A book about Lord Krishna his life

  • Title: युगंधर
  • Author: Shivaji Sawant
  • ISBN: 817421081x
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A book about Lord Krishna his life

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    • Ajinkya Deshmukh says:

      I recently finished reading this novel “Yugandhar” by Shivaji Sawant the 6th time. But each time I read it, I get a totally new meaning from the same lines n words which I have read twice before. Well, you’ll say that I must have mugged up the atleast 3/4th of the novel uptill now, n that is true! But still when I take it in my hands, I automatically get eager to read it once again, to know whether there is some more of the Krishna which I have not yet understood even after reading so many [...]

    • Madhura says:

      खरं तर "मृत्युंजय"काराच्या या पुस्तकाला 4 stars द्यायची माझी लायकी नाही. पण मृत्युंजयचा मनावर इतका मोठा पगडा आहे, की हे पुस्तक त्यापुढे थोडं फिकंच वाटतं. कृष्णाला एक माणूस म्हणून दाखवायच्या केले [...]

    • Shweta says:

      Yet another masterpiece by Shivaji Sawant This book gives us a different perspective to look at the life of Krishna NOT as a HERO or GOD but as a HUMAN who wanted to let people know that the greatest power in the world is love. He considered all living beings as his own beloved. He lived to his teachings by spreading PREMYOG in the then Aryawat. What I loved most about this book is it gave me completely agreeable and practical possible reasons behind the CHAMATKARS by Krishna. The reasons why Kr [...]

    • Parag says:

      Complete life of Shri Krushna written by impeccable hands of Shri. Shiwaji Sawant.

    • Seema says:

      I felt like believing every word in this book. I am going to reread it soon.

    • Ankita says:

      A beautiful book, Yugandhar depicts the life of Sri Krishna through the various phases in his life. The book is split into chapters, each chapter being narrated by important individuals in his life, in first person. This gives different perspectives, since the range of people includes his beloved wife Rukmini and his saarthi (charioteer) Daruk. Apart from giving a fairly detailed account of his life, it also had a surprisingly calming effect, and left my feeling rather peaceful even after readin [...]

    • Ananya Vetaal says:

      Yugandhar- is a brilliant piece of work from Shivaji Sawant. Author tries hard to contain the protagonist within human sphere but also surrenders to the divinity at appropriate places. Immense detailing takes the reader into that era. It is a long long piece of text but something worth having and passing onto generations.

    • Sudhir Tingare says:

      just simply says miraculous story of krishna with human touch to it fall in love

    • Pushkar Ektare says:

      सर्वस्व दिले जाते, मनापासून केले जाते तेव्हाच या प्रकारची साहित्यकृती निर्माण होते. कृष्णाचे चरित्र काय ? माहीतच आहे असे स्वाभाविकपणे वाटते. पण वाटणे आणि असणे यातील फरक अशा ग्रंथांमुळे लक् [...]

    • Sarvesh says:

      Stunned by Marathi literature. The layers, the depth, the characters. A book which is NOT a page turner. Quite the opposite,You savour it, taking in all that is laid out for you with a painstaking deliberateness.Being an atheist, I found this book extremely enjoyable and was absolutely delighted when the author proclaimed that all the characters are too be viewed as fallible, human rather than the gods they are.Must read for All and especially Maharashtrians.

    • Vaibhav Sharma says:

      Can't find any words to review this book. This book has somewhat changed my thinking about Indian religion and Gods. Even the Gods have to obey all the natural laws when they come to this planet as an Avatar. Even they have to face good times and tough times just as we do. So why should we complain.?All we can do is to keep doing our Karma and leave the result on the almighty. After reading this book I feel so blessed to know how to read Hindi .

    • Ashish Kirpan says:

      Very nice novel.

    • Deepali L says:

      Very Good

    • Suyash says:

      It gives a different perespective to see our own life in different way

    • Snehal Sonawane says:

      Amazing story-telling

    • Anirudhalad says:

      i like it

    • Nivassinh Shende says:

      Must Read book

    • Amol Amte says:

      The unique feature of this novel is it looks at Krishna as a human rather that as God. This makes it very interesting to read on.

    • Prathamesh Manwal says:


    • Pankaj Patil says:

      अगदी बालवयापासून कृष्णलीलांसंबंधी ऐकण्यात आले होते,कधी एखादी दंतकथा चिकटवून तर कधी अतिशय रंगवून सांगितल्या जाणाऱ्या कृष्ण संबंधी अप्रूप तर होतेच परंतु मायावी वाटणारा कृष्ण खरंच होता आण [...]

    • Vaishu Gharat says:

      i want to read that book

    • Pratik Shinde says:

      Good book. Worth Reading. I feel that author has soft corner for "Karna", which somewhat makes this book inclined to greatness of Karna and Krishna. Also, as author mention that he don't want to describe Krishna as a hero or as a God, this doesn't happen in book. Narration of Krishna as a person seems somewhat weak. (view spoiler)[Some incidences like "Kaliyamardan" or "Gowardhan Parwat" are described practically and can be imagined.Some of the incidences with Sudarshan Chakra seems impractical [...]

    • Ajinkya Marathe says:

      it is a good book. But what I didn't like is the character of Lord Krishna is deified. There is no scientific approach while looking towards the Mahabharat. They have categorised the characters as heroes and villains and that's it. If you are a lover of drama genre books it is ideal for you.

    • Vaibhav Kulkarni says:

      Good read!

    • Shweta says:


    • Swapnil Sarda says:

      Shri Krishna is neither portrayed as a god nor as a hero. The author himself makes this clear in the foreword. Tedious, boring language and concepts.

    • Amit Pandey says:


    • Nilesh says:


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