Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 6

Kamisama Kiss Vol A divine comedy Reads R to L Japanese Style Every year kami from all over Japan gather in Izumo for a sort of divine convention One of Mikage s friends comes to the shrine to invite Nanami to the ret

  • Title: Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 6
  • Author: Julietta Suzuki Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9781421538860
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • A divine comedy Reads R to L Japanese Style Every year, kami from all over Japan gather in Izumo for a sort of divine convention One of Mikage s friends comes to the shrine to invite Nanami to the retreat, but it turns out most of the other kami and Tomoe don t want her to go Can Nanami prove she s kami enough to attend or does she even want to bother

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    • Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit* says:

      On one hand I feel like I'm too easy on manga ratings; on the orher hand, being a visual format, the volumes I rate highly usually have excellent artwork (in my opinion, of course). Storyline and whether I find characters annoying still counts for something (couldn't read past Vol. 1 of Attack on Titan because I disliked Eren), but make the characters pretty (Tomoe! ♥) and I'll probably forgive a lot. ;)Anyway, this volume is equivalent to something like the first one or two episodes of season [...]

    • Teisha says:

      Rife with nuggets that were not shown in the anime that make me love the characters more. I cannot wait to buy another 5 volumes.

    • Kate says:

      Kamisama Kiss is my own personal crack. I need more.The story is progressing nicely as Nanami continues to grow into her role and abilities as a kami. While she has a lot to learn, she is holding her own in unique and interesting ways. The focus of this volume may be on Nanami's continued develoment as a kami, but the love story hasn't taken a complete backseat as there are a few cute moments here and there despite the other character lead, a particular fox ayakashi, being in complete denial (we [...]

    • Sarah Hayes says:

      BEST KAMISAMA KISS VOLUME YET. And it doesn't even focus on Nanami's feelings for Tomoe! It's pretty much all about Nanami growing into her abilities as a kami and proving to herself and others that she is worthy of the role. Plus, there's new character Kayako who, like Nanami, is a human kami but couldn't be more different in attitude and ability. But Kayako is actually a pretty great, nuanced character and I hope she returns in future volumes.

    • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson says:

      This volume starts off with Chapter 31.Seems that Nanami and Tomoe get some news that they are to host a big Godly conferance, and only after they just completed the festival for the yearly offerings. A new transfer student shows up, and brings lots of annoying problems and rivalry with her.I'll write more when my editing mode hits.Happy Readings!Fly my Pretties! Fly!

    • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) says:

      Another good cover. And that outfit looks really good. Anyway, another good volume. Things getting a little wacky. Or maybe its just the expressions, the way its drawn or something. But has its good moments. Other than that, good volume.

    • Alory Shannon says:

      All right, NOW we're getting somewhere.(Maybe. I hope.)In this volume, Nanami FINALLY starts to develop some real 'godly' firepower. That's one of the things that has bothered me the most about this series, how helpless Nanami always is, and how Tomoe always has to save her. But this timee got to save him, and it was lovely.I still don't like the fact that it was some other guy who had to show her how to use her powers (and gave her Mamoru in the first place, really)--I want her to get strong on [...]

    • Eugenia Argerami says:

      That human girl's a real byotch.

    • Abby says:

      Another cute volume. I liked the rival kami girl, and felt she added a nice facet to the story.

    • Mariah says:

      Awesome! Nanami gets a rival and creates a cute creature!

    • Claire says:

      I really hope that Tomoe didn't kill that monkey.

    • Keelah says:

      *Favorited!*Another highlight volume. It's hard when volumes blur together sometimes, but I enjoyed this one. Momaru (the cute little monkey) was adorable. And who doesn't love Tomoe when he's all jealous and protective and absolutely caring? This is so. much. fluffier than Fruits Basket or Ouran. So much fluffier than I expected, but in a swoon-worthy, fangirling kind of way, never cheesy. 5 Stars!

    • Judy (Geeky Reading) says:

      ~3.5/5[Taken from my blog: geekyreading/2012 ]I kind of like this series. I want to like it. And I'm not actually disliking it, I don't think. I'm just not all that into it right now. Which kind of sucks, since I want to. Right now, I think, I'm reading it and waiting to see it get better, to suck me in again, like it did at the beginning. Well, and for Tomoe. Always for Tomoe.Anyway, most of this volume focuses on this kami gathering, which Nanami wants to be allowed to go to, and so starts com [...]

    • Angela Evans says:

      Lots of action and interesting happenings in this volume, and obviously Mamoru and Otohiko are perfect in anything, but goodness was Kayako getting on my nerves!

    • TheGracefulReader says:

      THE GOOD Nanami and Tomoe: These two continues to paint a good picture as the main characters of the story. In this volume, Nanmi and Tomoe are both dealing with the repercussions of Nanami being invited to a conference of the gods in Izumo. We are also introduced to yet another human kami like Nanami, except this girl is not as nice or kind as Nanami is.Otohiko: You may know him as ' weird guy' from the previous volume. We finally learn this man's name and find that he apparently has some sort [...]

    • Amy Keeley says:

      And this series keeps getting better.Again, because Nanami has already confessed, and been rejected, this gives the plot time to focus on Tomoe's view of Nanami. We also get to see how he views his servitude and a possible reason why he was so willing to serve Mikage. Seeing his face, hearing his description of how the miasma makes him ill, and how he reacts to it, and then watching his reaction to Nanami's abilities as kami, that really warmed my heart.We also find out more about another human [...]

    • S. J. says:

      The crazy wind kami from the last volume (which I totally forgot to mention even though it was one of my favorite parts of the volume) returns, with news that Nanami might be invited to Izumo, the mythical gathering of all Japan's kami in one shrine during the month of October. However, since she is a human kami, she is up against some competition for the one spot. Another human girl, called the Living Kami, arrives at Nanami's school and things once again go crazy. Our favorite human kami's pow [...]

    • Racquel says:

      Here we have the biggest first real deviation from the anime and the manga. The spider demon finally appears in the library (in the manga we see this demon before the kagura festival and a more blob-like demon is in the library). There is also the addition of Kayoko, who does not exist at all in the anime, and her connection to Akihito. Can't help but feel a little sorry for her, but also still can't really like her personality or methods. It was a relief that she couldn't break the contract bet [...]

    • Jessi says:

      I love this series because it caters to my desire to read fantasy/romance novels. I will say that I'm not entirely happy with the way Tomoe treats Nanami. I can explain it away and say that he's a demon that is learning to treat her more humanely (he definitely has gotten better as the story progresses), and I know that I cannot let any man handle me so aggressively. I don't know that I'd want my kids reading this though.

    • Sara says:

      I haven't been reviewing every volume because let's face it they are short and a review is about the overall affect. Anyway I have to say this little adventure did have more of a pull, it looks like Nanami is finally getting some control over her powers and a little independence. In the end I did feel sorry for Kayako, the way everyone used her and she wanted to be a god so muchI want to know more about the Kirihito personyway that little monkey was adorable and that it really. : )

    • Miss says:

      Things that are great about this volume:+ Nanami's growth in a kami+ Nanami's inability to ignore someone hurt+ The resolution to the Kawako-Nanami rivalry+ The hints of progress on the romantic Nanami/Tomoe front4 stars

    • Louissha Murel says:

      haven't seen Kayako in the anime so I'm so angry when she suddenly showed up (view spoiler)[ and even kissed Tomoe! (hide spoiler)] but I'm glad she changed in the end. Kirihito is up to something, just as always.

    • Kate says:

      A new volume packed with new characters. We finally see Nanami pushing herself and trying to handle her Tochigami duties on her own. All the while she's facing competition against a new kami rival. She also gains a new shikigami (aka guardian spirit animal).

    • Christine says:

      First Read December 26, 2013.

    • Hyūga. says:


    • Lottie Eve says:

      4.5 Stars!

    • Victoria says:

      Is a great book to read

    • Kadie D♥ says:

      Already finished this volume, am currently at volume 11. And waiting for more chapters to be released!

    • Susana Rojas says:


    • J.S. Bailey says:

      Any book that has a giant evil spider in it automatically gets 5 stars from me. The story became more intriguing in this one, too!

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