Dust A hungry alien substance has traveled to Earth following a doomed Lunar mission and it s consuming everything it touches leaving behind drifts of gray death No life form stands a chance but Clyde J

  • Title: Dust
  • Author: Allison M. Dickson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A hungry alien substance has traveled to Earth following a doomed Lunar mission, and it s consuming everything it touches, leaving behind drifts of gray death No life form stands a chance, but Clyde Jackson is tougher than most He s seen war and he s been in plenty of foxholes Now he s living through the end of the world one day at a time in a panic room that has becomeA hungry alien substance has traveled to Earth following a doomed Lunar mission, and it s consuming everything it touches, leaving behind drifts of gray death No life form stands a chance, but Clyde Jackson is tougher than most He s seen war and he s been in plenty of foxholes Now he s living through the end of the world one day at a time in a panic room that has become his only refuge It s only a matter of time before the ventilation fails, and it ll only take a single gray speck to end it all Originally featured in The Absent Willow Review e zine, DUST is the haunting meditation of a man recalling the final days of a once mighty and hopeful planet now quickly eroding to nothing under drifts of gray This story is also available along with eight others in AT THE END OF THINGS, a collection of stories by Allison M Dickson, here on

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    • Bethica says:

      Wow does this girl have talent! This book takes the darkness of the apocolypse and jerks your heartstrings for the poor fool locked in his own safe bunker. Definately worth the read!

    • MsBDiamondDiva1 says:

      I so love this story!!! :-) I usually don't read alien invasion books, but this short story was really good and I can't wait to read more from this author!!!

    • Sato says:

      I've been imagining something similar to this story about the moon - something human should never touch again might exist there, catastrophic molecule or bacteria or monstrosity or anything. So I enjoyed this short story very very much, feeling complete sympathy with the author's idea.

    • rameau says:

      A chilling tale of how the world can end, not in ice or in fire, but buried in dust. If there's a page-turner, it's this one. It's free on . Don't walk, run. And read.

    • Dustin says:

      Very cool short story/novella. Loved the concept, characters and the ability to give a lot of background and depth to the main character within a short piece of fiction.

    • Kasia Hubbard says:

      Really quick read about dangerous dust travelling back from the moon. Though it's really short, it was a really interesting concept. Really liked it.

    • Jennifer says:

      Awesome short story. I read if over a lunch break. Cool idea. Interesting writing style. Downloaded it for free for my e-book. Check it out!

    • Jennifer says:

      so short I want more :)

    • Dan says:

      Well you can color me shocked. Truly. Science Fiction fan that I am, I’ve read anthology after anthology of short sci-fi stories over more the eons and never, not once, have I run into a short story that was, all at the same time, relatable, coherent, and creative enough to hold my interest.Until now.I’ll be honest, I’d have never read another short story except I made an exception because the author is a friend of mine. Cranky, curmudgeonly critic that I am, I’ve had this short story on [...]

    • Karen says:

      This is a seriously short story and can be read in less than an hour, though I took longer. This was a well written short for me because I felt like a part of what was going on. I could feel things closing in as things greyed out. References to events that I had actually seen as a child made it that more personal for me. Though you may not get to know the main character as well as you lke you understand him enough and get his motivations.Clyde Jackson builds a bunker after the attack on the twin [...]

    • Robert Wilson says:

      Some friends of mine have been telling me for a while I needed to read this story. As the Editor in Chief of a fledgling small dark fiction press, a freelance editor, and a writer myself, my reading for pleasure time is few and far between. But I finally made my way to this one last night.Dust by Allison M. Dickson is a prime example of science fiction crossing with horror to make a powerful dread-inducing yet emotionally powerful human story. I couldn't put this down from beginning to end and h [...]

    • Mindy says:

      I typically don't write anything in this, "What did you think?" box, but today I discovered something. I discovered that I want you to read this! You, yes you! The person reading my opinion on this ebook. It was a quick read, I pushed through it in 20 minutes, but it's got the wheels in my mind turning about so many different things. (view spoiler)[ How would I react to the world coming to a screeching halt? How would I react if something as small as a speck could kill me and knowing how EASY it [...]

    • Fred says:

      Normally I'm all over the post apocalyptic fiction but this short story didn't do it for me. There wasn't enough going on. The whole thing was a narrative explanation explaining the events that led to the end of the world as told by a normal guy who had locked himself in a panic room. I'm just not a fan of the narrative-writing-a-note-in-case-someone-finds-it bit, this isn't the only story that I have read that tried for that and failed. In fact the only one that I have ever read that succeeded [...]

    • Gretchen says:

      A short but powerful read. The world is quickly falling prey to an alien dust. Clyde is left alone in his panic room to reminisce about the events that brought him there, but how long can he hold out?This is one of those stories that sticks with you. The hopelessness of Clyde's situation is present in every word, but the text never feels heavy or overwrought. Simply but beautifully written.

    • Laura says:

      I was suggested this story by an author I follow and I'm quite impressed. Dust is a quick read, well-written, and quite amazing. Planning on downloading everything by this author. If I could give ten stars, I would.

    • Kevis Hendrickson says:

      Another great story by Ms. Dickson. I'm really impressed with her work. Her writing is top notch and her imagination limitless. Looks like I have another new favorite author.

    • Vincent Hobbes says:

      The best short story I've read in months. I downloaded this last night and raced through it. Excellent story, and even better writing. I'll be keeping a close eye on this author.-Vincent

    • Vex says:

      I'm such a sucker for "end of the world" stories. Especially ones involving alien intervention. So naturally, I didn't even need to finish reading the description to know I wanted to read this. I got as far as "A hungry alien substance has traveled to Earth following a doomed Lunar mission", and hit the download button. Those who know me, know that I hugely prefer print books to digital books. It's not even a competition. But I have to admit that I have stumbled across some pretty neat books tha [...]

    • Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥) says:

      Wow! Dust wasn't at all what I expected but I really liked it nontheless. I'm not sure what I expected but it was better than I thought it would be because a lot of short stories aren't this good. I love stories that revolve around the end of the world as we know it and have to do with aliens or alien substances. Why? Because I feel like these kind of things could happen at any time. The author, Allison M. Dickson's writing was so good. It was really powerful and well-written which makes me want [...]

    • Christine says:

      Apocalyptic and Disaster tales rank high as some of my favorite genres and though I'm hesitant to take a chance on books without reviews, I'm glad I did in this instance. "Dust" surpassed my expectations ten-fold.It's hard to review a short without giving too much away, so I'll stick to what grabbed me. I liked that the main character came to life quickly and that we learn a lot about him in a way that doesn't feel forced. Everything, from the setting to the dialogue, was so well written, that i [...]

    • Vix says:

      Straight into the story, the background pieces are filled in as the narrator, Clyde, tells us what is going on. With casual comments he drops in how His world fell apart and then the World literally fell apart. Harrowing in its unceremoniousness way of departing information, I blinked and reread a few times to fully grasp what was going on.The continuing monologue explains why “they” went to the Moon and what then occurred, to leave poor Clyde trapped in his bunker.Such loneliness is hard to [...]

    • Patrick says:

      Being an enthusiast in the fields of science fiction, Dust captured my interest because of its intriguing plot. It is about a man trapped inside his safe haven as the world outside begins to be razed out by the precarious dust thought to be brought from the moon by space explorers. The story was well-written and worthy of note. I love the fact that in the threshold of 22 pages, Ms. Dickson was able to take down the ruminations of Mr. Clyde Jackson and the underlying principle behind the lethal l [...]

    • Joanne says:

      This story is a great short apocalyptic read! Clyde Jackson tells the tale of how the "dust" came to infect the earth, killing every living thing, while sitting in the Terror Attack Resistant Room he had built, over his now ex-wife's objections following the death of their daughter. Clyde is a Vietnam veteran, and the story told from his viewpoint was a gripping read with great writing, which I was surprised to find in such a short story! I liked it so much that I got another short story by her, [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      I had very high expectations for this short story and Ms. Dickson did not disappoint. I won't repeat the other reviewers, but I found it interesting that many of the less-than-five-star reviews go on to tell you what an amazing story this is - because it is. Definitely worth the short amount of time it takes to read it. Exciting, thought-provoking, timely, timeless. No doubt it deserves 5-stars. I expect this story to stand the test of time. Way to go, Ms. Dickson - another gem.

    • Michelle says:

      This is one of the best short stories I've ever read. Brilliant, moving, thoughtful, and compelling. It drew me in and left me a little breathless. It could hold its own in a Bradbury collection.UPDATE: I just read the revised edition. I must confessed I was a bit worried about it since I loved the original so much. My only complaint is that since I've already given it 5 stars, I've got no way to reflect how much I love the updated version.

    • Y.I. Lee says:

      Dust is brilliant! It's a short story, and on reflection probably just as well, due to the tension it engenders. It's a unique story! Well written and fast paced. It certainly makes you think. When I'd finished it, I found myself trying to figure out the best place to hide, if such a frightening scenario should happen in the here and nowary thought.Great story, I loved it.

    • Cheri says:

      This was a powerfully written short story. Considering how extremely short it is (17 pages), I'm afraid that if I say too much in a review it will be a spoiler. I'll suffice to say that this is an "end of the world story" that does a great job getting us into the life of our protagonist but somehow feels unsatisfying.

    • Shane says:

      A good short storyDust was a good read. Shorter than I would like, but very enjoyable overall. If Ms. Dickson had expanded the ending a bit, I would have given it a five-star rating. That being said, I would recommend Dust to any SciFi/Post Apocalyptic fans looking for a quick read.

    • Jessie says:

      Great bookhonestly, it's not a book but a really great short story I wish it was a little longer but not a whole novel cause based on the concept , it doesn't seem like life could really last for more then a year. I would still strongly recommend anyone to 'read this such ideas can become 'reality

    • Flower says:

      More of a short story than a book, that is one thing about getting a digital book you just don't know. I found it interesting and a bit sad. I don't think you make this into a movie but maybe something like "The Twlight Zone" episode. Same cover picture as a very good young adult apocalyptic fiction; The Dead and The Gone. Very good series (or 1 book in the series) that is also about the moon.

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