His Majesty's Opponent: Subhas Chandra Bose and India's Struggle against Empire

His Majesty s Opponent Subhas Chandra Bose and India s Struggle against Empire The man whom Indian nationalists perceived as the George Washington of India and who was President of the Indian National Congress in is a legendary figure Called Netaji leader by his countr

  • Title: His Majesty's Opponent: Subhas Chandra Bose and India's Struggle against Empire
  • Author: Sugata Bose
  • ISBN: 9780674047549
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The man whom Indian nationalists perceived as the George Washington of India and who was President of the Indian National Congress in 1938 1939 is a legendary figure Called Netaji leader by his countrymen, Subhas Chandra Bose struggled all his life to liberate his people from British rule and, in pursuit of that goal, raised and led the Indian National Army againstThe man whom Indian nationalists perceived as the George Washington of India and who was President of the Indian National Congress in 1938 1939 is a legendary figure Called Netaji leader by his countrymen, Subhas Chandra Bose struggled all his life to liberate his people from British rule and, in pursuit of that goal, raised and led the Indian National Army against Allied Forces during World War II His patriotism, as Gandhi asserted, was second to none, but his actions aroused controversy in India and condemnation in the West.Now, in a definitive biography of the revered Indian nationalist, Sugata Bose deftly explores a charismatic personality whose public and private life encapsulated the contradictions of world history in the first half of the twentieth century He brilliantly evokes Netaji s formation in the intellectual milieu of Calcutta and Cambridge, probes his thoughts and relations during years of exile, and analyzes his ascent to the peak of nationalist politics Amidst riveting accounts of imprisonment and travels, we glimpse the profundity of his struggle to unite Hindu and Muslim, men and women, and diverse linguistic groups within a single independent Indian nation Finally, an authoritative account of his untimely death in a plane crash will put to rest rumors about the fate of this deathless hero This epic of a life larger than its legend is both intimate, based on family archives, and global in significance His Majesty s Opponent establishes Bose among the giants of Indian and world history 20110601

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    • Riku Sayuj says:

      One attempt too many at defending political decisions and one slur too many at the other leaders (Nehru, Gandhi, Patel among others), all the while trying to portray Bose as a visionary who alone had the true picture of world politics and the future, makes this a bit of a propaganda book. At many times it resorts to ‘if’s to wonder about what Bose might have done or speculates on how he could have influenced various momentous events. At other times it is a string of ‘but’s to explain all [...]

    • Siddharth says:

      An insightful and detailed account of one of the greater lights of India's freedom struggle. Also surprisingly balanced, considering the author is Bose's grandnephew (his father, Sisir Bose, played a significant role in helping Subhas escape from the country). The author's analysis of Bose's role in the struggle for independence is satisfactory. However, his speculations regarding the impact Bose would have had had he been party to some pivotal decisions taken by Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress W [...]

    • Sheila says:

      Subhas Chandra Bose was a great intellectual and believer of freedom for India from British occupation. Netaji relentlessly fought to free India (he called it bondage) from British rule. While in exile he travelled to Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy Singapore and Japan to get support and financial aid to fight British rule. To silence Subhas Bose British government arrested him several times and imprisoned him without a fair trial. Sarat Bose (elder brother of Subhas Bose) and Dr. Sisir Bose (ne [...]

    • Manish says:

      Felt ashamed of myself while reading this book, for not having known enough of Netaji all these years. A Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge, quitting the Civil Services at the age of 24, languishing in a prison in Mandalay during his late 20s, edifying Gandhiji only to see him play politics to pull him down, falling in love in Europe, looking after Kamala Nehru during her convalescence, forming the Forward Bloc, daring escape from House arrest in Kolkata to Europe through Kabul, meeting the Fu [...]

    • Apratim Mukherjee says:

      I always wanted to read a full biography of one of India's greatest freedom fighters-Subhash Chandra Bose.This biography is written by a member of Bose family.So it is expected to be biased(which it rightly is).This book attempts to give Bose his rightful place in Indian history.It tells about smallest details of his life ( which makes reading boring initially) .The author also clears some air on Netaji's disappearance.All in all its an excellent biography.I only docked a star for some irrelevan [...]

    • Nikhil Nayak says:

      This book not only describes the events and happenings in Netaji's life but also explains the attitude, motive and thinking of Netaji behind those instances. This well written book explains who Netaji was, what influenced his thinking, what made him a man of such stature, what was his attitude, plan and solutions for the social, religious and economic problems, which India was facing that time. Sugata Bose made a sincere effort to provide an unbiased explanation and details of Netaji’s politic [...]

    • Abhishek Ganguly says:

      This comes straight from the horse's mouth.Subhas Chandra Bose is an icon, a legend, a hero. Sugata Bose draws him as a person.Reminiscent of Che Guevara's 'The Motorcycle Diaries', this book relies on passionate and practical telling of the events/circumstances around the youth's favourtie rebel.The political events that lead to the rise of Netaji and the Azad Hind Fauj are depicted through terse, impartial analysis and Sugata Bose does his job as a historian rather than a member of Netaji's fa [...]

    • Biju Balakrishnan says:

      A sensational biography of our forgotten hero 'Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose'. Sugata Bose has beautifully narrated his journey from Calcutta, the early years, to Cambridge where he completed his studies. The Indian Civil Services laureate who abandons his civil service job and returns to India with a dream of liberating his people from British oppression.The great escape to Germany via Afghanistan & Russia under the nose of British surveillance shows his courage and fearless attitude. A truly [...]

    • Lilisa says:

      A detailed account of Subhas Chandra Bose's fight to secure India's freedom from British rule, this book reads more like a history book than a biography, which I had expected it to be. As a result we are inundated with excruciating historical details, rather than an in depth understanding of Bose or Netaji (as he was fondly referred to) as a person and what drove him. Albeit there is a bit of that, but we never really get to discover the true person that he was - the book just seems to skim the [...]

    • Midhun Jose says:

      This book is about the greatest warrior India has ever produced- Subhas Chandra Bose. He is not only a brave military hero, but also a great politician, a good visionary, a brilliant philosopher and moreover he was very humane as a person. He, probably, was more respectable and more efficient than Gandhi as a leader of Indian Freedom Struggle. He lived and died for Mother India. The political, social, economical and cultural history of India would be totally different for better if he had enough [...]

    • Priya Sambhar says:

      Well its an honest book written by someone who was close to Subhash Chandra Bose So it has many episodes which went missing from history of our country fight of freedomry informative book regarding world wars.ose who are keen to know more about our freedom journey, they are going to adore this book

    • Tariq Mahmood says:

      Great book on Netaji. It was my first book on the great leader and left a strong impression on me. Netaji could have altered history if his INA had prevailed against the British Indian Army. The book is a must read for all readers of Indian independence movement.

    • Vishakh Thomas says:

      Quite a complete account. Well researched and thankfully shorn of any conspiracy theories. Not too reverential but lacking in critical analysis. Worth a read.

    • Paulami says:

      This book is an insightful and detailed description of a great life. this book is more like a text book with many references. If you are looking for thrill, then I am afraid that this book is not written for you. This book helps you to know many things which you were only assuming. This book is truthful, straight and chronological tale of the life and perhaps a bit of the after life of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Over all, reading this book gave me a good and nice feeling.

    • Keya says:

      This is an extremely inspirational biography of one of the greatest Indian leader. Details captured about Netaji's life and his fight for freeing his country is very beautiful captured in this book. Respect for Him and his vision for India increases manifold.

    • Ashok Krishna says:

      I was a young boy when I had my first introduction to ‘Netaji’ Subhas Chandra Bose, through a children’s magazine. Going through a pictographic portrayal of his life and struggle for Indian independence, I couldn’t make much about him at that time. With words like freedom, sacrifice, dedication and death not making much of a sense to my young mind, I didn’t understand him as a leader then. However, the adventures of his escape from house arrest, travel to Japan in a submarine and his d [...]

    • Al Johnson says:

      The derth of literature regarding Asia during WWII, much less the Indian/Burma theater is thankfully filled by Sugata Bose book. Joining Joyce Lebra and Peter Ward Fay in examinations of the Indian side of WWII, Professor Sugata bose has provided an in depth book looking at the forces that shaped the man who would in turn shape India during WWII. The narrative is excellent, and like a good Annales author, he looks at influences from the common man on up, yet doesn't exclusively do so. He is also [...]

    • Mandeep Kalra says:

      An elegantly written biography of a fierce fighter for Indian freedom. However, having previously read some of Sugata Bose's excellent scholarly work, I felt a bit let down by this book. Bose makes no real historical argument or historiographical intervention. This book devolves into a hagiography of its subject. While I did learn a lot about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose from this book and do believe that his positives far outweigh his negatives, no human being is perfect, and this book makes him [...]

    • Ram Krishnan says:

      His Majesty's Opponent by Sugata Bose gives a vivid biography of Nethaji SubashChandra Bose's lifeHe identified from the beginning that India's development will be the development of its labor, downtrodden people.The British were more afraid of him than any other Indian freedom struggle leader, they wanted to keep him under as much as possible lest his organizational skills and strategy may undermine their ruleHad he been there and given full control in charge of the Congress, the pakistan issue [...]

    • Anand Veeraraghav says:

      Sugata Bose describes the life of his great uncle, Subhas Chandra Bose, founder of the Azad Hind Fauj,or Free Indian Army, known commonly as the Indian National Army. In the climax of the biography, we learn of Bose's difficult journey from a Bengali prison to Kabul and from then to Berlin, where he met Adolf hitler. Despite not approving of Hitler's policies regarding his own people or the German invasion of the USSR, Bose allied himself with the Axis Powers and set off to Japan. From Japan, he [...]

    • Pranav O says:

      No one else could have written this book better than Sugata Bose himself. The book while giving a deep insight into one of the highest intellectual properties India had during its freedom movement also describes the chain of events, congress' role and its shortcomings. Bose's respect for Gandhiji and how both differ in their school of thoughts has been brilliantly portrayed. The formation of Indian National Army, Burma campaign, his strategy with the axis powers have been portrayed in detail. Th [...]

    • Ian says:

      Subhas Chandra Bose seemed to single handedly enable and guide the movement of Indian independence from the British. Featuring weighty historical fact (and evidence around his death) Sugata Bose has further solidified 'Netaji' ("Revered Leader") as a legend of the Indian political movement. The insights into Gandhi are also interesting. Quite academic in places, but also some good fun. I like the stories of Netaji's travels with the Japanese submarine fleet, the Captain giving Bose his personal [...]

    • Pradeep Kaushik says:

      What an insight into the life of most resolute and resourceful enemy of British empire in India history. I knew that he was a great patriot, but didn't know that he had this great peronality. It was an amazing read.Some of the excerpts that I liked very much:'There, there in the distance - beyond that river, beyond those jungles, beyond those hills lies the promised land - the soil from which we sprang- the land to which we shall return'(Order of the day, March 1944)'In this mortal world everyth [...]

    • The Book Outline says:

      Although Sugata Bose has avoided the detailed reports of the various commissions set up by the Government of independent India to investigate the disappearance of Subhas Chandra Bose, which may feel misleading to a section of readers, the book is a truly remarkable biography, brilliantly written with a historian's dispassion. Read the review of His Majesty's Opponent at thebookoutline/2013/05

    • Sambasivan says:

      An outstanding piece of research and a scholarly effort. Despite being a close relative of Subhas Chandra Bose, the author has objectively evaluated the life of one of the pioneers of Indian Independence. He has brought out hitherto unknown facets of Bose and in doing so shows how well rounded a personality Bose had been. He was one of the most secular leaders and it is a pity that our country lost his services too early for its own good. Must read for every Indian.

    • Rommo Mitra says:

      The Legende hero of India's uprisinge hope of millions and a true patriot. Boseeverybody wishes to know how he disappeared which is still a mystery or kept as a mystery.People should be more conscious about what his dream was he sacrificed everything for his nation and how he wanted to see India after independence. His life is still a true inspiration to millions of youth. I wished to follow his life thoroughlyd this book is surely a great help to quench my thirst.

    • Sanjay Podder says:

      I was explosed to the side of Netaji I was not aware of. His attempts to take people of all religion in the national freedom struggle. His diplomatic attempts in Europe during his exile. This is a must read to understand one of India's finest leader and his unparallel contribution leading to India's independence.

    • Ashish says:

      hagiographic. properly biased, not in favour of Mr. Bose but against all other contemporary politicians of that period. look like there were only three people who were concerned with indian freedom: Subhas Chandra Bose, Sarat Chandra Bose and Rabindra nath tagore and rest were just working for their own prosperity. i would not like to read anything like that. abondoned in between.

    • Boi Kart says:

      That's a great book for me. I read it many times.You can also buy it from boikart, I get this book from here.Link : boikart/book/515169/hi

    • Sahas N says:

      So much info about the legend and Indian Freedom Struggle.Though the starting chapter was too boring, the book keeps one engrossed once the legend of Netaji starts.Not knew that it was Netaji who first referred Gandhiji as "Father of our Nation".

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