy. There are times in this book when you will be sobbing. I must remind everyone that this was not wr [...]

    • Crystal (Kris) says:

      I wish that I could put my thoughts about this book into words, but I'm hard pressed to put it in a way that fully convey what this story is about. There's nothing beautiful about cancer, and Regine lays it all out there for the world. The fear, anger, pain, and the way little day-to-day activities that we think nothing of--like walking up and down the stairs--become exercise routines for her. Regine's Book shares what Regine went through as a patient with a rare form of leukemia and how she cho [...]

    • AlmaRamos-McDermott says:

      Regine was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Leukemia in 2008. Throughout her struggles with chemo treatments, blood transfusions, a bone marrow transplant, debilitating pain, hair loss, numerous hospital stays and more, she managed to keep writing in her blog. Are you a follower of my blog yet? Remember, when you become a follower all of my reviews are delivered directly to your inbox. You can see the rest of this review, and become a follower, at: shouldireadit [...]

    • Gail says:

      This book is taken from the blog of Norwegian teenage who had an uncommon form of Leukemia. Her writing is so honest as she shares the physical and emotional toll the cancer took on her. Even though she was often scared of what her chances were she kept fighting and along the way inspired many others in their lives. She encouraged people to live each moment and not taken anything for granted because it can all change so fast. Such an emotionally tough read but I am so glad I stumbled upon this b [...]

    • Kelli says:

      Regine's Book is a compilation of Regine Stokke's blog entries, photographs, poetry and paintings covering the span of just over a year. Regine started her blog at the age of seventeen, shortly after she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Every blog entry is open, honest, raw and heartfelt. Regine shared her feelings, struggles and triumphs as she battled valiantly against this horrible disease. This book is heart wrenching, uplifting and inspiring in countless ways. I'm very glad I found it.

    • Emily Dawley says:

      This is such an eye-opening book. I really needed some perspective at this point in my life, and Regine's story certainly provided it. I'm amazed at how much of a talent she possessed. I held it together through the whole book until I got to the mother's letter at the end, and the water works started.

    • Tangy says:

      I read this book in its entirety in one day. Today. It's heart wrenching. I couldn't put it down. It's amazing and really puts you in a different perspective on life. It's very well written and quite beautiful. I love it. It is definitely a MUST read. This young woman who put her last words in this blog/book is so brave. Strong. And amazing. She impresses me. Rest in peace Regine. <3

    • Elise says:

      Ikke min favorittbok, men kan ha noe med at jeg fulgte bloggen, så det blir mye repitisjon og det med kommentarene hoppet jeg tilslutt bare over. Ble litt mye etterhvert. Liker hvordan boken er bygd opp, og designet både utenfor og i boken, elsker jeg. En god bok, men igjen, ikke en favoitt.

    • Jessica says:

      On one hand, this is a 17-year-old's blog, published pretty much in full. Including comments. Regine is a competent writer, but reading a 17-year-old's blog straight through is not easy reading. On the other hand uncontrollable public train weeping. Sob. Sob.

    • Krystal says:

      this is a very challenging and interesting book about a girl who is going through so much at a young age. this book will keep you going and make you feel emotional. you probably wont think that way now but once you read it you will understand

    • Erica says:

      This book really left an impression on me. It's not cliche and really makes me want to enjoy the little things and stop complaining about the trivial.

    • Evan Lien says:

      This book made me ugly-cry in the middle of class.

    • Read for your future! says:

      Read our review here:readforyourfuture

    • Lene says:

      I cried myself through this book.

    • Victoria Waddle says:

      Regine Stokke, a seventeen year old living in Norway, was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of leukemia (a blood cancer)—acute myelogenous leukemia or AML—in 2008. She decided that she would blog about what it’s like to live with a life-threatening illness. Her blog became the most widely read/popular in Norway, and her story was known to the entire country. Because of her moving tale, many of her countrymen, particularly teens, were motivated to give blood. Others donated to can [...]

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