Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable

Superstar India From Incredible to Unstoppable Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN This is a story about India My India It is a very personal story You see I m exactly as old as India is It all began when v

  • Title: Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable
  • Author: Shobhaa Dé
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0143102583 9780143102588 This is a story about India My India It is a very personal story You see, I m exactly as old as India is It all began when, viewing the breathless preparations for independent India s 60th birthday celebrations and poised then on her own sixth decade Shobhaa D was struck by the thought SuLibrarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 0143102583 9780143102588 This is a story about India My India It is a very personal story You see, I m exactly as old as India is It all began when, viewing the breathless preparations for independent India s 60th birthday celebrations and poised then on her own sixth decade Shobhaa D was struck by the thought Surely my life has taken the same trajectory as the country s In an intimate confession to her readers, she answers that question, and many Does India really deserve to congratulate itself Has it lived up to the early promises it made to its people Does the author believe in India herself In Superstar India, an intimate confession to her readers, De answers these questions and discovers a jawan young India, ready to find its place in today s world Discussion everything from Mayawati s success, the global economic recession and terrorism to the Rakhi Sawant phenomenon, she debunks many accepted conclusions about her country with humorous argumentativeness to finally convince us that India is already a superstar.Witty, passionate and gloriously opinionated, Superstar India celebrates the spirit of a nation that is certainly not about to lost its glow.

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    • Shruti Saumya says:

      The Book starts with infectious energy and excitement from the author. I actually found myself having goosebumps at times with her positivity about India and all things Indian. Then just when I started doubting her for going over the top in supporting her country, I realise the pace and excitement of her depiction of India slows down a little. Then you get a look at the sides where the grass isn't greener. She covers almost every aspect of India from urban to rural, cricket to Bollywood, the eco [...]

    • Asra Ghouse says:

      Is India a superpower?Is it ready to plunge itself into the world and take lead? In this book, Shobhaa De explores these and many other aspects of India. Starting with the dirt streets of Agra en route to the Taj Mahal, she takes us across India, explores the similarities with China, goes to Mayawati and Rakhi Sawant, cricket and religion, sex and social pretension, men, women – you name it! It’s all India. De discusses every issue that makes India what it is today – young India, jawan Ind [...]

    • Mohul Ghosh says:

      I am halfway, and going to drop it in Yamuna while going back home. Blah, blah blah, and more blah, all in the negative light. I suppose she wrote it for the NRI audience, but to be very honest, I am disappointed. Her TOI posts are kind of cynical, witty and matter of fact, but this book is horrible. Depressing to be precise. She has ripped apart Indian male, and literally lynched him. Yes, some aspects are true about India, but hey, its not bad. I love my country, and this book makes me feel ba [...]

    • Jasmita Saini says:

      this wasn't worth the read. I found it annoying and scattered. I hoped to gain some insight into India from it and was disappointed. It may be because I don't identify with India the way Indian citizens do, but it felt like a forced, overly westernized, inauthentic depiction of India. I wasn't expecting a story of old timey India or even a Bollywood version, it just didn't seem to reflect the Indian culture.

    • Sandhya says:

      One of the early lessons one learns in one's career as a feature writer is that no amount of style can compensate for substance. Clearly, there's no rule there, as De proves week after week in her saucy Sunday column for a leading newspaper. That she's a frisky personality, with a penchant for fame-throwing and interesting phrase-making ('careeristic bitch' -that's what she said in reference to Preity Zinta's role in KANK) -not to forget an incorrigible contrarian streak -- make her a quick-fix [...]

    • Sandra says:

      E’ un saggio quello scritto da Shobhaa Dé, la scrittrice più letta in India, “un’icona culturale dell’India contemporanea“ (così è scritto nel retro di copertina), in cui viene fotografata l’India attuale, che compie 60 anni come la scrittrice, con l’occhio di chi fa parte della ricca borghesia che usa carte di credito, computer ipertecnologici e telefonini palmari, vive in complessi residenziali al centro di Bombay dove, se ci si affaccia alla finestra, si vedono slums privi d [...]

    • Pooja Sinha says:

      Shobha de's Superstar India is a very personal,passionate account of the India that we experience.She's been faithful to herdisarmingly defensive about its follies,just like you would defend your own motherI have nothing against Shobha DeShe's compiled a lot of immature,predictable,commonplace drawing room discussions( which make a scintillating,spicy high teas) into a couple of spikey books but eh,wtf I think I can forgive her for that.She seems to have a good head over her shoulders and at the [...]

    • Ritika Chhabra says:

      Superstar Indiaummlet's just say that the book was a bit over my head. OTH, they say, right? Well, yes, it was just like that. I mean, in the beginning, it was okay. I liked it, in factt. But then, later on, the way it turned out. Gosh! I cannot believe it! I was so sick of reading it! Though I think the precise reason for it was the adult language. All those concepts, yes, it was way too matured and way too out of the way for a damn 15 year old (yeah! i was 15 back then!) I wonder why wasn't a [...]

    • Surabhi says:

      Having read Miss De being witty and cynical, I had high hopes for the book. Unfortunately it was a rather boring read. Having dragged (on hands and knees) myself through 90 odd pages, I was forced to drop it because there's only so much whining one can take! It started out well. Soon though you see her talking about India's one too many problems and that's it. That is literally ALL she talked about. Complaining how something or the other is wrong. About how Mumbai is resilient but 95% of the cit [...]

    • Mansi says:

      In my opinion, this book made me fall in love with India all over again! To be honest it saddens me thinking how true is everything written in this book! The book starts off with a kick! I really love how the author's use of words traps me! It feels like I should read on and on and on. She displays India in its true glory. The strength lies within ourselves. If we believe it, we can make it happen!But as I near the end, I somehow lose interest. I don't know what stops me. I wouldn't say i dislik [...]

    • Vidya says:

      Shobha de yet again manages to do what she does best.She certainly is the queen bee of satire.Her illustration of India is a clear example of censure and praise.De apparently manages to make some genuine points about the moth-eaten state of affairs in the country which need attention.Her account of how India has evolved as a nation post independence and how the mindset of the people has gradually changed is spot on !But when it comes to criticising the flaws ,De is ruthless, which to a certain e [...]

    • Sudakshina Bhattacharjee says:

      This book is in essence Ms De's own take on India in all its glory and gloom. While she does manage to capture this country's quirks and sparks sharply and with good humour, she goes on an on describing about NRIs (i.e. Non-Resident Indians)and her experiences in travels abroad. This might bore those of us who are NRIs or who aren't bothered about NRIs, to be honest.

    • Waseem Ahmed says:

      waste of time and is the first and only book i have read of shobha de.e talks about the modern india and how it compares to chinaEven though informative at places i was just waiting to finish the book and keep it away!.ybe her novels are better but i have no plans of reading her again

    • Mimansa Bairathi says:

      2.5 starsThis is certainly an inopportune time to read the book. I have no one else to blame for it except myself. Published in 2008 at the height of a collective feeling be euphoria and optimism, the picture has changed for the worse now.

    • Vidya says:

      A good attempt. Shobhaa has touched almost all subjects that one can think of about Indiaunds like a prompt thought sharing with a well maintained balance, though I personally cannot connect with many of her ideologies and experiences.

    • Pranava Pakala says:

      Mediocre, useless, imbecile. That's what shobhaa dé and her books stand for. What a waste of trees!

    • Arpit Sood says:

      Must read for anybody who want to know about the changing India!!

    • Henna Achhpal says:

      VERY VERY poorly written.

    • Pradeep says:

      vivid explanatory picture of india

    • Rahul Ravi says:

      It's more like a collection of blog posts and comprises well-known issues in contemporary India. Most boring book I've ever read.

    • Sankritya Vedanabhatla says:

      Yet another "India Shining" kind of bookems to have been written for readers of yesteryear generation

    • Dplvs says:

      I came across this book in Sheffield Central Library.I read 2-3 pages first and unable to keep it down later.I completed this book in less than 5 days.Very good read on India on a positive note.

    • Vivek Anand says:

      This is an atuhro I can relate to.

    • Sachin Chati says:

      good reading.Shows how the Indians think.Act and how the change is being adapted

    • Shoba Naidu says:

      A breathless personalised account, Readable

    • Komal says:

      Not a fan of Shobhaa De's writing, but since I couldn't find any other book at the mo' to kill time,well, here goes nothing!

    • Sanchi says:

      I really love it It had everything the double standards and the contradicting truth along with the things that make you feel proud of india!!!

    • Shalini I says:


    • Afifa says:

      wht i learned frm dis book??!!!nothingbut yeah a good read!

    • Divya Gonnabathula says:

      The most boring book ever. Don't want to read any other Shobhaa De book!

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