Elfbitten Taryn Malloy is a Bright Elf her magic lies within her blood and is fueled by sex and lust Recovering from a horrible breakup from her long time boyfriend Taryn is persuaded by her best friend Roxy

  • Title: Elfbitten
  • Author: Leila Bryce Sin
  • ISBN: 2940012862556
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Nook
  • Taryn Malloy is a Bright Elf, her magic lies within her blood and is fueled by sex and lust Recovering from a horrible breakup from her long time boyfriend, Taryn is persuaded by her best friend, Roxy, to get out of bed and get on with her life Taryn has let her magic diminish to a dangerous level and Roxy is determined to help her get over Cillian and she knows the bestTaryn Malloy is a Bright Elf, her magic lies within her blood and is fueled by sex and lust Recovering from a horrible breakup from her long time boyfriend, Taryn is persuaded by her best friend, Roxy, to get out of bed and get on with her life Taryn has let her magic diminish to a dangerous level and Roxy is determined to help her get over Cillian and she knows the best way to get over an elf is to get under another one Roxy takes Taryn to a club that caters to the carnal desires of the supernatural community of their city With elves, pixies, humans, fairies, vampires, lust, revenge and , Taryn will recover from this breakup no matter what Roxy has to do.

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    • Aifos says:

      short, hot read, can't wait to read the rest of the series

    • Susan says:

      My Review:If you like hot paranormal sex with sweaty, girating, grinding bodies; add in revenge sex with the ex-boyfriend while the new girlfriend watches; and a hot girl on girl fight, then you'll LOVE this hot short story. For a quick read, the depth of the characters is quite good, the story is well-written with only a couple minor errors, which were easy to overlook.I was quite impressed with the author's imagination and detailed descriptions throughout the story. Definitely worth reading! I [...]

    • Chelsea says:

      Grabbed this when I saw it free on and I was pleasantly surprised, was really impressed with this author who's new to me! It was more of a novella vs a full length novella but its definitely worth a read. I'm going to be snatching up the other books by this author asap.

    • Jovonne says:

      This was fun!! If you like a short and sexy read, with a dash of funny, then this is for you!

    • Amy says:

      This was a great read! I'll absolutely be downloading the other two. Loved it!

    • Karma♥Bites ^.~ says:

      A HOT NIGHT OF ELF MAGICK(★★½) Well, ELFBITTEN was a short, hot surprise! And thankfully, my recent bad luck with Secret Book Claus(e) picks seems to be over.I enjoyed ELFBITTEN for what is was—a quick, one-sitting erotic story within a paranormal setting. So if you like erotic paranormals and want something more than flash erotica, give this a try while it’s free. But be forewarned: ELFBITTEN is the first of an expensive multi-part serial (see last paragraph).Written in the first perso [...]

    • Delia says:

      If the cover didn't already clue you in this is an erotic paranormal romance. It starts out, and stays mostly, in a club. Now this club is more of a sex club where all kinds of paranormal creatures are enjoying themselves in full view of everyone else. If you are not into detail sex scenes then I would tell you to steer clear, because its truthfully 100 pages of sex scene.As far as erotic fiction goes, now mind you I haven't read that many, I think it was well done. The scenes flowed together we [...]

    • Nyssa says:

      This is a reread. Both my rating and response has altered slightly from my Original Reveiw posted over a year and a half ago, when this was listed as a standalone story. I've now read Elfbitten as the first book in the Taryn Malloy Fantasy series and unfortunatly, its lost a bit of its sparkle. Yes, it is still very erotic, and there was an element of fun, but the lackluster story telling (with its wham-bam nature, and pathetic "revenge plot") stand out even more in this format, which is too sho [...]

    • Chantel says:

      Not a bad book. I feel like I say that a lot, but that's kind of how I feel. I wasn't blown away, but it was still more than just okay. Taryn, an elf, goes out to a club at the prompting of her friend and fellow elf Roxy a month after her cheating boyfriend dumps her. Sex recharges this group of non humans so the club scene is full of magic and sex. I loved the revenge and the sex, but I didn't see much of a plot/point to the story apart from that. I did like this book and am going to buy the ne [...]

    • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

      Elfbitten is a short and steamy novella about a Bright Elf who is dragged to a club by her well-meaning BFF as she has spent six weeks moping around the house, following a break-up with her boyfriend of three years. There is lots of 'dancing' (fae style) involved with this story, plus other characters that I would love to know more about. Taryn also sees her ex at the club with his new bit of stuff, so there is some fun there too. Basically, this novella is a short, hot, and fun read. It is the [...]

    • Adriana says:

      Elfbitten by Leila Bryce SinOne long sex driven night in a club introduces us to Taryn Mallory and the pulsating magic of Elfs, the wickedness of vampires and the erotic bite of an Elf hunter. Whew!Taryn was recently dumped by her cheating boyfriend and has been wasting away at home. Her best friend Roxy has had enough and literally drags Taryn to the club to get over the ex-asshat. What Taryn needs is to recharge her magic with a night of wild abandonment and boy oh boy does the club deliver it [...]

    • Alisha says:

      Well first theres heart break, then theres a chick fight with a fairy in a sex nightclub. Then theres revenge for aforementioned heartbreak. Add to this lots and lots of sex and various paranormal creatures having it and toss in a Vampire for our main female character (an Elf) to have hot sex with. That pretty much sums up this novella. For erotica, and for free, it wasnt bad. Nothing that I would rave about but it held my interest for as long as it lasted.

    • L. Vanhorn says:

      A girl's night out to the extreme~at a magic raising sex club no less. Be warned: You'll need a warm partner or a cold shower after this one. Or batteries and a great toy might do the trick. This novella length story introduces us to an interesting world and some sexually voracious characters. I'll never look at elves the same again. Like a good porn, it's light on plot and heavy on the sex, but not in a bad way.

    • Dianne Owens says:

      In spite of the rather promising world-building of this urban fantasy erotic short story, there were a number of scenes that were seemingly thrown in for the hell of it. I also had some issues with how Taryn (first person POV) knew what her friend was up to even though her line of sight was obscured. I can dismiss all of these issues if not for the lack of empathy for the narrator, Taryn. The story had potential but failed in the telling.

    • Jessica says:

      This is definitely a romance, if you don't like sex scenes then don't read this book If you enjoy romance then this is the book for you. The characters were likable, and it was great for a quick read. There is not much depth to the plot, but for a short story it was good. I would give it 3.5, 4 if you love romance!

    • Stephani says:

      Hmmmm. My first erotic type book. Very descriptive, funny and interesting. Cute story line and auctally I am interested in reading the next in line. I am venturing outside what I normally read. Taryn and her BFF are a great pair. The ex-elf is a prick and gets what he deservesry cute characters.

    • Michi says:

      Horrible wish-fulfillment fantasy for unhappy women. It's a collection of sentences (since it isn't a story) about people having sex in a club with all sorts of paranormal sex-objects: fae, werewolves, vampires, and who-gives-a-shit-else. Crap.

    • Susan Commeford says:

      A brief introductionThis is short but actually not bad I was worried it was going to be too graphic but it was okay. I may look into the next one as I'm a sucker for stories involving the Fae.

    • SN the Viking says:

      This was a freebie on if you are you looking for a nice short erotic paranormal read with Elf’s, this is a good light read. It is well written with a cute storyline, and it is steaming HOT, HOT, HOT!

    • Joie says:

      It would have been better if it was one a book of stories but it was really cute. I loved the hunter and the vampire.

    • Nyssa says:

      I'm not quite sure how to rate this story. As far as being erotica, it rates pretty high on the "hotness" scale. Story wise, however, it was just okay, although it does get bonus points for fun.

    • Alysha says:

      Didn't realize it was an erotic book. Haha

    • Kumiko Lei~Lost In A Book~ says:

      Short, quick read with lots of sex. It was enjoyable for what it was.

    • Laura Wolf says:

      X rated wowza

    • Carrie says:

      "The rough material of his low slung jeans rubbed against me, making my body tremble and testing my resolve."

    • Lisa Harkins says:

      Very Hot!!

    • Sharita Lira says:

      Very hot book. Enjoyed!

    • Karry says:

      Great book! I loved the fact that lust and sex gives power to the participants magic! Very cool twist!

    • Jessica Hulse says:


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