Murder at Black Dog Springs

Murder at Black Dog Springs Code Talker Logan Kee returns to Lukachukai Mountain in hoping to forget the horrors of war in the Pacific But there is talk of uranium mining in Dinetah When one of the mining executives is fou

  • Title: Murder at Black Dog Springs
  • Author: Sarah Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook
  • Code Talker Logan Kee returns to Lukachukai Mountain in 1947, hoping to forget the horrors of war in the Pacific But there is talk of uranium mining in Dinetah When one of the mining executives is found shot to death on his land, Logan and his lover, Mike, a former Seabee, have to find the killer before the wrong man is accused of murder.

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    • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

      I love this book. The dialogue, the story, the atmosphere, the setting, it’s all there, laid out for us to indulge and relish. The opening!! It’s early post-WW II, 1947, so many of the details and attitudes, knowledge and culture are all apropos for the time. Mike and Logan, all of the characters are fully formed and dressed, each breathing their own rhythms. Jay and Curtis crack me up, and they are accepting of themselves and their friends, their brothers in arms, Mike and Logan. They are [...]

    • Edina Rose says:

      This is a wonderful love story, just so beautiful, beautiful. It's written like a poem, or that's how it felt to me while I was reading it. It's just beautiful. It takes place in a navajo reservation, between two war veterans, Logan a navajo man and Mike, a white man. The secondary characters are very present in the plot, strong and complex characters, they add a lot of substance to the story. It's not only a romance, it's also a mystery, and very good one at that. Three things in particular tou [...]

    • Dee Wy says:

      I can't seem to come up with words to express how much I loved this story. Logan and Mike are changed men after having served together in WWII, Logan as a Code Talker and Mike as a Seabee assigned to Logan's unit. The majority of the story takes place in 1947 when Mike travels to the reservation to visit with Logan. They rekindle a fire they had only glimpsed during the war, and though there is a very interesting mystery and lots of secondary characters that enrich the story, this is at heart a [...]

    • Elisa Rolle says:

      There are many things to love in this novel, first of all the fact this is an more than happily ever after love story: when the story starts the two main heroes are two old men living together in a Navajo reserve in 2008 and the reader is brought back with them to the winter of 1947, when they chose, for various reasons, to live together. Mike and Logan were both soldiers during the IIWW. Logan, a Navajo Native American, was part of a special team with other two Native Americans from his own res [...]

    • Lauraadriana says:

      What can I even say about this book?Like every single one of Sarah Black's stories this book had the kind of men who are the reason why some love stories are timeless, the reason why people like me wish we could live in the books we read sometimes.Logan and Mike fought in WWII and there the fell in love. Logan was Navajo and Mike was the son of the man that was exploiting the Navajo people and their land to mine uranium.What Mike's familiy does is making him sick, he goes to see his friend Logan [...]

    • Janna says:

      Originally posted at Rarely Dusty BooksGenre & Keywords: M/M Romance, Navajo, War, Murder, Mystery, Friendship, 1947, Exploitation, Nature, Mining~~~~~Rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsHeat level: 1 out of 3~~~~~Somehow Sarah Black’s writing style always has a pull on me, draws me in like a mot to a flame. And I can't put my finger on how she does that, it's not the writing itself alone. It's a combination with her layered characters and the fascinating setting that are slowly unfolding themselves [...]

    • Lady*M says:

      I was very happy when I won this book at Reviews by Jessewave, since this was only Ms. Black's m/m story that I was missing. The earlier version of this story was published in the Partners of Crime anthology, but if you can - buy this book, because the story was revised. And it's exceptional. I think I already said this somewhere else, but I think that if Sara Black ever decides to publish a TV manual - I will read it. The settings she writes about are as foreign to me as they come, but she give [...]

    • Sunne says:

      At the moment I’m reading through Sarah Black’s books – she writes really good stories. This one is about the several Navajo soldiers (and one white soldier) after they came home in 1947. While it concentrates on Logan, who wants nothing more than to live in peace on his mountain with the love of his life Mike, it also shows the reader the situation of others, especially their friends Jay and Curtis, both unemployed and marked by the war. The story in superficially about the murder of Mike [...]

    • Misty says:

      *** Absolutely fabulous and truly inspiring! *** Lukachukai MountainIt's a wonderful, moving and emotional story of unconditional love and friendship.Ms. Black offers us a fascinating insight into the Navajo culture and its beautiful soul. You cannot but fall in love with Logan and Mike, Curtis and Jay! This novel left me with an indescribable feeling . Highly recommended!

    • Ng says:

      This is not the story of just Mike and Logan, it is also the story of Jay and Curtis and how WWII, Nagasaki bombing affected the people in the war. It is about mining for uranium in Lukachukai Mountain and how that impacts the job prospects there.It was a wonderful read and as always Sarah Black's writing touches you to the core. It is not easy reading about her characters, but you do not want to leave them either.

    • LenaLena says:

      Very unexciting.It doesn't feel like 1947. It doesn't feel very Navajo to me (not that I am an expert, but these guys seemed much whiter than the people in Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two or any book by Rose Christo). And this must be just about the most boring murder mystery ever. Even the many discussions of the type of roof the hogan is going to need are more interesting.

    • Kade Boehme says:

      Just brilliant.

    • LDL says:

      Wonderful sense of time and place and a rich well paced story.

    • ConM says:

      I love everything I have read by Sarah Black, this was no exception. Wonderful characters and setting.

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