How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy Some things never go away like vile enemies bad ale and annoying kin But I thought I was finished with the one dragon I d have done anything for ibhear the Blue a big gorgeous blue haired beast

  • Title: How to Drive a Dragon Crazy
  • Author: G.A. Aiken
  • ISBN: 9781420108903
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Some things never go away, like vile enemies, bad ale, and annoying kin But I thought I was finished with the one dragon I d have done anything for ibhear the Blue, a big, gorgeous, blue haired beast who thinks the world belongs to him The world and, apparently, me.So if ibhear wants to play the caring hero and travel into the most forsaken of Gods forsaken lands to pSome things never go away, like vile enemies, bad ale, and annoying kin But I thought I was finished with the one dragon I d have done anything for ibhear the Blue, a big, gorgeous, blue haired beast who thinks the world belongs to him The world and, apparently, me.So if ibhear wants to play the caring hero and travel into the most forsaken of Gods forsaken lands to protect the one woman who doesn t need it namely me I ll let him Because while I m trying to fulfill a ridiculous quest for a pushy god, I m going to draw this overconfident warlord much too close, rekindle his fires, and enjoy every minute of his delicious defeat

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    • Shay says:

      Izzy & Eibhear's bookEXCERPT: (Unedited/Unproofed)HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZYFrom ZebraAvailable September 2012!As human, in their Ice Land fur capes that hid their faces and chainmail leggings and shirts, the four Mì-runach stood on the ridge overlooking the valley caught between a half-ring of mountains and a vast forest where a battle raged on.“I didn’t know we’d have to fight our way in,” Aidan complained. “I was hoping we’d swoop in and swoop out.”“That won’t be happe [...]

    • Magda says:

      What a disappointment. After the buildup from the previous books I expected Eibhear & Izzy's romance to be spectacular. Instead, they just came together, the end.The book has lots & lots of world building. In order to set the scene for the next 3 books? IDK, but it took away from E&I. Earlier updates(view spoiler)[This better be Izzy/Eibhear's book! 2/15/2012 - WOOOOHOOOO! It is their book! *does the cha-cha* 7/15/2012 - Another excerpt!AND THERE WILL BE ANOTHER 3 BOOKS IN THE DRAGON [...]

    • Melanie says:

      I sure hope the dragon in question is Eibhear! Blue's my favorite color :DSeptember 6th, 20125++ stars!!I knew there was a reason blue's my favorite color. I absolutely loved this book!!So much has happened in Aiken's (aka Laurenston's) 'Dragon Kin' books since she introduced us to this fantasy world of brutal warriors, snarky dragon shifters and insanely mad human and dragon royalty in 'Dragon Actually'. While the emphasis of the stories has shifted somewhat from mainly romance to include more [...]

    • R.L. Mathewson says:

      I've waited a very long time for this book :) Started reading it yesterday, woke up at two and finished it this morning. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Glad to see that the book didn't start off with animosity between the characters. I like how the story was told, but I just wish there was more focus on Eibhear and Izzy. There wasn't enough interaction between the two characters, but the story was still good. Would still recommend the series to anyone looking for a good series to sink their [...]

    • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

      Ten years have passed and now Izzy is older and well, Eibhear is ch older as well.d bigger. Time away from each other have made them different people. Eibhear is now Mi-runach, who are basically beserker warriors (super hot!) and Izzy is now General of Annwyl’s army (badass!). Neither one has had contact with each other in those ten years, so when Eibhear is forced to return home, he seeks out his wonderfully vain and manipulative sister, Keita. Keita says that Izzy is required back at home so [...]

    • Dianne says:

      Wow and Not in Always in a Good Way, September 16, 2012So many authors have gone this same route that G. A. Aiken (aka- Shelly Laurenston) has gone with this novel. For example Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward to name two popular authors. They take what starts out as a perfectly good series that mainly concentrates on one couple, if it's a romance, or one mystery to solve, and then down the road they feel that it somehow serves a better purpose to start making their books into what amounts to a [...]

    • aimi02 says:

      i am so excited !! but i totally HATE izzy !!

    • Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac, says:

      June 27, 2013You know in a way I do love this. However I also hate this.Sept. 4, 2012With the ending (bad ending btw) closing up like that, I think it's safe to say the next three books will be of the children. Rhi, Talwyn and Talan. I'm intrigued about Federick, is he going to be a big player? What of the new people just introduced in this book? No books for them? The Mì-runach I mean. I thought for sure one was gonna end with Branwren but I was wrong. ? And what of the others who didn't get t [...]

    • The Window Seat says:

      So worth the wait!!! How can I say enough about this book? This couple - Eibhear and Izzy - have been my favorite romance couple for a while. Even though they never had their own book! So to now have their story there were a LOT of expectations hanging on this one. I am so glad that it delivered!Izzy has been in love with Eibhear since she first met him when she was sixteen. He pretty much fell for her too, but he was technically her uncle since his brother married her mother and adopted Izzy as [...]

    • Tanya Urban Fantasy Freak says:

      Whoohoo Izzy & Éibhear! Now life is completeOkay While I still really liked this book & series,wasn't as awesome as it could have been. Izzy and Éibhear's romance was lacking somewhat. I felt Éibhear should have groveled a little bit more, Izzy was *gasp* too easy! Usually I actually like it when a heroine is just as ready as the hero, but gven their past, Éibhear should have had to work to seduce Izzy IMO. Still this book was as funny and witty as all the other dragon kin novels and [...]

    • Jess says:

      Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsIzzy and Eibhear’s story has been building for many books now and within the scope of the series, many years now. How To Drive a Dragon Crazy picks up about 10 years after the events in the previous book, The Dragon Who Loved Me, and Eibhear is one changed dragon. He still has his ever famous blue hair, but he’s been fighting as a group leader in the Mi-runach. The Mi-runach are a deadly group of warriors who are feared and take on the fights and kill [...]

    • Samantha says:

      I was pretty disappointed with this book. Izzy and Éibhear's story was probably one of the most anticipated books in the series, but it just did not live up to expectations. Part of the problem is that this series has changed quite a bit since the first book. The first few novels were primarily focused only on two main characters but as the books progressed they started focusing on past and future characters as well. Pretty sure this is because Aiken is trying to turn the series more towards th [...]

    • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ says:

      Izzy & Eibhear. Everyone knew they'd end up together, it was just a matter of when. The when being Eibhear finally realizing Izzy was the one for him & he needed to get over all his reservations about it. But their romance in this book was dissatisfying - they just fall in together. An insta couple. Eibhear has changed so much from the initial books when he was a darling. He was the baby of the family, everyone loved him, he was happy, cheery, and wonderful. Now, it's like he's going thr [...]

    • Letitia says:

      Rating: B- Heat: HotThis was a highly anticipated, patiently awaited, read for me. I’ve wanted Izzy and Eibhear’s story since they first appeared together on the pages. There was something so funny about the way a sixteen year old Izzy could continually rile Eibhear up with just a look or a few choice words. And, poor Eibhear, the way that he so desperately wanted to see Izzy as a niece—which clearly was never going to happen. It really did drive that dragon crazy.With the way that their [...]

    • Merve Özcan says:

      Nasıl Nasıl nasıl bekleyeceğim. SABIR!!! (Okumadan önce)kitabisevda/2012/ How To Drive A Dragon Crazy (Bir Ejderhayı Nasıl Çılgına Çevirirsin)G. A AikenTür: Paranormal, Aşk Hikayesi,Sayfa:352GR puan:4,34Puanım:5Türkçe: ÇevrilmediEjderhayı bırakalım ve bir okuyucuyu nasıl çılgına çevirirsin diyelim, çünkü bu kitabı okurken çıldırdım, bağırdım, güldüm, yastık yumrukladım, kedime sarıldım, duygusallaştım Bu kitapta aradığım her şey vardı. Üstelik ka [...]

    • Saly says:

      The reviews for this book has been mixed so I went in with low expectations and that worked in my favour. I ended up enjoying the book quite a bit, as always this book's focus is all over, the politics of the dragon world, the wars. The three children are all grown up, Izzy's sister Rhi becoming dangerous in her powers so much so that her mother Taliath is considering sending her to her mother for training(her Nolwenn witch mother kicked Taliath out when she was pregnant at 16).Izzy has managed [...]

    • Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts) says:

      Fun loving Izzy is doing what she does best, taking out Annwyl's enemies. She's now running her own army and on the hunt for trolls, that is till a giant with blue hair riddled with bones and twigs gets in her way. Izzy doesn't want to see him. Poor Izzy can't escape the man she fell in love with as a girl, the same man who broke her heart just years ago. That same man might be the one who can save her life when she needs help though.After seeing his friend die Éibhear drastically changed. He b [...]

    • Melindeeloo says:

      2.5 stars = it had moments but overall just okay. I generally love Aiken's Dragon Kin but this one left me feeling completely neutral. I wasn't one of those fans dying for Izzy and Éibhear to get together, but with all the tension between them in the past books I was expecting something a bit more sizzling here between the "dirty uncle" and the "naughty" niece. There were things I liked about the rest of the story, seeing a bit of the Sand dragon's, Dagmar's newphew Frederick, Éibhear's Mi-run [...]

    • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) says:

      That's right I am far too lazy to write a proper review right now, but I do have a few things that came to mind when I read this:1. The arguing between Eibhear and Izzy was hilarious, but I don't think the romance was all that good, definitely not as good as some of the earlier ones, but better then the previous two. 2. The actual plot line seems to be getting a bit more involved but I just want something big to actually happen, rather then them all just talking about it.3. There needed to be mo [...]

    • Zeek says:

      yes- it's Eibby and Izzy time! WOOT!

    • Ren says:

      Re-read Still part of my binge Dragon Kin re-read series. Actually, I read How to Drive a Dragon Crazy, more like 2 years ago, not like the previous 1-5 books. Why I decline so long I didn't know. May I become so busy back then :/. Since it's long weekend, I manage to read both The Dragon Who Loved Me and also How to Drive a Dragon Crazy at 2 days, stat! A reading experience that make my long weekend not too miserable. But you know that long weekend is a gift for us reader, right? To spend all t [...]

    • Heather says:

      I was really disappointed by Aiken’s latest. I’ll try to write a longer review later, but here are a few reasons why.1. Not enough time with Izzy and Eibhear. This was the book that us fans had been waiting for, and we didn’t get nearly as much sexy time as any of the other series, AND each were very short. 2. There was no angst in their “relationship.” They just kind of happened, and I felt that as a reader I needed a bit more…something…to make it more interesting and engage me. I [...]

    • Toni says:

      By now most of the civilized world knows that Shelly Laurenston is G.A. Aiken, or is it G.A. Aiken is Shelly Laurenston, anyhow…you know this woman can write wit and humor like a pro. Well she does it again with the next installment of The Dragon Kin series, How to Drive a Dragon Crazy.I think if you’ve been following this series, you’ve probably wanted to know how and when Izzy was going to catch her dragon, Éibhear. Well that book is finally here and I adored it from start to finish. Is [...]

    • Wai says:

      And so finally, after what seems like absolutely ages, we get to Éibhear's and Iseabail's mating. Neither character needs introducing having been first met them early in the series. Éibhear the Blue was a young dragon, naive, the apple of his mother's eye and still growing. Iseabail was the sixteen year old daughter of Talaith and it was pretty much love at first sight for both of them. We knew it. They knew it. Books and years went by but all they kept doing was dancing around each other as t [...]

    • Beth says:

      Shrieking heres Izzy's and Eibhear's story!Ten years have pasted and much has changed in Eibhear's and Izzy's lives. Izzy is not a general in Annwyl's army and a total bad ass. Eibhear is a dragon warrior and considered a beserker. Eibhear departure was quite devastating to Izzy so he thought to write her an apology which is family rightfully burns and never delivers.When Eibhear returns he is told by his conniving sister, Keita, to retrieve Izzy. Quite honestly there is no reason for her return [...]

    • Beth says:

      We finally get Izzy & Eibhear's story. :DTakes place 10 years after the last book. Lots of humor & action, the plot occurs/switches between the palace of Queen Annwyl & the realm of the sand dragons. Human plots, God plots & bickering ensues.I adore the new details added to the dragon universe -- the new division of the Dragon Army Eibhear's been attached to (dragons who won't take orders, but are too good at violence not to use) -- how Annwyl's court has evolved and the whole ne [...]

    • =^☺^=mskitty says:

      I loved this latest Dragon Kin novel! First it was Izzy and Eibhear's story, (we have all waited YEARS for this) but it was filled with story lines of other characters, the Twins, Rhi, Izzy's birth familyd lots of quick looks at our old favorites, it seemed everyone was in town!If you have followed this series, this is a must read. If you haven't read this seriesart now, it's a wonderful and exciting world.

    • Kari says:

      This is Izzy and Éibhear's story. The book is packed with action and the crazy antics of the dragon family members. There is less romance and more information on secondary characters, a lot of funny scenes, and the dragon drama you come to expect from this series.

    • Sarah says:

      Hmmmm-that was a little disappointing. Great advancement in the story but I felt the romance was really lacking. Still a good book but not as awesome as i thought Izzy and Eibhear's book would be.

    • Cassie says:

      I am so excited! I hope Izzy gives him hell after what he has put her through!

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