Upstate Baby the first thing I need to know from you is do you believe I killed my father So begins Upstate a powerful story told through letters between seventeen year old Antonio and his sixteen year old

  • Title: Upstate
  • Author: Kalisha Buckhanon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Baby, the first thing I need to know from you is do you believe I killed my father So begins Upstate, a powerful story told through letters between seventeen year old Antonio and his sixteen year old girlfriend, Natasha, set in the 1990 s in New York Antonio and Natasha s world is turned upside down, and their young love is put to the test, when Antonio finds himself in Baby, the first thing I need to know from you is do you believe I killed my father So begins Upstate, a powerful story told through letters between seventeen year old Antonio and his sixteen year old girlfriend, Natasha, set in the 1990 s in New York Antonio and Natasha s world is turned upside down, and their young love is put to the test, when Antonio finds himself in jail, accused of a shocking crime Antonio fights to stay alive on the inside, while on the outside, Natasha faces choices that will change her life Over the course of a decade, they share a desperate correspondence Often, they have only each other to turn to as life takes them down separate paths and leaves them wondering if they will ever find their way back together.Startling, real, and filled with raw emotion, Upstate is an unforgettable coming of age story with a message of undeniable hope Brilliant and profoundly felt, it is destined to speak to a new generation of readers.

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    • J Beckett says:

      Upstate: A Novel262 pagesAuthor: Kalisha BuckhanonPublished: January 10, 2006There are a few novels that are lyrical, filled with an indescribable level of musical magic that leaves the reader, and ultimately, the listener, wanting more. It has the ability to feed that lingering, unfulfilled, and longing hunger; a hunger unwilling to accept just 'any' flavor. I found myself searching for that flavor, searching for that music, looking for a specific orchestral novel created by the distant rhythm [...]

    • Chicklitgirl says:

      4 stars, out of 5 I rarely give books a 4 star rating so trust me, this book is something special.Upstate is the story of Natasha and Antonio.They're both 17 and in love, but then something horrible happens, and Antonio is sent to Jail.The book is written in the forms of letters. Antonio and Natasha's letters to one another, and it is beautiful.At first, from the second page actually, I thought the book was too crude for my liking, you'll see why, but nonethelss, I still read on, because even th [...]

    • Taryn Pierson says:

      A fast-reading epistolary novel about two people who fall in love as teens, and what that love looks like as it changes with time and circumstance. Antonio and Natasha write letters to each other because the usual methods of communication are closed to them—Antonio is in jail, facing a possible murder charge. Assuming he is innocent and will be released, Natasha at first promises to stay by his side, but there are a lot of aspects of Antonio’s life she doesn’t know about. The truth is comp [...]

    • Josh Newhouse says:

      sad, frustrating listen great audio narration not for ms and some parts maybe too graphic for hs you decide characters speak in odd mixture of vulgar slang, and didactic vocabulary an odd book still listeningI really liked this book BUT I can not recommend it for ms or hs despite a strong message because it is excessively sexual and uses way too much language it's a shame too some language I could have justified but it's do pervasive that at times it feels gratuitous and the sexual content is qu [...]

    • Lulu says:

      I didn't want it to end. LOL. I kept saying more letter more letter. I really enjoyed this one!

    • Nia Forrester says:

      **LONGER REVIEW TO COME--THIS BOOK DESERVES IT**I don't think I have the words to explain what reading this book was like for me. I'm glad I didn't read it when it was first released, because I probably wouldn't have been ready. But it is beautiful, profound, and heartbreaking. It will take a long time before I am able to even look at it without choking up. Damn, this author is good.

    • Ms. Schneeman says:

      Only reason I give this a 4 instead of 5 is because I wasn't quite happy with the ending. Can't really think of a better way to end it, but I was just sad I guess.

    • Ari says:

      These letters felt very raw. They weren't flowery or ridiculously romantic. They are about romantic longing, but so much more. They talk about books, Harlem, their home lives, life in jail. Before jail, Antonio spent a lot of his time trying to be tough and not share details of his private life with Natasha. In the letters, he finally breaks down. I thought this was a bit too convenient, but I let it slide because I wanted to learn more about Antonio's life. Natasha wasn't as interesting to me. [...]

    • Hana says:

      I read the book "Upstate" by Kalisha Buckhanon. I randomly chose this book. I just picked it off the library shelf and the cover seem sort of appealing so I checked it out. But I'm really glad that I did. The book is about two teenagers, Antonio and Natasha, who are madly in love. But Antonio is locked up in jail, convicted of killing his father. The whole book is a series of letters between the two teenagers in the course of ten years. Throughout the book you witness the hardships they have t [...]

    • Jen says:

      Upstate is the story of Natasha and Antonio, and is told entirely through letters that they send to each other over a period of 9 years. At the start of the book they are young (16 and 17) and in love and Antonio has been accused of the murder of his father. The letters, incredibly intimate and emotional, create a surprisingly full picture of not only Natasha and Antonio’s lives, but of their family members and friends as well. I ached for them, for their broken families, but I kind of hated t [...]

    • Damon Lee says:

      This book is really sad and interesting because this book is a composition of letters from a boyfriend writing to his girlfriend. In this book Antonio a young African American teenager was sent to jail for the conviction of murdering his very own father. This book’s theme is love because even tough Antonio is in a tough situation right now he still is able to live through each and every day, he’s able to do this with the help of his girlfriend Natasha who is a Hispanic teenager. They are bot [...]

    • Terry says:

      Natasha and Antonio feel like familiar types: sixteen and seventeen years old, in love, wise-cracking. They communicate by phone (off page) and in letters, as Antonio has been arrested for the stabbing death of his father and is incarcerated. The book traces the ebb-and-flow of their relationship with honesty and believable detail, from January of 1990 to May, 1999, with the bulk of the story - 160 of 247 - during the first year of Antonio's stint "Upstate". Holding the readers attention for a t [...]

    • Ana De Leon says:

      Never in my life have I read and actually relish a romantic novel, but Kalisha Bukhanon made it possible with this book. It is written in a letter format which I didn’t really like at first because I wasn’t use to the idea. Throughout the course of the book, though, I found it to be a great choice because it all tied in together (in that format). My favorite part of the book is the concept of the butterfly which is mentioned in beginning of the book and also at the end. It was hard to grasp [...]

    • Jasper says:

      I'm not extremely far into this book but I can tell a lot about the characters already. The book is about this young guy Antonio who goes to prison for murdering his father. While he's in prison he writes letters to people mostly his girlfriend Natasha. Even though Antonio is in prison from what I see they still have a good relationship, which is surprising to me. They both share their experiences his life inside prison and her life separated from him outside. Natasha seems to be loyal to him an [...]

    • Bridget says:

      The beginning of this book was not impressive. By the end, though, I really enjoyed it. Kalisha Buckhanon gives a voice to young Black America of the 1990s, much like other authors have done in past decades. The cadence and rhythm of speech was genuine (although at times difficult for me, since it's not my natural speech pattern). The content was more more graphic than I was anticipating at first. By the end it was not so graphic and perhaps that's why it resonated more with me toward the end. A [...]

    • *M i t z y; :) says:

      Mitzi MoranPeriod 14/15UpstateKalisha Buckhanon# of pages Date completed 9/28/09Book rating-10The character that changed the most from the beginning of the book to the end would be NatashaIn the beginning, Natasha was just focusing on Antonio & him being in jail. Then she started to realize that she had to focus on herself & her future. She started changing as soon as she was in college. I think it was a good idea that she let go of Antonio & let him go & move on. She changed so [...]

    • Wilson says:

      Wow. If you have the chance, do the audio version of this because it is done phenomenally. The story starts in the early 90's with a chilling opener, "Do you believe I killed my father?", asked by the male main character, Antonio, in his first letter from jail to his girlfriend Natasha. The story is told in the form of letters exchanged between the two characters, which gives a depth of intimacy but also personalized heartache to the story Do not miss this audio book.

    • Maegen says:

      Upstate is a thought-provoking, intelligent and thoroughly believable story. From start to finish, I was invested in the characters' lives and almost mesmerized by their gradual growth and maturity. Kalisha definitely has a distinct voice as a writer and a promising career.

    • AJ S. says:

      Upstate is a sole touching and heart warming book

    • Shavonia M. says:

      It was good the author did good with the setting

    • Niecie says:

      oh, I loved this book! so many feels ♡♡♡

    • Hirit says:

      Hirit Beyene 9th 4-01-09 Upstate The book I’m reviewing today is upstate by kalisha Buckhanon. It’s a fiction story. This book is about how can you show love and how could you expellant it. It is about broken heart, truth, and beauty. This book is about two teenagers. Their names are Natasha and Antonio. They loved each other. Antonio is in charged with murdering his father. He asks Natasha if she believes that he killed his own father. They start writing letters to each other. The let [...]

    • Melanie says:

      I'll start with my constructive criticism: I think it's incredibly difficult to capture the young adult voice in a way that feels authentic. Many adults, despite their best efforts, can't quite nail it because they are too removed from their own adolescence or don't listen closely enough to teenagers. It's also hard because if you try to use slang, the very bedrock of adolescence, you immediately date your text and run the risk of including references or language with a short shelf life. One thi [...]

    • Nardsbaby Reader says:

      Elevating the status"Sometimes in this life some things are bigger and more important than your one life could ever be." As I looked through pages of books I don't have on it was this beautiful cover of a white butterfly on red with the word Upstate in lowercase purple letters that kept me continuously coming back to this book. The simplicity spoke to my heart. Okay so I opened this book on 2/24/05 as soon as I picked it up from Borders, and I was surprised at how it was written, but hey we kno [...]

    • Ashlyn says:

      "All I need to know from you is do you believe I killed my father?"Anthony, a young teenager of the 90's, starts out the deep and powerful novel, Upstate, by Kalisha Buckhannon. This book is a mixture of 90's culture and the passionate love of the two main characters, Anthony and Natasha. Anthony is accused of the murder of his father. Antonio, formally known as Anthony, is put into a juvenile delinquents center where he is not supposed to have any communication to the outer world. Luckily, a se [...]

    • Courtney H. says:

      I loved this novel. I bought it months ago, unsure of what my expectations were. Epistolary books are so hard to nail. It's an experiment that is often more interesting in theory than in execution. And Buckhanon gave herself an additional challenge: her letters were between two teenagers, Natasha and Antonio, who are separated when Antonio is arrested and sent to prison for murdering his abusive father. Not only does she need to convey a story believably through letters, but they need to be beli [...]

    • Melissa says:

      4Q 2P SSeventeen-year-old Antonio stands accused of a shocking crime, murdering his own father. Antonio had been rebellious at school, did drugs, and so forth; but murder didn’t seem to fit his profile. At trial the family secrets of abuse come to light, but Antonio is still convicted of murder and sent to prison. The novel is told entirely through the letters of correspondence between Antonio and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend Natasha. The letters span a total of nine years, providing insigh [...]

    • Devon says:

      Have you ever read a book that was so good it left you speechless? Well, if not I urge you to pick up this outstanding debut novel from Kalisha Buckhanon. 'UPSTATE' is told in a series of correspondence between sixteen year-old Natasha and seventeen year-old Antonio, young lovers who are torn apart when Antonio goes to jail for the murder of his father. Their letters span a decade in which time, while they seem to grow worlds apart no love is ever lost between these two soul mates.I loved the wa [...]

    • Arian Toney says:

      the book upstate is about a young couple being seperated by arrested and conviction. natasha riley and micheal antonio lawrence II (or antonio for short)live in harlem, new york and they are faced with a great problem. antonio is arrested for the murder of his father and put on trail. instead of pleading innocent and risking his freedom, he decides to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and is sentenced to 10 years in jail with a chance of parol. this conflict limited the two's relationship [...]

    • Brooke says:

      Plot SummaryAntonio, a seventeen-year-old, African American teen, and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend Natasha write letters to one another while Antonio is behind bars for the death of his father. Does Natasha believe he is innocent? Will she stay with him forever? How many years will he have to serve? Will their love survive his time in there? The letters between them, reveal stories about their friends and families, their communities, and their past, while also telling the story of a gripping [...]

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