Familiar Ties

Familiar Ties Max West is a widower raising Phoebe his four year old daughter Phoebe has to live with the fact that the day she was born is also the day of her mother s death As her fifth year without her mother a

  • Title: Familiar Ties
  • Author: Naya Nikki
  • ISBN: 9780985011550
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Max West is a widower raising Phoebe, his four year old daughter Phoebe has to live with the fact that the day she was born is also the day of her mother s death As her fifth year without her mother approaches, Phoebe finds solace in her godmother, Amy Riley, and her daughter, Grace Crawford, another single parent family Amy Riley is a successful fashion designer who spMax West is a widower raising Phoebe, his four year old daughter Phoebe has to live with the fact that the day she was born is also the day of her mother s death As her fifth year without her mother approaches, Phoebe finds solace in her godmother, Amy Riley, and her daughter, Grace Crawford, another single parent family Amy Riley is a successful fashion designer who spends most of her days raising her four year old daughter, Grace, while her wayward boyfriend is travelling the world making the next best film As the fifth year without her best friend looms she finds comfort in her ex boyfriend, Max, and his daughter, Phoebe These two broken families have a tough week to face as the dreaded day approaches However through their past, present and debatable future will their choices affect the outcome both parents clearly want and are simply denying Or will Phoebe and Grace lose the only whole family they have ever known

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    • Tana says:

      Familiar Ties by Naya NikkiFamiliar Ties is what I would like to say is a true romance novel; it’s one of those books you pick up and don’t put down till you reach the end. I would say it was worth losing a bit of sleep.Naya Nikki has written a fantastic novel, her writing is excellent, words flowed well; character description were developed so well you truly felt like you knew everyone. The story is told with different points of view and flashbacks looking at their lives together. Naya has [...]

    • Aubrie Dionne says:

      Familiar Ties by Naya NikkiA sentimental journey about second chances and the importance of family and friends. My favorite line: “Little moments like these when the two broken families became one…”Amy Riley has a beautiful daughter, a husband that’s always away following his dreams, and a devoted best friend that needs her more than he knows. Max West is a widower raising his daughter, who happens to be best friends with his ex-girlfriend, Amy Riley. He’s struggling to come to terms w [...]

    • Brooke Moss says:

      This book was heart-achingly lovely. I adored the alternate views, as I've done that in some of my own books, though not as successfully, and I adore knowing how different characters are feeling. I loved the premise, as I am a HUGE fan of friends-to-lovers stories, and I also felt my heart squeeze with the "defining death to children" subplot. To sad, to tender, to moving not to feel affected by it. Well done, Ms. Nikki, your books will be an auto-buy for me from now on. I'm a fan!

    • Pamela says:

      After the death of Max's wife, Anna, the day that his daughter was born, his life begins to start spiraling out of control. He isn't sure how he can raise their daughter alone and he misses his wife. But he wasn't really alone; Max had his best friend Amy helping him whether he realized it at the time or not.Amy knew, more than anything, that she wanted to be a mother, and when her one-time best friend Anna died, she turned to her boyfriend, who was rarely ever home, for comfort. When she found [...]

    • Lisa Markson says:

      Familiar Ties by Naya NikkiI was very fortunate to receive a great ARC copy of a book called Familiar Ties by Naya Nikki.  This was a wonderful and heartfelt journey that the characters went on and by reading it I was drawn into this storyline.  Max is a widower raising his daughter Phoebe after his wife dies during childbirth.  He is helped through this tragedy of not only losing his wife but being a single father to a baby by Amy who was best friends with his wife.  Soon after Max's wife d [...]

    • Shilpa Mudiganti says:

      There are books that leave an impression on you long after they are finished. Familiar Ties is one of them. It cling to me long after I finished the book. I had read this book couple of months back and I can still feel the warmth between Max and Amy. The whole family practically glowed with love and I found myself basking the glory of their love. The trials and tribulations were heartfelt but so natural that I found myself nodding. I cried, i laughed and rejoiced with the family over their small [...]

    • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws says:

      This is a story about two people, their lives and their connection to each other. Max is an author, a widower and also a single father of a 4 year old. He lost his wife to childbirth and has been raising Phoebe singlehandedly ever since. Well, almost singlehandedly. Amy, a successful designer, also almost a single mother - since her wayward boyfriend is always away chasing his own dreams in the tinsel town. They are not only best friends but also a huge lifeline for each other when it comes to r [...]

    • Pragya says:

      3.5 starsFamiliar Ties is a cute little book that welcomes you into its small world – a lovely family with 2 adorable girls and some adults. I really liked the way the book is structured, it is very clever. Firstly, unlike chapters, the book is divided into 7 days. And secondly, I like the way the book moves between the past and present so effortlessly picking up with the same sentence. I am sure a lot of Naya’s thoughts and hard work went into making it seem so effortless.Regarding the plot [...]

    • Sannie Hald says:

      Seven days can change your life, are you ready? Familiar Ties is a very sweet love story between two best friends, Max and Amy. Both of them have a family of their own, and without realising it themselves they have one together as well. Which will they choose?This story is so very sweet, and the children seem like the perfect children I have ever encountered. In my opinion this book contains one of the largest childhood dreams we all have ever had. We want our best friend as our sibling!This was [...]

    • Donna Huber says:

      It was a good short story. Sometimes I don't like reading ARCs because I'm not sure if the things I pick up on are also discovered during the editing process or not. This was a complicated story and I noted a few inconsistencies in the plot. Read full review atGirl Who Reads .

    • Alicia says:

      This story had a nice, fairytalish feel to it. Other than a few parts that surprised me, I knew how it would end.

    • Melissa says:

      I've thought about what to say about this story and I do agree with most, it is a heartwarming touching story. But, yeah sadly, there is a but, and yet, I'm still giving it 4 stars because the details can be overlooked.Please be aware I may give **SPOILERS**My issues: The back story on how and why Amy and Max were ex's was very minimal. I know there was a mention of a scare when they were younger. So I think my over imaginative mind decided that's why they split up when they were teens. Yet, so [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      Can seven days change the course of your life? For widower Max West it did Max West is an author, widower and father to four year old Phoebe. His wife Anna had died in childbirth from complications, and since that time he had been a single father trying to raise his daughter the best he can. His best friend, Amy Riley, a fashion designer, and a single mother to four year old Grace, tries to deal with her absent actor boyfriend Jack. Both Max and Amy had leaned on each other over the years: she h [...]

    • Autumn Review says:

      My Summary:Max West is a widower and father to four year old Phoebe. Max's wife Anna died giving birth to Phoebe, but Anna's best friend Amy has been there as a support to Max and Phoebe. Amy has her own daughter Grace, who has become best friends with Phoebe. Their lives are so entwined, that they function as a family unit without even realizing it. One big obstacle in this situation is that Grace's father, Jack, doesn't want to let go of Grace or Amy. Amy has kept up with her relationship with [...]

    • Amy says:

      Given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***Max West is a widower raising Phoebe, his four-year-old daughter. Phoebe has to live with the fact that the day she was born is also the day of her mother's death. As her fifth year without her mother approaches, Phoebe finds solace in her godmother, Amy Riley, and her daughter, Grace Crawford, another single parent family.Amy Riley is a successful fashion designer who spe [...]

    • Laura Hartley says:

      In my opinion, it was pretty obvious from the start how this book was going to end, but that didn't deter me. It's one of those books that you just have to keep reading because you want to know how the ending is going to come about. I have never read a book of this sort of genre but I was extremely pleased by this book. The plot was interesting and unique and there were elements of romance, family drama and friendship. This book really touches you and even though I have absolutely no personal ex [...]

    • Arlena says:

      Author: Naya NikkiPublished by: Inkspell PublishingAge Recommend: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRaven Rating: 5Blog Review For: GMTAReview:"Familiar Ties" by Naya Nikki was a sweet wonderful romance. The author did a wonderful job at sharing with us this wonderful well written novel that was narrated over a span of just seven days going from present time to flashbacks of earlier times in their lives. It was definitely a read that I could not put down until the end. This is really a story of roman [...]

    • Lovey Dovey Books says:

      Originally posted on Lovey Dovey BooksNaya Nikki's debut novel, Familiar Ties, spans seven days filled with love, pain, and happiness. This heartfelt story follows Max and Amy as they navigate the past to find each other in the present. Spurred on by the love Max's daughter, Phoebe, has for Amy's daughter, Grace, the two families struggle to define what they truly are to each other.Nikki did an excellent job of setting off the waves of emotion pouring out of this story. The characters and their [...]

    • Latoya says:

      This is a sweet romance and I loved the way it unfolded. It's a great story of about how time doesn't matter when you are in love, you can fall in love in matter of seconds or in just seven days. That is exactly how much time Max and Amy have to figure out if they will let this chance pass them by again or seize the moment and admit they have feeling for each other. My favorite characters are the little ones, Grace and Phoebe, who are absolutely precious and beautifully written. The author does [...]

    • Disincentive/Feta says:

      Blog Tour: 10th June: disincentive-reviews.I could desribe this book so easy In one word – heartwarming. It’s the only thing I felt during reading it. I don’t care how weird or lame it sounds.I’m not a big fan of romances…. I don’t like them, but Familiar Ties catched my attention. At first with amazing cover of course – you just have to love it!It’s just seven days, maybe not so ordinary but mostly normal. How much can change in just a week?The story is about two friends, ex lov [...]

    • Emily says:

      First ReadsI won a copy of this book in a ' GiveawayThis love story is about Max and Amy and takes place over a seven day period. Max is raising Phoebe as a single father since his wife Anna died during childbirth. Amy is a single mother raising Grace. Grace's father Jack and is absent most of the time focusing on his work in the cinematic industry. It's a very sweet contemporary love story, and I recommend it highly. I enjoyed each page; it was certainly a page turner. I fell in love with Phoeb [...]

    • Nilsa says:

      Originally posted at nilsa-rodriguezCan your life change in seven days??? Well, for Max West and Amy Riley, it did.I thank the author for allowing me to read and review it. It was a short read, and a book I could not put down, so I read it in one afternoon. The book was a heartwarming, romance novel about two people, their lives and how at then end family and friends are all that mattersThe book is about Max West and Amy Riley. Two good friends who find themselves raising two lovely little girls [...]

    • Kim says:

      Familiar Ties is about two people who come together to form a family in the wake of chaos and tragedy. Max is a widower who is left to raise his daughter after his wife passes away giving birth. Amy is the best friend who becomes pregnant after mourning the loss of her best friend. Amy’s boyfriend, Jack, doesn’t want to settle down and be a day, so Amy and Max become each other’s lifeline. They have a past together, because they dated in college. But, the two form a close friendship and he [...]

    • Beth Cutwright says:

      Familiar Ties was a very enjoyable read; a sweet romance revolving around the heart and soul of a family before it became official. I highly recommend this for a fun weekend read. The characters are very well developed and not without their individual flaws. The conflict was real. Couples want their dreams to come true and the babies are the ones paying the price for those dreams. I thought Naya did an excellent job of portraying her story and I compliment her grasp of Amy's conflict between the [...]

    • Jessica says:

      I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book :) I have to say, I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved everything; the characters, the plot, just everything. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful. The characters' love of their children is just so moving. The relationships between the different characters are relatable and real. I enjoyed reading about the characters as they grow and learn more about themselves and each other. They finally realize their innermost desires at the end of the book. I [...]

    • Lindsey says:

      It was a quick sweet easy read. I felt a litte bored a few times. It was a lttle cheesy but cute. 3.5 stars

    • Tina says:

      Very heartwarming story to read. Enjoyable.

    • Desirai Panassus says:

      Now this is a a real romance novel. I read it 2x because sometimes you can miss things. It was better a 2nd time!

    • Sarah Fitz says:

      Interesting story line. Hard to read at points due to the shifting of voices. Seemed like there was a lot of backstory to the characters and was hard to follow at times.

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