Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies

Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies None

  • Title: Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies
  • Author: Lucy Sussex Delia Sherman Deborah Klein
  • ISBN: 9780980781373
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Wolverina says:

      Completely convinced this is the best collection of short stories by an Australian I've ever read. Huge variety of stories, and while not all agreed with me, the ones that did were just absolutely amazing. My partner tells me I stood up in front of a crowded room and said "if you don't buy this book you're a fucking moron". Apparently enough people believed me. The next day the publisher thanked me, gave me a discount on buying some of his other books and then when I stopped by the day after sai [...]

    • Alex MacFarlane says:

      Finally finished it! Such a huge book. Because of its size, plenty of the stories didn't work for me, but the ones that did more than made up for it: "The Queen of Erewhon", "A Tour Guide in Utopia" and "My Lady Tongue" doing some different and very interesting things with utopias, "Ardent Clouds" with volcanoes and lesbians, "Merlusine" and "Absolute Uncertainty" with history, "Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies" with folklore It's a good mix and there are lots of lesbians and though some stories [...]

    • Ticonderoga Publications says:

      Standard Ticonderoga Disclaimer: We published this book because we loved it!

    • Narrelle says:

      The Essential Lucy Sussex is 500-odd pages of some of the most textured, intelligent, witty, erudite and imaginative spec fic ever produced. That’s not what took me so long to read it, though. The book is also bloody heavy, which created certain problems with trying to keep it open as I read over breakfast. The whole experience prompted a blog post about some things I really like about e-books.The physical weight of the thing notwithstanding, this collection is full of heft on its own accord. [...]

    • Katharine (Ventureadlaxre) says:

      Katharine is a judge for the Aurealis Awards. This review is the personal opinion of Katharine herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team. To be safe, I won't be recording my review here until after the AA are over.I think I should re-read this in time to come, and my review may change, but currently, though most if not all the stories within were to a high quality, they just didn't always hold my att [...]

    • Judy says:

      Love, love, love Lucy's short stories. My only complaint is that it doesn't include every one she's ever written! Excellent afterword where she says a few lines about each story and includes suggested music to listen to while reading.

    • Unwisely says:

      I adore the title of this, which is why I picked it up, knowing nothing about it. Unfortunately, while the titles grabbed me, the tales didn't, and I gave up after five stories. Maybe one at a time they'd be more palatable, but en masse they were too much for me to get through.

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