Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement

Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success The Principles of Personal Achievement Napoleon Hill summed up his philosophy of success in Think and Grow Rich one of the bestselling inspirational business books ever A recent USA Today survey of business leaders named it one of the fi

  • Title: Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement
  • Author: Napoleon Hill Matthew Sartwell
  • ISBN: 9780452272811
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Napoleon Hill summed up his philosophy of success in Think and Grow Rich , one of the bestselling inspirational business books ever A recent USA Today survey of business leaders named it one of the five most influential books in its field, than 40 years after it was first published Now, in Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success, his broadly outlined principles are expandedNapoleon Hill summed up his philosophy of success in Think and Grow Rich , one of the bestselling inspirational business books ever A recent USA Today survey of business leaders named it one of the five most influential books in its field, than 40 years after it was first published Now, in Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success, his broadly outlined principles are expanded in detail for the first time, with concrete advice on their use and implementation Compiled from Hill s teaching materials, lectures, and articles, Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success provides mental exercises, self analysis techniques, powerful encouragement, and straightforward advice to anyone seeking personal and financial improvement In addition to Hill s many personal true life examples of the principles in action, there are also contemporary illustrations featuring dynamos like Bill Gates, Peter Lynch, and Donna Karan No other Napoleon Hill book has addressed these 17 principles so completely and in such precise detail For the millions of loyal Napoleon Hill fans and for those who discover him each year, Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success promises to be a valuable and important guide on the road to riches.

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    • Steven Walle says:

      An other great book by Napolian Hill. I reread this book often. It has given me and keeps giving me inspiration in the principles of success. I recommend this book and all others by Napolian Hill to everybody. These books should be taught in schools as required literature for they teach one to think for themselves.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

    • Anton Klink says:

      Having finished the short "Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success", the medium sized "Think and Grow Rich" and the massive "The Law of Success" all back to back, and having found them all fairly similar, I will discuss them all at once.First of all, "Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success" is not by Napolen Hill at all. It is a fairly short book by modern authors outlining the main principles of success found in Hill's other books, especially "Law of Success" and "Think and Grow Rich". Although renamed and re [...]

    • K.S.R. says:

      Six years ago, my grandmother's neighbor gave me some old cassette tapes of Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success. I've listened to them over and over, taking notes, closing my eyes, and reveling in the 1950-ish sound of his voice, and the voice of his narrator. The marketing phenomenon, The Secret, is Napoleon Hill all over again. I've read his books, but I still prefer the tapes. One day I'll break down and get the CD's so I don't have to wake from my reverie and climb off my massage table and flip [...]

    • Rich Paz says:

      Very similar to his book Think and Grow Rich. I liked a little more because I felt this book ia a little more concise and easy to digest. But both books are phenomenal. Must read for all those self-help junkies like myself.

    • Jon says:

      Overall quite good, simple ideas, yet just needs to have practice put into it.

    • Micaela Almeida says:

      Listened to this as an audiobook. It had some good quotes and it was motivating to listen, but I am afraid that listening to this type of motivational books that align with my "hard work" attitude contribute to make me more judgemental towards those who don't comply to these principles of success, that I subscribe to. But this is something I have to work for myself. It is a very inspiring and motivating book, though.

    • David Anusontarangkul says:

      Good book to reinforce the ideas of Napoleon Hill.

    • Eya says:

      LIke it

    • Anicet says:


    • Valeh Agayev says:

      Good book.

    • George says:

      Another book on CD that I listened to on a long drive, I would like to at least scan through a hard copy to see what I missed in my hearing of the book. This book is immensely helpful and practical and I have a few people I'd recommend it to explicitly. Hill provides a meaningful expansion on 17 skills he says you need to achieve. I agree with the 17 skills and found his expansion on each one to be useful. This book would be useful to anyone trying to be more efficient or effective in their purs [...]

    • Greg says:

      This is an excellent program with a lot of useful and practical information. Keys to Success is an action-based plan for achieving personal, business, and life success unlike some other programs like The Secret that I would consider to be based more on wishful thinking. My only criticism of Keys to Success is more of an editing issue than with the content of the program. It would have been nice to have a goal setting and action step section after each of the 17 principles. The program seems to d [...]

    • Ahmad Nazeri says:

      This book discusses seventeen principles, including having a purpose and forming an attractive personality, that anyone can apply to different aspects of their lives to be successful. This book helps outline principles that will help the reader have a holistic, well-balanced and successful life. This is a must read for everyone."In the science of personal achievement you seek to take control of this order by taking control of your habits. You recognize that your thoughts and actions will become [...]

    • Stacie says:

      I had to read this for a class and found it very interesting. Napoleon Hill and his proteges research what makes a champion. What are the characteristics that successful people had. The stories of successful people and how they started out were really interesting for example, Andrew Carnegie and William Chrysler. The principles are all basic, but remind you of the important qualities of a well-rounded life. If you are looking to better your life, start a business, or to improve your chances for [...]

    • Rick says:

      The principles discussed in this book are aimed at business people, but can be used by anyone. The key is to know what you want and keep it foremost in your mind. It's also important to not fall victim to simply focusing on one aspect of your life such as your professional career. You mus be a well rounded individual who understands the value of health, nutrition, personal relationships, and time to relax and rejuvenate.I recommend this book as a good primer to being successful. Of course it onl [...]

    • Domingos Novela says:

      Este livro é muito completo. Quem seguir os 17 princípios nele propostos, sem dúvida que irá observar grandes melhorias na sua vida, na forma de estar, agir, pensar, encarar os problemas, enfim. O livro faz justiça ao termo "desenvolvimento pessoal".Gosto muito da frase "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.", e sem esquecer do conceito de PMA (positive mental attitude), muito bom mesmo. Sem dúvida que é um livro por reler, neste caso, re-ouvir.

    • Tracey says:

      Thought this book had some amazing insights that are still being used today, even with all the technology and choices that we all have. Really gave me cause to pause and review what I want to do. Need some time to really think about what Mr. Hill is getting across. I actually read it twice - 2nd time took notes and still learn stuff.

    • Erik Golbiw says:

      Becoming a big fan of Hill and his attitudes toward success and personal achievement. He stresses that the only thing you TRULY control is your thought. Outcomes are dependent on variables, but your mind is yours, and yours alone. Integrating the Keys to Success will absolutely result in positive life changes for you!

    • Robert says:

      What the book The Secret ripped off. I really valued and enjoyed this book. The principals presented although written for the industrial age are never the less applicable in our "modern" world. Old time philosophy are presented such as the golden rule amongst new philosophy s. A good read for anyone who wishes to grow in a positive direction.

    • Cailean says:

      A really nice book. Kind of like a wise grandpa giving you advice on life. Or a university commencement speech. There's a lot of great advice on how to act, how to hold yourself, how to keep high standards of conduct, etc. A quick read. Would recommend!

    • John Nichols says:

      Excellent work with helpful advice. I especially made use of the numerous lists and summaries. The book is a must read for anyone desiring to adopt then work toward a goal in life rather than drifting through the years.

    • Kevin says:

      Last chapter sums it up. Have a creative vision while maintain a positive mental and physical health, in order to assemble an alliance that share a common goal that drive practice into successful habits.

    • Bryan says:

      Great book to read! Really, anything by Napoleon Hill is great! I found that this book had a similar feel to "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Not that that is a bad thing at all. Read both of them. But I would read "How to Win Friends" first.

    • Orsen says:

      To me, this book seems like a good companion book to Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success. For those who aren't interested in reading the lengthy work that is Law of Success, this book seems to summarize it's 17 principles of Success fairly well.

    • Sona Malek says:

      developing and establishing positive habits leads to peace of mind,health and financial securityyou are where u are because of your thoughts and deeds.**i really like the ideas they r true .i will start making steps.

    • Kevin Ford says:

      It was great as an audiobook. 90% common sense stuff that you probably already know but presented nicely, with examples that I found beneficial. Sometimes just hearing these things again is enough to make them more present in your mind.

    • Jim Digiovanni says:

      Good stuff, generally a rehash of Think and Grow Rich with some additions of more 'current' examples ( Ronald Reagan? Really? )

    • Bonnie Yiu says:


    • Aaron says:

      Much like "Think and Grow Rich", but definitely worth the read.

    • Lisa Pietsch says:

      Excellent overview. I strongly recommend it for those who have read "think and grow rich" and "success through a positive mental attitude" but could use a quick refresher to get back on target.

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