Life Form

Life Form Foster presents a spellbinding odyssey of a planet miraculously like Earth Until close observation shows that on this world nothing is as it seems Welcome to Xica where nine scientists from Earth ha

  • Title: Life Form
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780441002184
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Foster presents a spellbinding odyssey of a planet miraculously like Earth Until close observation shows that on this world, nothing is as it seems Welcome to Xica, where nine scientists from Earth have established first contact with a humanoid civilization Now all they have to do is live to tell about it From the author of Greenthieves.

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    • Laura says:

      This story started off promising. A group of biologists arrive on a planet hoping to study the terrain. What they find is not only does the planet have with crazy plants, animals, and insects, there are also aliens. I don't want to give away too much of the plot but everything on this planet is not as it seems. I never got the feeling that the scientists were as surprised as they should have been about all the crazy things that happened. I might have given this book for four stars but I felt lik [...]

    • Tanja Berg says:

      I remember reading this book ages ago, but I could not recall the title until I saw it in my sister's bookshelf tonight. She usually inherits the tomes I consider most worthwhile. I can't say I recall a terrible lot from this book, except I found it very entertaining and with a rather hilarious ending. My taste has changed quite a lot since I was a teen though, so there is no telling what I'd think of this now.

    • Richp says:

      This is at least my tenth by ADF. I find him to be a competent hack, producing a lot of work that is at least half decent. This one ends up being good, but it does drag in the middle before he drops his first big surprise in the plot.

    • Lindsay says:

      The characters are not well developed although it’s obvious the author tried. Maybe he tried too hard?? He clumsily tells us of flaws that each one has, instead of just letting us discover them through their actions. They seem stiff, one-dimensional, and stereotypical. He also hints at characters’ pasts but never explains it throughout the entire book.The dialogue is very hard to follow, this is for a couple of reasons. First, you’re never told anyone’s full name even though the author s [...]

    • Kylie says:

      This was an alright but uneven Foster book. I've read many many of his books, and this was far from the best and also far from the worst. It is loaded with nature details- alien flora and fauna. He sometimes goes overboard with such things, and this is one case in which he did go overboard. The biggest issue for me was that he gave away the mystery in the middle of the book. Halfway through, all mystery was completely removed from the story. What follows is 100 pages of more nature descriptions [...]

    • Aik says:

      Interesting but very flawed.If you're a big fan of alien world/society exploration, give it a go. That's the focus, and it manages to get an interesting idea through.But the flat characters, random PoV changes, generally not-very-good writing, sexist undertones, dodgy science yeah, lots of problems there.

    • Jim says:

      Life Form surprised me. I was expecting a Ray Bradbury-ish venture into other worlds and was presented with 3D characters that mattered (something not all that common in SF), a compelling story and Foster's propensity for keeping the reader engaged.

    • William Miller says:

      Alan Dean Foster is one of the sci-fi author greats, and it shows in this work. If you're into sci-fi that's every bit (perhaps more) about the characters than about the raw science, Foster is your guy.

    • Daniel says:

      One of the most implausible books about scientific exploration that I've ever read. "Oh look, we can breathe in this atmosphere! Let's chuck all caution and method out the window." Predictable results follow.

    • Amy says:

      A quick read. I thought the planet he created was interesting. I occasionally got irritated at the book for making the characters, trained scientists, unperceptive, sloppy, and at times simply stupid. I can't go into more detail without spoilers.

    • Chad Parker says:

      Kind of predictable. Alien sex. Enjoyable but not terribly innovative.

    • Karen says:

      Can't remember it, so must not have liked it especially.

    • Portobellord says:

      Scientists make first contact with beings on the planet Xica. Interesting, but the ending seemed abrupt.

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