Nobody's Darling

Nobody s Darling Dear Reader I never enjoyed being a wanted man until the day Miss Esmerelda Fine marched into the Tumbleweed Saloon and pointed her derringer straight at my heart Who would have guessed some duke s gr

  • Title: Nobody's Darling
  • Author: Teresa Medeiros
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dear Reader,I never enjoyed being a wanted man until the day Miss Esmerelda Fine marched into the Tumbleweed Saloon and pointed her derringer straight at my heart Who would have guessed some duke s granddaughter an awfully pretty one at that would come gunning for the likes of me, a notorious bounty hunter with a taste for whiskey and a fondness for peach pie Lucky foDear Reader,I never enjoyed being a wanted man until the day Miss Esmerelda Fine marched into the Tumbleweed Saloon and pointed her derringer straight at my heart Who would have guessed some duke s granddaughter an awfully pretty one at that would come gunning for the likes of me, a notorious bounty hunter with a taste for whiskey and a fondness for peach pie Lucky for me, she was a mighty poor shot Instead of killing me, she hired me to find her runaway brother Little did she know she was about to make the acquaintance of a flea bitten basset hound named Sadie, the infamous Darling Gang, and my shotgun toting kinfolk And little did I know she was about to lead me on a merry chase that would take us from a bungled bank robbery to the very first Wild West show to tour London, England I should have turned down her offer I should have resisted her charms But I didn t Because there comes a time in every man s life when he s got nothing left to losebut his heart.Yours,Billy DarlingFrom the Paperback edition.

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    • Lyuda says:

      This lighthearted western should’ve ended 2/3 of the way to make it a very good one for me.It starts with an actual bang when Miss Esmeralda Fine storms into the Tumbleweed Saloon in a small dusty New Mexico town of Calamity wanting to avenge for her dead baby brother and arrest the person who “did it”- William (Billy) Darling- our hero. Since the town’s sheriff is not inclined to arrest him, Esmeralda decides to take matter in her hands and shoot the villain. Lucky for Billy, Esmeralda [...]

    • Fani *loves angst* says:

      This was a great book that I had trouble putting down for the most part. I loved the bantering between Esmeralda and Billy, their love for each other and their chemistry. The story flowed easily between humor and heartache, tenderness and passion. I especially liked the 2nd part, where Esmeralda and Billy work together as a team and cover each other's backs, staying loyal and true. I felt that the book should have ended there and that the moving of the stage to England was an unnecessary filler [...]

    • Ronyell says:

      “Nobody’s Darling” was the first romance novel that I have read from Teresa Medeiros and it has got everything that you would expect from an adventurous western romance story: adventure, romance, sexual desires and hot cowboys! For all you romance fans, “Nobody’s Darling” is surely a romance novel that you just can not put down!Beautiful English aristocratic Esmeralda Fine has traveled to America to find her brother, Bartholomew’s, murderer and she meets up with a notorious outlaw [...]

    • puppitypup says:

      Western Romance Finally, a real hero!There is nothing better than a well-written Western/Romance! I remember once, years ago, a friend asked me what I liked to read. She just about fell off her horse laughing when I told her. I thought that was a little unfair, after all we lived in the West, and we were out on the trail with our horses, wearing our cowboy boots and hats, no less! Anyway, at the time, I was embarrassed to admit to my love for Western/Romance. No longer, at this point, I can brav [...]

    • Crista says:

      So I'm not a western girlI don't typically watch them, read them, or like them. On impulse, because I like Russell Crowe, I rented 3:10 to Yuma and really liked it a lot. It was then that I opened myself to reading one. Nobody's Darling was a perfect choice! This book really has it all. Likeable characters, witty dialogue, plenty of tension between the H/H, and a fast paced plot. The book is split into 3 parts. The first 2 parts are excellent, and are what give this book the high rating. The sta [...]

    • Ian says:

      Nobody's Darling is a fun, often funny, occasionally laugh out loud funny Western Romance about a woman whose greatest weapon is her singing voice and a man who would love to be a law man if he could only stop being an outlaw.I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this book except the ending which didn't quite work. Take out part three and the epilogue and this would have been a 5 Star book for me.

    • Elizabeth May says:

      I dug through my collection of older romances this week whilst being stuck inside with the worst (THE WORST) hay-fever of my life, and was so delighted when I came across my Medeiros books! I remembered this one being a favourite, so I hunkered down with some tea and gave it a read. I found it every bit as delightful as I did when I first read it (though I'm going to pretend that silly epilogue doesn't exist).

    • Widala says:

      What a delightful story! Lovely characters and great storytelling. Loved the interaction between Billy and Esme, how their love grew. The side characters were also interesting. It drew a lot of emotions from me. It's funny in some places, touching, heartwarming The way the story flowed made me couldn't put it down.The epilogue a bit cheesy but it brought a feel good ending.

    • Carol *Young at Heart Oldie* says:

      Where would you find a saucy pair of bluebirds, a violin case, a derringer, a collection of dime novels, an ornery mule, a US marshal’s badge, a French crème puff, a cantankerous old English duke and a Wild West Show?Well, look no further than Teresa Medeiros’s wonderful, madcap western romance, Nobody’s Darling. It’s a testament to Ms Medeiros’s brilliant writing that a story peppered with every conceivable western cliché can still be fresh and vibrant. It’s a sheer delight from b [...]

    • Luli says:

      Historia sencilla y muy divertida que te va a hacer pasar un buen rato si no le pides demasiado.Los dos primeros tercios de la historia han sido muy entretenidos, los protagonistas encantadores y sus diálogos no han tenido desperdicio. Si no fuese porque al final se me ha hecho un poco larga por culpa de las intrusiones de los personajes secundarios, que hubiese sido mejor que se hubiesen quedado en el tintero porque lo han hecho todo un poco aburrido, pesado y fuera de tono con el ritmo que ll [...]

    • Danette Steward says:

      10 stars.This will be one of my all time favorites-- right next to a few Kleypas and Garwood books. You HAVE to read this one!! I had a stupid smile on my face and laughed the whole time. He came into her jail cell and stopped near enough for her to divine the dark gold hue of his hair, the sun-burnished strands that brushed his shoulders, the tawny stubble shading his jaw. But his eyes continued their maddening shift between gray and green. He was taller than she'd realized, lean and lanky with [...]

    • Serban Georgiana says:

      Ce lectura placuta !Mi-a placut cartea,pentru ca autoare a stiut cum sa o dozeze ,si sa dea cate putin din toate:intriga,suspans,pasiune,umor,iubire,devotament.Faptul ca actiunea se pertece in "Vestul Salbatic" este o alta palcere,pe care o apreciez.Ca personaj principla masculin avem un barbat atipic genului historical romance,si anume un pistolar proscris,in persoana lui Bully Darling.Doamne ce mi-a mai placut de individ,cat de complax si totodata minunat a fost construit acest personaj.Nici p [...]

    • Mary Kathryn says:

      I didn't really like the end of this book but I still gave it 5 stars. It had a little bit of everything in it. It made a laugh a lot and it even made me cry in a few parts and it had a dog(I love a book with a dog as long as the dog doesn't die). I loved, loved, loved Billy!!! Any man who has a dog that follows him around has got to be great. I did feel like the end was a bit rushed. I wish it was a little bit longer to wrap up the story better.

    • Ingela Hyatt says:

      Esmerelda Fine left her comfortable home in Boston, and travelled to Calamity, New Mexico with only one purpose in mind: to kill the man responsible for her brother's death. Billy Darling: the youngest brother of the Darling Gang and a wanted man. Esmerelda had memorized every black and white detail of his wanted poster, prepared to kill the bastard first and ask questions later. But when she marched into the only saloon in the one horse town, she never expected she would met eye to eye with a g [...]

    • Jewel says:

      LOVE IT.This was an enjoyable read, it’s been a while since I read a book set in the West, it was a good change from the Highland romances. I think I’ll be getting some more.Since I really started reading it yesterday and finished it today, considering all the other things I have to do during my day, I think it’s a really good indication of how engrossing it was.I liked Esmeralda so much, she had courage and passions and determination. And she didn’t hesitate to draw her gun at anybody w [...]

    • Kristen says:

      What a great book! I love a good western book. This book was full of romance, comedy, bad guys, good guys, a touch on England, and a touch of sexy scenes. I was not fond of the Esmerelda's name. I just did not think it fit her. I also thought the ending was a little strange.Overall, this book was fun to read and I will definitely will read it again.

    • Maureen Feeney says:

      I really liked this,but then again i love anything by TM.

    • Amelia Fransisca says:

      Senengggg bgt d tante TM trnyata ada bikin nvl western, sooo gw langsung ubek2 forum, *cari yg gratisan. HeheLagu I NEED YOU – MARC ANTHONYmenurut gw cucok bgt ngewakilin feelingnya William ‘billy’ Darling seorang outlaw, bounty hunter n gunfighter ke Ms. Esmeralda Fine… From the day that I met you, girlI knew that your love would beEverything that I ever wanted in my lifeJadi ceritanya Esmeralda dtg jauh2 dr Boston ke Calamity, New Mexico buat hunting pembunuh baby brothernya - Bartholo [...]

    • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] says:

      My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 3 parts.*sigh* is all I can say or do about this book, one of the few westerns I've read. Beautiful in one word! :)When I heard it's an western, I immediately thought I'd read "Yours Until Dawn" before this one but hey, so glad I didn't! It's fun. Naughty, wicked fun to be precise! And really funny in places.Billy is a darling for sure, blonde green-gray eyed one at that ;) I love Esmerelda, anoth [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      NOBODY'S DARLING is the newest addition to my keeper shelf. From the first page, the story is laugh-out-loud funny, warm-hearted, and full of adventure. Madeiros' voice is amazingly crisp and easy to read. Writers frequently will find themselves thinking "gee, I wish I'd written that," yet the refreshing turns of phrase, wit, and subtle employment of literary devices never get in the way of the story.From hero and heroine to every minor player, the characters fairly spring off the page. All are [...]

    • Georgiann Hennelly says:

      I,m not really a Western fan. But this book really has it all. Likeable characters, witty dialogue and plenty of tension between H/H and a fast paced plot. The story is split into three parts which i really liked the first two parts really make the book. The stage is America in the old west gangs, gunslingers, outlaws all run rampant .Billy Darling is the most infamous. Esmerelda hires him to track down her missing brother and this story is all about finding her brother.

    • Cheryl says:

      3 1/2 stars. What a disappointment! I should have loved this book, after all it's a Teresa Medeiros book- and I love her books! I must have been in a reading funk because it took me about three weeks to read it. Maybe one day I'll reread it and enjoy it. :)

    • Mary - Buried Under Romance says:

      I love this book400 pages of pure awesomeness. :)

    • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

      A fine and darling story :) Set in the American West. One of those light-hearted, witty romances that are such a pleasure to read.

    • SuperWendy says:

      I've had this book in my TBR forever (at least a decade - seriously. FOREVER!) and I should have read it sooner. If I had I think I would have loved it. As is, it's still a good read, but I had issues - almost entirely wrapped around the hero's outlaw brothers (who, upon meeting the heroine for the first time basically want to rape her - and then she has to continue to spend time with them as the story warrants it? And I'm just supposed to believe the One Big Happy Family Epilogue at the end? Ye [...]

    • MrsJoseph says:

      bookslifewine/r-nobodys-daHmmm, not sure what to say about this one.I feel like Nobody' Darling is broken into two parts: 1 - In the American WestThis part is my favorite. I loved watching Billy and Esmerelda travel and flirt and fall in love. This section was funny and sweet and cute. I ate it up with a spoon.2 - After Esmerelda's grandfather shows upI really disliked this part. At first I thought it was going to be just as much fun as the beginning but it.wasT. The whole situation/section - fo [...]

    • Kristen says:

      This is a beautiful historical romance set in 1840s USA and England. We're introduced to two different people from two different classes, Esmerelda Fine from royalty in England and Billy Darling from Calamity NM, an outlaw and a dirt farmer's son. Instantly from the beginning, those two worlds collide when they meet and sparks fly. We're drawn into both of their worlds when we see things from them. A tale of opposites attract and defying the odds when it comes to add. We learn more about both of [...]

    • June says:

      Nice change of pace from highlander romance books I have read lately. Sweet story and humorous. The characters were well developed. What is a genteel lady from Boston and granddaughter of a Duke, like Miss Esmerelda Fine doing in a saloon holding a derringer in her hand and pointed at Billy Darling a notorious gunslinging bounty hunter. Both Billy and Esmerelda have some interesting relatives.Only thing I did not like about this book was the epilogue. It felt tacked on, out of place. It was weir [...]

    • Rebecca (everyday reader) says:

      Billy and Esmerelda's story was a sweet one. A good mixture of London times with proper young ladies and formality, middle class Boston with the richer people, and the wild west with the cowboys and looser morals of the newer part of America. She went after him thinking he killed her brother, and when she meets him she becomes aware of her hidden sexuality. He is struck by her bravery and wit, he longs for her as well. They fall in love, care for one another in ill times, and the love scenes are [...]

    • Mindy says:

      Well William Darling is now my official book crush!! I'm a sucker for cowboys and he is just the ticket. He is caring but with a touch of danger and he's got a swagger that could make even the sternest of girls swoon including Esmerelda Fine the prim East coast girl bent on taking him to jail. The two have sparks and soon it turns to an inferno. I just recently found Mrs. Medeiros and I'm must say I'm glad because her books are all so delicious!

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