Safety Last

Safety Last None

  • Title: Safety Last
  • Author: Brian Power-Waters XIII Captain X
  • ISBN: 9780523007151
  • Page: 100
  • Format: None
  • None

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    • Marty St. George says:

      I first read this book at least 30 years ago and, being young and impressionable, I took it all at face value. Courtesy of I found it again and reread it.Yes, the book is dated, yes, it's a bit hyperbolic, but most important, the book is wildly biased. Several well-known crashes are discussed in the bookashes that were judged by NTSB to be pilot error. Captain X can't even SPELL pilot error. And even when he acknowledges that the pilot might have made a bad decision, the fault is always with a [...]

    • House of Aqua says:

      This book written by a pilot in the 1970's is very outdated yet as someone interested in aviation I enjoyed reading the incidences sited in the book and comparing to how the industry operates today. Safety is no longer last as it can cost the airlineswell, their airline but air traffic control technology still needs to be improved upon. Great read for the avgeek. I checked my book out at the library and I was tempted to ask the librarian when the last time it was checked out!

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