Barabbas Barabbas is the acquitted the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth crucified upon the hill of Golgotha Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god Christos Iesus is carved on the

  • Title: Barabbas
  • Author: Pär Lagerkvist Alan Blair
  • ISBN: 9780679725442
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barabbas is the acquitted the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified upon the hill of Golgotha Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god Christos Iesus is carved on the disk suspended from his neck, but he cannot affirm his faith He cannot pray He can only say, I want to believe Translated from Swedish by Alan Blair.

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    • s.p says:

      ‘Was there any meaning in the life he lived? Not even that did he believe in. But this was something he knew nothing about. It was not for him to judge.’Despite the small size of this novel, it is a deep chasm of heavy thoughts and difficult questions. Barabbas, widely considered the masterpiece of the Swedish author and 1951 Nobel laureate Par Lagerkvist, is a parable of the dilemma of faith. Barabbas, acquitted for murder, goes on living while Jesus is crucified in his stead, and spends hi [...]

    • Aubrey says:

      4.5/5It amuses me, sometimes, the way people judge books. They'll ban them for epithets, they'll ban them for sex, they'll ban them for witchcraft. More often than not, they'll ban them for raising uncomfortable questions in the minds of children who have not yet been conditioned to follow the proper path. Ignore, and if you cannot ignore, condemn until you can, and if you cannot condemn until you can. Eradicate. You could ban this book for any of those reasons, much as you could ban the Bible. [...]

    • Sidharth Vardhan says:

      Barabbas is the guy who was acquitted in Christ's place - and, so, the only person Christ literally died for. And so, perhaps he might invite a parable for the whole Christian world? Personally, I can't see this book as a parable though. Personally, I think the story is called Barabbas because author talking about humanity in general needs a person around whom story could pivot (the word always reminds me of Ross) around and Barabbas happened to be a good choice. Since he is living because Jesus [...]

    • Megha says:

      "I have no god", Barabbas answered at last"Why then do you bear this "Christos Iesus" carved on your disk?""Because I want to believe", Barabbas said"He wanted to believe. But he did not understand."Love one another" - that's what they said the message of the crucified man was. Love one another - now what could that mean to Barabbas's simple mind? What could love mean to Barabbas who had been hated even by his mother from the moment he drew his first breath? Who had never felt any emotional conn [...]

    • mai ahmd says:

      افضل رواية يمكن أن تقرأها تجسد الصراع الداخلي ما بين الكفر والإيمان حالة الشك وما بين الإيمان ونقيضه قصة باراباس الرجل الذي أطلق سراحه فيم أعدم المسيح رائعة

    • هيفاء says:

      *هذه المُراجعة تحتوي على تفاصيل قد لا يفهمها سوى الإخوة المسيحيين.المسيح عيسى ابن مريم نبي الله، المخلوق بكلمة "كن فيكون" رسولًا لبني إسرائيل، تكلم في المهد ليشهد على براءة أمه "مريم العذراء" وبأنه كلمة الله، قال تعالى في سورة مريم: قَالَ إِنِّي عَبْدُ اللَّهِ آتَانِيَ الْكِت [...]

    • KamRun says:

      دختر به آن مرد که پسر خدا می خواندَش و باراباس او را مرده می‌نامید ایمان آورده بود. باراباس از دختر پرسید آن مرد براستی چه چیزی تعلیم می‌داد. دختر مدتی ساکت ماند و بعد با زمزمه‌ای نامفهوم گفت: "یکدیگر را دوست بدارید آنگونه که من شما را دوست می‌دارم". - از متنکتاب شرح حال باراباس [...]

    • Ahmed Oraby says:

      وكان لهم حينئذ أسير مشهور يسمى باراباس.ففيما هم مجتمعون قال لهم بيلاطس: «من تريدون أن أطلق لكم؟ باراباس أم يسوع الذي يدعى المسيح؟»ولكن رؤساء الكهنة والشيوخ حرضوا الجموع على أن يطلبوا باراباس ويهلكوا يسوع.فأجاب الوالي وقال لهم: «من من الاثنين تريدون أن أطلق لكم؟» فقالوا: «بار [...]

    • Hend says:

      The story of Barabbas being unbeliever although he has witnessed the crucifixion eclipse that darkness that accompanied the crucifixion and was supposed to be a miracle and also t he resurrection of Jesus after he had been crucified and buried and his visit to , a man who lived through the resurrection process. All this doesnt prevent him from being a skeptic who cant believe that God could be crucified , and has his own doubts through his journey searching for answers……and peace for his sou [...]

    • Eddie Watkins says:

      Barabbas is a poor wretch. You have to feel sorry for him, for through no will or desire or intention of his own he finds himself in the center of one of the most momentous events in human history - his life is spared and Jesus is crucified - but this "resurrection" of Barabbas only makes his life more difficult as he's unprepared to process all the metaphysical implications of the event. He's actually constitutionally incapable of understanding metaphysics; all he understands is life and the fa [...]

    • Fatema Hassan , bahrain says:

      رواية قصيرة ولكنها كفيلة بتعريف القارئ على شخصية باراباس و هو السجين الذي أُطلق سراحه و صُلب ( يسوع الناصري) النبي عيسى عليه السلام بدلًا منه، ستتعرف من خلال الرواية أيضًا على حقبة مهمة و مفصلية في النشأة الأولى للديانة المسيحية تمثلت في التعاضد الروحي بين معتنقي الدين المسي [...]

    • Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

      Anyone familiar with the story of Jesus Christ's crucifixion would know who Barabbas was. Pilate wanted to release Jesus, "finding no case against (him)" (John 18:38). So facing the crowd, he invoked a Jewish custom during Passover permitting the release of a prisoner on death row. The people however clamored for the release of Barabbas, a murderer and an insurrectionist, and called for Jesus' crucifixion. Pilate argued for Jesus three times (Luke 23:21-22) but the people were insistent. Their s [...]

    • Brian says:

      Like a lost gnostic gospel (The Gospel of Christ according to Barabbas?), this novel strums the chords of belief, regret, yearning and loss. Using the death and resurrection of Christ as the backdrop for the released prisoner Barabbas's story is clever and there are many unique and ineresting fictions created by Lagerkvist to tell his hero's tale.It might have been the translation, but Lagerkvist's writing style didn't resonate with me at all. I'm not ready to give up on him; I'll try a couple o [...]

    • Czarny Pies says:

      Barabbas is an addition to the new testament written by an atheist. It is far more likely to please those who have fallen away from the faith than someone who is a believer. The person of Barabbas is a very familiar figure to anyone with a Christian upbringing. The story of Christ's passion is read every year on Palm Sunday and on Good Friday. Thus you hear the story twice a year how Pilate tells the crowd that they have the right to obtain the pardon of one condemned man every year and suggests [...]

    • Jon(athan) Nakapalau says:

      Barabbas sees the death of Jesus but lets others convince him that what he saw was not real. When he comes to realize that the story is true he finds himself in the same position as Jesusbut this time he is ready to accept the truth.

    • Tariq Alferis says:

      ‎"من تريدون أن أُطلق لكم. باراباس أم يسوع الذي يُدعى المسيح فقالوا باراباس" (متى 17:27و21).‫"‬‎الجميع يعلم كيف عُلقوا، هناك، على الصلبان، ومن كانوا مجتمعين وقوفًا حوله‫:‬ مريم أمه، ومريم المجدلية، وفيرونيكا، وسمعان القيرواني، الذي حمل الصليب، ويوسف الرامة الذي كفنه‫.‬ لكن ع [...]

    • Steven says:

      With Barabbas, my reading of the in-print English editions of Lagerkvist's works is—sadly—complete. I started with The Dwarf, continued with the stories in The Marriage Feast, and recently read The Sibyl. Lagerkvist's writing is always intriguing, even if there is some variation in its quality (The Sibyl, for instance, wasn't nearly as good as the others, especially not as good as some of the best stories in The Marriage Feast). Barabbas, the story of the man who was sentenced to death but f [...]

    • Andrew says:

      Lagerkvist, Lagerkvist, how no one reads you anymore which is totally sad because you're a brilliant Lutheran-damaged existentialist. Or as I described it to my friend recently, Camus and Hamsun doing a London bridge on Kierkegaard. Barabbas, much like his masterful "The Sibyl," is based on a Bible story, so, despite its slenderness, still contains and handles epic themes. A wonderful meditation on guilt, faith, and the mysterious forces of the world.

    • Olivia says:

      Simplicity can be a great advantage in telling a story. Many great writers have used very spartan ways, and still left an impression far from one-dimensional. Doing this is tricky. It includes using little to tell a lot, there has to be something lurking underneath, a richness for the reader to decipher. Here starts the trouble I have with Barabbas. It is not only written sparingly, but doesn't really seem to hold more than the bare words that are strung together.When picking this book from the [...]

    • Christopher says:

      Barabbas, the only man for whom Jesus literally died.Barabbas, described in the gospels as an insurrectionist and murderer, was brought before a crowd of angry Jews and was chosen to be set free; Jesus was chosen to be crucified on a tree. So begins a novel of antitheses. Barabbas watches Jesus on the cross in wonder; a mysterious light is emitted from the crucified man; darkness seems to be chained to the ransomed murderer. This is a powerful novel about faith (or lack thereof), guilt, and free [...]

    • amapola says:

      E’ stato scritto che tutta l'opera di Lagerkvist sembra scossa dall’urto dell'esigenza di significato e consiste in un’oscillazione tra fede e dubbio: sempre a un passo da Dio, ora pregato, implorato e, subito dopo, avvertito come impossibile. Questo Dio sfuggente è costantemente presente nell’opera di Lagerkvist, esplorato in tutte le sue possibili concezioni e rappresentazioni, con accanimento e con profondità vertiginosa.In questo romanzo la figura di Barabba è contraddittoria: egl [...]

    • Nuno Simões says:


    • Wejdan Saad says:

      ( لا . لا نور هنا إطلاقا ! لا نور في أي مكان ، ومن أي اتجاه ! عتمة لانهائية ، باردة كالثلج تطوّقه ، عتمة هو فيها وحيد - إذ هم ليسوا هنا أبدا ، لا نفس هنا ، لا بشر سواه ، الموتى فقط !الموتى ! إنه محوط بالموتى.في كل مكان ، ومن كل اتجاه ، في كل ممر ورواق ، حيثما التفت . ترى ، أنى يذهب ؟ إنه ل [...]

    • Nora Gamal says:

      باراباس الرجل الذى اطلق ليصلب المسيح بدلا منه والموجود على هامش التاريخ فلم يذكر عنه الا هذا الموقف الاسئلة الموجودة بالرواية عن الدين وتاريخه وهل هو حقا اشارات ربانيةلا يفهمها الا المخلصون ام محاولة لخداع النفس ممتدة بامتداد التاريخ اسئلته القاسية للمؤمنين عدم فهمه لهم و [...]

    • Duaa says:

      ملحمة قدرية تحمل كل معاني التناقض في هذا الكون فبين المسيح مخلص البشرية رسول السلام صاحب اليد البيضاء وبين المجرم المحكوم بالإعدام الذي لم يترك خطأً واحداً على هذه الأرض لم يرتكبه نضيع في تفاصيل التاريخ والقدر الذي أبدع بارلا في صياغتها لتشعر نفسك وأنك داخل تلك الحقبة من [...]

    • John Bellinger says:

      Excellent - simple, but well crafted. Understated, but the emotions of Barrabas ring true. Simple narrative structure filled with a sort of bare-bones sense of being lost and sad and out of place. A book about loneliness. Made me think of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" - that pervasiveness of quiet despair.

    • Ana says:

      Empecé a leer este libro sin esperar nada particular de él, no había leido reseñas ni críticas previamente y me he llevado una agradable sorpresa, no por el hecho de que sea un Nobel el auto pues he leido nobels que no me han movido ni un pelo.Barrabas se nos presenta el mismo día de la crucifixión, aturdido y extrañamente atraido por el hombre que tomó su lugar en la cruz, lo sigue y lo acompaña hasta que muere sin saber exáctamente por que lo hacía, ahí empieza su historía su con [...]

    • Michael Scott says:

      [I have waited for more than two years to read this book.:]Barabbas is a book starting from the premise that a life blighted by a capital sin is a life to be lead in anguish and lack of fulfillment, towards an unhappy death. The main character, Barabbas, is the epitome of the sinner: a thief and a low-life, unable to understand, unable to redeem itself. The premise and the choice of plot are good and interesting, but the text is fatally injured. The main plot and character(s) are difficult to be [...]

    • Frederick says:

      This is the best book about faith or the lack of it I've ever read. The volume pictured has the translation I read.Barabbas is a New Testament figure. In scripture, the crowd about to witness the crucifixion of Jesus is asked which prisoner should be set free. Instead of Jesus, the crowd chooses Barabbas, whose crime is vague (he may have been a thief, a murderer, an agitator or something else) and Barabbas spends the rest of the novel unable to believe in Christ and yet unable to continue in a [...]

    • حسين العُمري says:

      الشك والإيمان في قلب رجل واحد واحد هو باراباس الذي شهد اللحظات الأخيرة للمسيح عليه السلام بحسب الرواية الإنجلية وكان هو المختار الذي نجا من الصلب وحل محله عيسى المخلص ،، الرواية تدور حول تساؤلات هذا الإنسان الذي قاسى الكثير منذ ولادته وخرج من السجن بعد القبض عليه وشارف على ا [...]

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