The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury

The th Century Children s Poetry Treasury A collection of than poems by such modern poets as Nikki Grimes John Ciardi Karla Kuskin Ted Hughes e e cummings Eve Merriam Deborah Chandra Arnold Adoff and than others

  • Title: The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury
  • Author: Jack Prelutsky Meilo So
  • ISBN: 9780679993148
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Library Binding
  • A collection of than 200 poems by such modern poets as Nikki Grimes, John Ciardi, Karla Kuskin, Ted Hughes, e.e cummings, Eve Merriam, Deborah Chandra, Arnold Adoff, and than 100 others.

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    • Katherine Cowley says:

      This is a lovely collection of poems for children, with poems on animals, seasons, body parts, actions (i.e. running), children's games (there's a lovely poem on jacks) and so much more. It's a great book to introduce your kids to the joy of poetry. And the illustrations are wonderful and fun.

    • Stan says:

      Poems that span the twentieth century. Poems that celebrate life and beauty. Cuddly, happy, serious, silly poems, poems, poems; two hundred eleven in all. Color and water give lovely impressions, but don't cramp the feel of the words. What a delightful book this is.With every reading the book gets better. I have struggled with enjoying poetry, but I keep feeling drawn to it. Perhaps if there had been someone in my life that loved poetry the journey may have been easier, but now I can say I love [...]

    • Gaby Montes says:

      It's hilarious that I have owned the 20th Century Children's Book Treasury for YEARS and never once did it occur to me that this book might have some hidden gems of its own - and it's not because I don't love poetry! In fact, I love poetry, always have. Well, this book finally came into my possession when I ordered it off as a gift for a child. IT wasn't my intention to get this book either, no no, I wanted the Book Treasury. Time was against me so I went with this book - and I'm so glad I did. [...]

    • Christie says:

      Summary:You want monsters, talk about food, fighting with your brother or sister, talk about school or just being silly. Here is the book for you.Genre: This poem book has a great selection of poems of all kinds and from the current century lots of sensory and imagination. Writing Traits Sentence fluencey- There poems that have a rhythm and a beat, graceful varied almost musical to the ear. Word Choice the language used creates meaning, the words are chosen for the meaning and the phrase. Voice- [...]

    • Meghann Sniffen says:

      Awards the book has received (if any): noneAppropriate grade level(s): secondOriginal 3-line summary: This book has many poems about growing up and changing but are for children. Topics in the book range from fights with your siblings to monsters and ice cream. Original 3-line review: I think this poem book is really good because it covers such a weird range of topics. I think the poems in it are fun and playful and the book cover is very bright.2-3 possible in-class uses:Good for getting modern [...]

    • Gabrielle Pulito says:

      Title: italicize 20th Century Children’s Poetry TreasuryAuthor: Jack, Prelutsky Illustrator: Meilo So Genre: Poems Theme(s): Poems, Young Children, Everyday Life, Creativity, Learning Opening line/sentence: Magic Landscape: Shall I draw a magic landscape?Brief Book Summary: This collection hold a series of children’s poems. Most of the poems relate to the lives and learning experiences of a child as they grow up and go through the realities and teachings of life. Professional Recommendation/ [...]

    • Mara Loventhal says:

      Title: The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury Author: Jack Prelutsky
Illustrator: Meilo So
Genre: Collection Of Poems For Children
Theme(s): Animals, Seasons, Life, Learning, Young Children
Opening line/sentence: Magic Landscape: Shall I draw a magic landscape? In the genius of my fingers I hold the seeds.
Brief Book Summary: This group of poems essentially consists of everyday experiences children will face when growing up. The poems range from happy and silly to sad and seriou [...]

    • Marla Bassetti says:

      The 20th Century Children's Poetry selected by Jack Prelutsky contains 211 wonderful poems that relate to children of the century. With topics such as sibling rivalry, monsters, school, nature, and self reflection; the book identifies with the many moods and interests of children. The poems range from simple to complex and challenging, thought provoking concepts, but with language that is appropriate for children. This book would be great to accommodate the many interests of students in our clas [...]

    • Jessica says:

      Identifying the appropriate genre: PoetryReview/Summary: Children’s author and poet Jack Prelutsky puts together a group of poetry that represents poems of 137 famous poets. This book represents a wide range of topics from food to sibling rivalry. This book is a great addition to any family or classroom library.Writing Trait :The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury includes a couple writing traits: Sentence Fluency: This book is full of poems with rhythm and rhyme. The sentences througho [...]

    • Katelyn Mendoza-Weiss says:

      What a fun book of poetry! "The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury", drew my attention simply because of the illustrations. Each page has a new illustration that carries a new theme with it. For example, one page has a picture of people at the park. The titles of the poems on that page are some how associated with some detail from that illustration. The titles are simple like "The Snowflake", "Spring", or "Dinosaur", but they nearly cover ever object, place, and time a child would encounter [...]

    • Lindsey Andrighetti says:

      The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury is a book that not only captivates the reader, but also gives the reader an experience. The poems that are contained within this book are also not the sometimes-cliché, children’s poems that limit the child’s imagination. The poems within this book are extremely diverse and cover the entire spectrum of topics of poetry. Another added plus of this book lays within the illustrations. The pictures and drawings in this book cross the gutter on each [...]

    • Megan says:

      K-6th gradesAnother great poetry book from Jack Prelutsky. This collection has such an anthologic variety of poem topics, from the subject of wolfs to summertime stars to the month of June. The pages are filled with many poems from many different authors. The text on each page is relatively small, needing a teacher to be the reader for younger children, or it could be used as a read alone for the upper grades. Some illustrations run across the pages while others sit nicely at the bottom. I would [...]

    • Alex Gagliano says:

      This collection of poems is great for students during any time of the year. The pages are grouped based on theme of the poem. There are winter themed poems, musical poems, nature poems, and more. All of the poems are written by well known authors. Students can flip through and read poems of their choice, without starting on page one. I think the students would like the colorful pictures on each page. They can help the students relate to the poem. I would show this book to students after teaching [...]

    • Josue A says:

      This is a really good book. I like how the seasons are incorporated in the poems. Very vivid

    • Katharine Snyder says:

      This book of poetry was a good book to sift through and read poems. All the poems in this book were written by children, and chosen by Jack Prelutsky. The illustrations in this book were by Meilo So, and were very incredible. Each page was well thought out and done beautifully. There were elements of children in the pictures and were well matched to the multiple poems on the page. The poems on each page were also somewhat related to one another, for example on page 2/3 the titles are "Magic Land [...]

    • Janet Luch says:

      There are a variety of poems in this book. Some are humorous, others are more serious. The poems are written by a variety of authors, some well known. The colorful illustrations add to the understanding and enjoyment of the poems. I also appreciated reading the many types of poems included in the book. I think this would be a great book to help children learn about poetry. A few poems could be read each day and the students might discuss them as well a possibly write their own poems in a similar [...]

    • Amy Scott says:

      This book is filled with lots of different kinds of poems for children. I like that the variety allows you to use this book with lots of different ages. Some of the poems are short and rhyming which the younger kids will enjoy, while others are longer and don't rhyme, which is good so that students don't mistakenly think all poetry needs to rhyme. My favorite poem in the book is "Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face." Overall great poetry resource for the classroom.

    • Carolyn says:

      This is the most creative book of children's poetry I have ever seen or read. The illustrations are outstanding, and the layout of poems often reflects the topic of the poem - eg it may be laid out in a circle. I have a copy of this book that gives me endless pleasure in seeing the creativity of the human mind in something so endearing.

    • Susie says:

      This is a wonderful book. It has such a nice variety of poems, and the watercolor illustrations do a fabulous job of setting the tone. I appreciate the way the pages seem to flow from theme to theme; the composition and placement make sense. It contains a nice variety, and the overall effect is very enjoyable.

    • ❤Marie Gentilcore says:

      A wonderful collection of poetry of various styles. I got this for my 7-year old son for a school project regarding poetry. He is not a fan of poetry yet, but he found some poems in the book that he enjoyed. I loved almost all of the poems.

    • Susan says:

      very dense, packed with poetry, art has a nice retro fifties feel. Might be offputting for kids considering small type and tons of poetry but teachers and adults should appreciate the scope of the collection

    • Alethea Bothwell says:

      What a disappointment! With a name like that, I expected a nice fat collection - instead it was a skimpy thin volume, with washed-out boring watercolors. There were only a couple dozen poems I liked.On the other hand, most of the poems I had not heard before, so maybe they will grow on me.

    • Sarah Sharp says:

      I spent a couple of days going through these and reading all sorts of different poems types. There are many different authors, some I had heard of and some I had not. There are may illustrations to go with the poems that just make the book even more interesting!

    • Lovelle says:

      I think this poetry book was good. It was filled with a wide variety of poems. Some were a little confusing to me and some were simple. My favorite poem was the Ears poem because it was just good and rhymed good. I don't highly recommend this but I do recommend this.

    • Tanya says:

      The poetry is great, the pictures quite lacking.

    • Theresa says:

      a good selection of poems and information about the poems explaining them to childrena great collection of poems with explanations of form and meaning

    • Cindy says:

      My #1 favorite children's poetry collection.

    • C-Ham says:

      I just wanna read because to collect the data I want to find.

    • Taylor Porter says:

      I loved this book! The book had amazing illustrations and the rhymes were entertaining! the pictures were very detailed and captured my eye! I definitely recommend this book to children and teachers.

    • Kim Miller says:

      This poem book has poetry that is slightly more complex. For slightly older children. I did not end up using any poems from here for my phonics lesson, but there were a few that i liked.

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