The Caldarian Conflict

The Caldarian Conflict Award Reviewer s choice Digital Book TodaySpecial honor Featured book in over Dunn Bros Coffee stores for the summer of Will appeal to fans of Brandon Sanderson George RR Martin and R A Salv

  • Title: The Caldarian Conflict
  • Author: Mike Kalmbach
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Award Reviewer s choice, Digital Book TodaySpecial honor Featured book in over 60 Dunn Bros Coffee stores for the summer of 2013Will appeal to fans of Brandon Sanderson, George RR Martin, and R A Salvatore A corrupt government Enraged pirates One monk caught in the middle of The Caldarian Conflict.Admiral Cain finds an elegant solution to Caldaria s piracy problem luAward Reviewer s choice, Digital Book TodaySpecial honor Featured book in over 60 Dunn Bros Coffee stores for the summer of 2013Will appeal to fans of Brandon Sanderson, George RR Martin, and R A Salvatore A corrupt government Enraged pirates One monk caught in the middle of The Caldarian Conflict.Admiral Cain finds an elegant solution to Caldaria s piracy problem lure pirate ships to decoy merchant vessels stuffed with explosives instead of treasure The suicidal captains are military men with fatal illnesses The unsuspecting crews are poor men enticed from the gutters of Caldaria with the promise of handsome wages and free meals Cain considers it a dual service after all, he s protecting the merchants and sweeping the streets clean of vagrants There are only two problems if the peasants find out, they ll revolt If the King finds out, he ll have Cain s head Accordingly, anyone with too much knowledge must die.Brother Mendell, a devout follower of Lord Justice, is caught in the crossfire when he seeks retribution for an unfairly executed prisoner After discovering the first few layers of Admiral Cain s plan, Mendell realizes that even a monk must carefully navigate through these dangerous waters Mendell soon finds himself pursued by Admiral Cain s merciless assistant, Krell, who suspects that the monk might ruin their ambitious plan and uncover their mysterious backer and will gladly kill the monk to keep him silent.Mendell must unravel the mystery before he, too, becomes a casualty of The Caldarian Conflict.

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    • Tammy says:

      Book Summary:The Caldarian Conflict is a novel about a monk caught between a corrupt government and enraged pirates. Brother Mendell, follower of a god named Lord Justice, consoles a pirate prisoner slated for execution. As he listens to the pirate's story, Mendell begins to wonder whether the execution is just. This question drives Mendell to uncover the mystery surrounding the military's methods of capturing pirates. However, Admiral Cain and his ruthless assistant Krell have more in mind than [...]

    • Sam says:

      I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from The Caldarian Conflict, with the combination of monks and pirates—not something you would ordinarily run across—but this was a very enjoyable fantasy novel.I mean, come on—monks are usually quiet, introspective and rarely stray far from their abbey—well, apart from maybe in The Name of the Rose where there's murder aplenty over the religious medieval equivalent of a racy novel, or in anything involving Cadfael. But Mendell, a gentle monk (not pr [...]

    • An Odd1 says:

      smashwords/books/view/ excerpt I don't believe in good and evil. There be what a man can do and what he must do. - Owen, condemned to hang (According to Murdoch Mysteries, a proper hanging should break the neck, not choke.)Brother Mendell serves the Lord Justice god, also calling on Lady Mercy and Luck, goddesses of healing and chance, to investigate how Admiral Cain combats piracy unethically (without lecturing us). Whoever knows too much, dies, even the whole monastery is at risk. Limbs and bo [...]

    • David says:

      Avast me lads and lasses. If it’s a pirate tale ye been seekin’, Mike Kalmbach’s debut novel, The Caldarian Conflict will whet yer appetite.Caldaria is plagued by pirates. Admiral Cain of the Caldarian navy has come up with a plan not only to rid the sea of pirates, but also alleviate the streets of the dregs of society. Unfortunately, for all concerned, it boils down to murder. And more unfortunately for Admiral Cain, there’s one monk not afraid to stand up against him.Brother Mendell i [...]

    • Tim says:

      This fiction treats pirates, a religious sect, and royal naval administrators inhabiting the mythical land of Caldaria. In popular culture there is a sci-fi PC game involving the Caldarian navy with a feature called Raven. In Mike Kalmbach’s novel, Raven (also known as Krell) is an antagonist who drives the subversive conflicts of the plot. I don’t have enough information about the video software, so I don’t know whether this novel is an original treatment or if it is a parody of that vide [...]

    • Readinista says:

      Guest Review by Jack: The sky is blue, the sea air is crisp, and the public executions bring to justice the wrong doers and keep peace amongst the people. Or so it would seem in the city of Caldaria. But that is only the surface. Underneath boils the deceit of corrupt leaders who use vicious means to reach a bitterly self-serving end. Only one thing stands in their way. A humble yet courageous monk name Mendell.When I first started reading Mike Kalmbach’s The Caldarian Conflict, I was a little [...]

    • Adam Ortyl says:

      You've got questions? I've got answers.Q: Pirates and Monks Huh?!?A: I didn't know what to think when I read about this book. I hadn't seen anything like it before. Well fear not - this isn't a 'pirate' story, and it isn't a 'monk' story. It is a fantasy story with pirates and monks. (Disclaimer: No clue what a 'pirate' or 'monk' story would be, but this is definitely better)Q: I don't know, The last pirate book I saw must have been written while out at sea it was sloppy.A: Do not worry - The bo [...]

    • Shawnda says:

      I went into this book thinking it would certainly be interesting since there's a curious but clever monk (think Father Brown), pirates (heck yeah!), a corrupt Admiral, and magic. After finishing the book, I can safely say The Caldarian Conflict certainly lived up to my expectations. The book begins with Brother Mendell having doubts about a prisoner sentenced to be executed and the story he told Brother Mendelll as his confession. These doubts cause Mendell to look into the prisoner's story and [...]

    • Kai says:

      The Caldarian Conflict is not as predictable or as straight forward as one would think. Just when you think the story gets predictable, it gives you another twist. In the war against priracy, the Calarian Navy Admiral Cain would use any means necessary to wipe out all the pirates as long the means justified the ends even if he and his assistant Krell used the homeless people of Calaria. Until Brother Mendell stumbled into the Admiral's and his assistant's plan and tried to balance the scale of g [...]

    • C.G. Worrell says:

      In his debut novel, THE CALDARIAN CONFLICT, author Mike Kalmbach convincingly crafts a world of enchantment, iconic gods, and raging pirates. Brother Mendell, a humble devotee of Lord Justice, has the unenviable task of providing spiritual counsel to prisoners slated for execution. Through this involvement, Mendell begins to unravel a cat and mouse game devised by corrupt officers of the Caldarian navy to rid the Shalladian Sea of piracy. The tenacious monk’s quest for justice lands him smack- [...]

    • Danielle Allen says:

      Kalmbach’s debut novel ,“The Caldarian Conflict,” is a fun, fast-paced pirate novel. The story opens with one of the most fierce and notorious pirates in the fictional world of Caldaria, the red headed Captain Shannon “The Cannon” O’Connor. Shannon decides to seize an opportunity to take a merchant ship hostage and plunder some treasure – but quickly realizes that things are not what they seem anymore in Caldaria, and the thrill ride begins at full force for the reader. “The Cald [...]

    • Lynn Kelley says:

      Cheers to The Caldarian Conflict! Part thriller, mystery, adventure, and dark fantasy. Mike Kalmbach's debut novel begins with a big bang and fireworks when pirate Captain Shannon the Cannon O'Connor is blown out of the water. She's the first of many to fall prey in the devious plot designed by Admiral Cain of the Caldarian navy and his conniving assistant Krell. Brother Mendell, a humble monk who serves the god of Justice, becomes entangled in Cain and Krell's evil conspiracy to rid the seas an [...]

    • Angie Mangino says:

      The Caldarian ConflictBy Mike Kalmbach2011 Reviewed by Angie ManginoRating: 5 starsReviewing a book centered on pirates, monks, and a corrupt government in a fictional world was a new experience for this reviewer. The story line interested me to accept doing this review, but I wasn’t anticipating all that I uncovered.Kalmbach has presented an exciting, believable story that keeps readers turning pages quickly with Captain Shannon “The Cannon” O’Connor, Admiral Cain, Father Ramsey, Owen, [...]

    • Azaria Gamble says:

      Normlly when I see a book about pirates or fantasy I immdeiately brush it off as just another amped up Pirates of the Carribien. But when Mike Klambach allowed me to read and review his wonderful novel, The Caldarian Conflict, a fast paced cat and mouse game of good vs. evil. The world of Caldaria, from Mr. Klambaches own mind, is stunning.We find ourselves rooting or Mendell and cringing in fear of Krell with every page turned. The words come out so vividly that this reads lke a masterful mini [...]

    • Bob Miller says:

      This story is set in a fantasy world that has some limited magic, and limited technology. There are a dozen different gods with different attributes like Justice, Luck, Wisdom, and more.The story centers around a Monk who follows the god of Justice because he wants to do right in the world. But he gets caught up in a plot by evil men who kill innocent people.How can Mendell, the monk, fight against evil people without becoming evil himself? Will he actually have to kill someone for justice to be [...]

    • J. Else says:

      Mike Kalmbach creates a vast world, and his plotline run through the multiple layers of society. From pirates to monks to army elite, there are a variety of characters that readers encounter. Kalmbach questions the traditional definitions of heroes vs. villains. My favorite scenes were those of the monks. I loved their thoughtful musings. I also very much enjoyed the history of the religious orders. I hope Kalmbach elaborates on the religious history in his next book."The Caldarian Conflict" is [...]

    • Anthony Wilson says:

      The Caldarian Conflict begins as a typical swashbuckling pirate tale, but quickly takes on a more cerebral tone. A kind-hearted monk ventures well beyond his comfort zone in an attempt to right wrongs and expose government corruption. Kalmbach’s dialogue is spot-on, especially the pirate-speak. The story flows at an appropriate pace with just the right amount of plot twists. The main characters are well-developed and consistent. Kalmbach sprinkles elements of fantasy along the way to keep the [...]

    • Susan Klauber says:

      I loved The Calderian Conflict. Mike Kalmbach hooked me with his first well-crafted words, and he kept me wanting to read more with his great pacing. The rich details of the pirate world and a monk’s life added historical texture as the intrigue unfolded. I particularly enjoyed the range of life that Mike revealed in his characters, from the base treachery of the scheming power-hungry to the refined hearts and intentions of the spiritually mature. Good work! A fun mystery thriller powered by a [...]

    • Christina says:

      A very smooth, interesting, adventurist kind of read. I loved the pirate talk. And the pirate characters. Yes, even the bad ones. The Monk was a kind hearted, sincere, and was a gullible man at the same time. But that was in his nature and people who knew this took advantage of that. Just like the real world yes? I thought the ending was honorable. And I enjoyed meeting up with some of the character at their grave sights But the Epilogue surprised me. Is there going to be 2nd book Mr.Kalmback?

    • Marcusbran says:

      A really fun read. I enjoyed the pirates the most, albeit they seemed a little "good" compared with the bad politicians. It was a good, thoughtful tale on the morality of rooting out criminals, at it's heart, with good amount of ribaldry and swashbuckling. Ultimately, I only give 5 stars to books that move me emotionally, and while I liked the characters I never felt that connection.Great job! I want more!

    • Terri Karsten says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed The Caldarian Conflict. It's a complex fantasy with well-drawn, multifaceted characters and a plot so full of surprise twists that it's a wonder Kalmbach could unknot. But he does--brilliantly. Besides being a ripping good story, the book explores themes of justice, right, and wrong, showing that tolerance and understanding are wise, even in a world full of pirates. I hope to read more about Father Mendell in the future.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Rip Roaring Adventure Story. Follow the adventures of Brother Mendell as he bands together pirates and monks to save the city of Caldera from the cruel rule of Admiral Cain and his evil henchmen. Hard to put down adventure story, can NOT wait for the next installment. A Great way to spend the afternoon in the sun

    • Pat says:

      Excellent writing, wide range of interesting characters, detailed setting, dastardly villains,a thrilling plot and a touch of philosophy. Mike Kalmbach hits all the buttons in this tale of pirates, monks, assassins, and admirals. I very much enjoyed reading it.I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it

    • Alison says:

      I thought this book was creative, with a fast-moving plot so I wanted to keep reading. I enjoyed the characters of the pirates and the monks, and also the moral issues they face through the book. While the book has adventure and mystery, it also deals with important themes of justice, honesty and other areas. I'd recommend reading this book if you can!

    • Starr says:

      Truthfully, it was pretty darn good. I didn't have too high of expectations when reading the descriptions - pirates, monks, corrupt government. It was all there, and was a refreshing compliment to my days at the pool in the Caribbean this month. It didn't have extreme depth, but was a great read. I welcome any future works of fiction from this guy!

    • Noelle Walsh says:

      This book was truly excellent! Who would think to mix pirates and monks? It makes an amazing combination and a book packed with action and adventure! This book will keep the reader glued to the pages wanting to know what happens next! I hope there are more books to follow this!

    • Ray says:

      This book is well paced, and has good characters. Several moments have the characters pondering themselves and their decisions, which can easily be related to life today. This was a nice and easy summer read.We received this book for free through First Reads.

    • Brian Bigelow says:

      This book is turning out to be very engrossing to say the least. It's quite the story line with pirates, monks with magical powers and very crooked leaders. Thing is that the story keeps getting better the farther you get into it.Won a copy of this book as part of a grand prize package.

    • Natasha says:

      Short but smartly written. Loved the lead.

    • Julie says:

      Who would have thought that a group of pirates and a monk could make a great storyline. Twists and turns at every step, kept the story alive until the end. A really good adventure!

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